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a big hug and kiss for me? Okay. Then just give her a big hug. But make it two. Yes, one for me and one…

[ Elevator doors open ] …From her dad. Bye. There’s nothing to be

gained by keepingthis a secret anymore. What are — what are you talking about?

[ Clears throat ] You’re right. It’s time. It’s the only way we’re gonna find louise. Honey, you mean bailey. No. Anna… bailey is louise. She’s my daughter. Maxie, uh, maybe you should sit down. Um, we’ll get you a glass of water. No, I don’t — I don’t need water. I’m fine. Look. You don’t need to be brave for us. You’ve been through hell. Peter’s lies, his crimes, losing your daughter. And now your father’s in the hospital. I mean, it’s enough to break the strongest of us. Actually, dad… maxie’s as strong as they come.

[ Monitor beeping ] How’s my brother? How did the surgery go? Uh, mac is resting comfortably. Oh, that’s good news, right? Uh, yeah, yeah, of course it is. Can we see him? Not yet. He only just got back from recovery. I-I’m sorry. Uh…the… well…

[ Chuckles ] Gotta buck up, babe. He’s getting the best possible care that he can here. He’s got us. And another good reason to hate peter august. That grudge alone is enough to light a fire under mac, get him out of G.H. In no time. Yeah. So, when can you start making arrangements to get me and louise out of port charles? What’s in it for me? Well, I’m gonna make you a very contented man, victor. I’m gonna help you unearth the buried secrets about drew cain.

[ Scoffs ] Yeah, so you’ve been saying for…how long now?

Well, your perseverance is about to pay off, victor. All I ask for in exchange is safe passage for me and my daughter out of port charles. Your requests continue to multiply. Well, that’s economics for you, isn’t it? You have the demand, and I control the supply. And you know you have to deal with me. So tell me, victor. What’s it gonna be?

Can we see mac? You can go in now. Only one visitor at a time. You do it. He might see me and have a heart attack.

[ Crying ] Thank you.

[ Monitor beeping ] Felicia: Can you feel my hand, mac? I’m not letting go. Robert’s here. Robin’s trying to get a flight out. I told her that she was wasting her time. By the time she gets here, you’re gonna be back in action. You made an honest woman out of me, mac. Damned if I start lying for you now. Ned: I don’t doubt your strength, maxie, but you can’t go around saying that bailey is your daughter. That’s — the truth. Bailey isn’t bailey, dad. Bailey is louise. No. No. Maxie’s daughter was lost in the woods. No, that w– that wasn’t the plan. Bobbie was supposed to help me give birth in beechers corners, far away from peter, giving me plenty of time to say goodbye to her before she left with brook lynn. Do you want me to tell them the rest? No, I can do it. I was supposed to come home and say that I lost my baby… and — and never see her again until peter was in prison and louise was safe. Then she would come home. But your plan never came off. ‘Cause peter had his own plan in place to kidnap you. Brook lynn: So we improvised. It worked for a while. Thought we got the better of peter. But he got louise anyway. Well, victor, if you won’t step up and make arrangements, I’ll have to secure my own departure. Without my help, you’ll be recaptured. Well, perhaps. But then again, maybe D.A. Scorpio will want to cut a deal with me based on my knowledge of your interest in drew. Meet me at pier 55. I’ll get you out of port charles undetected. Smart choice. I’ll be seeing you. Should I get the boat? Fuel is precious. Peter august is just wasted carbon. He’s just outlived his usefulness. What do you think? Can we trust ol’ victor, louise? Hmm. I agree. He has proven to be treacherous in the past, hasn’t he? And he will prove so again and again if given the chance. So…let’s not give him one. I knew it. Carly, you got to listen to me. No. You’re a liar. You’re a liar! Kristina told me you weren’t showing up. Peter august escaped. Dante was hurt. Mac scorpio was shot. I thought you’d want to know. I didn’t mean for that to happen. I didn’t, either. Sonny, I’m so sorry. So am I.

[ Breathing heavily ] Where, uh — alright. Thanks. Uh, listen, nina — no, there’s nothing to say. No, there’s plenty. Um… I guess I-I got to see this through. Yeah. Of course. I love you. You’re brave. You’re frustrating. You complicate my life. You make it worth living. You make me laugh. You — you’re strong, and you’re my heart. Then you promise me you’re gonna live. I’m asking you to marry me. No tricks, no agenda. If I live and I make it through this, I want to spend the rest of my life with you.

