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[ Dramatic music ]

Brooke: Oh, god.

Brooke: Oh, I–

[ Brooke laughing ]

[ Knocking on door ]

Brooke: Taylor?

Taylor: Hi, brooke.

Brooke: Ridge isn’t here. He’s at the office.

Taylor: Yes, I know. I know that. I’m here to see you.

Sheila: Brooke, brooke, brooke. What happened on new year’s eve? Did my champagne switch work? Hm. Has the all high and mighty brooke logan taken a swan dive off of her high horse? I guess it certainly would serve her right for threatening me. Using her influence over a bridge to keep me away from my son.

Ridge: Wow, you really went above and beyond on this, max.

Max: Thank you. Carter told me you wanted the contract locked down this quarter. I deliver.

Carter: I got to say, man, I did not expect you to get it done qui so fast.

Max: Well, apparently the suppliers find me a lot more persuasive than you do. You know, I’ve been trying to get carter to go out with the guys.

Ridge: I–

Carter: I’m not blowing you off. I’ve been…busy.

Max: Yeah, I’ve heard that excuse before. Come on, man. You’ve been on the sidelines ever since you broke off your engagement. You got to get back in the game.

Ridge: Yeah, carter. Why aren’t you back in the game? What is that? You’re not ready? Or you’ve got your eye on somebody already?

Zende: I know this is taking a while. I need to get this…right. I think we’re almost there.

Sequoyah: I don’t mind at all, zende. In fact, I was thinking I’d like to spend more time with you. Outside of work. Maybe we can get a drink tonight?

Zende: Get a drink?

Paris: We’re so lucky.

We’re young and single,

and we don’t have stuff

tying us down.

Sequoyah: If you can’t, it’s okay. I just thought–

Zende: Yes. Drinks tonight sound great. I’d like that.

Sequoyah: Me too. It’s a date.

Zende: Yeah. Yeah. .Paris: Hey, sequoyah, zende.

Zende: Paris… hey.

Paris: Did I just hear you guys are going out tonight?

Max: Wait. Is ridge right? You’ve been holding out on us. You’ve got your eye on someone?

Max: Invite her to join us. Tell her to bring her friends.

Ridge: Unless he wants to keep her secret.

Carter: Guys, guys. There isn’t anyone. I’m not involved with anybody.

Max: Then come out with us, man. You can meet someone. Ridge, help me out with this. In fact, you can come too.

Ridge. No, no.

Max: I know you got your missus all set, but we could use a wingman.

Ridge: I’m not–

Carter: Wingman?

Max: Carter. It’s time. There are so many gorgeous women and interesting women in los angeles. Heck, there’s so many gorgeous and interesting women right here at forrester creations.

Carter: I’m well aware of that, max.

Max: Good. We’re going to bikini tonight. I’ll text you the details. All right? Ridge, please talk some sense into this guy. All right?

Ridge: Okay.

Max: Carter, don’t back out, either.

[ Carter sighing ]

Zende: Thanks sequoyah. I’ll find you later.

Sequoyah: You better.

Paris: You and sequouyah are going out tonight?

Zende: She asked me to get drinks.

Paris: You said yes.

Zende: I wasn’t going to. But then I thought about everything you said on new year’S. I don’t know where we stand right now, paris, but you made it clear that you’re not ready to be serious. Am I wrong about that?

Sheila: Deacon could have told me what happened on new year’s eve, but he didn’t, why? What could have happened that he can’t even risk me getting a hint of it? What did you do, brooke? What did you do that nobody can know about?

Brooke: So, what did you want to see me about?

Taylor: Well, I’ve been thinking about our conversation. You said that there was no reason that we should be at odds. One day we could even be friends.

Brooke: I remember.

Taylor: So, I’m here as a friend, brooke. I just–I want you to know that.

Brooke: Are you sure this is a friendly visit?

Taylor: I–I spoke with hope. And steffy talked to ridge. They’re both very concerned about you. There’s something weighing on you. Everyone who cares about you can see it. I just–I wanted to come by and see how you were doing. Offer my help. When they’re sick, they get comfortable anywhere

Ridge: Are you going to take max up on his offer?

