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[ Glass rattling ] Frank: Mayor collins. Sonny: Huh? Hey. Laura, good to see you. Hey.

[ Laughs ] I’m so glad you’re home. You know, when I thought I was never gonna see you again, it was just such a terrible feeling. It’s good to see you. I’m so happy. I missed you. I see you poured yourself a drink. Yeah. Have you heard the news? What news? Oh, okay. I’m gonna — I’m sorry that I have to tell you this. It’s about luke.

[ Sobs ] Are you telling me… that luke died? Yeah.

[ Exhales deeply ] I’m so sorry. Wow. You look beautiful. Thanks. What’s the matter? I found this in my locker.

[ Laughs ] No, if we keep this up, we’re gonna end up back in my bed. Sounds like a plan to me.

[ Giggles ] We’re acting like teenagers. So, why should teenagers have all the fun?

[ Chuckles ] Hmm. If one’s good, two must be better, right?

[ Door closes ] Spencer: Esme? I must have just, uh, barely beat you home. What’s that? It’s my dinner from the metro court. After my meeting with ava, I didn’t want to eat there. But I wasn’t going to waste it since I paid for it. Wait, what? Ava made you pay with the money you make at kelly’s? Worse. She used my money from the trust fund to pick up the tab. Can you believe that? She’s throwing it in my face… that she’s in charge of my money. And, um, what did trina have for dinner? What? Trina. Or were you not gonna mention that trina was part of your restitution meeting? Hey, my meeting ran long. I’m on my way. I’ll join you in the conference room in like five minutes. Okay, thanks.

[ Receiver hangs up ] You’re not gonna make that meeting. Excuse me. I’m working. You were. And now you’re dealing with me.

Wouldn’t I tell you that trina was at my meeting with ava? My point exactly. Really [Clears throat] It was just another way for ava to humiliate me, because when I go to work for her after I serve my time at spring ridge, trina’s gonna be my supervisor. That’s outrageous. Ava’s really milking this restitution thing to death. Well, according to ava… I hurt trina’s feelings, as well. How does she figure that? Well, in fairness, I did douse her with fake blood. Which washed right off. Anyways, uh, are you hungry? We can split my steak. It’s medium rare. I have a better idea. Yes? No one else is home. And? Let’s, um, take advantage of the privacy. So, this is kinda awkward, right? Mom, you don’t have to apologize. Oh, I wasn’t — I wasn’t gonna apologize. And you know that I want you to be happy. No, no, no. I-I know that. I do. This is a, um, new dynamic for you and me, huh? So, I take it you had a good new year’s eve? Yes. Yes. Yeah, we did, actually. Uh, trina, so, uh, what are you doing with your winter time off from pcu? Uh, working at the gallery, hanging out. You know, my friends and i are going to joss’ family cabin in the mountains for a few days. Oh. That’s actually happening. I knew that it was in the works, but I-I-I wasn’t sure that it was planned. Yep. We’re definitely going. Tj. Hi. I was, uh — I was told I could find you up on this floor. Man, infectious diseases. Whew. Doesn’t sound like much fun to me. But are — are you enjoying it? I like helping people. Yes. Oh, great. Great. Um… hey, how was your new year’s eve? Did you and molly, uh, paint the town red? Okay, okay, I get it. I, uh… this is your work. I never should have come here. I’ll see you. That’s not it. Come with me. Finn: It’s your wedding ring from franco. Yes. Which I decided to take off. I remember. You said you were okay with the decision, but… if you’re having second thoughts, I completely understand. No, that’s not it. I haven’t changed my mind. My ring was in my locker. Yeah, you said that. I have no idea how it got there. Mm. I don’t know why this hurts me so much, you know? I think it’s the state that my family is in. Lucky’s so far away that I never even get to see him. Lulu… is still in the coma. And…there isn’t anybody to cry with. You know what I mean? Yeah. I can’t do it with bobbie. Well… she’s taking it all so hard. It’s her brother. I mean, you know. Luke alw– you know, always seemed to me like somebody who was gonna just live forever.

[ Inhales sharply ] I really meant to tell you and carly at the same time. Is she here? No, no, no. She’s out.

