Y&R Short Recap Friday, January 7, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

A hospital board member calls Nate to tell him doesn’t look right that he took a first year attending physician to the most recent hospital fundraiser. Nate considers giving up his chief of surgery job but Elena persuades him that he is doing too many good things at the hospital to, quit his job.

Elena enjoys telling Imani that she and Nate have moved in together because Imani will finally stop flirting with Nate.

Adam is in a bad mood because he is rattled by the words Billy told him that he would ” always be a runner up Newman always two steps behind.”.

Chelsea and Adam persuade Connor that they will always be a family event if they don’t live in the same house.

Chloe makes it clear to Sally that if she doesn’t work things out with Chelsea and doesn’t become a team player she will be fired. Sally tells Chelsea there is nothing going on between her and Adam. Sally also tells Chelsea she knows she works for her and Chloe and she wants to learn from them.

Billy goes to Chicago to apologize to Jill and tell her he is taking the job at Chancellor Industries.

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