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Esme: I don’t know what’s sadder, that you can’t take responsibility for taping your revolting little spectacle and sending it out to the world…

Cameron: We didn’t even know it existed.

Esme: …Or that you can’t do a halfway decent job of blaming me for it. If you are so hell-bent on blaming someone, don’t look at me. I wasn’t there. Why don’t you ask someone who was?

Trina: What’s going on?

Cameron: What was supposed to be a private moment between Joss and me was filmed and made public.

Trina: You mean —

Josslyn: There’s a video of me and Cam from the cabin, and it just played in front of Professor Khan’s class.

Trina: O-oh, my god, Joss. I’m so sorry.

Esme: Are you, though?

Harmony: You’re cold? Well, we can fix that. I can get you a blanket.

Kevin: You’re Harmony, yes?

Harmony: Yeah, that’s right. And you’re Ryan’s brother, Dr. Collins. I don’t think I’ve ever seen you visit before.

Kevin: No, I limit contact with my brother whenever possible.

Harmony: So what made you show up today?

Kevin: Curiosity. I understand you’re Ryan’s primary caregiver. How would you assess his condition?

Harmony: Uh, it’s unchanged. He remains locked in, but he communicates only by blinking.

Kevin: So I’ve heard. Hello, Ryan.

Maxie: Hey, I hope you don’t mind Bailey Louise crashing our ladies’ lunch.

Britt: Hi! Of course I don’t. It’s about time I officially met my niece.

Maxie: Oh, by all means. Bailey Lou, this is your Auntie Britt. Hi.

Britt: I’m your resident bad influence. Okay? I promise to send you home all sticky and keep all your secrets.

Maxie: Speaking of secrets, can you forgive me for mine?

Laura: I do think this is our best shot at finding out what Victor’s real agenda is.

Sam: I agree. Now we just have to iron out the logistical issues.

Drew: Victor is not gonna be easy to manipulate. Our execution has got to be flawless.

Laura: Which is why we shouldn’t loop in any more people. Can we agree on that? The fewer people, the better?

Drew: Absolutely.

[ Knock on door ]

Dante: Hey, I was in the neighborhood and thought I’d stop by. Oh, you got company. Um… should I come back another time?

Ava: This is a pleasant surprise.

Victor: I’m only sorry Nikolas isn’t here. I was, uh — I was hoping to share some tea with my nephew.

Ava: Oh, are we talking literal tea or juicy gossip?

Victor: [ Chuckles ] As fun as the latter would be, I’m afraid Darjeeling is more what I had in mind.

Ava: Well, that can be arranged. Will I do since Nikolas isn’t here?

Victor: Well, what I was hoping to discuss with my nephew I could happily relay to his charming wife. It’s about Spencer. The, um — the poor boy’s struggling, and I’m afraid you and Nikolas are just making things worse.

Kevin: So, tell me more about Ryan’s communication skills. You say he can blink out complex messages?

Harmony: Yeah, well, it depends on the caregiver. Um, Ryan and I can communicate pretty effectively with the letter board, but it doesn’t always go so well with the — with the other staff.

Samuel: May I help you?

Nikolas: Here to visit Spencer. You know who I am. My Uncle Victor hired you to look after Spencer. So why don’t you go find him? I’d like to see my son.

Samuel: But does your son want to see you?

Britt: Here we go. Maxie, there’s nothing to forgive.

Maxie: Yeah, but Bailey’s your family. And I kept her hidden from you. Not that that was my intention. I mean, plan was for you to deliver her.

Britt: Yeah, but how could we have known Cyrus would try to kill me and I’d end up on the run with Jason? I mean… things happened. I-it’s okay. I understand. And you kept my beautiful niece safe. And now you’re both here. I’m so grateful and really proud of you.

Maxie: Thank you. But I just hate that Peter got his hands on her at all.

Britt: I know, but it was ultimately your quick thinking that saved your daughter. And, Maxie, Peter’s gone. We don’t ever have to worry about him again.

Maxie: Yeah, we don’t have to worry about Peter. But he didn’t take Bailey on his own. He was incarcerated. He was hospitalized. There’s another person out there that is responsible for abducting Bailey, and they’re free as a bird right now.

Laura: Dante, come on in.

Dante: Laura, Drew.

Drew: Hey.

Dante: Uh… what am I walking in on?

Laura: Um…a plot.

Dante: A plot?

