General Hospital Short Recap Tuesday, February 15, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Brook Lynn, Chase, Ned, and Olivia take pictures with Louise and tell her she will always be a part of their family. Brook Lynn and Chase then take Bailey to the hospital to give her to Mac and Felicia. Ned also apologizes to Chase for thinking the worst about him.

Austin teams up with Liesel and threatens Victor in order to find out Maxie’s location. Austin threatens to inject Victor with poison but then Liesel rescues Victor from Austin. Victor promises Liesel that he will help her find Maxie. Liesel later goes to the hospital to tell Austin that she was able to put a microphone on Victor’s lapel so they can listen to him at all times.

Alexis advises Harmony to tell Willow that she forged her birth certificate. Harmony tells Alexis that there is more to the story that she doesn’t want to tell Willow.

Michael’s contact at the State Department tells him there isn’t a birth certificate for Willow anywhere in the United States or the world.

Carly meets with a divorce attorney and tells her she wants a quick divorce from Sonny because she doesn’t want her family put through a messy divorce. Carly asks her lawyer to help her make Nina pay for everything she has done to her family.

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