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[ Indistinct conversations ]

[ Sighs ]

[ Tapping ] Long time, stranger.

[ Gasps ] Oh, my gosh!

[ Chuckles ] Ohh! I missed you! That’s because you’re so busy being a boss.

[ Chuckles ] Oh, yes, well, technically i am the boss. Mm-hmm. But what about you? Lucas told me you have so much going on yourself — singing in the choir… mm-hmm. …Volunteering

and mentoring? Mm-hmm. It’s amazing. So, are you here for dinner? Oh, I’ve eaten. My sister and I ate earlier. Taylor’s in town? Yeah, but she’s exhausted. She already went to her room. Ah. I understand. I’m about to go up to my room any minute. You’re staying here at the hotel?

[ Sighs lightly ] So you haven’t heard all the gossip. We have so much to catch up on. Happy valentine’s day, mom. Why, thank you very much. Mom just wished us a happy anniversary. Oh. Thank you so much, jordan. We love and miss you so much. That we do. We can’t wait for you to make it back to port charles. Any idea when that’ll happen? It feels weird being here when maxie’s god-knows-where with my insane brother. It’s alternate realities. It’s a terrible situation, no question, but what can you do about it, britt? Find peter and stop him?

[ Scoffs ] And what? Get killed in the process? Just trust in the professionals and… ah, yes! …Match me shot for shot. Are you still up for takeout later? Uh, okay. Oh, you want to try that new peruvian place? Sounds great. Right. Should we order enough for esme?

[ Sighs ] I suspect esme has other plans. Such as? Breaking the rules. As usual. Surprise, lover! Oh! Never sneak up on a guy in prison, esme. Sorry. Thought you’d be happy to see me. Had to use all my magic to get in here after visiting hours. Uh, well, it’s, uh, it’s good to see you. Um, sorry I’m so jumpy. Uh, being in here has been… an adjustment. Which is why I thought you might like a reminder of me and the comforts of home. Happy valentine’s day to me. Excuse me. Do you mind if I sit here? Not at all. Thanks.

[ Jacket unzips ] Teal shirt. Well, so far, I’m not disappointed at all. Oh, well, neither am I.

[ Door opens, closes ] Ah. I couldn’t wait for you to get home, my love! To see me or the gift I brought you? Oh! You brought me a gift? This day just keeps getting better and better. You know, not that I’m complaining, but what has gotten into you? Carly and sonny’s marriage is in the toilet. Happy valentine’s day! Any fantasies you have about pjs and fluffy slippers, forget about it. I want to hear all the tea, so I’m taking you out on the town. Oh [Chuckles] I would love to, but I am exhausted. It’s been a long day. And I really need to do some soul-searching.

[ Sighs ] Uh-huh. Go on up to your room. Put on something sparkly, short, and skin-tight — or all the above — and then meet me here in 15. Save the soul-searching for church. Tonight, we’re going to the savoy.

[ Sighs ] Is phyllis here? Uh, no, you just missed her. Oh, um, okay. How is she? I-I came to check in on her since it’s the first valentine’s day — without lenny. Yeah, I had the same idea. Yeah. But, actually, she’s doing really good. Well, lenny would have gotten a kick out of all this. Yeah. See, this is like a great tribute, right? Yeah, it is.

[ Sighs ] How are you? Um, I-I’ve been better. Anything I can do? I think you’ve done enough. Yeah. Um… I should go. Is that what you want, sonny?

what’s esme done now? Painting her nails while sitting on the couch. I specifically asked her not to do that. Ugh! You know, I — I don’t know if it’s a lack of etiquette or it’s just poor judgment, but there is a blatant disregard for the rules! I mean, really, it’s like — it’s like her sense of entitlement just knows no bounds.

[ Sighs ] You’re not wrong. And don’t think I’m defending her. I’m not. But she is a teenage girl navigating unusual circumstances.

[ Scoffs ] She’s a teenage girl who’s working my nerves.

