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[ Sighs ] Okay. Oh. Alright.

[ Sighs ]

[ Exhales sharply ] Okay.

[ Knock on door ] Oh. Oh. Come in! Good morning. Good morning. Carly corinthos? That’s me. You must be… rebecca diamond, esquire. I’m here to discuss your divorce. Britt! Nina. Hey. Britt. I take it you’ve heard. Uh, that carly and sonny broke up? Yeah, who hasn’t? So tell me, how’d you do it? Hello. Can I help you? We’ve met. I’m one of your freelancers. Smoltz, right? You remembered, yeah. I sent you a bunch of pitches, but I haven’t heard back. Check your e-mail. Huh? Oh, there you are. You didn’t take any of them. Alexis: No.

[ Sighs ] And here’s why. See, we have declared a moratorium on aliens invading the government, on severed heads in carry-ons, and, you know, celebrity sex lives, that sort of thing. Got it, not a problem. I’m here because I have a scoop. Crop circles? Classic noir love triangle involving the mafiosi and high-fashion. Worlds collide as nina reeves invades the marriage of sonny and carly corinthos. Boom. Hey. There something on your mind? The louvre, the eiffel tower, and the arc de triomphe. Willow, we will get to paris, even if I have to smuggle you.

[ Chuckles ] Which you might have to if I still don’t have a passport. Maybe we can get an update. Willow: Mom. Willow. Hey. Um, I would love to stop and chat, but I’m just in a hurry. Wait. You can’t spare a few minutes for your daughter? Wish I could. I’m sorry. I’m just so — I’m busy. Well, we’re all busy, but how hard is it to track down your daughter’s birth certificate? Hi. Look who’s awake.

[ Chuckles ] Hi. Hi. You seem to be doing better. I’m ready to get back to work, tracking peter and finding our granddaughter. Epiphany? No. She says no. I’ll be back. You make sure he stays in this bed.

[ Monitor beeping ] Have you heard anything? Have they found peter yet?

[ Sighs ] Peter’s still on the loose.

[ Both sigh ] And he’s taken a hostage. Please tell me it’s not anyone I know. Looking at her, you’d never know everything she’s been through. First, her psycho father kidnaps her from right under us, and then drops her at a firehouse then gets away with maxie. We just — we have to assume that maxie convinced peter to leave bailey behind and then agreed to go in her place. I’m just glad that felicia and mac have entrusted us with her for the last two nights, but now that mac’s on the mend… we always knew we were just a placeholder until maxie could be with her daughter again. First, they have to find her. What if maxie’s gone for good? We need to find peter so the authorities never do. Understood? Yeah, and I’ll expect a progress report soon, which means I expect some progress.

[ Knock on door ]Yep, coming. Where is she? I’m sorry, dr. Gatlin-holt. I’m rather busy at the moment. I’m gonna ask you one more time — and only one more time — where did your pal peter take maxie?

I promise you, willow, I’m doing everything I can. Well, then, what’s the holdup? Well, it’s like, you know, going to the dmv, but times 1,000 is what it’s like trying to get something out of the hall of records and — and we moved state to state, so… well, maybe this will help. I looked into it myself. Oh, looked into it how? I contacted all the hospitals in clairbourne county, but there was no record of any birth certificate. And I contacted somebody at the state department. State department? Yeah, they’re gonna do a global search, and that will — you know what? I actually have to go to my appointment, and I’m late already. It was good to see you. Wait, mom, if you could just give us the name of the doctor, that…would be great. I can’t believe it’s this hard to track down my birth certificate. Assuming your mom is even looking for it. You don’t believe her? Do you?

