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Brooke: Tell me you still love me ridge. Tell me I’m your logan.

Ridge: You’ll always be my logan.

Brooke: Okay. Then we’re fine, everything’s going to be okay.

Ridge: Listen to me.

Brooke: No, it’s fine. You’re here and that’s what matters. That’s all that matters. I know you were upset and you just needed some time. I totally understand.

Ridge: I don’t think you do.

Sheila: I’d ask you who you were thinking about but that smile pretty much says it all. How is ridge today?

[ Steffy sighing ]

Thomas: Are you wondering what I’m wondering?

Steffy: It depends, what are you wondering?

Thomas: How mom could go back to work with everything that’s going on. I mean, you would think she would be as worried as we are.

Steffy: I don’t know. I wonder what dad’s saying to brooke and how she’s reacting.

Thomas: You know how brooke is taking it. With her usual torrent of tears. Plus a patented promise of, “oh–oh, I’ll never do this to you again as long as you just come back to me”.

Steffy: The woman has never learned to graciously walk away but it’s not her I’m concerned about. I’m concerned about dad. He’s susceptible to brooke. Especially, when she turns on the waterworks. If he caves to her again.

Thomas: If dad isn’t done with brooke this time, he’ll never be.

Steffy: I think mom’s the difference. I mean, she basically said that they didn’t make love last night, but they really connected. Dad wouldn’t have let that happen if he was going to go back to brooke.

Thomas: Yeah, but getting brooke to accept that?

Hope: Getting my mom to accept what? You’re talking about my mom and your dad, aren’t you?

Thomas: Um. Good morning to you, hope. Yeah, look, a lot has happened in the last 12 hours.

Steffy: And it’s not looking good for brooke.

Hope: What is that supposed to mean?

Steffy: Hope, I know you love your mom and you think that she can do no wrong–

Hope: That is not true. We all make mistakes. My mother included–

Steffy: I’m gonna stop you right there. I’m so tired of hearing you defend your mother–

Thomas: Okay. Hope, we realize that you– you want this issue to be solved by the fact that your mother drank, right? And something mysterious made her pick up that bottle. But that doesn’t change the fact that she did it. And after she did it, she made out with your father, which hurts our father.

Steffy: But honestly, none of that matters now because I think brooke and my father’s destiny is about to end.

Taylor: Sheila, you can’t– let me guess, audrey wasn’t at her desk.

Sheila: Nope, she wasn’T. You might need a new secretary.

Taylor: Sheila, you can’t just come in here. You should have waited until she was back.

Sheila: Yeah, I know. I know. You’re right, of course. But I was– I was just so excited to find out.

Taylor: Find out what?

Sheila: Find out what’s going on between you and ridge, especially now that he knows about brooke’s latest betrayal. There’s no way he’s going to forgive her. Given that it’s deacon, ridge’s worst enemy? And after all, one man, even one as understanding as ridge, there’s no way he’s going to be able to put up with a tramp of a wife like that.

Taylor: Okay, hey, sheila, if you came here to bash brooke, you just need to get out–

Sheila: No, I didn’T. I didn’T. I am here as a self-proclaimed member of team taylor. I’m just here to–to congratulate you.

Taylor: On what?

Sheila: On being patient. On letting brooke dig her own grave with no help from you. You took the high road, taylor, as you always do. Now the path is clear for you to reunite with ridge. At long last.

Brooke: Ridge, whatever you’re about to say…

Ridge: I don’t want to hurt you.

Brooke: I know. And I didn’t want to hurt you either, but that’s exactly what I did.

Ridge: Please, please. Please, don’T.

Brooke: Don’t what? Don’t apologize for letting you down? Because I did. I’m going to apologize over and over again. I feel so bad about that night. And now, to see you with your wedding band off, I mean, what does that mean, ridge? Don’t tell me you’re giving up on us.

Ridge: About last night.

Brooke: I don’t care about last night. I care about now. Now. This very moment. And you telling me that you love me and that we’re going to work this out.

Ridge: I spent the night in malibu.

Brooke: With steffy.

Ridge: Steffy… and taylor. We hit the bike trails every weekend

Hope: I wouldn’t count my mother out just yet. She’s still married to ridge.

Thomas: For how much longer, though?

Hope: You know, thomas, I really didn’t appreciate you preventing my mother from seeing your father last night. I don’t feel like it was your place to interfere in that way.

Steffy: He had every right. He was standing up for our parents. For our mother.

Hope: Why? Why would taylor need the two of you to stand up for her? She shouldn’t be involved in this. Or is she?

Steffy: You’d have to ask my mom.

Hope: I’m asking you.

Steffy: I’m pretty sure you won’t like the answer.

Hope: Look, I know that ridge didn’t come home last night. I know that he stayed at your place and I know taylor is also staying there as well, so if you’re implying what I… what exactly are you implying?

Sheila: So, you see, taylor, I am totally in the loop. Deacon has filled in all the blanks. I just–I know that, that ridge is done with the brooke or at least close to it, which leaves an opening for you. If you’ll take it. And I hope you do, because I know how much you still care for ridge.

