Days Short Recap Thursday, February 3, 2022

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Gabi was upset when she overheard Jake tell Maggie that it was okay with it if she didn’t become CEO of Titan. He said he was okay as long as he was in charge of DiMera. He said he would have everything he wanted. Maggie wondered what would happen if Gabi weren’t CEO of Titan. He said he could handle her if she wasn’t named CEO. Gabi was upset and stormed off without them seeing her. Maggie walked out of the room and Jake turned morphed into Johnny. He was sure his plan would break Jake and Gabi up. Ava was happy reading about Rafe’s trial. Jake arrived at the house so they started talking about their living arrangememts. He said he had a plan to get him and Gabi out of the house. Ava made a comment about Gabi’s past. Gabi was upset while she walked to the park. Johnny called her from the Kiriakis mansion. She talked to him about Jake. He offered to meet her. Jake went to the DiMera mansion looking for Gabi and Johnny. He wondered where Gabi was. Johnny met with Gabi at the park. She told him what she overheard between Jake and Maggie. Johnny was sorry that Jake didn’t appreciate her. He said that Jake didn’t deserve her. She agreed with him. She was ready to confront Jake when Johnny stopped her from going. He thought she should play him until they got his shares for themselves. Johnny thought they could do great things together. He thought they could run the world together. Gabi agreed to work with him.

Nicole talked to Rafe on the phone about his case. She said she would do everything she could to prove that Ava set him up. She saw Allie walk out of the pub. She talked to her about Rafe. Nicole talked to her about Ava possibly setting Rafe up. Allie figured out that she slept with Rafe. Nicole asked her not to tell anyone about it. Allie wondered if she could tell Tripp about it. Nicole knew it was a lot to ask, but she didn’t want her to say anything. Allie agreed to look through Ava’s things to prove that she set her up. Chanel told Paulina that she wasn’t going to Florida with her because of her divorce proceedings. She also told her how TR came to see her about the movie. She also told her that she let him know that Lani was her sister and not her cousin. Paulina got nervous and told her to pack a bag to go with her. Paulina wanted to get Lani so they could leave. Allie arrived and saw Chanel. Chanel told her that her mother wanted her to go to Florida. She thought it was a good idea to get away from Johnny as well as other things. Allie wondered if she was talking about sleeping with her. Chanel assured her that she wasn’t talking about sleeping with her. Johnny was in the background and heard them talking. TR went to see Lani. He knew she was Paulina’s daughter. He thought he was her father. She told him that her father’s name was Ray. He said his name was Terrell Raymond Coates. Lani wanted him to leave her place. He said he wasn’t the same person he was when Paulina knew him. He said he went to therapy and she would be proud of him. She went off on him about why Paulina had to give her up. Paulina showed up and wanted him to get away from Lani.

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