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welcome back. Oh, thank you. Oh. It’s so good to be back. Tell me. Hmm? How’s everything in your world?

[ Clears throat ] Oh, nurse johnson. Am I glad to see you. Mr. Ashford, what happened to you? I was moving a chair, and it was heavier than I thought, and I think my wrist is objecting.

[ Sighs ] Let me take a look here. We don’t want anything to interfere with your plan, now. That would be a tragedy.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Grunting ]

[ Exhales sharply ] Whoo! All right. Guess whoever you were picturing there, you must have really wanted to knock their lights out.

[ Chuckles ] Well, ned’s been on my case about…

[ Exhales sharply ] …Reclaiming my elq shares. If I can even do that. I mean, my shares were in a trust for scout, and sam signed the proxy over to valentin. So assuming I can figure all that out… well, you’d have to remove the proverbial gloves and get ready for a bare-knuckle brawl with the family. Been there, done that. Well, I was, uh, hoping to land a knockout… at nina’s hearing, but she walked away without a scratch. The way she keeps coming between my mom and my dad… this fight’s not gonna end any time soon. Carly: You know nothing about my marriage, nina. Nothing. Nina: Oh, I know this. He’s not gonna let you beat him up for very much longer. And then what is sonny gonna do? He’s gonna come back to the woman who loves him without all the anger. And then you’re gonna lose him for good, because I can tell you this — if sonny comes to me, I’m definitely not gonna send him away.

[ Knock on door ] Britt: Nina? Is this a bad time? Mm! You came home! Yes! I told you I was going to. I know I’m working a lot, but I’m gonna be here every morning to take you guys to school, and then every night to put you both to bed. There’s no school today, carly. Pilar is gonna take them sledding! Can you come with us, mommy carly? Oh. [ Laughs ] Oh, god, I wish I could. I wish I could. But I have so much work to do. I’m working all day, and I’m working all night. I know you’re disappointed, but we just gotta make the best of things. So, why don’t you go find pilar? Come on, sweetie. Go find pilar. And make sure you wear your mittens, okay?

[ Sighs ] Pilar always makes sure that they have their mittens. Okay, I-I’m, you know, just looking out for our girls. Yeah, well… they’d be a lot happier if you — if you stayed home. So would I.

I’m sorry I missed you on new year’S. I wanted to ring in the new year with you and pray for a better year.

[ Sighs ] Well, I’m sorry I missed you.

[ Chuckles ] But let me tell you…

[ Laughs ] …2022 is off to a great start. Oh, I think I know that look.

[ Laughs ] Did you ring in the new year with portia? And then some.

[ Both laugh ] Good for you. But okay, okay. Enough about me. How about you? How about you? Well, me — I got tired of hiding. Does that mean cyrus renault is no longer a threat? It means that I went to pay a visit to him in person before I came home. And what’d he have to say?

[ Sighs ] Brace yourself. He claims he’s found religion. Cyrus renault is holy.

[ Chuckles ] So, he found religion. Or has seen the light. I don’t know. Whatever cliché you prefer. Well, pardon me if I find it a little hard to believe when I can still feel the scar where the man shot me. Yes, I know. I’m — I’m pretty skeptical, too. And like everything that he does, it’s sort of… bigger than life and kind of flashy. What do you think this guy’s angle is? Is he trying to gain sympathy? Or is he trying to find the ear of some powerful person that’ll fall for it? I’m not sure. Time will tell. Well, if the recent events have told me anything, it’s that… time doesn’t change people like that, that, um, it only brings out the worst in them. We’re not talking about cyrus anymore, are we? I don’t need an x-ray. You came to the hospital. It is my job to be thorough. Now, you’re gonna sit tight, and I’m gonna go schedule things with radiology. Oh, geez. Oh, let me get — I got it. I got it.

[ Grunts ] Here you go. Isn’t that your “injured” wrist? Uh… maybe it’s the other one. Look, mr. Ashford, I — please, please. Call me marshall. Mr. Ashford… my break’s about over, and I have legitimate patients to see — who have real issues. So if you don’t mind — look, look, I — okay. I’m busted. I — my wrists are fine. I was just trying to get your attention. I-I haven’t seen you since I asked you to join my band and we teamed up and we serenaded the G.H. Patients here on christmas. I remember. Well, you didn’t give me an answer one way or the other, which is better than a cold hard pass. But I’ve texted you since, and no response. And so it kind of begs the question… is it because you’re not interested in my music… or me? I want to talk about my parents’ rocky marriage as much as you want to talk about elq.

