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Rafe: Ciara, everything okay?

Ciara: Everything’s fine. We are totally safe. Your officers have been really great. Ben is actually bringing them some eggnog right now. Any luck finding marlena?

Shawn: Police!

Jan: Oh, my god, he’s here.

Marlena: How many times have I told you not to mention him?

Jan: I’m sorry, it’s just, this is actually happening. What do I do?

Marlena: What people normally do when there’s a knock at their door. You open the door. What are you waiting for?

Jan: I know you’re the prince of darkness. So with all due respect, your highness, shawn is not gonna be happy when I open the door and he realizes it’s me who lured him here.

Shawn: Police, open up!

Jan: What should we do?

Marlena: Well, I can’t very well have you meet your lover looking like that. Let me see if I can slip you into something a little more comfortable.

[Whooshing] Yes, that’s more like it. I think shawn will approve. Why don’t you take a look?

Jan as belle: [Gasps] I’m belle.

Marlena: Who better to seduce shawn than his own wife? Go get him, tiger.

[Tense music]

Jan as belle: Happy anniversary, sweetheart.

Lucas: They’re bringing in sami’s kidnapper now?

Belle: Well, according to rafe, this guy is just an accomplice. But yeah, they’re hoping to get him to talk, so they can find out who the bastard is who’s really behind sami’s kidnapping.

Lucas: Well, right, yeah. I mean, let’s hope they catch him.

Ej: I don’t want a divorce, samantha. I want you.

Sami: I want you, too! I want you. What? Wait a second. I don’t think this is a good idea.

Male announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the “days of our lives.”

[Soft orchestration]

Ej: I don’t understand. Did you not just say that you would never give up on us?

Sami: I did, I did, I mean–

Ej: How many times after i told you that we was over did you say you would move heaven and earth to be with me again? And here I am. Here I am, heart on my sleeve, telling you that I want you, agreeing to a reconciliation. And now all of a sudden, you’re not sure?

Sami: No, it’s just–

Ej: It’s just what? It’s not a good idea unless it’s your idea?

Sami: Oh, no. It’s not that, ej. You just have to understand that–

Ej: There’s nothing about this that I understand. What possible reason could the woman who never hesitates to go after her heart’s desire have for not embracing the outcome that she has been proclaiming far and wide to be her destiny? Tell me. Please explain it to me. Explain it to me, samantha, please. After months apart, I am giving you the chance to be with me again. And now all of a sudden, you don’t know? What the hell is the problem?

Sami: I don’t know what the problem is! Except that I’m scared.

Lucas: Well, this guy that held sami. How’d they catch him?

Belle: Oh, rafe didn’t share any details, but given the long list of charges this slime ball’s facing, my guess is he’s gonna roll over his boss and give us a name.

Lucas: Well, yeah, yeah. Let’s hope so.

Jan as belle: Aren’t you going to come in?

Shawn: Sure. Wait, hold on. Wait, I’m confused. I thought you were meeting with trask.

Jan as belle: Why would you think that?

Shawn: What do you mean? You were supposed to be meeting with her to get the charges against brady dropped.

Jan as belle: Oh, right, yes. I spoke to the da, and it’s a done deal. But hey, it’s christmas eve, and I’m alone with the man that I love. And I don’t wanna talk about work. I don’t really wanna talk about anything.

[Tense music]

Julie: Are you sure this is the best side?

Doug: It’s perfect, sweetheart.

Julie: You’re just saying that because I’ve been turning the tree around and around. I think it is sparse on the bottom right here, and I hate a sparse bottom.

Doug: It’s not sparse if you’re sitting here.

Julie: I’m being too fussy, aren’t I?

Doug: Yeah, you always want everything to be perfect.

Julie: Well, after the horrendous thanksgiving we all lived through, I want our christmas eve to be beautiful, and peaceful, and full of joy.

Doug: Yeah.

[Phone beeps]

Julie: Oh, no.

Doug: What is it now?

Julie: It’s hope. Bad weather, plane grounded. No way she’s gonna make it to christmas.

Doug: Oh, where’s rudolph and his shiny nose when you need him, huh?

[Bells ringing] Did you just hear jingle bells? Maybe that’s him now.

Ciara: Merry christmas.

Julie: Oh.

Doug: Hey, look who’s here. Yay.

Ciara: Yay.

Julie: Yay, merry christmas. “I got you babe” by etta james

Ciara: Grandpa doug, it is so good to see you. Are you sure you’re okay?