Laura: Mm.

Dante: Sounds both illegal and dangerous.

Laura: It’s definitely risky, and the legality is kind of murky, so we’re gonna call this “unofficial.”

Sam: But necessary.

Dante: Well, it has to be if the mayor’s involved.

Laura: Well, it could be considered a matter of public safety, but actually, the scope of this goes way beyond my interest as a mayor. I’m here as mother, as a grandmother. And even though this plan gives me pause, I am committed to doing what must be done.

Drew: Sounds like you’re considering bringing Dante in, Laura.

Sam: We can trust him.

Laura: Yeah, I know. Would you like to join us? I mean, given your position, I understand if you don’t want to help us, but I need your discretion either way.

Dante: Yeah, of course. Alright, I’m in.

Laura: [ Chuckles ] Just like that?

Dante: Yeah, I trust you, you trust me. What are we doing?

Laura: Wow. Okay. Oh, dear, look at the time. Um, you know what? I am gonna let Drew and Sam fill you in on the details, because Kevin’s waiting for me and I’m already late. Um… don’t anyone make a move without consulting me first, okay?

Drew: Absolutely not. Yeah, we’ll reach out as soon as the plan gets solidified.

Laura: Okay, great. Welcome aboard. Thanks.

[ Door opens ]

Dante: The plan to do what?

[ Door closes ]

Drew: Stop Victor Cassadine.

Victor: I was visiting Spencer earlier today, and, uh, I’m afraid he’s devastated at not being able to visit his mother’s grave on the anniversary of her death.

Ava: Is that somehow my fault?

Victor: Well, of course it is. It’s entirely your fault. You pressed charges.

Ava: Spencer stalked and terrorized me and my child.

Victor: Not his finest hour, I agree. But then I’ve always thought it best to keep family squabbles in-house.

Ava: Well, what’s done is done. Can’t change the past.

Victor: Agreed. But you can change your future plans.

Ava: Any plans in particular? Well, now that you mention it, I think it best if you and Nikolas rethink your vow renewal.

Kevin: My brother appears unresponsive.

Harmony: Why don’t you let me try? Ryan, do you need some eye drops? That’s a no.

Kevin: So your eyes aren’t dry. You just have nothing to say to me. Let’s keep it that way. Harmony.

Spencer: Thanks, Samuel. It’s okay.

Nikolas: I have to admit, I’m surprised you’re willing to see me. Last time I was here, you told me not to bother coming back.

Spencer: You can thank my better angels for a change of heart. One angel in particular.

Nikolas: Does this angel have a name?

Trina: What the hell are you trying to imply?

Trina: Just wondering, are you sorry for Joss and Cam, or are you apologizing for something more?

Trina: Like what?

Esme: Whoever recorded and e-mailed that video was in the cabin.

Trina: And you’ve got the nerve to be pointing your crooked finger at me?

Cameron: Nobody’s pointing fingers.

Josslyn: Oh, I am, right in her face.

Esme: Once again, Joss, spence and I left that night. But, of course, Trina probably doesn’t remember much from that night. You were pretty out of it.

Cameron: Okay, there’s got to be an explanation to all this.

Trina: Oh, there is. You guys were set up.

Britt: Austin and my mom are convinced that Victor Cassadine’s involved.

Maxie: Yeah, but they can’t prove it.

Britt: Yet. There’s no way my mother’s letting this go.

Maxie: Anna and Robert aren’t gonna drop it, either. But you know what? I’m really tired of looking over my shoulder and jumping at shadows. I just want to relax and hang out with my kids, you know, spend time with my precious baby girl.

Britt: Aww. How are James and Georgie feeling about their little sister?

Maxie: Aww, a bright spot in all this. They’re so in love.

Britt: As are you. I can see it.

Maxie: Well, you know, it’s new. Anything’s possible. But I’m not gonna rush things.

Britt: I was referring to Bailey.

Maxie: Oh. Right.

Britt: [ Laughs ] Who are you talking about?

Laura: Thank you. [ Chuckles ]

Kevin: Well, I hope your day was more productive than mine.

Laura: [ Sighs ] Well, that remains to be seen. What happened at spring ridge?

Kevin: Ryan refused to communicate with me. He blinks messages to be understood by the caregivers and the medical staff. In fact, I saw him interact with his primary caregiver, but he absolutely refused to acknowledge me.

Laura: What does that mean?