[ Beeps ] You’re recording this? It helps prevent misunderstandings. It also allows me to keep thorough track of my client’s wish list. Wish list? Houses, jewelry, other valuables, your portion of the portfolio, other assets, some of which may be offshore. Oh, and, of course, the children. Ms. Diamond, I thought I made myself perfectly clear on the phone. I invited you here just to go over my options. Is that your polite way of saying you’re not ready to divorce your husband? Britt: Last night, I was at the savoy, and carly shows up dressed to kill with her bestie felix on her arm and no ring on her left hand. She already took off her ring? Point being, she’s trying really hard to get over sonny. Well, I don’t — okay, listen, that’s not why I came looking for you. No? Then I have to get back to work. You probably — listen to me. You probably already know that maxie’s baby was found, but maxie is still missing, and the police think that peter took her hostage. You know peter. Do you have any idea where maxie and peter could be? I have it on excellent authority that the don of the eastern seaboard flew the missus to martinique, where he played musical beds with the editor in chief of crimson. Mm. Well, “a,” you got your facts wrong, “b,” we would never be able to do a story like that because, “c,” we would get our butts sued. So I’m afraid I’m gonna have to pass on that little gem, too. Sorry. Fine. I’ll just sell the story somewhere else. Good. Good. I hope they pay you a lot of money. Well, he didn’t seem happy. Well, you know, changing the perception of the invader is not as easy as it looks. Yeah, sometimes the past can be impossible to shake. I guess we’re not talking about

the invader anymore, are we? After everything maxie did to keep this baby safe, she still had to let her go. For the life of me, I just — I don’t know how she did it. It’s because maxie loves her little girl that much. We have to love her enough to do the same.

[ Doorbell rings ] Maybe it’s news about maxie. Here you go. Hey. Okay. Oh, dad? Olivia? Is everything okay? Yes, yes, we just came by to say hello to our soon-to-be former granddaughter. Of course. Come on in. There she is.

[ Door closes ] Hi. I know. Hi. There you go. Feels like more of a goodbye to me, too. Yes, you are. What on earth what makes you think I know where peter august is? You played me to get information, you found out where maxie’s baby was, and you fed that information to peter. Are you accusing me of endangering a child? What’d you get in return? What’s the price for an innocent human life?

[ Chuckles ] Why, you do have a melodramatic way of asking a question, doctor, but you don’t have a shred of proof. I don’t need proof. I’m not the police. Maxie’s gone. Peter has her. You tell me where she is. Or — or what? Remember, doctor, you took an oath to do no harm. I did. I took that vow. The problem is… …you’re not my patient. Dr. Obrecht: I would put the syringe away if I were you, herr doctor. Really, why would I do that? Because you are displeasing mein guter freund, herr glock.

this manicured weasel knows where maxie is. “Manicured weasel”? That’s right. What are we doing here? Go ahead. You — you brought a gun. Go ahead. Shoot him. Well, it wouldn’t be the first time. You shoot him. I’ll patch him up. How about that? Why do I need you when I can do both backwards and in heels? Now, put the syringe away, herr doctor, or I’ll shoot you and leave you to bleed out. Oh, why don’t you do it anyway? Good thinking, herr doctor. Ah, my dear liesl, I knew I could always count on you. I don’t know why you give this guy a pass. You don’t care about maxie? If it weren’t for you, maxie and her daughter would be safe and sound. Haven’t you done enough, or do you want to make things worse? If so, by all means, stay. I believe you know the way out, doctor. I will reunite maxie with her child. And you and peter are gonna share a cell. Do you think his bedside manner is any better than that?

[ Sighs ] I don’t know. I… I wasn’t listening. Oh, my dearest liesl. You came to my rescue. How can I ever repay you? Peter has maxie? I need to get out of here. No. Stop that. Felicia, I have to find her. No, no, you have to stay in your bed. Please lie back. Leave that bed too soon, and you risk a setback — maybe a fatal one. Then the bad guys win. Is that what you want? What I want is to get my daughter back. And how are you gonna do that by staggering around and bleeding all over the place?! You lie there,let your body heal, and I’ll let you know when you can go. Got it?! Got it. Thanks, epiphany. I’ll take it from here. Good luck.

[ Monitor beeping ] I hate that I’m stuck in here! Well, maybe some good news will help. Oh, please. Lay it on me.

[ Sighs ] Our granddaughter louise is alive and well.

