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Hey. Out. But I was just helping — no, no, no, no. Listen to me. I own this club. It’s not that kind of place. Okay? So when I say out, you leave. I don’t want the trouble. Come on. I got into trouble and left my family before my trouble became yours. Marshall: Here you are, my dear. Oh, well, I see that chivalry is still alive and well.

[ Chuckles ] That’s right. My mama and daddy raised me right. Mm-hmm. And I suppose that means you’ll insist on picking up the bill. Of course. I asked you out, after all. We’re gonna split the check, marshall. And I don’t want to hear any arguments about it. Just one — I’ll write it off. As long as we can say this is taking my band’s new singer out to dinner to discuss future gigs. I never agreed to be your new singer. And I don’t want to spoil our evening getting into it. Let’s talk about something else. Fair enough. Oh, how about telling me that long story of why you decided not to become a doctor?

[ Scoffs ] Brando. Hey. I head to the hospital in a few, but if you need a sparring partner, I have some time. You’re looking for another chance to deck me in the face again? Come on. Ancient history. Um, hey, man, I… you know, I never thanked you, um… for your concern when liam passed. But I-I-I hope you don’t feel obligated to, you know, just forget about everything and offer to be my friend again just…because I lost my son. Gladys: I didn’t know you practiced yoga. We can be yoga buddies.

[ Chuckles ] Oh, look, it’s sasha and gladys. Let’s say hi. Mom, no. If we acknowledge gladys, we’ll never get rid of her. The other side of the room, then. Let’s go put our stuff down. Oh, my god, I haven’t done yoga in, like, forever. I don’t even know if I can do a downward-facing dog. Oh, well, the great thing about yoga is you only do what you’re able to. I mean, you could spend most of the class in child’s pose and you feel great afterwards — and your mind feels very peaceful. Well, goodness knows I could use some peace of mind. Why? What happened? I saw peter. Okay. Wow. Nice place jax has here. I know, right? Guy knows how to live. He’s really not charging us rent? You know, jax and my ma go way, way back. She’s actually the whole reason that he’s in port charles in the first place, but, um, he refuses to charge us anything. Did you go out to the terrace? See the stairs leading right down to the beach? Yeah. I got to admit, there could be worse places to co-parent that sweet little girl.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Door opens ] Told you I would’ve carried that. Yeah.

[ Breathing heavily ] Okay. That’s — that’s the last of it. I’ll return the moving van to the rental car company for you. Thanks. You got a whole box of shoes, huh? Shoes. Oh, how did you miss the other four boxes? Four? Wh-what… what are you — what are you gonna do with all this stuff? You know, my room is stuffed, so you — you guys could just put it in chase’s room. Uh, excuse me. What about my stuff? Your stuff? You mean like two shirts and a pair of jeans?

[ Scoffs ] Wow, nothing has changed, has it, brook lynn? I remember you taking over my apartment the last time you moved in. Yeah, and you whined just as loudly the last time. Yet you were the one who suggested that we move back in together again. One minute living together and you’re already talking like an old married couple. [ Chuckles ] Mm-hmm. Portia: Well, I can work weekends now since the holiday break is over and trina’s back in school. Great. Thanks. Someone looks pretty amazing.

[ Gasps ] Thanks. Who’s the lucky guy? That’s rhetorical, right? We all know it’s finn. Guys, it’s no big deal. But if you’re short-handed, I can work an extra shift. I’ll just tell finn. I’m sure he won’t mind. Not on your life, sister. Why are you looking for an excuse to cancel? I thought you and finn decided to stop dancing around your feelings. We did. I just can’t shake this feeling that if we do actually go out on this date… something bad is gonna happen.

Can’t wait till they start arguing over who does the dishes.

