General Hospital Short Recap Friday, February 18, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

rAva, Nikolas, and Laura worry that Victor is trying to use Spencer in whatever evil plan he has in mind.

Laura vows to find out Victoria’s plan before he can hurt her family and other innocent people.

Ava and Laura persuade Nicolas to swallow his pride and visit Spencer at Spring Ridge and try to reconcile with him.

Felicia is on her way to Zurich to find Maxie despite telling Anna she would stay in Port Charles. Felicia finds Maxie’s location by remembering a conversation she had with Peter when she told him she couldn’t go to his and Maxie ‘s wedding because she has to take care of her aunt who was sick.

Liesel also has an idea and calls Anna to tell her about a small farm in a remote village in the Swiss Alps where Peter used to go to summer camp when he was in boarding school. Victor orders his man inside the WSB to kill Peter when he finds his location. Victor also tells the WSB agent to kill Dante and Anna if they get in the way but he must not harm Drew.

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