[ Chuckles ] Can you come to your — to your grandma olivia? Or, your — sorry, your aunt olivia and your uncle ned? Oh, my sweet. Oh. Hey, how are you doing with all this? It’s hard, but it — it really is for the best. Now chase and I, we could go back to living our lives. It’s not like we set out to be parents. I mean, can you imagine the two of us at the pta? Olivia: Yeah. I can imagine it real easily, actually. I can, too. Chase. Yes, sir? I’ve told brook lynn how proud I am that she took responsibility for this beautiful little girl, but there’s something else that still needs to be said. I had you wrong. Dead wrong. I just ran into willow and michael, and she can’t understand why I can’t produce her birth certificate for her. Here’s a really crazy thought. Why don’t you tell the truth? What, that I forged it? No, that you — you were lost and you moved into this community and the community didn’t trust the government and so on? I’m sure that willow will understand that. Yeah, maybe, but it — it still doesn’t give her what she needs, which is proof of birth so she can get a passport.

[ Sighs ] Well, speaking of which, I did speak to my colleague friend, diane, and she confirmed what I already suspected. There really is no avenue that will allow you to substitute a fake for willow’s authentic birth certificate. Well, no legal avenue you mean? Like you said, how hard is it to find a birth certificate? Well, here’s hoping your contact at the state department will be able to track it down. I hope so, too, but it doesn’t change the fact that your mom has been avoiding you. I mean, what’s the mystery? What is she so afraid of? My marriage is over, and I am ready to move on. What I don’t want is to go to war. I’m not looking for a wish list or petty revenge. I want this over quickly and as painlessly as possible. You want to expedite this? Then you need to tell me everything — unsanitized, unvarnished, unabridged. Every gory detail.

[ Sighs ]

Peter and i barely know each other. I mean, I wish I had known that he was an unstable psychopath. I would’ve warned maxie. But then we wouldn’t have bailey. Or rather, louise, would we? My heart just breaks for maxie. Just when she thought she could reclaim her daughter. But, britt, what I can’t figure out is how did peter find out that bailey wasn’t brook lynn’s baby, that she was really his and maxie’s daughter? Who knew what maxie and brook lynn were up to? I knew pretty early on, but I would rather die than tell peter that information. I mean, I almost did. Well, someone else wasn’t so discreet. Someone who had something to gain — like victor cassadine. I don’t know about that. But if — if you’re right and victor told peter, then who told victor? Speak of the devil. Victor, I remember your affections fondly, but alas, I am spoken for. Well, I have no doubt mr. Baldwin offers you an amusing distraction, but then so does an accordion, if you’re in the mood. You should know by now you will not score points with me by disparaging

mein scott. Then tell me, dear liesl, how do I score points with you? By stripping down… yes? …And revealing… and? …Your humanity. Oh, is that what we’re calling it these days? Deny it if you want. Beneath the glib yet acerbic banter and your world-weary savoir faire, you are devoted to your own flesh and blood. Almost to a fault. Then you must know how much maxie’s disappearance pains everyone who considers her family. You know how much I hate seeing you in pain. Is there something I can do? There is. If I ever meant anything to you, victor, you’ll help me find maxie. I know what you’re doing. Is it working? What do you think? My heart is pounding. Feel it. Mm. Like an allegro timpani solo at the berlin philharmonic. You know how much I love philharmonic percussion. Then you’ll help me? I depends, my dove… …on what’s in it for me. Sir, if I am ever lucky enough to have a daughter of my own, I hope I can stand by her the way that you stood by brook lynn. He likes you. He likes bailey. I was just part of the package. Okay, my turn again. Okay, here you go. Here. Aww. Okay. Alright. Bailey — or louise — no matter where you go in life, no matter where you call home, you will always, always be a part of our family. You really are a miracle. You know that? Born in the woods, rescued at a firehouse, and you managed to bring out the best in every person around you. And even if we couldn’t see it at first, you showed us what was always there all along. That might be the biggest miracle of all.