[ Laughs ] Really. Have you — have you seen the guest bathroom? Yes. But I also think her bad habits are exacerbated by spencer leaving. I think she feels abandoned. And I guess she’s living with people who she has no real connection to. I get it. I know you do. Am I a bad person if I still think she’s kind of a little brat? No.

[ Both laugh ] Even just a little bit. I know you’re right. I do. It’s just maddening. I know. I know. Tell you what. I’ll talk to her. That way, I’ll be the heavy. There could be a reward for you in that. Reward? Oh. Mm-hmm. Should we put off dinner for a while? You’re gonna have to wait. Good things come to those who wait. Very good things. Just a little reminder of what you have to look forward to. You like it? “Like” is an understatement. Since, um, spring ridge doesn’t do conjugal visits, I figured this was the next best thing. I’ll have to guard this photo with my life, protect your honor. And if anyone tries to take it, just let samuel know. Your uncle victor was right — he’s a doll. Did you get my gift? The flowers were gorgeous. Where’d you find french peonies this time of year? It took some forethought and uncle victor’s connections, but I couldn’t let my girl think I didn’t care. I was wondering if you might be free to stop by my house tonight. Uh, now? If you don’t mind. It’s kind of important. I’ll text you my address. So I’ll see you later? Um, yes, I’ll be there.


Thank you so much. I’ll let my doorman know you’re on your way. You just made my night. I love you. What is it? Something good? She may be coming home sooner than planned. Oh, my god! T.J., That’s amazing! You must be so relieved. Absolutely. I’ve been monitoring her progress. I-I knew she was recovering well, but it is a huge win if she can come home early. I’ve got my freedom back, and I…am embracing it. Well, that’s great news.

[ Sniffs ] Whoa! Wow! Ugh.

[ Chuckles ] So does this mean you’re not terrified of aunty dearest? Oh. Please. I’m not worried about her. Especially while she’s out of town. But, I mean, what about her minions? She might have eyes here. No, no, no, no, no. No dice, dr. Downer. If eyes are here, they’ve already seen us together, so let’s make the risk worth it. Down the hatch. We’re doing this.

[ Feigns sobbing ]

[ Glasses clink ]

[ Coughs ]

[ Groans ] It’s nice to finally meet you. Uh, finally? I can see now I had no reason to be nervous. Well, going out solo on valentine’s day is nerve-racking, but this place is pretty non-threatening. I suppose so. I had only been here for a few minutes, and I started to wonder if you would show. As in, where have I been your whole life? As in, where were you five minutes past the hour? I didn’t see anyone in a teal shirt, and I thought maybe I’d been stood up. You’re looking for a guy in a teal shirt. Well, I figured shining armor might be a bit blingy.

[ Chuckles ] But, honestly, I’m glad we decided to meet up in person. Look, I — I-I mean, I admit, I was wary of that dating app, too. I thought it was wacky to try and connect with someone without exchanging pictures. But meeting you has made me a believer, tanner. I’m sorry. I’m not tanner. Terry? I think our table’s ready. Nina, I — I don’t — I’m not gonna get in the way of you wanting to come to charlie’S. So I’m just gonna go ahead — um, that’s — I’m s-sorry. That’s not the question that I asked you. Sonny, I — what are you doing? I just want to know, is — what are you do– is it causing you more pain to run into me? Is it complicating you trying to work things out with carly? There’s nothing to work out with carly. Well…

[Stammers] I probably think that she’s upset, right? And she’s hurt, understandably. You just give her more time. Time. Everybody wants me to give carly time. But it didn’t seem like she needed time when, you know, she decided that she wanted the — the — you know, our marriage to be over when she saw us in the — you know what I mean. No, I don’t know what you mean. What are you talking about? Carly’s divorcing me.

What makes you think that carly considering divorce?