[ Sighs deeply ] Is everything okay? Uh, yeah, everything is… well, not really, but you know what? I don’t want to… you got too much to worry about at this time. How you doing? Really? Seriously? It’s hard. I liked knowing that he was out there somewhere. He was my partner for a really important part of my life. I know it was a long time ago. I mean, I’m a completely different person now. I like who I am now.

[ Both laugh ] You know, you are a mayor. It’s very impressive. Yeah. And I have kevin, and he’s my life partner now.

[ Inhales sharply ] I’m actually more worried about some of luke’s other loved ones. Well, I know how strong you are, and, uh, you have kevin, but I just want you to know if you ever need anything, you can come to me. Thank you. And that goes both ways. What do you want, carly? What I want is to never lay eyes on you again. Well, that would be a lot easier if you stayed out of my office. You know, you’re constantly claiming you don’t want to hurt my family. Because it’s true. Great. Then tell me what I want to hear. What exactly happened between you and my husband in nixon falls? I think that’s between you and your husband. Well, I disagree because you put yourself between me and sonny when you seduced him instead of telling him he had a family here in port charles. No, that’s not what happened. Great. Then tell me what happened. Well, you heard him on the stand, right, carly? I’m not gonna add to it. I am sorry that you found out the way you did, but I am trying to respect sonny’s wishes. Oh, you don’t get to do that. You don’t get to act all virtuous. You are so far from the high road, you’re underwater. And the only reason you kept your affair with sonny a secret is because you want to try and hang on to him. Are you kidding? I tried to leave sonny alone. He told me to stay away from him, and I did my best. Bull! You know that as long as you and sonny had a secret, that you were constantly attached to him, that you were always gonna be in his life. That is ridiculous! And it worked, right? I mean, how many times did you guys get together to keep your story straight, nina? Listen, I am not the one that drove sonny to get practically falling-down drunk at charlie’s on new year’s eve. If I wasn’t there, what — oh. Something else sonny decided not to tell you.

[ Knock on door ] Spence, someone’s at the door. Ignore it. Just answer it and make them go away.

[ Sighs ] Well, well. This is more private. We can talk in here. What do you want to talk about? I’m going to be straight with you. Okay. I am not willing to have a relationship with you if it makes my uncle uncomfortable. Wow. That, uh, really disappoints me, tj. Although I can’t say I’m surprised. Did curtis warn you off me? No, that’s not what happened. He was looking out for me, and I respect that. Wow. I had a brief moment of hope there when he came to see me at my hotel. He did? And I take it that it didn’t go well? Oh, no, it did not. I just can’t give curtis what he wants. Well, I want to hear all about this weekend trip. I know that you’re home for winter break, but still, we barely get a chance to see each other. Yeah, well, it’s not all on me. Besides, I’m sure curtis doesn’t want to hear about some weekend trip. Honestly, I don’t mind, but I think I should let you both have some mother-daughter time. You don’t have to go. What do you say, trina? Want to hang out with mom for a little while? I do. Uh, well, then, I will go check on tj, see what he’s been up to. And I’ll go get us a table. Okay.

[ Sighs ] Don’t get me wrong. I am so excited to spend some time with trina, and I can tell something’s going on with her, but I am just as sad to say goodbye to you. It’s only temporary. You… have fun with your daughter. Okay. The last time I saw this ring, I had put it in my kitchen drawer on new year’s eve. How did it get in my locker? Ahh. Do you think maybe one of the boys put it in your pocket and somehow it fell out in your locker? I-I don’t — I-I don’t have another explanation. But if that’s the case… then one of your sons might have a problem with me dating their mom. So, cyrus claims to have found religion?

[ Both laugh ] Yeah, it was quite a performance. He was quoting scripture, chapter and verse. Okay, well, that’s not sincere. No. By any chance, right? I don’t think so. It didn’t stop him from dropping hints about a new player who was filling the “power vacuum” that he left on the west coast. Right. So finding god has forced him to give up mob politics? Apparently not. I have no idea what game he’s playing right now, but honestly, it’s just, uh… it’s not my concern anymore.