Doug: How can I not be? You’re here, and you’re glowing, and I know why.

Julie: We are so happy for both of you. A new baby in the new year.

Ciara: Yeah.

Julie: What a blessing.

Doug: Yeah, and ben, I know you’re taking great care of her.

Ciara: Well, the best.

Julie: She deserves it. And you better take care of yourself, too. We understand the devil has threatened your unborn baby. Are you sure it’s all right for you to even be out?

Ciara: Yeah, well, it took a lot of convincing, but I finally got rafe to agree that we could come.

Belle: There he is now.

Rafe: Sit.

Jason: What do you know, huh?

Belle: You’re a monster.

Jason: Who the hell are you, lady?

Belle: I’m belle brady. And you kidnapped my sister sami, and now you and the son of a bitch you work for are gonna pay.

[Tense music]

Shawn: Wait, hold on. Hold on, hold on, hold on.

Jan as belle: Don’t you wanna make love to me? Shawn, what’s wrong?

Shawn: I just had a frightening thought.

Jan as belle: Oh, come on. What could possibly frighten you right now?

Shawn: Just not being sure. I don’t know who you are. I mean, I’m just not being sure that you’re my wife.

Ej: You’re scared? I think if we ask the devil himself what gives him nightmares, he would say running afoul of you. What could you be possibly afraid of?

Sami: Ej, when we were in italy and I was looking after you, I was happy to do it. I was happy to do it body and soul. I wanted to help you. And it was probably the most unselfish thing I’ve ever done in my whole life. There was no schemes, no agenda. I love you. And even when you were cold and mean, I still love you.

Ej: I have expressed my remorse for how I treated you. But I’ll say it again. Samantha, I am so, so, sorry. I wasn’t in my right mind. That’s not an excuse, just a reason.

Sami: I’m not asking you to apologize again. Because I have forgiven you for that. I truly have. The way that you looked at me then, it hurt. But nothing like how it hurt when you looked at me when you found out that I had lied to you and that I had slept with lucas. And I just need to make sure you’re never gonna look at me like that again.

Ej: I’m not doing that now, am I?

Sami: No, but I need to understand what changed. And I need to make sure that that change is real.

Ej: I can tell you what hasn’t changed, how I feel about you. You are the love of my life, samantha gene.

Sami: For our relationship to heal, for this to really work… I need you to say it. I need you to say that you forgive me for lying about sleeping with lucas. Please say it. Lila: Before I was diagnosed, there was nothing

Ej: Samantha, don’t make me say that. I have my pride. So knowing that my wife, the woman I love, gave herself to another man, I couldn’t handle it, obviously. Especially because it was lucas. And I know how you once felt about him, and maybe you still do.

Sami: We just have a complicated history, lucas and I. I mean, we have kids together and I was scared and alone, and lucas made me feel safe.

Ej: Hard for me to hear this.

Sami: No, I’m not saying this to hurt you. I’m not. I just want you to understand our marriage was in trouble, you know, it was. Lucas comforted me.

Ej: He did more than that, didn’t he? He rescued you from your kidnappers.

Sami: Yeah. Thank god for that, right? I mean, I might not be here. I could have even been dead if it hadn’t been for lucas.

Belle: You are an animal. How could you keep an innocent woman locked up for all those months? I just…

Rafe: Belle. Hey, take it easy.

Jason: You mean you actually missed her? Woman’s a pain in the ass, man. Saved you all a hell of a lot of trouble.

Lucas: You’re actually not the first guy to say that.

Jason: The drama, the tantrums, the insults. I did you all a favor.

Rafe: Why don’t you do yourself a favor?

Jason: What’s that supposed to mean?

Rafe: Well, you play this right, I’ll talk to the da and have her go easy on you. All you have to do is tell us who hired you to keep sami dimera captive.

Ciara: I told rafe that there was no way I was gonna spend christmas eve away from the family again this year.

Ben: And I’m sorry we missed thanksgiving.

Julie: Oh. Count yourself lucky.

Ben: Shawn told me all about it. You all went toe-to-toe with the devil.

Doug: Yeah, well, old scratch didn’t have a chance, especially against your grandmother here.

Julie: But the devil is still out there. In marlena’s body, and locks and doors do not stop him. You’re sure it’s safe for you to be here?

Ben: Rafe made us promise that we would bring the police that he assigned to guard us. So they are parked right out front.