[ Sighs, laughs ] Fair enough. So, uh… how is everything with, uh, you know, your little girl? You’ve reunited, yeah? Oh, man. It’s the best thing in the whole world. Just blew me away how much she’s grown. Incredible. I mean, she was a little shy at first, but every time we get together — every time — it just gets better and better. Really does. It’s like — I don’t know, like we’re building a vocabulary around common experience. She’s just so present. So — so in the moment. And, uh, you and sam? Are you two, uh, “building a vocabulary”? Uh, I mean, sam and I weren’t a couple when I left port charles. But that’s beside the point. I mean, she’s moved on. She — and I don’t blame her. Your brother, dante, he’s, uh — he’s a great guy. Yeah, he’s one of the best. But so are you.

[ Chuckles ] Well, you know what they say about nice guys. Yeah, that’s — that’s actually not true. They don’t always finish last. Maybe I could, uh, help you prove it. Hey, britt. Britt: Hey. Well, I highly doubt that you’re here just to check on me. We made a pact beside nathan’s grave to always support each other, and I take that very seriously. And I heard what happened at your hearing. Quite the bombshell. Well, as you can see, I walked away from that without a scratch. Well, take it from a doctor. Some scratches only show up on the inside. Okay, I assume that you and your mother have been talking about this, but, um, let me guess — she just thinks that I am busy licking my wounds. But I can assure youthat I am doing just fine. Oh, no. You are a big girl. I know you can handle it. All right. Thank you for not seeing me as a victim. You? No way.

[ Chuckles ] It sounds to me like you left the hearing with your head held high, and carly’s head was left spinning. What about sonny? What about him? Well, the way I hear, the two of you are in an interesting place, shall we say? Okay. Okay, britt. Let’s cut to the chase. What do you want? Okay, I-I have a friend who is in a little bit of a sticky situation. He has an aunt who’s even more lethal than my mother. She called in a favor that my friend delivered, and now he’s afraid that she’s going to hold it over his head. Okay, no offense, but you’re not known to have a ton of friends. Are we talking about brad cooper? Yes. And he needs help. The kind of help sonny corinthos can deliver. And you want me to get it for him. I’m not gonna lie to you — it’s only been one night, and I miss you. I miss you, too. Then why are we wasting e-every precious moment here s-staying apart instead of — look, you called my bluff. You — you, you know, went to the metro court, and you proved your point. So let’s figure out w-what we can do to move forward. I’m not trying to prove a point. And I’m not trying to call your bluff, okay? I meant what I said about needing time for myself, sonny. I have to wrap my head around what came out at that hearing — and not just willow’s testimony. You admitted that you have feelings for nina. We can’t get through that if w-we’re sleeping in separate beds or trying to avoid each other instead of working this out. I was tagged, um… in an e-mail from the pharmacy. Did you… refill your prescription?

[ Sighs ] For a second there, I thought you didn’t care. Did you, sonny?

[ Bottle clatters ] I’m on it. Don’t try to change the subject. Now, I’m gonna give you the time that you want, but I’m not gonna give up on our marriage. Are you?

While you were away at the safe house, staying protected from cyrus renault, let’s just say my life has been a lot less eventful. Which is why I traded in my, uh, P.I. License for a liquor license, which you framed and — and — and hand-delivered. But now I’m just a — a hard-working club owner, you know, chasing down a million minute details. Why do I feel like you left out a story or two in your very uneventful life? I have kept in touch with jordan, by the way, and she’s still recuperating. And, well, you’ve told me that things are going very well with you and portia. And kevin has given me glowing reviews about how tj is excelling at the hospital. Yeah. So, did somebody else get under your skin? You do know me, don’t you?