[ Sighs ] She’s meeting with a divorce lawyer. What are you thinking? Sonny, it doesn’t matter what I think. Yeah, it does. No, it doesn’T. Yeah, it does. This is about you and carly. You got something to say, say it, nina. No, my point of view is immaterial. Why? Because I can’t be objective. We both know I have a vested interest. Wow! That was fast! Is spencer okay? Did something happen? He’s fine. He’s absolutely fine, sweetheart. I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to worry you. It’s just that… he asked me to mail this to you a few days ago, and I just haven’t had the chance. So…

[ Exhales sharply ] I brought you some more of that italian face cream you like and your favorite sweater. And samuel said it’s okay if you have this mini-speaker, as long as it’s not too loud. Uh, I don’t suppose that you had the chance to run back by the cabin and grab my headphones? No, I haven’t been back to the cabin. I haven’t even thought about it. Too busy being consumed with my boyfriend being in a prison facility. Don’t think that I don’t, uh, appreciate everything that you’ve done for me and everything that you continue to do. I’ve always been there for you, spence, and I always will be. You know that. Unlike your fair-weather friends. Have you seen them? Have they asked about me? No and no. Does it matter? Think about it, nikolas — how will the court view sonny as custodial parent if his marriage falls apart because of his own infidelity? This could be our chance to bring avery home here! Huh. Yeah, I hope you’re right. But? No “buts.” I just [Sighs] Get the feeling that your euphoria over the corinthos’ marital woes isn’t entirely about avery and maybe you’re slightly happy that it’s happened to carly? Maybe even more than slightly?

[ Crunches ] Are you accusing me of taking pleasure in someone else’s unhappiness? Maybe once upon a time, I wished carly ill, but lately we’ve been in a much better place. You and carly? Come on, ava. It’s me you’re talking to. Oh, alright.

[ Chuckles ] But don’t you think there is some serious karmic justice happening here? Do you have any idea the amount of crap I have taken from that woman over the years? It’s probably more than I’ll ever know. -Yeah. Damn straight it is. -Hm. And she and sonny, they have been insufferable — gatekeeping my child like I’m some kind of danger to her, giving me crumbs of time with avery, expecting me to be grateful, maligning our marriage every chance they get! Yeah, yet here we are still together. While their epic love story crumbles to dust. Britt: [Slurring] You’re kidding me!

[Slurring] True fact. Almost ten — ten percent of americans have broken up with someone on valentine’s day.

[ Scoffs ] You know what that means, don’t you? There’s a whole new crop of broken hearts that are just ours for the taking. Whew! We need shots! No! Clean up. Thank you. Thank you. Down the hatch!

[ Chuckles ] Okay! Wow, I guess there is something to going out tonight. Ah. You’re welcome.

[ Laughs ] Uh, I spoke too soon. I know. I’m not a fan of brad, either. But, uh, I won’t be chased out of here tonight. Neither will I. But I can’t say there won’t be trouble.

It’s perfect. Yeah? Mm-hmm. You always know what I need. Aww! [ Laughs ] Your gift is waiting for you at the honeymoon suite at the metro court. Oh! Tj! You didn’t! Happy valen-versary. Wanna dance? I could be talked into it.

[ Chuckles ] Ha!

[ Gasps ] Ooh. Wait.

[ Groans ] And here I thought I’d be safe. Aunt selina? Worse. Carly. Pfft. Don’t sweat it. I’m not. Besides, I haven’t had my dance yet. Wow. Brad and britt together again. -Some things never change. -Hm. The scenery’s changed. This is the savoy, not the metro court. And it’s — whoopsie! And it’s nice hanging out with my bestie. Even though I’m aware some people would rather he disappear back to pentonville. Britt — some might say brad got off easy, given what he did to carly’s family. I regret a lot of the things I’ve done. Felix, may I have a word with you? And then there were two.

