Y&R Short Recap Wednesday, January 5, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Nick returns from Milan determined not to get involved in Newman family drama.

Nick asks Noah to come and work for him instead of taking the job at Newman Media.

Abby tells Devon that she and Chance have decided not to change the original visitation agreement because it would confuse Dominic when he gets older and also interrupt Chance’s efforts to bond with the baby. Devon isn’t happy, but he doesn’t want to go to court and sue for custody like Amanda keeps encouraging him to do. Devon is confident that since Abby and Chance told him he can see Dominic anytime he will spend a lot of time with Dominic.

Abby is concerned that Chance wants to go back to work too soon since he has been discussing active cases with Rey. Abby is unaware that Chance asked Rey to talk to Paul and try to persuade him to let him return to work.

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