Kevin: I’m not sure. But it makes me uneasy.

Spencer: Uncle Victor urged me to be more receptive to your visits, despite any, uh, misgivings I might have.

Nikolas: And you listened to him?

Spencer: Well, why wouldn’t I? He listens to me. Believe it or not, uncle Victor holds you in high esteem.

Nikolas: I’m surprised. I wouldn’t expect Victor to be my champion.

Spencer: Well, here’s something else that might surprise you. Uncle Victor has never said a word against you. He always insists that family is what matters most, which is why it’s so surprising to me that you never seem to give him the benefit of the doubt.

Nikolas: My dealings with Victor are complicated, but I do agree with him on the importance of family. That’s why I’m here today, of all days.

Spencer: So you remember.

Nikolas: It’s been almost two decades since you lost your mother. It still seems like it was yesterday. I regret that you’ve lost so much in your young life.

Spencer: Well, I lost you… twice.

Nikolas: You haven’t lost me. I’ve lost you.

Ava: Our vow renewal is none of your business.

Victor: [ Sighs ] And therein lies the problem. You and Nikolas want to live in your own private little bubble. And while that might be very romantic, I don’t think either of you considered the effect it has on Spencer. It’s driven him to these sad, desperate acts in an attempt to get his father’s love and attention.

Ava: Spencer wants to break us up.

Victor: Well, of course he does. Why wouldn’t he? He has to watch the two of you so deeply in love, it’s to the exclusion of anyone else, including him. H-how do you think that makes him feel?

Ava: Spencer is a young man. He’s not a child. And from what I’ve seen, he should be less concerned with his father’s love life and more concerned with his own.

Trina: Only one person at that cabin was twisted enough to gift a teddy bear with Ryan chamberlain’s voice to an innocent child.

Josslyn: Or torch Ava’s car and leave her murdered daughter’s hospital badge underneath it.

Esme: Those were terrible mistakes.

Josslyn: Mistakes? Because you have regrets? Or because you got caught?

Trina: And now everyone knows what kind of soulless person you really are.

Esme: I messed up. I don’t know how many times I can apologize. Forever, I guess, but suggesting that I set up Joss and Cam? Nice deflection, Trina.

Trina: When someone shows you who they are, believe them. You have had trouble follow you since you first stepped foot into Port Charles. And now you expect us to believe that this disgusting stunt is somehow beneath you?

Cameron: Hey, guys, let’s just not do this right now.

Trina: I don’t want to do this at all, Cam. And I’m sorry if this is making things harder for you and Joss, but Esme’s coming for me, and I’ll be damned if I don’t defend myself!

Esme: No. You’re right. Trina’s not to blame here. I’m the one at fault.

Britt: Austin? You two are a thing? Officially?

Maxie: We’re officially trying it out.

Britt: Ooh! But I knew Austin liked you. I just figured after he pointed Victor in Bailey’s direction, his chances with you had dropped to none and never.

Maxie: Yeah, Austin majorly messed up, but he apologized. And if you take into consideration how supportive he’s been and his quirky personality that just cracks me up, I don’t know, I want to see where it goes. Slowly. Super slowly.

Britt: Well, after what happened with Peter, I-I’m very proud of you for not rushing into things so fast. Very pragmatic.

Maxie: My kids just got their mom back. I need to settle in and re-establish stability for them. And then there’s Deception. We’re coming up on the IPO. And I’ve done, like, nothing to contribute. So “officially unofficial” is all I can handle with Austin at the moment. What about you? Anyone new on the horizon?

Britt: Same as always. I mean, work keeps me busy.

Maxie: Work always keeps you busy. What’s really keeping you from seeing someone?

Josslyn: You admit that you’re behind this?

Esme: In a manner of speaking. I pushed for the weekend getaway and described it as a couples’ trip, which made Trina feel like an outsider. Then I asked those provocative questions during the drinking game. It was immature and petty, and I’m sorry. Had I known it would push Trina over the edge…

Trina: Oh, hell no! You haven’t seen me go over the edge!

Cameron: It’s not worth it.

Trina: No! Not when she’s talking all this trash about me!

Esme: I had no idea you had issues with anger, Trina. You always seem so poised. But if my psychology coursework has taught me anything, it’s that sometimes the people who seem the most controlled have an undercurrent of behavioral dysfunction.

Trina: Who the hell are you calling dysfunctional, you conniving bitch?