[ Door opens ]

You heard? About peter’s escape? Yeah, anna called me. How is dante? Uh, his injuries weren’t that serious, thank goodness. Well, what about you? Are you okay? Um, nothing that an id bracelet on peter’s corpse won’t fix. Yeah, I’m gonna see what I can do about that. Don’t take any chances. I was separated from my daughter for two long years. I’m not about to risk losing her again, okay? But… I mean, if I have the opportunity to take peter down, yeah, I’m gonna take it, but only if it’s a sure bet, sam. Look. I — I got a second chance at the life I used to have. There’s no way I’m gonna let that go now. I’m on my way. I love you, too. Was that about my father? Oh, I’m sorry, honey. Laura doesn’t have any news about him yet. He always calls me. I don’t know why he didn’T. Well, we can talk to dante about that, so why don’t you get your coat and we’ll go to the hospital? I’d rather stay here in case my father comes to pick me up. I texted him that I’m staying with you and grandmother. I’m old enough to be by myself. And esme will be here soon, so I won’t be alone for long. And you have a doorman. He won’t let anyone through. Alright. But you don’t set foot outside this apartment unless you hear from me or your grandmother. Understood? Yes, sir. I’ll order a pizza and settle in. I’m not going anywhere until I see my father. Okay. The good news is dante has taken over the pcpd, and the manhunt is well on its way. Unfortunately, he has had to divide his resources. What’s happened? Ned quartermaine’s granddaughter bailey has been kidnapped. Most probably by peter august. The manhunt finds him, they’ll find the child. But why would peter august want bailey? Because bailey… is peter and maxie’s daughter, louise. Maxie: I know this is a lot to process, and I am very sorry that I deceived all of you. But peter stole my daughter. Yes. Yes. Yes. Oh, my god. Dante, what do we have? Uh, early reports suggest that the perp, obviously peter, got in through the breezeway between the garage and the kitchen. Were either of you two present? We both were, but we were out on the patio. We didn’t hear a thing. Otherwise, peter would be in custody. Maxie, I am so sorry. No, I-it is not your fault that peter escaped, okay? We need to focus on louise right now. Maxie’s right. Okay? Don’t spend another second blaming yourself. Where are we at with the investigation? Csu’s on the beach searching. They’re going door to door talking to neighbors. Okay. Have them check my car. Peter broken in and took the car seat. That’ll confirm that he’s the perp. We don’t need confirmation! Peter is the one that took her! We need to find him! No. Yes. We — we have to allow the police to be thorough. Because he might have left some evidence that’ll help us pick up his trail. And we have to do it by the book. Otherwise, he gets off on a technicality. Yeah. That could take forever! Well, there’s a faster way for us to find him. What is it? You. I waited for you.

[ Laughs ] I went to the hospital to make sure your son wasn’t dead. He’s okay, by the way. Kristina told me that you — you weren’t coming. That you — that’s what you said to her, that you couldn’t do it. So you jumped in bed with nina? Well, if you felt that you could fix this between us, why didn’t you come here hours ago? I can’t fix my marriage when there are three people in it! Let’s leave nina out of this. Why? Why? You — you didn’T. And now every time I close my eyes, I see you in bed with nina. How many times did this happen? Not once. Really? How many times did you want it to happen? Maybe as many times as you wanted it to happen with jason.

you sleep with nina, and you make it about jason? That’s not what I meant, carly. You said what you meant. You’ve been holding onto that for months waiting to throw it up in my face! Nice way to deflect from cheating on me with that bitch! Well… maybe I was holding onto it because there’s some truth to it. What about that? Jason is dead, sonny! Yeah, and you still love him. He was my best friend. He saved my life while nina played you like a marionette in her land of make-believe. Yes, I loved him! And you want him back. Don’t you want him back?! Y-you want him back because you want to be with him. Maybe this — you’ve been hoping for this to happen. You are unbelievable! You’ve been stringing me along, giving me hope.

[ Chuckling ] Oh, my god. I was — all I was doing was showing you how much I love you, that I didn’t want to lose you, that I wanted to save our marriage. You never held nina accountable for hurting our family. Not once! Okay. Okay, so now this marriage is gonna blow up in my face because you’re gonna find out an excuse. Oh, my — an excuse? You want me to destroy our family?! You think I’m gonna use that as an excuse?! No, to wallow in your misery and pine… go to hell. …For jason’s ghost. Jason didn’t cheat on me. You did. You can rewrite this story any way you want, but the ending is the same. We are over, and this is on you.

