Y&R Short Recap Thursday, February 3, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Chelsea moves out of the penthouse but still remains determined to get back together with Adam despite Chloe’s advice to concentrate on their new fashion line and spending time with Connor.

Adam offers Sally a job at Newman Media even though he doesn’t know what the job Will be yet. Chelsea is upset that Adam is getting closer to Sally but she focuses on her and Chloe’s meeting with Lauren to propose a fashion line with a social media component. Lauren agrees to think about the proposal and get back to them later with her decision.

Sally is so grateful to Adam for her new job that she gives him a hug and she and Adam almost kiss.

Ashland returns from an appointment with his doctor and tells Victoria that his cancer has not spread and the treatment is still working. Michael tells Victor that he found out that the clinic in Peru is being funded by a shell company which receives its funding from Ashland. Victor wants Michael to go to Peru for as long as it takes to figure out Ashland’s secret. Michael agrees to go to Peru even though he knows Lauren will not be happy about his trip.

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