[ Chuckles ] I just keep thinking there’s a way around this or past this — there is. You admit that you made a mistake, you let diane negotiate on your behalf to keep you from being incriminated, and then you and willow generate a legal document that will certify her birth. Right. Unless, of course, you don’t

want her birth certified for some reason. Alexis, thank you so much. I know you’re trying to help, but I just — I can’t do this. You know who you sound like? You sound like me when you were trying to help me not drink, and I resisted you. So w-why won’t you let me return the favor? My mother has constantly put her trust in the wrong people. After shiloh and cyrus renault, how could I forget? It taught her to distrust everyone, including the government. You, on the other hand, have contacts in the state department and the sec. You contact district attorneys in other states directly. Not everyone can do that. Okay, yes, but I don’t think it’s unreasonable to expect transparency when it comes to something so straightforward as a birth certificate. Straightforward to you, but you’ve always had a stable, loving family — two stable, loving families that you know you can count on. The loving, maybe, but stable? I don’t know about that. Well, not anymore, anyway.

[ Sighs ] So, at sonny’s insistence, I show up at the haunted star for a romantic evening, and instead of being in the stateroom waiting for me, he was in bed with nina reeves.

[ Beeps ] You have just said more than enough to take sonny to the cleaners. Which is not my objective. I know. I get it. You don’t want his money. Now, with regard to building a case, I do wish you had consulted me before moving out. However, finding him in the sack with a woman who kept his existence a secret more than makes up for it. Now, you’ve just gotten a lot off your chest here. Maybe you want to press erase and it all ends now, which is certainly an option. Or we just leave it here in case you need to use it. Sonny’s a fighter. If I use what’s on that recorder — he’ll hurt you? Physically? No. But if I put him on the defensive, sonny’s gonna make this divorce very ugly, which, as I said over and over again, is the last thing I want. Let him do his worst. You have a secret weapon. What’s that? Sonny himself.

Let’s be honest. Your husband has a reputation. I know that. But there are also children involved, children who love him very much. And that is the beautiful part. We do not have to make a single negative allegation because any judge sitting on that bench knows the name sonny corinthos and will be predisposed to rule in your favor. You mean they couldn’t get him for an alleged crime, so they want to use me to punish him. Well, they got al capone on tax evasion, right? So you add on some lying, some infidelity, and other things that a great P.I. Can dig up, and I’m pretty certain I can get you sole custody of your minor child. I believe you said her name is donna. How’s that sound? Growing up, my life was just so messed up and bizarre that when I got to know your family, I kind of idealized them, maybe to the point of overlooking my own mother. I don’t always give her the credit she deserves for turning her life around. Yeah, even I have to admit she’s — she’s doing her best. And she’s been respecting our boundaries, not coming around all the time, not arranging surprise visits in public places. So I guess you’re saying we should cut her some slack.

Some slack. What are the odds that, out of all of wiley’s grandmothers, at this point,

my mom might be the most drama-free? Thank you for trying, alexis, but I — what? You ask me to help you and — and you won’t accept my help and I don’t know why. So why? Are you ashamed? Are you ashamed of your past? Because I stabbed a cop in the chest with a syringe on a vodka-fueled rage, and the only excuse I had was, “I was aiming for someone else.” Well, what I went to prison for is a hell of a lot worse. I’m sure kristina would agree. That’s a good point. Forging a birth certificate is not nearly as bad as what you actually went to prison for.

[ Sighs ] Listen, harmony, I found a support system in my daughters, and I think you’re underestimating yours. From everything I know about willow, she is open-minded, she’s kind, she’s compassionate, and if you would just tell her the truth, I’m sure she would understand. But she won’T. Harmony, whatever it is that you’re running away from, it will catch up to you. And then what? This was taken just after anna and chase found her at the firehouse. As you can see, louise is happy and healthy. Thank god.

