Y&R Short Recap Monday, February 14 2022

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

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Recap written by Christine

Adam and Sally gave in to their attraction and slept with each other at the office. Afterward, they agreed that they didn’t regret it. Sharon and Rey spent some time together, because he’d have to work all night on Valentine’s day. Faith sought Sharon’s help buying a Valentine’s gift for Moses. Moses went to Nick for help choosing something for Faith. Faith and Moses bought each other the same gift. Rey saw Nick put his arm around Sharon. Rey later joined Sharon and Nick. Noah interrupted Mariah and Tessa’s Valentine’s celebration when he dropped by with a gift. When Noah left, Tessa sang a song to Mariah. Noah moped about being alone for Valentine’s day. Chelsea told Chloe that she’d talked with Ray when she couldn’t sleep, and he didn’t judge her. Chelsea and Chloe planned their pitch for Lauren. Adam and Sally ran into Chelsea and Chloe. Chelsea was surprised to learn that Sally was a COO. When Adam and Sally left, Chelsea returned her focus to the pitch instead of being fixated on Adam and Sally.

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