[ Laughs ] Ironic, isn’t it? Hmm. What is? Us! Instead of being with the men we love tonight, we wind up with each other. Yeah. Happy valentine’s day to us. Sonny, you know how I feel about you. You do. Don’t you? Mr. Corinthos. It’s good to see you. We haven’t had much of a chance to talk since you got back. -Chet. -How are you? Yeah. How are you? Look. Listen. You’re doing a great job at the gym. How are you? I can’t complain. Thinking about calling tonight a wrap, though. You know. Single-guy problems. Well, I guess you don’T. Count yourself lucky. Oh. Nina — nina. This is chet. Chet, nina. He runs volonino’s gym for me. Yeah. It’s — you’re amy’s brother, right? It’s nice to finally meet you. Likewise. Um… so, okay. Well, I will let you get on with your evening. Alright, chet. Can I get another drink? -No. I don’t think it’s okay. -That’s — listen. If carly is meeting with divorce attorneys, I think it’s a bad idea for us to be seen out in public. The damage was done a long time ago, nina. Well, let’s not add fuel to the fire. I don’t — this is just…so unreal. When I got back, everything was great. Now how do — how did we get to this? We all played our roles, and I am so, so sorry for the part I played. I r-regret what went down, too. All of it? Because I can tell you this. There’s no part of me that regrets us sleeping together. Do you? Tanner: That’s why I appreciate that the app prioritizes the cerebral over the visual. Daters can scratch below the surface without having to worry about shallow concerns like the way someone looks or, uh, you know, whether they have a car or a career. But you do… h-have those things, right? No, I-I understand why a modern woman like yourself might feel pressured to join the capitalistic grind. Do you, now? Well, it might interest you to know that I don’t view the field of medicine through a capitalistic lens. No, it’s just that I’ve — I’ve chosen to vibrate at a higher frequency. I reject the expectations of society. I examine myself. I do the work. Avoid shirts with collars. I understand. But that all sounds like your excuse to avoid actual work. Well, if that’s what you heard me say, then you’re not listening. Oh. Please. Enlighten me. Laura: Actually, spencer wanted you to have this before he left for spring ridge. I’m so sorry for the delay. It’s just that so much has been happening lately. No, it’s fine. How’s he doing?

[ Sighs ] It’s still early days. I’m sure he appreciated his visit with you at ava’s gallery, though, before he had to report in. I… I appreciated it, too. Of course it matters if my friends are suddenly ghosting me. Your uncle victor reminded me that you can’t please all people all the time, which is exactly what I’ve been trying to do with your friends, and it’s gotten me nowhere. I mean, at least we still have each other, right? Isn’t that enough? Maybe coming tonight was a mistake. I’m just gonna go to the loo before I head out. Hey. Esme. What — don’T. Don’T. Thanks, samuel. You’ve been a doll. Hey, I, um — I know it’s late, but is there any way I could, uh, visit with ryan chamberlain before I go? Sorry. I’m afraid not. No worries. I’ll, um, just see him when I intern later this week. That’s not happening, either. Your access has been restricted. By whom? Kevin: By me.

I didn’t expect to see you here after visiting hours. Likewise. But it’s not unusual for me to visit a patient after hours. How did you get in? I, um… pulled a few strings. We’ll address that later. Right now I’d like to know why you’re trying to see my brother, especially when I warned you not to. I’m capable of handling it. I know you think so. Which is why I took measures to prevent you from “handling it.” Hm. This sounds more personal than professional. Are you sure you haven’t lost objectivity when it comes to your brother? What’s going on? I’d like to know that myself. So, esme, why is it so important for you to visit ryan? Ryan chamberlain? Why the hell would you want to see that psychopath? He remembered! Laura: Remembered what?