[ Laughs ] I can tell when you’re trying to tough something out. And I know you can handle absolutely anything, but maybe I can help if you let me. We did make some sweet music together on christmas, but when I made the mistake of thinking that you might have some personal interest in me, you told me that you weren’t in the market for a social life. So it’s not the music. It’s me. You know what? You may be a whiz on that clarinet, but you are just like every other man that I have met in my life. You think it’s all about you. You know what? There was somebody else who thought it was all about him, too, and he took my job from me. And compared to him, you’re a saint. But I got my job back, and that’s all that matters. Understood? Yes, yes, yes. Um, understood. Understood, yeah. But you know what? I was beginning to think you were mad at me because I mistakenly called you “doctor.” I’m basically just a placeholder at — at aurora, right? And — and I only took the job because sam asked me as a favor. And — well, actually, she kind of did me the favor by giving me a place to land after I was outed as ceo of elq, but… what are you talking about? Sam said you’re doing an incredible job. The profits are up at aurora. I mean, you’re making it respected throughout the industry. Well, thanks, but you set the standard. I’m just doing my best to maintain it. Look, aurora media… is your vision. We both know that. Always has been, always will be. Now, I-I am more than willing to step aside and let you take your rightful place behind the desk and start calling the shots again. If that’s what you want. Brad’s done some terrible things, and he’s paid for them not only by doing his time in pentonville — he lost his husband and his son. So, when his aunt came to him with a chance for parole, he took it. And now the aunt is making sure that he doesn’t forget that. Okay, what exactly did she ask him to do?

[ Sighs ] Did I ask you for a play-by-play of your time in nixon falls with sonny? Okay, britt, I guess you believe that you know enough to come here and ask me to call in a favor, right? What do you want sonny to do? Sonny can be very persuasive. If he were to intercede on brad’s behalf — wait! Hold on. Stop right there. I — you want sonny to intercede on brad’s behalf with his aunt. Sonny hates brad. I mean, brad kept michael away from his son for a year. Sonny’s never gonna forget that. Not even for you? Nina, I mean, according to the testimony at your hearing, you have pull with sonny! It doesn’t matter what was said at the hearing, britt. All that matters is, sonny loves carly. Nothing else matters. Nothing else? Not even how sonny feels about you? Or how you feel about him? Don’t force me to make decisions about our marriage on your timetable. I’m not — I’m not forcing you to do anything, carly — as if I ever could.

[ Sighs ] But it’s not gonna stop me from telling you how I feel, what I want, and what I want is… …our marriage, you, our family. That’s what happened when — when I wasn’t myself. It wasn’t — it wasn’t the — the medication. It was the memories that brought me back to you. It brought me back to our kids. If you don’t trust h-how I feel about you — if you can’t cross that bridge — trust how you feel about me. ‘Cause that’s gonna tell you all you need to know.

I know how I feel about you. Everything would be so much easier if I didn’T. Well, you know, it’s never easy with us, right? I mean, that’s just the way it is. It’s not who we are. But in the end, it’s — it’s, um…

[ Door opens ] …It’s always good.

[ Door closes ] Ah, I love those guards. They see me, and they just wave me in like I’m one of the family. Oh. On the other hand, maybe they shouldn’t have called me up. Feels like I walked into the middle of something. So, this guy shows up, and he claims to be the father who died decades ago? Wow. I can see why you might be skeptical. I mean, just ’cause the guy has a few details and he has a few photos — I mean, that does not necessarily mean that he is who he claims to be. But you know me, laura. I’m a trained P.I. I’m trained to be skeptical. Pictures can be doctored. Stories can be invented. I was sure this mystery man was up to no good. And then aunt stella confirmed it. Marshall ashford is the man that abandoned us all those years ago and let us believe that he was dead. So now he comes back to port charles, and this man wants to reconnect and — and — and — and start fresh.

