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Brooke: Vodka.


Deacon: Morning sunshine.

Hope: Mom? Mom? You okay?

Brooke: Oh, hi, honey.

Hope: I was just wondering if you had seen dad because I haven’t heard from him and I thought maybe you might know why.


Taylor: Yeah.

Assistant: Dr. Hayes?

Taylor: Yeah?

Assistant: There’s somebody here to see you.

Taylor: I don’t have any patients today, who is it?

Sheila: Hi. I said it was personal, maybe i just didn’t make myself clear.

Taylor: Sheila, this is a surprise.

Ridge: Your mother is a smart woman, but inviting sheila to your house for christmas eve seems like it’s going to have consequences.

Steffy: Well, mom thinks if we give sheila some time with finn and the kids, it will diffuse her obsessive behavior.

Thomas: You know, she did leave. It’s not like she was hanging around.

Steffy: Thank god. I can’t stop thinking about her holding hayes. You have no idea how hard it was for me. Allowing my child to be put in that monster’s arms.

Thomas: Okay. But we were all right there. We weren’t going to let anything happen to hayes.

Ridge: You give that woman an inch and something will happen.

Steffy: Nobody was happy about sheila in the house. But I do trust mom on this. She’s the professional and she knows how obsessive personalities work.

Ridge: I’m sorry. The goal is still to get her out of our lives, right? Out of fin’s life? Out of hayes life? Reverse psychology doesn’t work with sheila. Your mom knows that. She’s insane. She’s crazy. At this point, she probably thinks that she’s friends with your mother.

Taylor: Thank you, audrey. I have a moment to speak with miss carter.

Sheila: Ms. Carter. Very formal. Dr. Hayes.

Taylor: Well, this is my place of business. What can I do for you, sheila?

Sheila: Well, I do show up unannounced and you’re probably wondering why?

Taylor: Yes. I am.

Sheila: You can’t figure it out. You’re a very perceptive woman, taylor. World renowned psychiatrist. I mean, your insight to the human psyche… you really have no idea why I’m here?

Brooke: Why would I know where deacon is?

Hope: Well, i just– I hadn’t seen him since he was over here and I thought, you might know.

Brooke: No. No, I don’T.

Hope: Oh, okay. Well, we had left before he did. I didn’t even get a chance to ask him what his plans were for the night. Actually mom, he came over the other day and liam and him, they had a good talk.

Brooke: Honey. Deacon is your father and you want him in your life. And I can understand that. You want to spend time with him. You want him to see the kids. That’s your choice. But I am no longer comfortable having him here in this house.

Hope: You’re no longer comfortable. Mom- why? What– what happened? What changed? Kim is now demonstrating her congestion.

Ridge: I’m not saying your mother made a mistake. She’s the expert.

Steffy: She thinks fighting sheila the way we have been will only make things worse.

Thomas: Well, keep your friends close and your enemies closer, right ?

Ridge: Well, that saying doesn’t work with sheila because she is psychotic.

Thomas: It doesn’t matter how psychotic she is. We still had control of her on christmas eve.

Steffy: Yeah, sheila wasn’t going to get away with anything.

Ridge: She did get away with something, honey. She was in your house and that doesn’t sit right with me.

Steffy: You and me, both. My stomach was in knots, but finn and I were on high alert.

Ridge: That’s not what christmas should be. It is a time of celebrating.

Steffy: She didn’t show up on new year’S.

Ridge: That’s good news, right? At least she wasn’t invited for that.

Steffy: She didn’t ask to come.

Thomas: Seems like mom made the right call then.

Ridge: Maybe she did. I’m glad you guys had a good time. I, for one, did not because I didn’t make it home to spend new year’s with brooke. She was there. With hope and her family. Deacon.

Thomas: Oh, come on. You had to be kind of glad to miss that, right?

Ridge: No. And brooke just hasn’t been the same since I got home.

Steffy: So, she’s upset because you weren’t there?

Ridge: I don’t know. It’s something else, I don’t know what it is.