Ciara: Don’t worry, grandma. As you well know, I come from a long line of badass, strong women, I do. There’s no way that I’m gonna let the devil come anywhere near my baby or hurt anybody that I love.

[Bell ringing]

Santa: Merry christmas. Would you like to make a donation to st. Luke’s church? $100?

Marlena: God needs all the help he can get these days.

[Tense music]

Enjoy your not so silent night, jan.

Jan as belle: Of course it’s me. Who else would I be? I was going too fast. Is that it? Wham, bam, thank you, sir. When you like things nice and slow. And believe me, I want that, too. It’s just so hard to go slowly when I’ve wanted you for so long. I mean, I wanted this time, just us. No distractions. Put everything else outside of our minds. Shawn, I just want you to know, to feel, that you are the love of my life.

Shawn: I–listen, I feel the exact same way, okay, about my wife.

Jan as belle: And that would be me. Lucky, lucky me.

Shawn: Wait, you texted me from a blocked number. I don’t understand. Why wouldn’t you just text me from your phone?

Jan as belle: Well, because I wanted it to be a surprise. And it wouldn’t have been a surprise if my number popped up on the caller id, now would it?

Shawn: No. No, it wouldn’t have been. Look, it’s just with everything that’s been going on here, I just–

Jan as belle: Sorry you’re feeling so skeptical that I’m me. I was just trying to make you happy, shawn.

Shawn: No, no, no, I–listen, I get that, I get it, I do. And as much as I would just love to be enjoying this evening with my wife, I just, I think that I’m gonna keep my pants on tonight. I mean, you understand.

Jan as belle: Yeah. Sure, I understand. And, well, I don’t blame you one bit. Erring on the side of caution is the smart thing to do. Although…

Shawn: Although?

Jan as belle: Although if you really are afraid that I’m not me, and the real belle is at the police station, then why don’t you just call rafe and find out. Are you one of the millions of americans

Julie: Are you comfortable? Do you need another pillow?

Ciara: Grandma, I am fine. Really. This cup of tea, a couple of your christmas cookies, and seeing grandpa doug looking so amazing, that is all I really need.

> Ben: Well, the guards wanted me to say thank you for the cookies.

Julie: You’re so welcome. Any devil sightings?

Ben: No, all is quiet.

Julie: Thank god. But the fallen angel is always out there. Always has been waiting in the darkness.

Doug: Yes, but we must remember that 2,000 years ago a child came into that darkness to bring us light.

Ciara: I feel that same light coming from our child.

Julie: And where there’s light and love…

Doug: There is always hope.

Shawn: Okay. I will call rafe.

[Line trilling]

Rafe: Commissioner hernandez.

Shawn: Hey, rafe, it’s shawn. Is belle still there at the station?

Rafe: Not anymore. We met with trask, got her to drop the charges against brady, and then belle said she wanted to surprise you for–oh, and i just blew it, did I blow it? I’m so sorry.

Shawn: No, no, no, no, not at all. I just–you know, I just wanted to make sure, you know, given everything that’s been happening in salem.

Rafe: You can’t be too careful, especially with the devil among us. But it’s christmas eve, shawn. Take the rest of the night off. Spend some quality time with that beautiful wife of yours.

Shawn: That’s exactly what I intend on doing. Merry christmas, rafe.

Marlena: Same to you, buddy. And ho ho ho to you, shawn douglas. Your life is about to go boom.

[Tense music]

Jan as belle: Are you satisfied?

Shawn: Yes, I am.

Jan as belle: Well, mr. Brady, I’m not. And I am not letting you leave until I am.

Belle: How can this be a hard decision? You get to save yourself, like the coward you are.

Jason: I’m not saying a word without a lawyer, all right?

Rafe: All right. I’ll go call the public defender’s office and let ’em know.

Belle: You know, if you’re as smart as you think you are, you’ll make that deal.

Lucas: What the hell, man? What the hell, jason?

Jason: Hey, believe me, man. Getting caught wasn’t my idea, all right?

Lucas: Listen to me, we gotta think of something.

Jason: That’s the problem, man, I let you do the thinking last time. So this time I’m thinking for myself, all right? I’m taking the deal.

Lucas: No, you’re not. You can’t do that to me.

Jason: You got a better offer, huh?

Ej: Acceptance of what happened between you and lucas, not an easy thing. But I guess I should accept the fact that as strong as you are, you do have your moments of weakness.

