Y&R Short Recap Monday, December 20 2021

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Recap written by Christine

Victor suggested to Adam that they’d done enough to Billy. Adam didn’t think they should show Billy mercy. Victor decided they should proceed carefully. Elena and Nate decided to move in together. Chance and Abby spent time with Amanda and Devon. Devon shared baby tips, and Chance was regretful he missed out on time with the baby. Abby tried to reassure him. Once they went home, Amanda suggested that Devon ask for some alone time with the baby. Devon wanted to, but he didn’t want to overstep into Chance’s territory. Victor tried to dissuade Chance from working at the GCPD because it was dangerous. Billy told Jack about his plan to make it look like he’d started drinking and gambling again. He wanted Newman Media to publish an article about his downfall so that he could sue them for the false story. Jack didn’t like the plan, and he was dismayed Lily supported it instead of talking Billy out of it. Jack didn’t think this plan would work out. Billy had second thoughts about his plan, but he ultimately decided to move forward with it. Phyllis and Nick exchanged the personalized Christmas gifts they’d purchased for each other prior to the breakup. They agreed that they didn’t want to lose their connection. Nick saw Phyllis talking with Jack. Adam overheard Jack tell Phyllis that he was afraid Billy was making the same mistakes again. Adam said he didn’t intend to push Billy over the edge. Jack didn’t believe Adam.

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