[ Chuckles ] I hereby promise not to engage in any unnecessary risk. Look. You can hold me to that.

[ Chuckles ] I-I will. Good. Keep me honest. Good. I will. Um… speaking of honesty… do you have a minute right now to talk? You know, actually, I wanted to talk to you about something, too. Let’s — let’s go somewhere private if you don’t mind. Look, as much as I would love to do that, I-I’m not 100% sure that this… well, it can wait long enough to relocate. Okay. Sounds serious. Afraid so. It’s about us. Oh. Good. I was actually gonna say the same thing. I keep trying to rack my brain and think of all the moments I had with peter during the years I wasted with him, you know, think of something that could help lead to him. But if I knew something, I would tell you. You can use us as fresh eyes on this situation that you’ve been dealing with for close to a year. So just start simple. Alright? Bobbie was supposed to help you deliver louise. Okay. Who else knew about the plan? Bobbie, brook lynn. I’d only just found out. Yeah. Chase put the pieces together just as valentin was learning that bailey wasn’t his daughter. Britt knew. She was supposed to help me deliver louise, and then she went on the run with jason, so she sort of dropped out of that plan. But I never told her that bailey was really louise. Okay. Anyone else? Nina. Nina would have taken that secret to the grave. Alright. Why don’t we go back to G.H., Check on your dad, and then we can do some more brainstorming in the car? Maxie. This is our girl’s lovey. You’ll find her soon, and she’ll want this. Thank you. Peter found out. And recently. Yeah. Someone else knew bailey is louise. And whoever that person is, if we find them, he or she is gonna lead us to peter. Is it done? My men are in place to choke off escape routes. Peter won’t be leaving here. Peter has a talent for escape. Tell the men there can be no mistakes. Either I get my way… or peter august dies. No. Correction. I get my way…

and peter august dies. Have you heard from my papa? Hey, charlotte. I didn’t even know your papa was missing. When papa goes away, he always tells me, he always checks in. But he’s been gone two days, and I don’t know who else to call. Well, I’m sure anna devane can help you with that.

[ Knock on door ] My pizza just arrived. Okay. Well, I tell you what. I will check in with anna, and I’ll call you right back.

Enjoy your pizza. Thanks, nina.

[ Knock on door ]I’m coming!

[ Ominous music plays ] Hello, charlotte. I’ve brought your pizza.

You’re gonna keep me hanging, aren’t you, mac? Isn’t that your way? Felicia: I want to be your wife, and I want to spend the rest of my life with you because I think that we belong together. Partners, huh? Partners. In everything. Please say that you love me and that you want to marry me. I believe you love me, felicia. I really believe it. Maybe for the first time. And just for the record… I would be honored to marry you.

[ Voice breaking ] The honor has been all mine, partner. Laura, how’s mac? Still unconscious. Is charlotte alright? Worried about valentin. Of course. I-it’s not like him to be gone this long without getting in touch with her. Can I see mac? Well, felicia’s in there at the moment. And they’re only allowing one visitor at a time. But, well, you are a doctor. I’m not above pulling rank if the D.A. Backs me up. Deal. Where’s your daughter? Louise is my concern, not yours. Have you done what I asked? I’ve arranged for your final withdrawal from port charles. Good. Then lead the way. Whoa, whoa, whoa, wait. Just as soon as you hold up your end of the bargain. Well, you get me and louise out of here, and I’ll tell you everything you want to know about drew. Let me remind you, peter. Terms are set by the party in control. You’re wrong if you think you have any say here, victor. Perhaps I’ll take my chances, and drew’s secrets, elsewhere. Oh, oh. Careful…peter. One more step, and you’re a dead man. I need to speak with you, alone. With all due respect, sir, I prefer to stay right here. It’s okay, chase. I’ll be fine. Are you sure? Yeah. Just don’t go too far. Alright. I’ll, uh, check on csu, see how things are going. Chase really put himself on the line for you. Detective chase is a glutton for punishment. And so are you. You realized you opened yourself up to major repercussions. There may be real hell to pay for passing maxie’s daughter off as your own. Small price, considering. Peter’s still out there. Everyone involved in maxie’s scheme is in danger. And bailey’s gone. But there never was a “bailey,” was there? I kind of thought I had us all figured out. You and I were done. You were with jason, and — and I was — I was fine with that because the most important thing to me was knowing that you and scout were happy and safe, so I made peace and — and I moved on with it. And then I… I get thrown into a cell for more than two years, and I-I have no idea if I’m ever gonna get out. And there was only one thing that really kind of kept me going in there, was — was the hope… that I would see my family again, I would see scout and monica and I would see all the crazy quartermaines and sonny and carly and… and you, sam. You’re my family. I know. And you are my family, too, drew. Well, see, now that just leads me to the thing that’s kind of been bugging me a little bit. Like, what kind of family — what kind of family are we? Sam! Hey. Hi. I heard about peter’s escape, that mac was shot and dante knocked out. Are they okay? Yeah, mac is out of surgery and dante went through a bunch of tests and the doctor said he’s gonna be fine. Oh, thank god! Yeah. You must have been a wreck. I didn’t realize I was holding my breath until the doctors gave us the good news, but, yeah. No wonder. You must have been scared to death, given how much you care for dante. Yeah, of course. I mean, I love him. Sonny: So that’s it? You’re just — you’re gonna walk? You walked.

