General Hospital Short Recap Wednesday, February 16, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Curtis and Portia decide to look for a place where they can live together but while they look for a place, Curtis will move into Portia’s place.

Mac and Felicia decide to let Louise stay c with Brook Lynn and Chase until Maxie returns home because she needs to be in a place that is familiar to her.

Michael and Josslynn are both angry with Sonny when they find out he slept with Nina. Sonny tries to talk to Carly before she files for divorce, but Carly tells Sonny she wants a divorce. Sonny tells Carly he will not give up on their marriage.

Harmony tells Alexis that when she and her husband Douglas lived in a commune in Colorado, a woman named Joan joined them and she gave birth to Willow. Joan left the commune but didn’t take Willow with her. The head of the commune, Prophet Josiah, gave the baby to her and her husband to raise because it was God’s plan. Douglas was so afraid that Joan would return for Willow that they both decided to forge a birth certificate for Willow and leave the commune. Alexis advises Harmony to tell Willow the truth about what she has done because it is the only way to have a relationship with Willow.

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