Steffy: I know you’re worried about brooke being irked with you. But I would be more concerned about what brooke is going to do about deacon.

>Ridge: Hmm. I’ll see you later.

Thomas: Does dad seem more concerned than he’s letting on?

Steffy: Well, dad wouldn’t have any reason to be worried if he wasn’t with brooke.

Taylor: Why don’t you just tell me why you’re here sheila? There’s no reason to play games.

Sheila: Games? I know what you’re doing taylor. I know… the person that you are, the doctor that you are, and I never could have imagined that your legendary kindness and caring would extend to someone like me. You’re a remarkable person. And that you– you’re showing sympathy and– and letting me in. Giving me a chance. That is something that your nemesis brooke, never would allow to happen.

Brooke: I can’t tell you what to do in your own life, hope. But I can’t have deacon here.

Hope: Okay. But can you at least tell me why? Because I don’t understand the sudden change in attitude.

Brooke: I’ve always had reservations about your reunion.

Hope: Reservations that i had thought you put behind you.

Brooke: Honey, I have been as accepting as I can. Up to a point.

Hope: Okay, okay, wait, wait, stop. Because now you’re starting to sound like ridge. Did he say something when he got home? Did he actually have– he had a problem with deacon being over here, didn’t he? He did something. He said something.

Brooke: No, no, he didn’t do anything. And he’s not angry about anything. I’m angry, at myself

Hope: For what?

Brooke: It’s not ridge, honey. It’s not. It’s me. It’s me.

Brooke: I should have gone away with ridge, like he wanted.

Hope: Is that why you’re so upset? Did ridge make you feel bad about staying home?

Brooke: No. He’s been very patient and very understanding.

Hope: Okay. So then what? Because you seemed like you were having a good time new year’s eve. I mean, we were all enjoying ourselves.

Brooke: Of course, we were, honey. I love spending time with my family, with my children, with my grandchildren. But I can’t risk alienating ridge. I love him too much. And, you know, he’s had concerns.

Hope: Yeah, concerns about my dad.

Brooke: Look, if you want your father in your life, that is your choice. But I can’t have him or his influence in mine.

Hope: All right, if you say that’s what you need, then fine. But… I don’t understand where this change is coming from, but you have been really supportive and really understanding. So, I don’t want to push it. But I know you, mom. I saw the two of you getting along. So… this just… doesn’t feel right.

Steffy: You think I should let it go, don’t you?

Thomas: Look, dad’s committed to brooke.

Steffy: Maybe he always will be. I can’t help hoping that dad will just wake up and realize he made a mistake. He would be so much happier living a scandal free, drama free life with mom.

Taylor: Brooke, isn’t my nemesis.

Sheila: Okay. What, adversary, rival, thorn in your side?

Taylor: Or maybe for you. I’m sensing some resentment.

Shelia: It’s because I do resent her. I mean her cruel, you know, vicious attitude toward me. What I really resent is all of the hard work that I have done. Completely ignored.

Taylor: All the work you’ve done on yourself?

Sheila: Yes. Yes, I’m trying my best to practice as much acceptance and accountability as I can. And it’s really the only way to move forward, to be honest. You know, to accept my decisions and… and when I have wronged people and I’ve hurt them, I need to apologize for that. And that’s what I’ve been trying to do. And brooke just won’t hear it.

Taylor: Okay, I– I hear you. You sound frustrated.

Sheila: That’s because I am. I just want to prove myself. I want people to see that my priorities have changed.

Taylor: And what are those priorities?

>Sheila: I just want to start over. I– you know– I want to– I want to be a better person, make a better life for myself. Isn’t that what new year’s is all about anyway? Right? Renewal. New year’s, so you must have had a wonderful time, huh? Spending it with the family. Even though ridge couldn’t be there. I know he couldn’t be there for for brooke, either. He was out of town.

Taylor: Well, he did his best to get back.

Sheila: Well, did he? Did he make it back by midnight?

Taylor: No.

Sheila: Well that must have put a damper on brooke’s evening.

Deacon: Fall off the wagon

one night and get

right back on.