Carter: Maybe another time.

Ridge: Might be a good time to get back out there.

Carter: I’m in no hurry.

Ridge: Why is that? You like being alone? Or you got your mind on somebody else? Like quinn.

Carter: No.

Ridge: You’re not thinking about her?

Carter: No, ridge. I gave you my word. Never betray eric like that again.

Ridge: That’s not what I asked you.

Carter: Am I thinking about quinn? Less and less. I’m determined to be the guy you thought I was. So right now, I just want my life to be simple, uncomplicated.

Ridge: That’s simplE. Don’t get involved with women that are already involved with someone else.

Zende: New year’s eve, you told me that you wanted to be single. That you’re not ready for anything serious. Now, you’re asking me about my plans with sequoyah.

Paris: Yeah, I–I shouldn’t have done that. I was just surprised.

Zende: That’s it? Surprised?

Paris: I meant what I said. We need to have more experiences, be young and free. You obviously heard me.

Zende: Ah, I did.

Paris: I’m sorry if you feel let down.

Zende: No. I’m glad you were honest with me. I understand where you’re coming from.

Sheila: Deacon is a dead end because he is always going to protect brooke. There’s got to be somebody just as interested in what’s going on in her life. Taylor.

Taylor: I understand if you’re not comfortable opening up to me. But I do want to help. I told hope the same thing. I don’t know if she mentioned that to you.

Brooke: No, I haven’t seen her today. I’ve been working from home.

Taylor: Are you– are you feeling okay?

Brooke: Yeah, I’m– I’m fine.

Taylor: Really? I– you know, hope implied that you and ridge were having a hard time. And steffy and thomas said that you haven’t been coming into the office.

Brooke: Oh. Oh? I don’t know if I really like the fact that everybody’s talking about me.

Taylor: You know, I realize that having deacon back in town has been very challenging for you and ridge. That’s it, isn’t it? That’s why your family’s so concerned. Oh, brooke. Ah, we all have things in our past that we’re not proud of. And when you’re confronted with them… they can be upsetting. I’m right, aren’t I? Whatever’s troubling you involves deacon. I’m amber.

Paris: I don’t want you thinking that I want to stop seeing you. We have an amazing time together. You’re smart, you’re caring, romantic. And I never have to question your feelings for me. You’re genuine and open. And whenever we are together, you’re totally present, and I never take that for granted.

Zende: I feel the same way about you. But I get it. You’re not… ready to be tied down.

Paris: Look. I can’t be greedy and keep you all to myself.

Zende: So, you good with this?

Paris: I want you to be happy. So, you and sequoyah go out, have fun.

Zende: Yeah?

Paris: Yeah. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to hear about it tomorrow. But yeah. It’s all right.

Zende: We can still care about each other and not the exclusive.

Paris: Absolutely.

Zende: I nted you to know that my plans have not completely changed. I still see a future with you in it, paris. And it may be ten years from now. But someday, I’m going to make you my wife.

Paris: And I’d be the luckiest girl in the world.

Taylor: Brooke, I’m a psychiatrist. I help people. So, I’m offering to help you.

Brooke: I appreciate that, but I have a wonderful support system of my own.

Taylor: Fair enough. If you…feel like you want to talk to someone outside your immediate family, I’m here.

Brooke: My family is my foundation. And I just want to make them proud.

Ridge: Taylor?

Taylor: Hi. I just came by to check on brooke.

Ridge: Right.

Brooke: I told her everything is fine.

Taylor: Yeah. Yes, she did. I hope that’s true. If you ever feel like you want additional support, I’m here.

Ridge: That’s very kind. I think brooke knows what she needs.

Taylor: My door is open.

Brooke: Thank you.

Ridge: I’ll walk you out.

Taylor: No need. I’ll see you soon.

[ Brooke sighing ]

Ridge: You okay? Take a breath. I think taylor offered to help because she felt you could benefit from it. And I know, you got your meetings and your sobriety but– and I know you don’t want to share this with anyone. It’s obvious to me you’re still struggling with what happened on new year’S.

Why burn a candle

when you can switch

Carter: Paris?

Paris: Oh, carter. You snuck up on me.