Taylor: Sheila.

Sheila: I know. I know what they say. It’s all about timing. Timing is everything. But I know how long you have waited to be reunited with ridge. I just hope that the wait isn’t too much longer. Unless… it already is over? Why, why did I not see this before? I– this glow that you have on your face. This joy in your eyes. Ridge is through with brooke.

Brooke: I wish you had just come home after you and deacon fought.

Ridge: I couldn’t do that. Not the way I was feeling.

Brooke: I know, so you went to steffy’S.

Ridge: I went to steffy’s ’cause I needed to find a safe place to land.

Brooke: I can only imagine what steffy and thomas were saying about me.

Ridge: I’m not going to deny it. They think that I would be happier with taylor.

Brooke: Mm-hm.

Ridge: Especially now that they found out about you and deacon.

[ Brooke sighing ]

Brooke: I–I amm so sorry, ridge. I wish that night never happened. And I don’t understand why I had that urge to drink. It doesn’t make any sense to me.

Ridge: Well, maybe it does. God, I love you. I love you so much. But we can’t keep doing this to each other. I– I don’t belong here anymore.

Brooke: No, you do. You do belong here. With me, ridge. We are husband and wife. And we can’t let anybody or anything change–

Ridge: It’s already changed! It has changed, right? There’s a reason why I took off my wedding band. Does sinus congestion and pressure make breathing feel impossible especially at night?

Hope: So did thomas really have a meeting to go to or was that just an excuse so that you and i could…you know what? Forget it. Tell me about last night.

Steffy: I thought you already knew.

Hope: I know that ridge didn’t make it home.

Steffy: I’m sure that really upset brooke.

Hope: They’re still married, steffy.

Steffy: The point is, brooke has defended your father so many times. My dad finally reached a limit. He turned to us, his family. He turned to the woman he could trust. My father never has to question my mother’s loyalty. She would never do anything to hurt him or betray him the way brooke has. I mean, are we really surprised why my father would want to spend the night with my mom?

Sheila: You and your family really deserve this, taylor. God knows it’s been a long time coming. And I am so grateful to you for giving me a chance. It’s because of you, steffy allowed me to come over for christmas eve and spend time with–with finn and hayes. Unlike brooke, who vowed to do everything in her power to make sure that ridge would not allow me access to my son or grandson. Look, I know how that must have sounded, but–

Taylor: It sounds like you have a vested interest in this.

Sheila: No, it’s–it’s really more about brooke being brooke, doing what she does best: Running into another man’s arms, betraying ridge because of one night, one drunken night with deacon sharpe that has really blown up on her. But it has given you a chance at rekindling your relationship with ridge and I–I am really so happy for you and your family, taylor.

Brooke: I don’t believe it.

Ridge: Logan–

Brooke: I won’T. You wouldn’t do that to us, ridge. Are you actually saying that you made love to taylor?

Ridge: No, it didn’t go that far. But it could have if we hadn’t stopped it.

Brooke: I hate to think that you were with her last night. But one night is not going to affect what we have, ridge. I won’t let it. We will survive this. You’ll see. We will. If you have copd, ask your doctor about breztri. Look hope, I think you should know that, uh, my father took off his wedding band. It’s over between your mother and my father. And I know it’s going to be hard for brooke to hear, but she has to realize this day was coming.

Hope: No, steffy, I don’t think she did. She still believes that their love can get them through this.

Steffy: Well, obviously she’s wrong. My father’s had enough.

Hope: You never wanted their marriage to work, did you? That was all just a charade. You were rooting for their marriage to fail so that your mother and ridge could reunite.

Steffy: I’m not going to apologize for wanting my father’s happiness. Brooke couldn’t give that to him. Not for long anyway. As for your mother’s latest offense, she only has herself to blame.

Sheila: My plan worked. Switching those champagne labels, getting brooke to unknowingly drink. Yeah. Now, brooke and ridge’s destiny has come to an end. Oh, boo-hoo. Boo-hoo. I warned you, brooke, not to mess with my life, my family’S. You’re paying the ultimate price now.

Brooke: I won’t let this be the end for us, ridge. I won’T. Okay, so we both made mistakes. So now, we just have to forgive each other. And we can recommit to our marriage. Work harder with our relationship and just do better. I know we can. We can and we will.

Ridge: You know what I thought? I thought it was always going to be you and me in the end. Just the two of us standing there. Too much has happened now. I don’t want to argue anymore. I don’t want you to hurt me. We’re just getting too old for this, you– I can’t do this anymore.

Brooke: What’re you talking about? What do you mean you can’t do this anymore? Ridge, I’m–I’m sorry. I mean, I’m–I’m sorry for everything that happened that night. I’m sorry, I never should have defended deacon the way I did. Come here. God. I love you. I don’t want to lose you. You are my soul mate. You are my destiny. And we gotta hang on to each other, okay? We can’t let each other go.

Ridge: Look at you. You’re even more beautiful than the first day I saw you. I love you with everything. Because you’re the one. You’re the one I was young with. We can’t do this anymore, we can’T. You will always be my logan.

[ Brooke sobbing ]

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