Nikolas: You know, we both have a lot to answer for. I say like father, like son. Seems accountability’s something we both struggle with, but I’m certain of one thing. You’re the greatest gift of my life, Spencer. I planned to tell Courtney that today when I visited her grave.

Spencer: You visited mom’s grave?

Nikolas: ‘Cause I knew you couldn’t and because I had some things I wanted to say to her.

Spencer: Like what?

Nikolas: I wanted to apologize for failing you. You would’ve been so much better off if your mother had lived. I wanted to ask for help.

Spencer: What kind of help?

Nikolas: Help being a better father to you. I didn’t get a chance to say any of it because sonny was there. And despite everything going on with his own life, he was quick to point out the mistakes that I’ve made with you.

Spencer: Yeah, that sounds like Uncle Sonny.

Nikolas: [ Sighs ] I’m not his biggest fan. But… he certainly cares about you. So do I.

Spencer: I know, father. But what about Ava? Where does your wife fit into all of this?

Harmony: I’m surprised you chose “Wuthering Heights.” Although I guess it’s not really a romance, if you read the novel. It’s about the price of obsession, isn’t it?

Victor: I am simply trying to promote family harmony.

Ava: By criticizing Nikolas and me?

Victor: Your desire to recommit yourselves to each other is lovely. No, actually, it’s inspiring. But isn’t a vow renewal also a chance to recommit yourselves to melding your families together? And how can you do that without including Spencer?

Ava: What are you suggesting, that we call off the ceremony?

Victor: Oh, no, no, no. Of course not. But as I said, it’s a family affair, and as such, well, surely you have to include the entire family.

Ava: I appreciate that sentiment. But Nikolas and I want a drama-free ceremony. It is, after all, still about us.

Victor: Yeah, of course it is. But Nikolas and Spencer are in a very precarious position right now, and I’m sure you wouldn’t want to widen the gap between them. And I’m afraid that a small, intimate ceremony would do just that. Now, if it’s a matter of expense —

Ava: It is not.

Victor: Well, excellent. Then it’s all settled.

Ava: Whatever gave you that impression? Please, Victor, do sit back down.

Dante: So, you think Victor’s after you.

Drew: He tried to activate my conditioning a couple weeks ago on the pier. Didn’t work because he had the wrong tarot card. But it all fits. Victor was helping Peter because Peter had promised him the means to control me.

Dante: To what end? I mean, I know — I know you have combat experience, skills. A lot of ex-military do. Why is he going through the trouble for you?

Sam: Because he wants Drew’s memories.

Drew: The theory is, is that he’s gonna activate my conditioning and then he’s gonna order me to tell him something.

Dante: Something?

Drew: Yeah, probably from one of my classified ops when I was a seal. But it doesn’t matter, because Andre Maddox said that those memories, they’re gone. They cannot be accessed.

Sam: But Victor doesn’t know that. So we’re gonna pick up where Peter left off and make Victor think that it’s still possible.

Dante: How?

Drew: We’re gonna supply Victor with a tarot card, make him think it’s the one that Peter never handed over.

Sam: He’s gonna want to use it on him.

Drew: Exactly. I’m gonna play along. Like, whether he asks me a question or he orders me to do something, it doesn’t matter. We’re gonna find out what his objective is.

Dante: You’ll be putting yourself in a pretty vulnerable spot. You sure you want to do that?

Drew: Absolutely. I want Cassadine out of all of our lives for — for good.

Dante: So how do we get him the card?

Sam: Uh, we’re still working on that one.

Dante: Too bad you can’t just put it in an envelope and slip it under his door, huh?

Sam: Yeah, th-that — that would be nice.

Dante: Mm-hmm.

Sam: But you got any better ideas…

Drew: In order for this to work, Victor’s got to believe that he found the card himself. I-I-I just wonder if Peter knew why Victor wanted to activate my condition.

Dante: Well, that point is moot because Peter’s dead.

Sam: Dante, you are a genius. I know how we’re gonna get that tarot card to Victor.

Drew: How?

Sam: Peter’s gonna give it to him.

Esme: If I had any idea you were capable of hurting our friends this way, I wouldn’t have provoked you that night, Trina.

Josslyn: Are you psycho or just stupid? We’re not friends, Esme. And I wouldn’t spit on you if you were on fire.

Esme: I’m sorry you feel that way.