You walked! I’ve been doing everything to save our marriage. That’s why I came here tonight, sonny. Okay. Let’s — let’s talk, then. No. Hell no! There is no reason to talk! Yeah, there’s a reason. Avery and donna. You didn’t give a damn about avery and donna five minutes ago. And I’m not gonna do this. I’m not gonna hang our marriage on them so they can watch us hate each other and fight and destroy each other. I won’t do it. I don’t hate you, carly. I miss you. You missed nina, son– no. Oh, be honest. L-let’s make this about you and me. You always got to pick a-a bad guy. I don’t want — let’s forget the bad guy. I didn’t have to look far. She was laying in bed right next to you 20 minutes ago. That was a mistake. I wish it never happened. Right. Just like you wish nixon falls never happened? Yeah. Those are feelings I don’t want to have, carly. I didn’t seek to have these feelings. I can’t just wish them out of existence! It’s gonna take time. Time? Okay. So you want me to give you… the time that you refuse to give me? Now, I get having feelings that you don’t want to have, sonny, because after seeing you in bed with nina, I got plenty. Thanks to you.

It’s true. I was never even pregnant. For a second, I thought I might be, but I was wrong. You really had me going. If I couldn’t convince you, how could I convince valentin, how could I get my elq shares back? Mm-hmm. You made me believe that I was a grandfather just to get those damn shares. I didn’t do it for the shares, dad. I did it for you! To fix our relationship. But then valentin made it perfectly clear that he was not gonna hand over those shares without the baby. And that’s when I learned about maxie’s situation with peter.

[ Sighs ] And you realized that you and maxie could help each other. And it worked. Till it didn’T. The charade went too long. We didn’t know if peter was dead or alive, dad. Maxie didn’t want to take a chance that peter might return, which he did. It was a total nightmare. I lost the shares. Now bailey’s gone. And now you and… I’m sorry I failed you again, dad. You must hate me. I coul d never hate you,brook lynn. You’re just disappointed and embarrassed.

[ Sighs ] I fell in love with my granddaughter. And now I don’t have one. And I never did. I won’t lie. I’m disappointed. And hurt. And a few other things.

[ Sighs ] But… I’m also proud of you. Prouder than I have ever been. I’m gonna go see if I can get an update on mac. Did you want to finish that conversation? Yeah, I promise it’s not gonna — it’s not gonna be more than a minute. Um… I-I just wanted to say that if, uh… if things, uh, between us felt kind of confused or — or undefined since I’ve been back, that’s, uh… that’s on me. A-and don’t get me wrong. I-I’m so thrilled to be home. I really am, but, um… I guess just after all the euphoria kind of wound down and all the reunions were over, I just — I wanted to snap back to my old life, only to find that everybody else had kind of moved on. I was kind of grasping at something familiar, except… …she’s out of reach. We’ll go straight up, see mac, alright? Okay. Doing okay? Yeah.