[ Laughs ] And takes out the trash. And trims the trees. Trims the trees! Well, that’s easy — chase, chase, and chase. Okay, now, wait a minute. Okay, look, the point is, this is an arrangement out of expediency for bailey’s sake. Yeah, I want to spend more time with her without making things awkward for michael and willow. Okay. Whatever, bro. Um, listen, just remember that, uh, helping someone move is like driving them to the airport, alright? Never forget who was there for you when you needed it. Oh, big time! Well, how can I forget when you keep reminding me? But it’s so fun! Oh, that’s funny. Uh, don’t you have a date with elizabeth tonight? How did your wedding ring show up in your locker? I know, right? It’s crazy. I put it away at home. Uh, well, what happened when you asked jake and aiden about it? They both denied having anything to do with it. Well, is it possible that you put the ring in your locker and not at home where you thought, and you just misremembered it? You have been working a lot of extra shifts, biz. Mm-hmm. That’ll mess with your memory. I have been racking my brain. I don’t remember seeing the ring after I put it away in the kitchen drawer on new year’s eve. But you’re

right –I-I have been working a lot. I don’T…

[ Sighs ] Maybe I’m just really distracted. I don’t think anything is gonna happen on your date with finn. Mm. And if you’re not ready for an actual date, that’s okay, too. But I think you know that you are. So, are you saying this is just nerves? I think what terry’s saying isget out of here. Go. Have fun! Right. Fine. Wish me luck, girls. Good luck, cutie! Knock ’em dead! Drew: Good crowd. Hey, drew. Hey! Buddy. Kind of kicking myself for not being around to invest when you first opened. Oh, man, I have no complaints. Yeah. Well, except for one. Your father showing up suddenly in port charles. Look, man, I’m sorry that I was not able to dig up any information about where he’s been all those years. Oh, no, no. I actually found out where he had been all those years… but, unfortunately, all it does is raise more questions. Thank you. To a beautiful and talented lady. And to a dangerously charming man.

[ Both chuckle ] Mm. Mm-hmm. I know that you want to discuss my career choices, but the truth is that I really love being a nurse. But you originally dreamed of becoming a doctor. Well, I loved the sciences. And I, uh — I never had a problem cutting open a frog for biology class. Mm. But when I told my guidance counselor that I wanted to become a doctor… let me guess. He was… he was a mean old man…

[ Laughs ] …With dandruff, who thought that women should become wives and mothers and raise a passel of kids.

[ Inhales sharply ] Eh… when I told mr. Workman that I wanted to go to med school, he said, “epiphany, you’re a smart young lady.”

[ Chuckles ] “I could see you becoming a nun or a nurse. But since I’ve seen you with that boyfriend of yours, I know you’re not going to be a nun.”

[ Both laugh ]

[ Sighs ] It was a different time. Wasn’t quite the middle ages. There were quite a few female doctors while you were in school. Women of color, too. I know. But it seemed out of reach for me. And mr. Workman really cemented that perception. Have you ever wondered what would have happened if you hadn’t let that old fogey inside your head? Please tell me I just imagined that you said that. I just wanted to look him in the eye and see for myself if he really knew where louise was. Mom! How many times do I have to tell you? Peter has no idea where louise is. And — and I believe you now, and I’m sorry. And he was bluffing, but it’s really obvious that he is desperate to reunite with his daughter. Yeah, that’s what I’m afraid of. He said some extremely nasty, vile things about me. About us. Yeah, well, peter’s really good at finding your weak spot and pushing really hard until you scream. Yeah, well, some of those things he said were true. I’ve let you down as a mother.

[ Voice breaking ] And I know how much that hurt you. Mom, no. That was a long time ago. We’re different now. Peter is the one who taught me the true meaning of betrayal. You can’t let him get to you. Well, that’s just easier said than done. Honestly, I don’t know how you do it. Peter has said some nasty things to me, and — and I’m a nervous wreck. And you have been coping with louise’s disappearance for well over half a year now and you are still strong, maxie. You’re my hero.

right. As much funas this has been — not — I, uh — I need to get changed and meet elizabeth at the grill. Hallelujah! At long last. Oh, quit giving finn such a hard time, chase. Look, elizabeth and I, we have had our differences over the years. But she helped save chase’s life and she clearly makes you happy. So I think it’s time we burn the old bridges and rebuild some new ones. Hm! You know, that’s bensonhurst for “I’m happy for you.” Ah! Oh! Then — then, thank you. Alright, guys, I am going to change and feed this little one and try to get her down for the night. Wait, where did we put, um, the diaper bag?