[ Sighs ] Tj, god bless him — he — he’s all for it, you know? He was ready to accept him as “grandpa” from the jump. Well, he’s never been hurt by this man. What about you? Are you ready to accept your father back into your life? Are you saying there’s something wrong with being a nurse? No, no, not at all. I-I think it’s a noble profession. And I’m sorry if I touched a nerve when I assumed you — you wanted an “M.D.” After your name. If I overreacted, maybe it’s because there was a time that I did have dreams of being a doctor. No kidding. When I was in high school, I used to haunt the library, poring over the “gray’s anatomy” — the book, not the tv series. I even took an after-school job for a vet so that I could assist her when she was setting the broken bone on a cat or stitching up a dog. That takes real dedication. So what happened, epiphany johnson? Why didn’t you follow your dream? I started aurora media with sam. And when we created it, it was so much more than just a company for us. It — it was our way to — to break free from a life that we used to know — a life that was just filled with so much uncertainty and danger for the family that we wanted to create. A life working closely with my dad. I realize that stepping away like that probably dampened my friendship with sonny. And sometimes I wonder if that was the right thing. Hey, don’t — don’t second-guess yourself. You were right to distance yourself from my father. Britt, don’t you get it? I care about sonny way too much to want to get in between him and carly. But that didn’t stop you in nixon falls. Nixon falls was a fantasy. Now I’m back here. I’m back in reality. And sonny’s reality is at home with his wife and his children — both the older ones and the two little girls at his home. And I don’t want to be the cliché. I don’t want to be the heartless homewrecker. Okay, I certainly understand that. But are you absolutely sure there’s even a home left to wreck? You are family, you’re always welcome, and you’re never an interruption. What that really means is, I stepped in it, didn’t I? Well, if carly gives you a pass, you gotta take it. You know what I mean? Okay, you talked me into it. Yes. Thank you so much.

[ Laughter ] Oh, it’s so good to see you. Good to see you. But I have a feeling that you guys need to talk business, and I need to get to the hotel, so… yeah. Tell the girls that I will be home later tonight to see them. Yep, I’ll see you then.

[ Door opens ]

[ Door closes ] She’s gone now, my man. It’s just the two of us. What’s going on with you two?

Marshall first got here,he wanted to forget the past and start over. I made that abundantly clear that — that that was not okay. So, when he started talking… he, uh — he said he got mixed up in some bad business, got on the wrong side of some seriously dangerous people. Not long after that, he went off the radar. I can relate to that. I thought you might. If his situation is anything like mine, he felt like he had no choice. Stay with the family, put the family at risk. Go underground, the family’s safe. Yeah, that’s exactly what he said. Okay, so, if his story is true, then you’re gonna have to face something that I’m not sure you’re willing to accept. What’s that? That no matter how much your father hurt you, he did it out of love. Why didn’t I become a doctor?

[ Chuckles ] Long story, and my break’s almost over. Wait. You still have a few minutes left. And I’ll skip the lollipop, or whatever it is you reward your patients with if you’ll just tell me. What happened on the way to you not becoming epiphany johnson, M.D.? Life happened. Meaning?

[ Sighs ] You dream big, work hard, and then you learn, sometimes, things just don’t go the way that you planned them to. Been there, for sure. But it’s not too late for me. Says you. I wouldn’t have moved to port charles, new york, if I didn’t believe that. And if it’s not too late for me, then it’s not too late for you. I thought you were devoted to your father? I mean, I know — I know you didn’t go into his business. You took the corporate quartermaine route. But I — I never thought you were ashamed to be a corinthos. No. I’m not — I’m not — I’m not ashamed of my last name. It’s not that. It’s just… my dad and I, we’ve had our differences in the past. And in the present. How so? My dad defended nina reeves in court, despite all the harm that she did to him and my entire family — especially my mother. Yeah, I saw carly last night at the metro court. She did seem pretty upset. But you know your mom. Come on, if she’s not okay now, she’s gonna find a way to be okay very soon. Sorry to keep you waiting, diane. Oh, not to worry. I’m on my third mimosa. Really?

[ Chuckling ] No, no. I’m just — it’s just…coffee. Okay. [ Sighs ] Did someone get up on the wrong side of the bed this morning?

[ Sighs ] Wrong side, wrong bed, yeah. Well, now you’ve got my attention. Whose bed are we talking about? My bed, my bed — but not at my house. I’m staying here in the hotel. Okay, before you say another word, did you ask me to speak to you as your friend or your attorney? As my friend. I’m sure you’ve heard all about the dirty laundry that came out at that hearing of nina’S. Yeah, yeah. I got the general gist. I’m so sorry, honey. Yeah. Look, it’s not like I’ve stopped loving sonny. And god knows I adore those girls. But is staying in a broken marriage good for donna and avery? I mean, is love enough? I just — I don’t know — well, in my vast experience, I’ve always found that it takes more than two people to break up a marriage. So you know what I’m up against. Sonny and nina had a relationship in nixon falls, and he’s continuing to protect her back here in port charles. Yeah. And that’s why I’m staying here at the hotel — because I just need some space to, uh, clear my head. Figure out what my options are. You know, what’s best for the girls. And if everything starts going south, I’m just gonna need to make some real — okay, carly, carly, carly? I’ve just got to stop you right there. It’s just about marriage. Something… you know little about. Mm, fair enough.