[ Breathes sharply ] I’m sorry. I…don’t want to pry. No. I-it’s fine. It’s okay. It’s just I’m kind of blown away right now. Really? I once told spencer I was a fan of this work, and he remembered. Wow. Well, that’s spencer, isn’t it? Oh, despite all of his antics, he’s got this other side. I know. A side that’s thoughtful and generous. Mm-hmm. You seem to have gotten to know each other pretty well. Mmm. Can anyone ever truly find happiness with sonny? You know, if you asked me a year ago, I would have said absolutely not. But he’s changed. Hasn’t he? Seems different. Especially with nina. It’s like he’s almost human. Well, finding your true mate will do that. Thank you, sweetheart. I agree. And I feel the same way. I’ve never really been able to be myself with anybody without feeling like I was being judged. And just… it’s so liberating and refreshing to… strip away the façade. You feel free to strip bare with me anytime. No. I’m — I’m — I’m being serious, though. I feel safe with you. Good. I love you. Just as you are. And everything you just said about how I make you feel… is how you make me feel. And they said we wouldn’t last.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Chuckles ] They — they have no idea what we have. Well, we don’t need them to know what we have. As long as we do. It’s you and me. Our love against the world. Hey. You know what? When we renew our vows, I think that’s how it should be. Just you and me. U-unless you really want to have guests. Al l I want, my darling…[ Glass taps lightly ] …Is you. I just want you to know I hate that I hurt lucas and so many others. Brad, this is gonna sound strange coming from me, but… you can’t keep beating yourself up. You have a real opportunity now that you’re out… to do good. Do you have any plans? Not yet. My future’s not entirely up to me. Well, there are worse things than being single on valentine’s day.

[ Gasps ] Like… your brother wreaking havoc on the entire town and abducting your sister-in-law. Yeah, or your husband disappearing for almost a year… ooph. …And then returning only to cheat on you. Or losing your last chance at love! And your best friend.

[ Sighs ] You know…he helped me pass out valentines last year at the hospital? I wish I could have seen that. Yeah. Turns out it was a once-in-a-lifetime occurrence. Okay!

[ Clears throat ] So…we could have a good cry or we could order more shots. I say shots.

[ Laughs ]

[ Fingers snap ] This round’s on me. Okay. N’neka! I regret that my life has come to this… and that my wife wants to end our marriage so quickly. Well, I don’t know. Maybe she’s just weighing her options, sonny, whether she wants to stay or go. That is not carly’s style. What — you — what do you think the odds are that carly hasn’t made up her mind? Wow. I’ve never been called a shill for pharmaceutical companies before! I just happen to ascribe to more eastern philosophies than western medicine. You do remember that I’m an asian doctor, right? A-are you anti-science? Science has its place. Yes, in medicine. And so does mysticism. And, in fact, it is a necessary part of the human spirit and has been so in every ancient civilization.

[ Scoffs ] And I have to say you came across more broad-minded on the app. Sorry to disappoint. Say, can you illuminate me on an adjacent topic? Be happy to. Did mysticism develop the technology behind your hair plugs, or was that science? Oh, that’s — yeah, that’s cute. We’re gonna need another round here, please! Don’t worry. It’s on me. Believing in science is good for something. Oh, yeah. See? There it is. Capitalistic.

[ Scoffs ] Okay. That’s enough. Can’t sit by and watch you do this anymore. Tanner: Who the hell are you?

I just wanted to observe ryan for my class, and dr. Collins won’t allow it. Why would you want to hang around that psycho kook, esme? Mental illness is not a joke. Besides, you don’t seem to care what I want these days. -What? -I mean, I came here tonight to see you, spence. You were my top priority, and something tells me that I am not yours. What did I do? I’m just trying to look out for her. She feels she can take care of herself. Can the same be said of you? -Who am I? -Yeah. Who the hell are you to interrupt our date? The boyfriend. I tried, baby, but I just can’t share you anymore. You know i always come back to you in the end. I’m sorry. This is not a match.

[ Door opens, closes ] Is it something I said? I guess I wasn’t magical enough.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Breathes deeply ] I’m terry. Chet. It’s nice to meet you, terry. Uh, sorry about the inconvenience earlier. Would a drink make up for it? And don’t worry — I can cover it. It’s a start.

[ Exhales sharply ] Has carly ever done something like this before? Carly and I have a lot of water under the bridge. Of cour– I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to — to pry. I know that you guys go way back. I know that. Yeah. It’s just — yeah. [ Sighs ] It’s — it’s ironic ’cause carly was so upset about not knowing your history with me in nixon falls, but that was only a couple months compared to the years and years that you two shared together. I know. I know. But I was just thinking…

[ Scoffs ] …I’m at a much greater disadvantage. Nina. It’s not a competition. Isn’t it? Hoo! How many of these have you had?! They grow on you. Two more, please!