[ Chuckles ] And brook lynn and chase have been looking after her the whole time? Yeah. Yeah, and they’re bringing her here today. And that’ll give you a chance to see for yourself that our granddaughter inherited maxie’s survival gene. And then we get to take her home? We do. Our newest granddaughter under our roof with her brother and sister, and we get to spoil her rotten. Well, that’s a tall order. She’s been living with the quartermaines all this time. Yeah, we can bring her back down to earth. Yeah, that’s more like it. We’ll give her everything she needs. Aye, aye, commissioner. Ah, that’s interim commissioner to you, lady. Ah, you’re starting to get your old, grumpy self back, I see. I won’t be myself until peter’s been caught and maxie has her daughter back in her arms again. Soon. Very, very soon. Dr. Westbourne is correct. It is my fault that victor figured out that maxie and brook lynn have been hiding louise in plain sight. Hey, wh-what? I mean, how — I can’t believe that you would give that information to victor deliberately. I didn’T. All I did was draw him a great, big map with an “x” on it, and then he figured out the rest on his own. Okay, so — and then victor gave that information to peter. And peter used the baby to lure maxie to him. Will the two of you please just stop? Stop kicking me in the teeth. Believe me, I’ve done it enough to myself over the last couple of days. Well, I’m probably not in the best position to judge because I could’ve told everyone that peter was alive and well when he showed up in nixon falls, but I kept my mouth shut. Well, not exactly. You did sic my mother on him. Well, that didn’t work. It didn’t work yet. My mother is nothing if she’s not persistent. She doesn’t relent. She adjusts and improvises. But you already know that, don’t you, dr. Gatlin-holt? You are incorrigible. But alas, my affections are off the table, for I am a one-man woman. Hm, how convenient. I’m only one man. Will you help me, victor, for old times’ sake? I need more. Fine. If you help me, it will enrage peter, and we can both revel in the schadenfreude of it all. Now you’re talking. I hate to see you suffer because of maxie, but I wouldn’t mind seeing peter suffer because of you.

[ Sighs ] I won’t be able to rest until maxie’s home again, reunited with her beautiful little kleine. The thing is, I have a long memory. I haven’t forgotten all the times you hurt me. Any more than I’ve forgotten all the times you’ve kidnapped, tormented, and nearly killed me and the people I care about while aiding and abetting my enemies. You make a fair point. Please, victor, for whatever good there was between us. I can’t promise, but I’ll do what I can. I knew I could count on you.

Let’s take a picture of the whole family, ’cause, damn it, that’s what we are. I’ll take it. Oh, no, slick… perfect. …You’re not getting out of things that easy. Get over here. I’m not really family. Well… you lived at monica’s house. You got your heart broken there. And tried to get one quartermaine to double-cross another. Trust me, you are part of the family, like it or not. Okay, let me get this. Ned: Alright, here we go. Okay. One second. Everybody say, “we love you, bailey.” All: We love you, bailey!

[ Camera shutter clicks ] Now I want to get one of the two of you with just bailey.

[ Camera shutter clicking ] Olivia: Okay, now I want to get a picture of the two you.

[ Clicking continues ] I’m the worst type of hypocrite. If you really believe that, you should get out more. I’ve been doling out advice to you about not letting your past define you, and here I am doing exactly that. Yeah, well, we’re all hypocrites. You know, I ask for help, and I really don’t want it. I’d rather just drown my sorrows in a bottle of booze, but, you know, we make unhealthy choices. Let’s stop doing that, huh? How about you help me, I help you, that sort of thing. That’s how friendship works. Ah, well, how am i supposed to know that? Harmony, I know you want the past to be in the past for willow’s sake, but if there’s more to this story than what you’ve told me, then don’t you think it’s better that willow finds out from you rather than from someone else? All yo ur mom did was misplaceyour birth certificate. Nina literally blew up my parents’ marriage. And my dad seems just fine with that. One more reason for us to expedite that passport and hop on a plane for paris, far away from all this insanity and closer to each other.

[ Cellphone ringing ] It is my contact at the state department. We may be one step closer to the eiffel tower. Hello? Sorry to do this, guys, but we’re on the clock. Already?Can’t we just have five more minutes? Unfortunately, mac and felicia are waiting. We just — we know it’s just gonna make it harder. Olivia: I wish I could say you were wrong. But you’re not. Ready? Okay. Hey, look at me. You will always have a home with us. Always.