[ Chuckles ] But I do know something about trouble, and I know you’ve got it. And I ain’t talking about your marriage. One of your suppliers on the left coast is out of business.

[ Sighs ] Permanently. And this “going out of business” sale was brought on by a brand-new player — a complete unknown. Players come and go.

[ Sighs ] What? Sonny, you listening to me? This dude just took out one of your regulars. That’s like waving a red flag in front of el toro, even 2,000 miles away. This player have a name? Everybody’s got a name. I’m working on it. Cyrus made noise about someone filling the power vacuum he left in the west. That could be part of the same party. I’m gonna ask around. I… I got a lot on my mind. Pardon me for asking. Such as? Okay. Just being a friend. I’m gonna say it for you, whether you want to hear it or not. One man. Two women. Sonny… that’s one too many. Of course there’s still a home to wreck — and two little girls are living in it. How can you be so sure? Okay, how can I be so sure? Well, carly was standing at the same spot that you are two days ago. Carly came here looking for you? Yeah. I hope you were wearing body armor. What happened? What do you mean? What happened before she slapped me across the face? Ouch. Yeah, and you — you can guess what she had to say. She blames me for what willow said at the hearing, and then she blames me for what sonny con– confirmed on the witness stand. Even though sonny and I, we never — okay, y-you might have. And you still might, if she keeps driving him into your arms. Is that what earned you the slap? I told carly that if sonny ever showed up on my doorstep again… I wouldn’t say no. Well, from what I’ve been hearing [Laughs] Sonny didn’t come back to a marriage. Sounds more like a prison with two unhappy people locked inside. Did you ever think that maybe you’d be doing sonny and carly a favor if you gave him the key?

Only trying to protect his family by dropping out of sight, why risk it now? That’s an excellent question, and I’m sure you asked it, so what did he say? It was more about what he didn’t say. He claims the danger is less, but he couldn’t or wouldn’t offer any proof to back it up. He warned me against digging into his past. Mm. He said that the only way to keep aunt stella and tj safe is to let things be. And he might be right about that. Or he could be blowing smoke. The point is, I don’t know what to believe, or if this man is even telling the truth. Epiphany johnson, you can be anything you set your mind to. Like becoming a doctor. I didn’t say it would be easy. You can start small — baby steps. By joining your band.

[ Both laugh ] Warmer. But I was thinking of something a little easier. Like dinner for two. I thought you said that you were not into having a social life. Well, I misspoke. I’m new in town, and I’m still putting one toe in the water. And the water is brutal in western new york this time of year. So, what do you say, nurse johnson? Is it too late to start over? That was the second time I ran into your mom. The first time was on the footbridge, and I got the distinct feeling that I was not the person that she wanted to see. Not — not that she blames me for jason’s death. It’s just… that I am still alive. And jason’s not. Last night seemed different. I mean, she really needed somebody to talk to. I-I just happened to be there. You know, if carly was willing to confide in me of all people, it made me think that maybe she’S… desperate?

[ Laughs ] Thanks, man. Really. Wow.

[ Stammers ] Great for my ego. Yeah, I know. What I meant was, I’m just — I’m — I’m very glad that you were there for my mom. Yeah, me, too. I don’t understand. I thought I could tell you anything. Of course you can tell me anything. And trust me, I’ve heard just about everythin and as your friend, I would never presume to judge you or sonny. But if we’re talking about a potential legal separation — possible divorce — just as you have me on retainer, sonny has me on retainer, and I cannot represent one of you without recusing myself from the other.