[ Sighs ] Aw, man. Hey, sonny. Sonny? Hmm? You want to talk about it? Talk about what? Whatever it is that’s got you so upset that you’re… drinking alone and you’re breaking up things in your kitchen. You know what, laura?

[ Sighs ] I really screwed up this time. I don’t think carly and i are gonna be able to fix it. Nina: I found sonny on new year’s eve at charlie’s, trying to drown his pain after you turned your back on him. Carly, listen, all he wants is to be with you. Don’t tell me what sonny wants, okay?! I know my husband better than you ever will. Well, do you know where sonny is right now, or is that why you’re really here, carly? To make sure that he didn’t come to me after you spat in his face? Sonny came home, like he always will. Well, how generous of you to allow sonny to come back into his own home. You can save your sarcasm, nina. Your opinion means nothing to me. I’ve had it with you. You know what? I’ve had it. I can’t win. If I don’t talk about sonny, I’m hiding something. If I talk about sonny, then I’m a — you’re a conniving bitch, and you always will be.

This doesn’t make any sense. My boys were happy for me when I told them I was going out with you. I don’t think they would lie to me. Yeah. No. Maybe “lie” is a — a strong word. You know, maybe, uh — maybe one of them wants to feel happy for you. But deep down, it feels like that might be a rejection of his feelings for his stepdad. Or maybe it’s not about franco at all. I mean, maybe it’s about jason, you know? What jake’s feeling right now, maybe he doesn’t want to share his mom with anyone ’cause you’re all that he has. But if he felt that way, he would have told me. If it’s even jake we’re talking about. Is one of my boys that upset, he felt the only option was to put my wedding ring in my pocket? Maybe it is about franco then. One of the boys doesn’t want you moving on from his memory yet. So it looks like you and curtis are no longer “taking things slow.”

[ Giggles ] No, no, we’re — we’re past that point. Well, just to be clear, I’m happy for you. Thank you. I really appreciate that. So do you know what you’re gonna get for dinner? Oh, no. I’ll just have a coffee. Ava and spencer and i already ate. Spencer. Part of spencer’s plea deal includes restitution, so after he serves his time, he has to work in ava’s gallery for free. So we were meeting to go over his responsibilities. Plea deal? That’s lovely. You know what? We’ll just have coffee. Woman: Okay. Thank you. Well, it doesn’t look like you’re all that happy about that. I didn’t like the way ava used her power over spencer. Don’t get me wrong, spencer needs to learn his lesson, but she went out of her way to humiliate him. And I’ve never seen that side of her. Joss has. She can’t stand ava. Mm-hmm. Because of her brother. Morgan. That’s a really sad, ugly story. Morgan had bipolar disorder, and ava messed with his medication somehow. Anyway, morgan had a breakdown and was killed, and joss believes that it’s ava’s fault. And if I was in her situation, I’d feel the same, but ava’s been nothing but great to me. So I guess I just figured that ava made a mistake with morgan, and now she’s trying to make amends. I’m sure that’s true. But today, for the first time, I saw the ava joss has been warning me about — the one that spencer and joss despise. Well, it looks like to me that ava taught you a very important lesson today… mm. …Inadvertently. None of us are entirely good or entirely bad. We’re all capable of both. While ava may have been a wonderful mentor to you — and I know she was — that doesn’t make her beyond reproach. Uncle victor. Spencer, my boy, how are you? And, esme, lovely to see you, too. Hello, mr. Cassadine. Um, won’t you come in? Oh, thank you. Pull it together. What brings you by? Victor: Well, I was concerned, spencer. I dropped by kelly’s, and you weren’t working today. I had the day off. I needed to meet with ava to discuss the kind of work that I’d be doing for her to make restitution. Oh, I’m sorry. That couldn’t have been much fun. It wasn’T. In fact, I can’t even believe that I have to take orders from that woman. She loves lording that power over me. And if she or my father think that I’m gonna be crawling back to them anytime soon… oh, nonsense. You’ll meet with them with your head held high. What does that mean? What it means, spencer, is it’s time this family came together — all the cassadines — in a united front. I will supervise spencer because it’s my job, but I’m not gonna order him around or treat him like a flunky. Well, I know that’s not your style. You got a good heart. Thanks. Although I have to say being spencer’s boss will make things even more awkward. “More awkward”? What do you mean by that? When we get to this cabin, I don’t know what I’m gonna do. Are you still feeling like the fifth wheel here? Is it weird that I hang out with joss and cam so much? Why? Why would that be weird? It was different when we were all just friends, but now that they’re dating, I feel like I’m always in their space, just bugging them, hanging all around. Josslyn has never struck me as a girl who doesn’t want to speak her mind, right? Yeah. And if you really feel this way, honey, why are you even considering going on this trip? Because esme got all in my face with her “poor trina, so alone.” And I just — it made me so mad, so I told her I was going just to shut her up. You have a lot to make up to curtis. I wholeheartedly agree. So why can’t you give him what he wants? Because curtis — curtis won’t even talk to me unless I tell him where I’ve been and what I’ve been doing all these years. That sounds like a reasonable request to me. Tj, I want to put the past behind me. It’s just too painful. I — I can’t talk about it. Is your son not worth the pain? It’s not that, tj. If I — if I open up to curtis, my answers are just going to drive him further away from me. Laura: So carly found out that you fell in love with nina when you were on the witness stand?