Sami: Everyone has their moments of weakness, ej, even you. Lucas just happened to be there for mine. Look, this isn’t about your pride or my ego. Let’s just settle this, okay? I know why it happened, and I swear to you it will never ever happen again.

Ej: Okay.

Sami: Okay, what?

Ej: I forgive you.

Sami: You mean it?

Ej: Yes.

Sami: With your whole heart? Yeah, you can say it.

Ej: With my whole heart.

Sami: Wait a minute.

Ej: What is it now?

Sami: What about nicole? The airport can be a real challenge for new homeowners

Ej: Nicole?

Sami: Yeah, nicole, the skank I caught you in bed with. You remember her, right? What about her?

Ej: You’ve been painfully honest with me, so I will return the favor. Nicole was there for me. But as much of a connection that we had, nicole is not the woman that I wanna spend the rest of my life with. That distinction belongs to you.

Sami: You forgot to mention the part about how you only slept with her to hurt me.

Ej: I was with her to try and forget the pain that I had from losing you. But let’s not make this about nicole or lucas but rather how you and i have found each other yet again, how we’ve put aside our egos and our hurt and forgiven each other, which is something of a christmas miracle, isn’t it? There is nothing that I want more than for us to be together again, samantha. Tell me you want that, too.

Lucas: Listen to me. All we gotta do is think things through.

Jason: What’s to think through, huh? I’m out. I’m not gonna sacrifice my freedom for your stupid plan, so you can try to win back your old ball and chain, all right?

Lucas: I know that my plan was ill-conceived, I do, but I promise you I’m gonna get you out of this.

Jason: You promised me that back at the cabin, and here I am.

Lucas: What am I supposed to do about the wisconsin state police? I can’t do anything about that. I promise you, I’m going to get you the best lawyer money could buy. It’ll be on the down low.

Jason: There’s no attorney that’s gonna get us out of this mess, man.

Lucas: Don’t say us. Stop saying us, there is no us. We’re strangers, remember that.

Jason: Remember what you said back at the cabin, huh? “Multiple felonies. Two witnesses. This is airtight case.” There’s no winning this.

Lucas: I only said that because sami was right there.

Jason: I don’t give a damn why you said that, all right? If I’m going down, I’m taking you with me. Unless you can think of a better way for us to both walk out of this, I’m giving you up, buddy.

Jan as belle: Are you ready to unwrap your present? Now what?

Shawn: I just–I’m sorry, belle. I just–with everything that’s been going on in salem, and it’s like, you know, philip is missing, he’s presumed dead. And your mom, your mom, your mom’s possessed, and she’s wreaking havoc everywhere. I just–I feel like we shouldn’t be doing this. I mean, I feel–i just–I don’t know, I feel like this is selfish.

Jan as belle: Oh, come on. You know what? You know how you should think of it? What does the devil hate more than anything else?

Shawn: I don’t know. What, christmas?

Jan as belle: Yes, and love. And I love you more than life itself. And I can’t think of a better way to stick it to old satan than for you to take me to bed and have your way with me.

Shawn: You’re right. I just–this is our anniversary. I mean, we should be cebrating. I mean, damn to the devil.

Jan as belle: Yeah. Well, I hope you don’t expect me to be an angel.

Shawn: Oh.

[Tense music]

Julie: Another cookie, benjamin?

Ben: You know what, julie, I think I’m good for now. But thank you. And, you know, we really should probably get back to the safe house.

Julie: Oh, of course we were hoping you could stay and hang the ornaments with all of us. But I understand.

Ciara: Well, would it be okay if ben and I hung up our ornaments now?

Doug: That is a must. And yours are right here.

Julie: Yes.

Ciara: Thank you.

[Soft music]

Ben: You know something. I never told you this before. Last year when I thought I’d lost you, and everybody thought you were dead, doug asked me to hang your ornament, and I was so upset that I couldn’t do it in front of everyone.

Ciara: I’m so sorry, babe.

Ben: No, it wasn’t sad. I mean, at first it was but then after when I was alone I did it. I felt your hand on top of mine just like mine is on top of yours right now.

Ciara: It’s okay, ben. We can do it together.

Ben: I always knew you were with me. And in my heart, I knew that we were gonna be together again doing this this year.

Ciara: And just think, next year we’re gonna be hanging up another ornament for this little one.


