Y&R Short Recap Monday, February 21 2022

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Recap written by Christine

Summer was disappointed, but understanding of Phyllis’s decision not to move to Milan. Summer sensed that Phyllis loved Jack. Phyllis did some digging into the mysterious texts Jack was getting. She learned that the address that had been texted to him was a house owned by Hao Nguyen. Jack said that was a common Vietnamese name, and it happened to be his former father in law’s name. Hao Nguyen was the father of Jack’s late wife Luan and grandfather to Jack’s oldest son, Keemo. However, Jack was sure  the Hao Nguyen who owned the house was not Luan’s father. Devon, Amanda, Abby and Chance were there when Dom received the bone marrow transplant. Devon had medical equipment sent to the Chancellor house so Dom could recover at home. Devon didn’t want to be away from his son, so Abby and Chance invited him and Amanda to spend the night. Devon encouraged Chance to seek treatment for his issues. Chance called Sharon and asked for a referral to a therapist. Sharon and Faith planned to visit college campuses. Moses was thinking of going to college in Genoa City. Faith thought she might do the same, so she could intern at her family business. Moses was concerned that her family would think she went to GCU because of him. Mariah and Tessa came up with a lot of possible wedding themes and locations, but they couldn’t narrow down their options, because they liked them all so much. Noah suggested that they combine all the ideas, and they loved the idea.

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