Carter: I could have come in here blowing a trumpet and I don’t think you would have noticed. Is everything okay?

Paris: Yeah.

Carter: Remember what I said, you can… talk to me.

[ Paris sighing ]

Paris: It’s not a big deal. Or, at least it shouldn’t be. Zende and sequoyah were working in here earlier.

Carter: The model?

Paris: Yeah. She’s beautiful. They were making plans. They’re going to go get drinks later.

Carter: Like a date?

Paris: Yeah. She asked him out and zande said yes.

Carter: And you didn’t expect that?

Paris: I should have. Zende’s a catch. Of course, he’s going to have women asking him out.

Carter: Well, yeah. If you guys aren’t exclusive, he probably will.

Paris: And that’s what I wanted, to loosen things up. To give each other room to enjoy our freedom.

Carter: Did you guys discuss it?

Paris: We did. It was a good conversation.

Carter: But?

[ Paris sighing ]

Paris: I don’t know. I just needed some time to process it. But now that I’m seeing you, I feel a lot better.

Carter: Paris–

Paris: I’m–I’m just being honest. You’ve been a really good friend. But ever since new year’s, things have been feeling different.

[ Paris sighing ] I just can’t stop thinking about it, carter. What happened between us, our kiss.

[ Knocking on door ]

Taylor: Oh, come on in. Hey, audrey, I’m glad you’re back. I need you to run this–

Sheila: Actually… she wasn’t sitting at her desk.

Taylor: Sheila. We talked about this.

Sheila: I know. I know. Don’t show up unannounced. But I did knock at this time.

Taylor: What brings you by?

Sheila: Well… I just can’t stop thinking about you, taylor and christmas eve. Seeing you with the kids and the grandkids. It is so obvious how loved you are. And that struck me as a shame that you’d been separated for so long. That kind of thing affects me.

Taylor: I can imagine it would.

Sheila: So, I was just wondering how you are, at being back?

Taylor: I’m settling in.

Sheila: With finn and steffy? How wonderful is that. Boy, I hope you’re enjoying your time with the two of them.

Taylor: Yes, sheila, if you’re about to ask me to help you make an in-roads with them–

Sheila: No, no, no, no, no, no. Now I just– I overheard you and steffy christmas eve. When she told you how she really missed you and ridge being together.

Taylor: It is true, she does.

Sheila: Must be difficult to hear, especially now. When you’re finally home. Have the opportunity to reunite your family and… I can only assume that brooke isn’t letting ridge see too much of you.

Taylor: Sheila, where are you going with this?

Sheila: It just doesn’t seem fair. That’s all. And you being gone all these years and, and doing amazing work all over the world. And coming back to los angeles and running up against the same brick wall, brooke. I don’t know what’s going on with her. I don’t know what her relationship is like with ridge right now, especially with deacon back in the picture. And then here you are, home. And it’s got to be causing brooke some stress. Lord knows she doesn’t deal well with stress. How does she seem to you?

Ridge: Taylor really rattled you, huh?

Brooke: Oh, I just hate keeping secrets.

Ridge: Well, she’s a professional. I think she’d understand.

Brooke: No. No.

Ridge: Okay. You don’t want anyone else to know about your drinking. I get it. But you don’t need to be ashamed.

Brooke: But I am ridge. I am ashamed and I’m embarrassed. I’m disappointed in myself. And I’m really confused.

Ridge: Well, then maybe we’ll make sense to talk to somebody.

Brooke: No. No. It wouldn’t make sense because I can’t even explain it. I was sober for so many years and I was happy. I didn’t even think about drinking. And then– my behavior didn’t make sense that night.

Ridge: So, maybe what we should do is focus on what does make sense. Your commitment to yourself, sobriety, your commitment to me, the love we have. It’s pretty cool. Whatever happened, I’ve already… moved past it. I’m already in the future, with you. And I get that you don’t want her to know what happened on new year’s eve. All right. It’ll be our little secret.

Brooke: Okay.

Ridge: What do you think of that?

Brooke: Yeah.

Ridge: Yeah?

Brooke: Yeah.

[ Brooke giggling ]

Ridge: I love you.

Brooke: I love you.

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