[ Door closes ] Uh, in the kitchen, next to the formula. Okay. Oh, and I already hung the mobile. So if she’s still awake, you can see her try to reach up and grab it. I know, how cute is it? How many videos have you taken? Too many to count. I know. Me too.

[ Both laugh ] Alright. I’ll be back in a few. Excuse me. Mm-hmm.

[ Sighs ] So, buddy, what’s really going on with you and, uh, brook lynn? Nice place. Thank you for recommending it. My pleasure. Oh, don’t you look gorgeous, nurse baldwin.

[ Laughs ] Elizabeth, this is, uh, mar– marshall. Nice to meet you. It’s very nice to meet you. Have we met somewhere before? Oh, if we had, I’d remember that.

[ Epiphany laughing ]

[ Chuckles ] Ignore him, elizabeth. Marshall’s a musician, and you know how they are. Are you here alone? Join us. Oh, thank you. Um… I’m actually meeting someone. Ohh? Dr. Finn?

[ Chuckles ] Mm-hmm. I’m so proud.

[ Laughs ] I’m gonna go wait for my table. It was really nice meeting you, marshall. Nice meeting you, too, elizabeth. Hm. I know that look. Elizabeth and all the nurses who work under you — they’re not just colleagues, are they? They’re family. And you know this because…? Because that’s the same look I get about my own family. Man, I’m sorry. I am… I’m wasting your time, man. Hey, no worries. You’re using the bag to distract yourself. You can’t stop thinking about your son.

[ Sighs ] You know, sasha and i watched as he was taken off the ventilator. Yeah. Not something, uh, either of us are gonna forget anytime soon, if ever. Have you, um… h-have you considered therapy? I — man, I would, you know, if she wanted to. But she just keeps distancing herself from me. She doesn’t want to talk about liam. She goes right back to work, acts like everything is normal. While nothing is normal for you. No, man. Brando, people… they — they — they grieve in different ways. You know, maybe sasha just needs to grieve privately. Fine. The thing is, though, man, I’m — I’m worried that — that sasha isn’t grieving at all. I can’t believe how busy we’ve been at the office. So much preparation to do for this ipo launch. It’s exciting. Um, a-are you gonna be the one to ring the bell when deception goes public?

[ Sighing ] Gladys, um… how about we save the questions until after class? We’re here to practice mindfulness. Ah. Yeah. Guess you really need a lot of inner peace right now be– because of… little liam. Not now, gladys. Not ever. Please don’t shut me out, sasha. Talking about loss really helps. You’ve got to open up to someone. What makes you think that I’m not? Brando told me you’ve been keeping him at arm’s length ever since the baby’s funeral. Mom, please do not put me on a pedestal. I’m not as strong as you think I am. Is this why you don’t want to return to pautuck with anna and austin to, like, retrace your steps and see if we can figure out who took louise? I-I just don’t see how retracing my steps the night I was running from that crazy nurse is gonna help me remember who stole my daughter. Honey, how can you not see how important this is? You know, you’re not gonna be in labor. You’re not gonna be fearing for your safety or your baby’s safety. You’ll be able to take time and concentrate and focus on all the events and the detail– mom, stop! Please! I am not going back to that cabin, ever.

[ Door closes ]

[ Sighs ] You look beautiful. You don’t look too bad yourself. I guess I could just move on, not let it bother me. Especially when things between portia and me are so good. So, things are getting serious? Man. Yeah.