[ Sighs ] You gotta understand something, laura. I-I — like, I didn’t fall in love with nina. Mike did. Yeah. But you have mike’s memories and his feelings. Yeah. And carly didn’t know about any of that until you testified. Yeah, I would never hurt carly like that. I’m not judging you, okay? I’m just curious. Were you ever gonna tell her about this? I wanted to. I really did. And — and then jason died, and then my cousin brando and his girlfriend lost their baby. And that’s, like, two painful things at once. So I didn’t want to pile everything on…carly and tell her about nixon falls when I didn’t know that there was a family mourning me. And then, you know, mike became friends with nina. She was caring. She was smart. We fell in love. And then, uh… but once, you know, I found out that — that I was sonny, I went back home. Why is it so hard for — for people to understand that I-I just wanted to leave… …I wanted to leave that nixon falls behind me and just move on? I understand. I-I understand why you did what you did. I appreciate you saying it. It means a lot and, uh… do you think carly will ever come to terms with what I did? What are you even doing here, carly? I thought you were smart, but you’re an idiot. Yeah, I was stupid to think you’d be straight with me. No, no, no. No. That’s not what I’m talking about. Sonny is home, and you’re here sniping at me. You know, if your big goal is to keep me away from your husband, turning your back on him is doing the exact opposite. Sonny wouldn’t have given you a second glance if he remembered me. Well… why don’t you just get over yourself and be glad he’s home? You know nothing about my marriage, nina. Nothing. Oh, I know this. He’s not gonna let you beat him up for very much longer. And then what is sonny gonna do? He’s gonna come back to the woman who loves him without all the anger. And then you’re gonna lose him for good, because I can tell you this — if sonny comes to me, I’m definitely not gonna send him away.

You’re pathetic. You can wait all you want, but sonny’s never coming back to you. Your relationship was an illusion. Mike was an illusion. And the second sonny remembered, he came home. He didn’t give you a backwards glance. Well, you’re awfully worried about an “illusion.” Carly, do you want to know what really happened between sonny and me in nixon falls? Now, that was something real. Did you sleep with my husband? Almost. But you didn’T. Because i stopped it.

I said no. But if I didn’t, sonny would have made love to me. Infidelity is a tough one to get past. But this — this situation is different because it’s not like I’m cheating. I mean, I didn’t know or remember who she was. I didn’t remember who i was. I get that. I really do.

[ Sighs ] I think you have to try to see it from carly’s point of view, you know? She found out that you fell in love… right, right. …With nina when you were on the witness stand. That’s information that you kept from her. So, I mean, how could she not feel that you’d been unfaithful? I do understand that, but she’s not allowing me to prove to her h-how much I love her. Nina doesn’t — doesn’t matter anymore. Then why are you protecting her, sonny? I mean, you said you didn’t think you were nina’s victim. Don’t you think what nina did was wrong? And if one of my boyshad a problem with us dating, they would have been more direct. But using my wedding ring as a symbolic token of m-me and franco just seems… awfully manipulative.