[ Elevator bell dings ] You know, um… I’ll catch up with you guys, okay? Okay. Thanks, dante. Yeah. So I’m — I just… I really wanted to say that I’m so sorry that if I muddied up your relationship with — with dante, because I’m — I’m so happy for you, sam. I’m happy for you and — and for dante. And — and that’s what I wanted to say. Thank you. I mean, you still are family, drew, aren’t you? You can count on that. You good? Yeah, yeah, I am. Thanks. Keep it that way. She needs you. Don’t do that. You don’t want the marriage to be over. I got — we can start over. I got some rings right here. One ’cause I replaced the one that I lost, and then I got another matching — those rings don’t change anything. Yeah, it does ch– don’t — don’t — it was a mistake. Don’t make it worse than it is. Was it a mistake? Was it a mistake? Or was it something that you wanted ever since you came back from nixon falls? When I came back from nixon falls, I wanted you because I love you, and I did it for you. No, sonny, if this is love, you need to save it for nina. I want you, carly. You want us both. That’s what — you want us both! Yeah, and no amount of time is gonna change that. And you can’t have us both, and you can’t make a choice, so I’m making the choice. Wait, wait. I’m choosing myself. I’m choosing myself. No, no, no. No. Goodbye. Goodbye, sonny. Laura, is there any update on mac? He hasn’t regained consciousness yet, but, uh, kevin’s in there, robert’s in there, your mom’s in there, too. Okay, thanks. I hope there’s room for one more. Yes. Thank god you’re here. So, I-I-I’ve had a thought about peter, and I want to run it by you. Of course. But I want to bring dante into the conversation. He’s downstairs. Alright, let me just tell kevin that I’m stepping away. I want you to know that I will always love you. Even though it’s not always easy. [ Laughs ] And even though I sometimes want to stop loving you, and god knows I’ve tried. I can’t, because you’re it for me. You are. You have been from the beginning, and you will be to the end.

[ Sighs ]

[ Water splashes ] Every time I needed you when I was growing up, you were there for me. When we lost georgie and nathan, and even when I needed a hero, you brought frisco home to me. Except you were my hero the whole time. So don’t go ruining your winning streak. We need you to come back to us.

[ Felicia gasps ] Hi! [ Chuckles ]

You can just ask me. I know youwant to ask me if I’m okay. Why would I ask you when you’re just gonna tell me everything is fine. Everything is fine. See? How about you and drew? It looked like it was pretty intense over there. Everything cool? And look, it’s — it’s none of my business. No, uh, actually, it’s all of your — your business. And I wouldn’t say cool. That’s — that’s not what’s going on. I would say…clear. Clear is more appropriate. Everything’s clear between me and drew. I’m sorry. Come on. Don’t be.

[ Elevator bell dings ] Anna: I mean, as horrible as it is that peter has the baby, it has given us an advantage that we we wouldn’t have otherwise, which is that, um, it’s gonna be easiest for us to… go. Thanks. Hey. Be careful, okay? Anything for you. Michael? Sorry to disappoint. Britt. Britt, I’m trying to get ahold of you and aunt liesl. Can you give me a call as soon as you get this? It’s important. You’re proud of me? Yes. You risked so much in order to protect maxie and her baby. It didn’t start for all these altruistic reasons, dad. Still, you kept up the charade long after those elq shares were lost to you. Sweetheart. You protected bailey — louise — at great personal risk to yourself. And I am in awe of you. You’re not mad at me? Even a little bit? Scared, maybe. Of what the truth is doing to you now. I sa w you fall in love withthat baby, and now she’s gone. If anything happens to her, I will kill peter with my bare hands. No, no, no, no. Listen to me. Listen to me. She will come home safely. No. How do you know? I know that because she has the strength of two mothers behind her. Mac is awake and more or less lucid. Can we see him? Just don’t tire him out. Hello, love. Well, little brother, how does it feel to have all these people waxing lyrical about their love and affection for you while you hover between life and death? I believe the psychiatric term is “drama queen.”

[ Laughter ] How long are you gonna make us wait on you hand and foot? Breakfast in bed. Partner?

[ Robert chuckles ] Oh. Dante? I check him out of hospital already. And as for peter august, he’s the subject of a police manhunt. By the time you’re done with your little vacay, peter will be back in custody. And everyone will be back where they belong. I just was explaining to laura that peter is gonna need help getting away. And there’s one person in this town who’s been willing to help peter in the past. Victor cassadine. You see? That wasn’t so hard, was it? Alright. You got everything you wanted. Now call off your men. In a moment. Aah!

[ Groans ] And that concludes our bargain. Here’s to port charles’ first good night’s sleep in four long years.

[ Laughs ] Bad idea. Why? You kill me, and your granddaughter charlotte dies, too, victor.

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