[ Chuckles ] But…? Well, there’s no buts when it comes to portia. It’s marshall. Now, he implied that he was in witness protection. Something about organized crime. But when I asked him for the details, the man shut down. He said it was safer for aunt stella and tj if I didn’t know. Could the man be any more cryptic? Tell me about it. And I’m supposed to — to get to know this man, let him in and open up. Sounds like a one-way street. So, you want to know exactly what kind of mess marshall got himself into. Yeah. But how can I trust the man when he doesn’t care enough about me to tell me the truth about himself? Yeah. I mean, that’s one way to look at it. You mean there’s more than the one way? Maybe marshall isn’t telling you everything

because he cares about you. So, how are things with you and curtis? Good. Um, curtis and I admitted to each other that we’re falling in love with one another. Why didn’t you tell me earlier? Well, I wanted to focus on supporting elizabeth, you know. Oh, trust me, she would’ve been happy for you. I know.

[ Both laugh ] But — you, you! What about you? Have you had any action on the dating apps or…? Oh, plenty of guys want to meet right now. Right. And you’re more of a “let’s take things slow” kind of gal. I get it. Apparently, exchanging messages to get to know someone is so 10 years ago.

[ Sighs ] But 10 years ago, I was so busy with my residency I couldn’t look at anyone that wasn’t in a hospital bed. And now… I’m not sure there will ever be another camelot. Well, you know what? Maybe camelot is a lot closer than you think. Forget what I said, man. Of course sasha’s dealing with grief in her own way. It sounds like she’s repressing her grief. Sh-she lost the child that she carried for nine months. It was all she could think about. I mean, w-we — she was so excited to welcome our little guy into the world, and then when everything went incredibly wrong, she — she — she’s distracting herself in order not to think about how much she’s hurting. Yes, and if she can get through the day by — by diving in to — to some project at deception, then — then who am i to argue? But she has to have some outlet for her grief somewhere, right? This repression isn’t healthy. But who’s to say she doesn’t have an outlet? Even if it isn’t you? Look, do you think this is less about sasha not talking to you about liam and more about you projecting what you need from her? I appreciate the concern, gladys, but I’m fine, really. Sorry, sash. Not buying what you’re selling. Keeping your emotions bottled up doesn’t do a body good. Bottles crack — shatter, even. Cleaning up the glass ain’t pretty. Just because you don’t like how I’m grieving doesn’t mean that I’m not grieving. Everyone copes differently, and — and I’m sorry if I’m not crying on your shoulder or brando’S. Oh, brando is, too. He’s mourning that little baby just as much as you are. Maybe doing yoga right now wasn’t such a good idea after all.

[ Sighs ] I’m sorry, maxie. I should be more sensitive to what happened to you in that cabin. I mean, after that horrible nurse abducted you for — for peter — I’m gonna go get some water. Do you want some? Uh, no, thank — no, thank you. Great. Look, there’s nothing going on between brook lynn and me. Mm-hmm. Alright? We spent one night together. Mm. And now bailey unites us, so we came up with the solution to move in together so we could co-parent bailey in private. Okay, but…

[ Object thuds ] Brook lynn kept bailey a secret from you and said that valentin was her father so that she could get his elq shares. You should be really angry with her at this point, no? And I bet lucy could help us find a temporary rental. I mean, it would keep tracy at bay, allow maxie more time with her daughter, and bailey would be that much harder for peter to find. Has anyone ever told you you are a genius? No. Well, you are. However, I’ve known brook lynn my entire life. Our families go way back. And despite the questionable things that she has done from time to time, I know that she has a good heart, and deep down, she’s a good person, so I-I can totally see why you would be having feelings for her. No! Nothing can happen between us. There’s too much at stake.

I can’t partake, but feel freeto order an adult beverage. I see they have a good napa cab and a couple pretty decent sonoma pinots here, if you have a preference. Okay, all I really know about wine is red, white, and rosé. And don’t even think about recommending a cocktail, ’cause then you’ll end up carrying me home. So, um, sparkling water? Yeah, sounds good. Okay. Um… it’s been a while for me. Is — is this the — the part of the first date where we ask awkward questions, try to get to know each other a little better? Yes. Okay. Yes, like, um… how many brothers and sisters do you have? What was your favorite subject in school? Did you have a pet growing up? Do you get along with your mom and dad? I-ignore that one. I didn’t mean, uh… I don’t know what I meant. Would you care to order wine this evening? Yes. Well, let me see your phone. What? Come on, just hand it over. Thank you. Excuse me! No, no. I’m just downloading something. What? When trina was home from her break, she told me about this app that some of her friends from school were using. I have zero interest in lip-synching. Somehow, no, I knew that.