[ Chuckles ] What are they still talking about over there? Oh. As long as brad stays away from me and my family, I could care less. Right. And if he doesn’t cross the street in time when he sees one of you, michael will just call his political friends and invent charges! Seriously? You want to go there? Let’s talk about your family. Peter. Obrecht. Faison.

[ Scoffs ] Not to mention — me. Don’t — don’t stop on my account. I was gonna say nina. She’s no slouch in the cheating, lying department. That’s for sure. Okay, I cannot discuss nina with you. Because you can’t defend her. Well, that truce didn’t last long.

[ Sighs ] No, it didn’T. Okay. [ Sighs ] Aren’t you tired of fighting? Are you? Yes. That’s why we should just keep drinking and forget everything! Are you talking about your parole officer? Who else would be in charge of your future? I just meant the — the consequences of my mistakes will determine my future.

[ Chuckles ] Brad, you were a good lab tech, but if you can’t go back to that, maybe you can find a new passion. You mean do my own thing? Find my purpose? Yeah. That would mean real freedom. Happy valentine’s day, mrs. Cassadine. Unless you feel the day doesn’t necessitate a gift. You know me better than that.

[ Chuckles ] You said you felt safe with me. I’m happy you see the good in spencer. Not everyone does. Well, his friends do. And I’m still his friend. Does he need anything? That’s sweet of you to ask. Um, esme brought him a few things today. Oh, good. I just hope it wasn’t some of the same old stuff. I mean, I know spencer likes his clothes and his accessories, but that’s not really what’s important to him. Really? Yeah. He likes music and poetry and art. Something you have in common. Well, he’ll need all that while he’s there… to keep his spirits up. I can see why spencer values his friendship with you so much. I’m very glad that he has you.

trina! Everywhere I go, there you are. Not anymore. I was just leaving. Thank you again, mayor collins. Oh, no, no. Thank you for coming over. I really enjoyed talking with you. Goodbye. Bye-bye.

[ Trina chuckles ]

[ Chuckles ] I think that belongs to you. How’s spencer? Okay. Did he say if he needed anything? Actually, there’s something. Something we both need. Could I help with that? Thanks, but I’ve got this. I’m gonna turn in, though. Early start tomorrow. For your internship at spring ridge?

[ Beep ] No, there is a really important errand I have to run in the morning first. I appreciate your chivalry. It’s rough out there. Phew. No kidding.

[ Laughs ] I was just telling my sister it’s easier being single. Not that it stops her from trying to set me up. I don’t have a sister, but I have well-meaning friends who are constantly trying to push me out of my comfort zone. Hence, the dating app. Oh, you plan on firing that up again soon? Based on tonight, I’m gonna go with…never!

[ Both laugh ] Maybe casual dating just isn’t in the stars for me. Oh, my god. Did that sound mystical?

[ Both laugh ] Uh, well, I hope not, because that would be a real waste. You’re cool. You’re smart. You’re beautiful. Well, you’re gallant and handsome. And teal is definitely your color. Along with shining armor. To never saying never. Never say never. There is, uh, one thing I can tell you about lucas. He really hopes you’ll be able to build a new life and be happy. I hope for that, too. Uh — [ Chuckles ] And judging by that, I guess, uh, anything is possible.

[ Carly and britt laughing ] Wow. Whoo! What are you doing? I’ll pay. I’ll — no. You don’t have to get that. The drinks. It’s okay. It’s — listen. I want to do it. Sonny. Whatever happens, I want the best for you. I wish you nothing but happiness. Happiness… luck… and love. If carly moves forward with this divorce attorney… I’m not having it. It’s over. Done. Boom.

[ Sighs ] No, um… listen. I’m not leaving. You’re drinking. You’re talking like that. Nina. I’m fine. You can go.

[ Sniffles ]

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