Josslyn: You’re not sorry. You’re not sorry for any of it. You know what? You’re actually probably enjoying yourself. And why not? It obviously took a hell of a lot of trouble to set it up.

Esme: How dare you blame me for this? I’m not the one who’s responsible.

Cameron: Enough! Trina’s right. You’re toxic. Get out.

Esme: But, Cam —

Cameron: I said, get out!

Esme: Fine. I’ll go. I just hope you both realize who your true friends are someday.

Trina: I swear, one more word, and I don’t know what I would have done. Joss, are you gonna be okay?

Josslyn: I just need to pull myself together so that I can leave this room.

Trina: I just don’t know who she thought she was fooling with that fake innocent act.

Josslyn: Yeah, she’s the absolute worst.

Trina: Joss.

Josslyn: So, how do you think it happened? After she and Spencer left?

Trina: Uh, Cameras have timers.

Josslyn: Right. Did anyone see her near our room?

Cameron: I-I don’t know. I-I wasn’t watching her. I didn’t think I needed to.

Trina: And sadly, I was out of it most of that night.

Josslyn: God, I wish this night had never happened.

Britt: Guess who you sound like.

Maxie: Don’t you even say it.

Britt: My mother. Yes. It’s a conspiracy. And during women’s history month, no less. Or do you not care?

Maxie: Of course, I care. I’m the mother of two daughters.

Britt: Well, then you should know how important it is for women to blaze their own trails, reach their own goals, follow their own passions. History isn’t made by women who are desperate to be in a relationship. It’s made by women who see the bigger picture.

Maxie: I am all for making history, for blazing trails, for following passions. I just happen to think love can be a part of that equation. When was the last time you went on a date?

Britt: I haven’t had time, okay? I-I had to expose Cyrus.

Maxie: He’s been in prison for months.

Britt: Then I had to go to Greece and rescue my mother.

Maxie: She’s home, in love with Scott.

Britt: And then the whole Peter thing and —

Maxie: Dead, defunct, departed. Next.

Britt: I work a lot, so unless I date a patient or another doctor, it’s slim pickings.

Maxie: Have you thought about a matchmaking service?

Britt: Oh! You are working with my mother.

Maxie: We just want you to be happy.

Britt: Is anyone ever really happy?

Maxie: That’s dark. That is very dark.

Kevin: So how’d your meeting go?

Laura: Well, um, we have a plan in the works. All we really need is confirmation of what we already suspect — that Victor had a hand in Luke’s death and also in the abduction of Maxie’s baby. He also seems to have an interest in Drew.

Kevin: So do you think this plan could lead to Victor’s arrest?

Laura: Probably not. He’s got a real talent for evading justice, but to be honest, right now, I would settle just for getting him out of Port Charles, you know, get him away from Spencer and Nikolas.

Kevin: What about Ava? Is she on board?

Laura: She is. We are putting together a small army. [ Chuckles ] All eyes on Victor. All we need is to come up with the right bait. And then we could trip him up for good.

Victor: As you wish, Ava. I didn’t mean to jump the gun.

Ava: Thank you. I appreciate your concerns, Victor, I do, and I take them to heart. But if you are expecting me to unilaterally make a decision about our ceremony, you are out of luck. Nikolas and I will decide what’s best together.

Victor: [ Chuckles ] That’s the tragedy of us Cassadines. We’re either fiercely loyal or at each other’s throats, and never the twain. And that plays right into our enemies’ hands.

Ava: Well, that’s a bit grandiose, don’t you think?

Victor: Well, maybe, but I’ve been a Cassadine a lot longer than you have, Ava. And there are always those who wish to thwart us, to undermine our power, feed off our disunity. Stavros, Mikkos, Helena — they all tried and failed to unify us as a family. But I am determined to change that. That’s why I’ve been cultivating a relationship with my son, Valentin, as well as working to end the rift between Nikolas and his son. That’s why I’m always there to help Nikolas in times of trouble.

Laura: Victor is trying to make nice right now with Nikolas, which means he’s going to do the Same with you.

Ava: Hmm. Well, he’s already trying pretty damn hard.

Laura: Good. Good. Let him. Get him to lower his guard so much with you that he might even confide in you.

Ava: And if Victor says something incriminating, you’d like me to pass that on to you?

Victor: I have big plans for this family, Ava. But I need your help.

Ava: With what? What are these big plans?