[ Sighs ] Well, I have, um, no experience with boys that age other than when I was that age, so… I certainly trust your judgment. Well, maybe they just found it in the drawer and assumed I had forgotten to put it back on. And they know I take it off when I wash the dishes. Hmm. So maybe they were just returning it, not realizing that I had decided to stop wearing it. So maybe this isn’t some big statement about me and franco. They were just being thoughtful. I suppose that’s possible. My father is no longer a part of my family, and ava never will be. Oh, spencer, I thought you understood the importance of the cassadine legacy. I’m fine with you and aunt alexis as my family. Can we just leave it at that? No, we can’T. There’s alexis. There’s nikolas. There’s valentin. Valentin tried to kill me. Oh, for heaven’s sake, spencer! Will you stop exaggerating and take a more pragmatic view of what actually happened?! Look, I don’t doubt valentin deliberately intimidated you, and that is not the kindest way to treat a child, I grant you, but that is a far cry from trying to kill you. Now, blowing these things out of proportion is quite understandable when you’re 10. But at your age, clinging to some imaginary fantasy is an unacceptable display of weakness. Am I understood? So valentin gets a free pass then? Valentin is a member of this family! As is ava.

[ Clears throat ] Yes and — and esme, of course. You, your father, and valentin need to put these past slights behind you and start working together. “Slights”?! These are more than slights! Yeah, victor, it’s really too much to expect spence to just forget how his dad and ava treated him. I mean, first spence’s father pretends to be dead for three years, and then ava slithers in and just takes control of spence’s trust fund. The cassadines have been plotting against each other and fighting with each other for generations. And, yes, that includes actual threats of murder. That’s one of the reasons this family’s in such a sorry state today, but it has to end. Spencer nikolasovich, it’s time you lived up to your mantle as cassadine heir and started putting family first. But ava is — ava and your father are a team. We need to bring them in to the larger family circle. And then in time, you’ll see ava’s influence over nikolas will begin to lessen. That’s what you want ultimately, isn’t it? Yeah, I guess that makes sense.

[ Sighs ] Alright.

[ Inhales sharply ] Look, spencer, don’t you worry. Hmm? You’re still young. You’ll soon learn that women will come and go in your life. But family? Now, that’s forever. I can’t change the past, tj. I want curtis to get to know who I am now, not who I was. But that’s not what my uncle curtis wants. I can tell you don’t know him very well. Okay. Okay. When my uncle curtis makes his mind up, he cannot be moved. Is the truth about your past so awful that you’re really not willing to risk telling him? Honestly, my uncle curtis’ opinion of you cannot get much worse. So if you want to know your family, if you really want to know who we are, you have to let us know who you are.

[ Door opens ] Hey.

[ Sighs ]

You don’t mind? I would love to have dinner with you, but I can see that this situation with the ring is bothering you. Thank you… for understanding. We’ll have plenty of dinners in the future. Absolutely. This is only a postponement. Mm. I am still looking forward to going out with you. I want to be with my friends, even if that means putting up with esme. I think we’ll have fun. Probably. Well, I think you need to trust your friends. You, joss, cam. Gosh, you’ve been through so much together. You have years of friendship. Focus on that, and you’ll enjoy yourselves, no matter what esme thinks.

[ Sighs ] Now that tj is gone, I see no reason for me to stick around. Curtis, wait. Please. Nothing’s changed. I only want to hear one thing from you. I know. You have questions. And if I don’t want you to continually walk away from me, I need to answer them.

[ Chimes ]

[ Sighs ] Woman: This message is for sonny corinthos. It’s your pharmacy. I’m calling to tell you you’re out of refills on your prescription for lithium. Dr. Sullivan will need to send a new script. Please call 716-555 — the truth hurts. Doesn’t it, carly? This is me putting you on notice. Sonny’s home where he belongs. Stay the hell away from my husband. Kevin? Spencer? I’m home. Hello, laura. It’s so lovely to see you again.

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