Brooke: That’s right.


Ridge: Oh, good. I wasn’t sure you got my text.

Brooke: What text?

Ridge: My text saying that I was coming home. I just wanted to make sure you were here because I want to talk to you. About new year’s eve.

Brooke: What do you want to talk about?

Ridge: You haven’t been the same since I got back. So, I wanted to apologize for not… not being here and celebrating with you.

Brooke: You don’t have to apologize. I mean, do I wish you were here. Yes, more than you know. But I don’t blame you, ridge. I blame myself. I just– when you’re not around, it’s– everything’s different. I just lose all sense of stability.

Ridge: I am here now. We can celebrate now, we can celebrate tomorrow. We can go to paris. Go to milan. We can go to detroit and watch hockey, huh? What is it? What’s wrong? When they’re sick, they get comfortable anywhere

Taylor: I have no idea what brooke did on new year’s eve.

Sheila: Yeah, well, knowing brooke, she was by herself anything could happen, right? I mean, ridge was gone and brooke can’t do anything without a man next to her. Okay. All right. That wasn’t very nice of me. But in all honesty, she hasn’t been nice to either of us. Okay. I think that even if ridge were home, there’s no way she would have let him come to see you. And you’ve gotten used to spending holidays without ridge, but brooke hasn’T.

Taylor: I– sheila. I was fine. I was with my family.

Sheila: Yeah well, thanks to you, I– I got to experience that myself. But new year’s was a little different.

Taylor: Mm, you didn’t– you didn’t do anything special on new year’s?

Sheila: Well i had a few sips of champagne, and I just got started on some resolutions.

Taylor: Okay. Well, that doesn’t sound so bad.

Sheila: No. No, but I don’t need to tell you how difficult new year’s eve can be. I’m– everybody else going out having a good time. And no one to kiss when that clock strikes midnight. Especially if you’re lonely or depressed. I don’t have a drug or alcohol problem.

[Phone rings]

Taylor: I– I need to take this.

Sheila: Should I go?

Taylor: Um. Well, it’s not confidential. Unless you have someplace to be.

Sheila: No. No, I think I’ve done everything that I needed to.

Taylor: Yes. This is dr. Hayes. Oh, hi. Yes, I did.

Mm-hm. Oh, okay. And when is the appointment?

Ridge: Brooke. Hi. I know you. I know you better than I know myself. So, I know something is wrong. What is it?

Brooke: It’s not you, ridge. Not at all.

Ridge: I know I’ve had a rough time. It’s been bumpy. We’ve been out of sync. And I thought new year’s would be great for us to reconnect, you know, fresh start.

Brooke: And that’s what I wanted. More than anything.

Ridge: Me too. You got to know, I tried, I tried to be here. I wanted to be here.

Brooke: I know, I know. I don’t blame you. I don’T. It’s not your fault.

Ridge: Something happened, right? So, what is it? You can– you can tell me anything. You can share anything with me. You know that, right?

Brooke: I want to. I want to… be able to share with you, ridge. I mean, I need to come to terms with it. You’re right, something did happen on new year’s eve and… I really don’t know. I don’t know how it went so wrong.

Ridge: Hey. Tell me.

Brooke: I mean, we were all here, I was having a great time… with the kids. We were decorating, we were playing and then they went upstairs to watch tv.

Ridge: Deacon showed up.

Brooke: Yeah, hope invited him. He wanted to spend time with hope and with the kids.

Ridge: And he didn’t stay long?

Brooke: When the kids fell asleep, hope and liam took them down to the cabin. And deacon left. And I was here alone. And I was getting ready and looking forward to sharing new year’s eve with you. I really wanted that ridge and…


Ridge: Go on.

Brooke: You’re going to be disappointed with me. I know because I’m disappointed with myself. And I don’t even know how it happened. I don’t even know how to explain it. But I need to. I was just looking forward to being with you at midnight. I thought that was really important for us after the year that we had and… and I messed up. I messed up and you need to know, ridge. – Oh…oh. – What’s going on?

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