Harmony: I guess if you go by pop culture, Heathcliff is the hero, but, you know, if you really dive into the book, he’s vengeful and obsessive.

Nikolas: Ava knows I’m here. She encouraged me to come. Despite what you’ve done to her, she won’t stand in the way of our relationship. Spencer, today was a painful reminder that you’ve already lost one parent. Your other one is right here, hoping that you will give me the chance to make things right between us. What do you say, son? Can you find a way to put the past aside? Can we start fresh?

Spencer: You didn’t get to say what you wanted to my mother at her grave. But I think that she heard you now. And I feel that she would want me to say… …yes.

Esme: Well, this is the best thing I’ve seen all day. At least a close second.

Nikolas: Hi, Esme. I’ll be back to visit you next week. Maybe when you’re out, we can properly celebrate your birthday.

Esme: Didn’t mean to run him off.

Spencer: You heard him. He’ll be back.

Esme: I’m glad.

Spencer: I’m glad that you’re back, too. It gives me a chance to make things right with you. Can you forgive me for being so thoughtless about the loss of your parents? I’m sorry.

Esme: It’s forgotten. I mean, I didn’t have the best relationship with my adoptive parents. My grief was nothing in comparison to yours. I mean, you never even got the opportunity to know your mother.

Spencer: I’m so grateful that you understand. And I get that you’re sensitive where Trina is concerned. I won’t bring her up so much from now on.

Esme: Oh, I’m not sensitive when it comes to Trina. I’m just onto her.

Victor: My dear, the only plan that matters right now is your vow renewal.

Ava: To be clear, I do know the value of family, and I consider myself a Cassadine just as much as a Jerome.

Victor: Oh, I didn’t mean to imply otherwise. And if opening our special ceremony to the family will mark a new start, then I’m all in.

Victor: Ah, splendid.

Ava: But only if my husband agrees.

Nikolas: Agrees to what, darling?

Ava: Oh!

Nikolas: Uncle Victor.

Victor: Nikolas. Your lovely bride and i were having tea. Oh, please do join us. We were, uh — we were discussing the possibility of opening your vow renewal to the entire family.

Nikolas: I thought we decided on just the two of us.

Ava: Yes, well, we had. But your uncle has me wondering whether that’s the right way to go. And wasn’t I just saying earlier how important family is and how we ought to make an effort? Maybe we could start by inviting Spencer. I mean, he may not come, but we could at least extend the invitation.

Victor: I’d be happy to do my part to bring the lad around.

Nikolas: Well, you do seem to have a lot of pull with my son.

Victor: Is that a problem?

Nikolas: It worked in my favor today. Spencer and I are in a better place than we’ve ever been.

Victor: Yet I feel you’re still uncomfortable with our relationship.

Nikolas: I have no issue with you getting to know Spencer. What worries me is what he might discover about you. For instance, none of us initially knew that you were in league with Peter August. Are you hiding anything else?

Victor: Certainly. Oh, if you’re concerned that I have an ulterior motive, I most certainly do.

Sam: Peter had personal effects, right? I mean, items that were with him at the time of his death — maybe a watch, wallet, keys?

Dante: Yeah, sure. Yeah, they would’ve had all that collected off him. That’s standard procedure.

Drew: And who would have that stuff now?

Drew: WSB.

Sam: As evidence?

Dante: Uh, maybe at first, and then they would have gone through it, and then passed it on to Peter’s next of kin.

Drew: Bailey, by way of Maxie.

Sam: And we have to make that known to Victor.

Dante: So that Victor then goes for Peter’s belongings, thinking that the card that he’s looking for to control you is among them.

Drew: Sam, you’re a genius.

Sam: We have to get access to Peter’s things and then plant the tarot card in there, and hopefully, Victor finds it. Do you know anyone that would be able to help us?

Dante: I might. I’ll make a call.

Sam: Thank you.

Kevin: Are you going to share your suspicions with Tracy?

Laura: No, she’s too much of a wild card. Anyway, Anna is going to Austria, so I’m sure that she’ll be able to uncover the truth about Luke’s death.

Kevin: So you have full confidence in Anna? Mm-hmm. Absolutely. And yet you still want to go to Austria yourself.

Spencer: What do you mean, you’re onto Trina?

Esme: I mean every time I turn around, Trina is trying to get close to you.

Spencer: Baby, this is what I was trying to avoid.