[ Exhales slowly ] I’m sorry. I-I — I didn’t mean to put you in an awkward position. Welcome to the wonderful world of domestic law. Yeah. Look, whatever decision you make, it’s gonna be one that you do not make lightly. So you have to be honest with yourself, carly. Is this a step you want to take? Don’t bother throwing me out. I know the way. No, no, hey. You know what? It’S… I guess I-it’s public knowledge, everything that came out at that hearing. People talk. It’s my business to listen. Unless, of course, you only value my electronics expertise and not our friendship. No, no, I — y-you know that’s not true. I ap– I appreciate everything that you do, and — and I appreciate you coming to me with this threat in the west coast. I gotta — I gotta keep m-my eyes open, right? Yeah, you do. And as far as what you walked in on this morning…

[ Sighs ] Look, I know you miss jason a lot. Yeah. I miss him, too. Not that anybody can replace him — in your business or your life. I’m just saying… if there’s anything I can do — any way I can help — you know I’m here for you. Yeah, I appreciate that. And I gotta tell you, you know, uh… …this nameless threat is child’s play compared to what carly and i are going through. It’s like we’re in a maze, right? And we’re lost. Well, you know what? I could drop some bread crumbs. Leave you a trail.

[ Laughs ] Nah, you know what? We — we’re gonna have to work this one out ourselves. Nina: No, I-I’m not gonna take advantage of what may or may not be happening in sonny’s home. Nina, it’s so obvious what you want. Why don’t you just go for it? Okay, britt, why am i getting the feeling that there’s something more to this than you just encouraging me to follow my heart? What’s in it for you?

[ Scoffs ] Fine. I thought you wanted an objective opinion, god forbid a friend. But you know what? From now on, you make your own mistakes. No, britt — britt, wait. Yes. Yeah, I’m a little tired of — of being “the other woman” without the benefits. Yes! Now we are talking. Okay, the question is, what do you want to do about it?

I am sorry to lay all my troubles on you, laura.

[ Chuckles ] Come on now. I didn’t just come home to snip ribbons in the strip mall. I wanted to see the people I love, and I hope you know that you’re one of them. Thank you. I mean, balancing the budget of port charles has got to be simpler than unraveling the mystery that is marshall ashford. Yeah. I think I can solve one mystery for you. What’s that? Despite your doubts and questions, I think you do want to have a relationship with your father. Maybe even more than he wants to have one with you. Thank you for your insights. Mm-hmm. You take care of yourself. You, too. Let me know how it all goes. My break’s over, and I have work to do. Understood. Marshall. I have an idea. I’m listening. How do you feel about prime rib grilled to perfection? Mm. Medium-rare? Mm-hmm. With, uh, blue cheese? Mm-hmm. And shrimp on top? Mm-hmm. If you’re serious about dinner, my shift ends at 6:00. The pc grill has some of the best food around and a fantastic wine list. That sounds great to me. And maybe you can finish that long story of yours. We’ll see.

[ Chuckles ] Okay, then. I’m looking forward. Me, too.

[ Door closes ] For what it’s worth, when I left carly last night, I was pretty sure I s– I saw that spark back in her eye, okay? Your mom — your mom may be down, but she is not out. I’m glad to hear that, I am. Honestly, it’s gonna — it’s gonna be pretty hard for my mom and dad to put the pieces back together again. Hey, all y– all you can do is — is just trust that their love for each other is stronger than anything or anyone that comes between them. Right. No, I never used to doubt that, but now I don’t know. Hey, michael, you can’t fix this for them, right? That’s their job. All you can do is be there if they need you. I don’t know what I’m prepared to do. And doesn’t that speak volumes? Carly, if you were ready to pull the plug on your marriage to sonny, we would be sitting here as attorney and client, not as a couple of girlfriends. Yeah, maybe. Perhaps you still want to fight for your marriage more than you realize. Call me if you need to talk… as client or as friend. Nina: There is nothing for me to do as long as sonny, carly, and his children are living under the same roof. You know, I’m just an outsider looking in. I am not gonna break up a family. And as far as brad is concerned, I’m in no position to ask sonny for any favors. Well, I won’t take no for an answer. So if you can’t or won’t reach out to sonny on brad’s behalf, I’ll do it myself. So, if you hear any more chatter about mr. Nobody, let me know. You got it. In the meantime, I’m in town for the next few days. How about we go out to dinner, all three of us? Me, you, and carly? Uh, I’d love to, but I think carly’s probably, uh, busy at the metro court.

[ Cellphone rings ] You need to take that?

[ Ringing stops ] Guess not. Britt, hang up the phone. He picked up. Hey, sonny? My daddy isn’t here, and mama carly isn’t here, either. Uh, okay, avery. Never mind. Thank you so much. Bye. What’s going on? What did avery say? Um, I’m not entirely sure, but it sure sounded like carly’s moved out of the house.

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