[ Chuckles ] No, no, no. This is a dating app, but it’s anonymous. Okay? There’s no photos. The app is gonna verify your identity and only share your information with anyone that you agree to meet with. So it’s — it’s just like anonymous texting. And I am setting up a profile for you. I’m not sure about this. Oh, come on. Live a little, please? And there you go. You’re shameless. Yes. Yes, I am. But that’s what friends are for. I’m gonna go check on my patients. This is the last app I’m signing up for! So, you think my father is silent about his past because he cares about me? Brother, please explain. People in witness protection don’t usually advertise it. I mean, the program is for — informants. Exactly. Or, in mob speak, rats, right? And when it comes to rats, the grudges and the slights, they’re never, ever forgotten. Was marshall able to disappear without anybody tracking him down? It seems that way. But if you continue to dig into his past, that could be signaling somebody that your father has resurfaced. That’s why he said if I continue talking, I could put aunt stella and tj in danger. Not to mention himself. And yet, in your words, your father implied that he is in witness protection. That sounds like the ultimate sign of trust to me. Any chance you’re willing to trust him back? Thank you. Care for dessert? Or maybe we don’t need that ice cream sundae, because you look like someone who already got her cherry on top.

[ Laughs ] Don’t go getting a swelled head, but… maybe you were right earlier. My nurses are my family. And that’s why I would never turn back the clock to apply to med school instead of nursing school. I love that you are so proud of being a nurse. But no one said you can’t be proud and curious to try something new. Well, that might work for you — you know, being a musician and all, going from gig to gig with nothing and no one to hold you back — but that’s not me. If I could turn back the clock… I’d be there more. Maybe patching things up withit wouldn’t be such slow going. Mm. I had a son, too. He’s gone now, but… unfortunately, that’s the thing about time — you always think that you have more of it than you do. Nothing can ever happen between you and brook lynn ’cause there’s “too much at stake”? What the hell is that supposed to mean? Look, letting myself fall for someone like brook lynn would be a major disaster. And I know your families used to be close, but I heard about all the wildly inappropriate stuff she used to do back in the day. I mean, she lied, she schemed, hurt people. My moving in with her, it’s what’s best for bailey. Wow, dude, why don’t you tell me how you really feel? And — and I don’t even think brook lynn’s really my type. And if — if she was my type, how would I be able to trust her when she wouldn’t even know the truth if it was looking her in the face?

I’m really sorry about before. I honestly wasn’t trying to get you to talk about your parents. I always got along with my mom and dad. Except for the usual, you know, adolescent outbursts. Yeah? What happened? Well, after one particularly difficult summer, while I was with my parents and doctors without borders, they shipped me off to port charles to live with my grandmother. And they haven’t given me much time since. I’m sorry. There are people with worse stories. Franco used to always try to fix things for me until he realized it was a lost cause. It’s really the only thing we fought about. But what really made me feel safe were the little things, like cooking dinner or painting an amazing abstract portrait of me in the studio. That’s nice. I’m sorry. I — I realize bringing up franco is probably not the best topic for our first date. I really am trying not to live in the past. Rather focus on the future. I hope… that future has me in it. Dante: Alright, then. You know what, buddy? I think maybe you need some food in your belly and hit the hay early. I think this move’s done you in. So, bailey fell right asleep after I changed and fed her. Guess I have the magic touch. Do you want to stay for dinner? Oh, you know, I would — I would love to, but, uh — hey, actually, we were supposed to go to the gym together. Remember? Oh, I forgot to cancel. I-I hate to bail on you. No, that’s cool. I mean, you got lots to do. So, uh… I’ll leave you guys to it. Um, please give that sweet daughter of yours a hug for me. I will. Alright. Good luck. So, want to start unpacking? No, I-I think you should go. No, wait! You’re leaving?