Esme: I mean, don’t you dare act like I’m making this up. I’ve seen the stolen glances, her holding your hand at Kelly’s. I know about your secret meeting at the gallery before you reported here, her gift on Valentine’s Day.

Spencer: It wasn’t intended as a Valentine.

Esme: The two of you have an intimate relationship. Share secrets.

Spencer: If we can both keep quiet about running into each other here, neither one of us have to get in trouble for it.

Spencer: Trina and I are just friends.

Esme: Sure. Joss and Cam thought she was their friend until she recorded them having sex and sent the footage to the entire PCU student body.

Spencer: What the hell? When did this happen?

Esme: Just this morning, and they were definitely not ready for prime time.

Spencer: That’s insane. Poor Joss. I —

Esme: Oh, “poor Joss” accused me at first. Till it became clear that her so-called bestie was the culprit.

Spencer: Well, Trina wouldn’t do something like that.

Esme: Spencer, the footage was taken at the cabin after we left.

Spencer: What makes you think that it was Trina?

Esme: She was blackout drunk and in her feelings about being alone and unloved. It tracks.

Spencer: The Trina I know — that’s what I’ve been saying! Maybe you don’t know Trina as well as you think.

Josslyn: Cam, I don’t mean I wish the whole night hadn’t happened.

Cameron: I-I know what you meant.

Josslyn: My mind’s going a thousand miles a minute. I just — I don’t understand how this happened. I-I feel like I’m in a nightmare.

Trina: I know. Hey, we’ll get to the bottom of it. I promise.

Cameron: We need to go to the dean. A-at least it was contained in the internal student PCU website.

Trina: Thank goodness for that.

[ Cellphone chimes ]

Josslyn: What? Trina.

Trina: Somebody sent me a link to an X-rated website.

Josslyn: Oh, my god. Have we gone viral?

Laura: You got me. I, um… I would like to go to Austria with anna if I could. I still — I feel a kind of a loyalty to Luke. I’m sorry if that was hard to hear.

Kevin: It’s not. It’s understandable. Of course, I’m concerned that it might be dangerous, and I’ll miss you, but I’m not gonna stand in your way.

Laura: That means the world to me.

Kevin: So will you be leaving right away?

Laura: I’m not leaving at all. I’m needed here.

Kevin: Well, I could have told you that.

Laura: [ Chuckles ] Not just as the mayor. As your wife, as a mother, as a grandmother. We have a predator in Port Charles. I’m not about to leave when it’s circling the nest.

Nikolas: You admit to having an ulterior motive?

Victor: Yes. Happily. As I told Ava, I intend to unite this family. And if I can move the needle even a fraction toward a reconciliation between you and Spencer, then — then I’m gratified.

Nikolas: As am I. Thank you, uncle Victor.

Victor: No, thank you, Nikolas, and Ava, for reconsidering your plans for a vow renewal. To our family celebration.

Nikolas: Our family celebration.

Ava: Family celebration.

Dante: Thanks. I will. Yeah.

Drew: That didn’t sound good.

Dante: Peter’s belongings have already been delivered, and it’s too late to recall the messenger.

Sam: Okay, well, I will reach out to Maxie and see what I can find.

Dante: It’s not Maxie. Peter has stipulated a different executor for his estate.

Delivery Person: Please sign and initial.

Britt: Who is this from?

Delivery Person: Everything you need to know is inside the box.

[ Bailey coos ]

Britt: What is it, Bailey? [ Gasps ] Let’s see. You ready?

Maxie: Well, what is it?

Britt: What’s left of Peter.

Cameron: It’s the link. I am not clicking that.

Josslyn: What do we do?

Cameron: Damage control. But first, we’re getting the hell out of here. Let’s go.

Josslyn: [ Sighs ]

Trina: Go, go. Do what you have to do. We’ll talk later. Joss? I’m here for you.

[ Cellphone chimes ]

Esme: Now I’m glad we left that cabin early. Could have been the victims of Trina, the amateur pornographer.

Samuel: Mr. Cassadine, it’s time for routine room checks.

Spencer: These take a while.

Esme: Don’t worry. I’ll be here.

Harmony: Well, that’s it for today. I’ll order you some nutrition before I finish my shift. You warm enough? Okay.

Esme: Do you need something, Mr. Chamberlain? I can get an orderly. You seem distressed.

Ryan: [ Raspy ] What the hell are you doing?

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