[ Crying ]

[ Sighs ] Here. Let me get it. Bye, guys.

[ Sighs ] Mac: This is the best medicine ever.

[ Felicia giggles ] I’m sorry to disturb you, but the doctor’s ordered another test. Another test? What, are they looking for a reason to keep me here? Trust me, nobody wants to keep you here longer than necessary. How do you put up with him? Well, on the bright side, he’s definitely feeling better. There’s nothing wrong with me that seeing my granddaughter won’t cure. Oh, they’re probably on their way right now, so as soon as you get back from whatever this test is, I’m sure they’ll — test, test. Can’t we take this test another time? Some — I’m afraid not. Now, let’s get you out of this bed. No arguments. Yes, ma’am. I barely know your mother. Uh, not true. I was there when she gave you hell for clearing the way for peter to find maxie’s baby. Oh, wait, aunt liesl knows? Oh, well, I hope your affairs are in order. Here’s the thing. So — no, no. Don’t waste your time or oxygen on denials, okay? Just hear me out. I strongly advise you not to engage in shenanigans or cahoots with my mother. I am not a shenaniganist, and I’m not one to cahoot. Britt is right. Listen to her. With aunt liesl, there’s always collateral damage.

[ Elevator bell dings ]

Guete morge, britta dear. Nina, my pet. Would either of you mind if I borrowed the good doctor? Sonny and I went through an ugly divorce years ago, and we fought over our sons, michael and morgan. We hurt each other, and we hurt our children. I will never make that mistake again. And that is very noble and speaks volumes about your character. However, I have to ask, if you don’t want to punish sonny, there are plenty of attorneys in this town who can get you out of your marriage with shared custody and an agreement that you on your nicest day could call fair. So I want to know, why turn to me? What you wanted is for me to tell you that what happened between sonny and me in nixon falls could never happen again, but we both know that that would be a lie. If you don’t want sonny’s blood, what do you want?

Mother, why do you want to borrow dr. Gatlin-holt? I thought you were furious with him. Of course I was. But now we understand each other, don’t we, herr doctor? If you’ll excuse us. Mm? Well, we warned him. Uh, speaking of warnings, didn’t anyone ever tell you that carly’s a bad enemy to have? Yeah, it’s been mentioned to me 1 or 853 times. I’m just saying, you did keep her husband hidden for close to a year and then turn around and sleep with him. I’m sorry. I’m a little confused. Whose side are you on? Y-yours. I’m on your side. We’re family. And as family, I have to warn you, because if carly gets a chance, she will burn your life down. Thank you for the heads-up. But this has been a long time coming, britt. And if carly wants a war, I’ll give her a war. I would prefer not to fight with sonny. I’ve been down that road before, and it goes nowhere good. But the woman he cheated on me with? She’s the one I want to fight. I want nina reeves to pay for every lie she told, all the pain she caused, for everything she has stolen from me and my family. Can you give me that, rebecca? Well, we’ve got to start somewhere. Now, shall we talk about my retainer? If you want me to help you, you are going to have to tell me the truth. Now, both diane and I think that there’s more to this story. There’s something that you are not telling us. Is there? Yes, there’s more. Thank you for looking into it. Okay, bye. What did he say? Michael? Um… it doesn’t make any sense. There is no record of a birth certificate being issued to you in any of the 50 states or anywhere else in the world. According to the U.S. Government… I don’t exist? Olivia: Brook lynn and chase and the baby weren’t — weren’t here for very long, but, uh, it was already feeling like a home, and now it’s over. You know, one of the good things about this whole experience was that it brought us closer together as a family. And it taught us that brook lynn is far more selfless than we thought. Yeah, I’m sure no one was more surprised by that than she was. And now we know that, uh… that we will be there for your daughter whenever she needs us. Yeah.

[ Sighs ] Hi. Hello. Hello, there, beautiful girl. Okay, what’s up? I persuaded victor to let me get close enough to plant a tiny chip on his lapel. Should we have a listen? By all means. Victor: Johann, too many people are asking too many questions. We need to find our friend, mr. August, and silence him once and for all.

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