[ Sighs ] Gladys. Ugh, yes, I saw that you were sitting next to her. Well, we could swap. You could sit next to my mom.

[ Chuckles ] I thought you liked your mom. Yeah, I do like my mom. But she won’t stop bringing up louise. And if I wake up every morning thinking about the worst thing that’s ever happened to me, I’ll never get out of bed. I know. Brando and gladys keep pushing me to talk about my feelings, but talking about liam isn’t gonna make things better right now. Right, you’re gonna be mourning liam for the rest of your life. You just need to focus on putting one foot in front of the other. Or I won’t be able to survive, and liam might be forgotten. You are laser-focused on sasha’s grief, and that’s okay. But I think it helps distract you from your own pain and loss. Well, maybe if — if sasha would open up about her feelings, I can open up to her. She’s the only other person that knows exactly what you went through and what you’re going through. You know, if you ever become a psychiatrist, I’m your first patient. Well, in the meantime, dr. Collins — he’s no slouch. Give him a call, if you want, even without sasha. And if you still need to do some talking, I can have someone take over my shift. No, no need, man. Thank you. I-I appreciate you taking the time with me. Oh, it’s my pleasure, truly. Okay, man. Alright, bro. You never told me what happened between you and curtis that put this strain on your relationship. Marshall, what’s wrong? I would like for you to be in my life, too. Epiphany: Marshall!

[ Groaning ] Marshall! Marshall! Marshall! Somebody! Marshall!

[ Groaning ]

[ Cellphone chimes ] Already? That was fast. Do what you got to do to get through the day. But if you need a shoulder to cry on, I’m here. Thank you. And some unsolicited advice — don’t push brando away. Or even gladys. They really care about you, sasha. And one day, you’re gonna need them.

[ Cellphone chimes ] Good to see everyone. Let’s jump right into it. We’ll start with warrior one. Breathe in. Soften your gaze. You want me to go? Why? You should go work out with dante. I can do it another time. We’ve got all of bailey’s toys and clothes to unpack — yeah, I can handle it. And the changing table? Yeah, I’ll figure it out. I can read instructions, you know. I am not leaving you to put it together by yourself. Look, I’m not asking for your help, okay? If this living situation is gonna work, we have to set some boundaries. What, like I do the dishes and you build furniture? Chase, let’s be honest here. You’re not really bailey’s father. We’re not really co-parents. You’ve already done a lot for me by putting up with this charade. We’re just here to protect maxie’s daughter from peter. Nothing more. So, go. Live your life. This is my life. Okay. This isn’t a discussion.

[ Sighs ]

[ Grunts ] Just go work out or do whatever you do to keep so nauseatingly fit. I will — I’ll be back in a few hours. Fine. Probably won’t wait up.

[ Door closes ] Dr. Robinson, tomorrow I start my rotation with you. What should I expect? To work, like every other newly minted doctor in this hospital. No special treatment. Right. But you’re gonna be just fine.

[ Both chuckle ] Little help?!

[ Marshall gasping ] What happened? Tj: Marshall, what’s wrong? He’s suffering from chest pain and pain on his left side. Finn: Told me it’s more of a stinging pain rather than heavy pressure. Okay, get him to exam room one! Don’t like to admit it, but you make a good point. But still, even if marshall’s reasons for keeping his family in the dark were noble, I’m still not okay with the fact that he’s only willing to reveal so much about his past and then he shuts it down. Well, I got to warn you. Your father may never be willing to reopen that door. Well, then maybe I should just let him go. Mm.

[ Cellphone chimes ] This is ned hounding me about elq and getting my shares back from valentin again. I better talk him off the ledge. Oh, boy. Well, good luck with that. I’ll see you around. Yeah, count on it. And as far as your father, alright, y-you don’t have to make a decision this second. Remember, you got lots of time to figure out a relationship with him for the future.

[ Cellphone rings ]

[ Chuckles ] Hey, beautiful. Your ears should be burning, ’cause I was talking about you earlier. Curtis, you need to come to the hospital right now. It’s about your father.

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