Belle: So any sign of my mom?

Rafe: No, but it is christmas eve, and not a creature is stirring, not ev–what the hell?

Nicorette knows, quitting

smoking is freaking hard.

Belle: What happened? Looks like a tornado hit.

Rafe: Yeah. Hopefully, no damage is done. I’d hate to disappoint the kids at the hospital. I mean, we’ve been so generous this year.

[Gift rattles] Aww, that doesn’t sound good.

Belle: Well, at least it looks like there’s enough to go around.

Rafe: Yeah, better call over to the hospital and get someone to pick these up before more damage is done, huh? Then I’m gonna call the public defender. Oh, belle, merry christmas. I’m really glad brady got to come home and see rachel.

Belle: Aww.

Rafe: Yeah.

Belle: Yeah, me too.

Rafe: Merry christmas, bye.

Belle: Bye.

[Phone rings] Hello?

Shawn: Hey, sweetheart. Can you meet me at the salem inn? Room 514.

Belle: Why?

Shawn: Because your anniversary/christmas present is waiting for you.

Belle: Really?

Shawn: I left a key for you at the desk. So don’t be long.

Belle: Aww. Okay, I’m on my way. I can’t wait.

Shawn: I can’t wait for you to see me, too.

[Tense music]

Jan as belle: See anything else you want for christmas, mr. Brady?

Shawn: Look, I see everything that I want for christmas.

Ciara: Thank you so much for everything, grandma. It was perfect.

Doug: That’s what your grandmother wanted for you, a perfect christmas eve.

Julie: Oh, ben. Before you go, would you mind putting the angel on the top of the tree? Your grandfather won’t let me anywhere near a stepladder anymore.

Doug: Of course not.

Julie: For you.

Ben: Of course, thank you.

Rafe: I’m waiting on the public defender’s office to get back to me.

Jason: Whatever. I thought about it, man, and I wanna cut a deal. I’m gonna tell you who hired me to keep sami brady locked up.

Sami: Yes, yes, ahh! Yes, yes, yes. I want more than anything to have another chance with you, ej. You know, the whole time I was in that horrible room, I just was trying to escape. I tried anything. I wanted to get out of there. That son of a bitch that kidnapped me, he…

Ej: Samantha, sama–

Sami: Kept me away from you. He kept me away from the kids and from henry. And just think, none of this would have happened. You would never have slept with nicole if it weren’t for–

Ej: Eyes forward, remember?

Samantha: It’s just so frustrating, you know. It’s not like I didn’t offer money. I offered him a lot of money. The guard wouldn’t take it, and he said his boss wouldn’t take it. It wasn’t about the money. It was something personal. And I swear to you, if I ever get my hands on the son of a bitch that kidnapped me, I will take this right up his–

Ej: Let’s put down the weaponry, shall we?

Sami: I mean it.

Ej: And focus on us, reunited, and speaking for myself, more in love than ever.

Sami: I dreamt of this every day when I was locked up in there, that horrible room. I just dreamt of being in your arms again.

Ej: I’m so sorry for what you went through, samantha. You’re safe now. And I promise to have and hold you for the rest of our lives.

Sami: Ej. I want you to make love to me.

Limu emu… & doug Lila: Before I was diagnosed, there was nothing

Lucas: Thanks for hearing me out and going along with my idea.

Jason: Yeah, pretty genius. Now neither of us will be ringing in the new year with prison toilet wine, huh?

Lucas: Yeah, but somebody else will.


Ej: I gave harold the night off, so we’ll just have to ignore it.

Sami: Good idea. Oh, but it might be those cute christmas carolers and how they always sing off-key.

Ej: Darling, no.

Sami: I’ll give them some money. I’ll make it quick, I–rafe.

Rafe: Sami.

Sami: What are you doing here?

Rafe: Official business.

Sami: Oh, what–

Rafe: Ej dimera, you’re under arrest for the kidnapping of sami brady.

Ben: Is that okay?

Julie: Ooh, just a smidge to the le–

Doug: It’s perfect right where it is, thank you, ben.

Ciara: Well, it makes me feel much better knowing that there’s a little angel watching over you two after we leave.

Doug: Angels we have

Both: Heard on high


singing o’er the plains

All: And the mountains in

reply echoing

their joyous strains


in excelsis deo

Doug: Oh.

Ciara: What?

Julie: Oh, no.

[Dramatic music]

Doug: Oh, oh.

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