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Recap written by Christine

Sally was at the main house, having been summoned by Victor. He said he was aware of the videos of Billy she sent to Adam. She pretended not to know what he was talking about, but he told her not to waste time, so she admitted that she sent them. He asked what her intentions were. She just wanted to help Adam and Newman media. She didn’t know exactly what went down with Adam and Billy, but she knew it was big and that Billy would probably try and retaliate. Victor didn’t know Sally was that altruistic. Sally said she was a team player, and if Newman Media suffered, her fashion platform would suffer, and she didn’t want that. She was being proactive and gathering ammunition in case Billy came after them. He asked if Billy suspected anything, and she said not as far as she could tell.

Victor was impressed that Sally seemed to be looking out for the company, but he said, as he’d told Adam, they had to be careful when it came to Billy. According to Victor, Billy was a reckless fool, but he shouldn’t be underestimated, especially when his back was against the wall. Victor appreciated the information on Billy, but he said there was no need for more videos. Sally was sure she could handle surveilling Billy. She didn’t want to let Adam down. Victor said he knew there was another angle to this – she wasn’t just trying to protect the company, she was trying to impress Adam. Sally admitted she had an attraction to Adam, but she said they agreed they were nothing more than friends and colleagues. Victor said that better be true, because Adam needed to focus on Connor. Sally understood. He asked if she’d be working with Chelsea. Sally said yes, but she wouldn’t be involved in an office triangle. Sally stated that Adam made it clear he had no time for a relationship. Sally was focusing on her career, and she wouldn’t do anything to jeopardize it. Victor was glad to hear that especially after what Sally did to Summer. Sally admitted that for awhile, she justified that by saying Summer had a great job in Italy, but Sally now realized that she did something wrong, selfish and vindictive. Sally couldn’t change the past. She could only do what she could to prove she wasn’t that person. Victor was going to give Sally the chance to prove it. He said Sally made Victoria happy with the dress and she brought publicity to Newman Fashion. He told her she’d be fine if she continued to focus on her work and didn’t get distracted. He was impressed with her, and he hoped she’d continue to impress him.

Chelsea and Connor were sitting on the floor at the penthouse looking at old photos of Connor. Adam dropped by with Connor’s backpack that he forgot. Connor was hopeful that Adam would be spending Christmas with them. His parents told him they’d talk about it, then he got sent upstairs to get ready for bed. Adam was planning to spend Christmas with his family on the ranch. That didn’t interest Chelsea, but she said she’d go for Connor. He said they could do Christmas Eve here at the penthouse, then he’d come back in the morning to watch Connor open presents, then he’d take Connor to the ranch. He said Chelsea could join them if she wanted. She appreciated how considerate he was being. He said they weren’t together, but they’d always be a family.

Connor came back downstairs and Chelsea and Adam told him the Christmas plans. Adam left, and Chelsea asked what Connor wanted for Christmas. He asked if she was going to stay in town for good, and she said yes. He thought that his parents still loved each other, and he wanted them to try and get back together, as a Christmas gift to him. He wanted to be a real family. She said they were a real family, and she promised the future would be wonderful. She was glad to be back. He was too, and they hugged. After Connor was in bed, Chelsea had wine and flashed back to romantic moments she and Adam shared at the penthouse. She then remembered the conversation they had when he told her that they needed to be apart. Connor came back downstairs, pulling Chelsea out of her trip down memory lane. She asked if he was okay, and he said not really.

Connor couldn’t fall asleep. He thought he’d like being back in his old room, but while it felt like home, it also didn’t feel like home. Chelsea assured Connor that this made sense. She said he’d been at boarding school, then at the ranch. She said it felt strange for her too, but this was their home. She said they’d adjust. Connor suggested that Adam move into one of Nikki and Victor’s unused rooms at the main house and that Chelsea move into the tack house. Chelsea gently told Connor that she’d be staying at the penthouse, where she belonged. She hoped that the penthouse would start feeling like home again for both of them.

At Society, Billy sipped his apple juice in an old fashioned glass, so people would think it was whiskey. Lily scanned the room and said Adam and his spy weren’t there. Billy was sure that either Adam, or a ridiculously disguised Sally would show up at some point. She noted that a flaw in his plan was that he needed other people to show up at the right time. He said this was only the beginning of his plan for Newman Media. Nobody came, and he wondered if she thought the night was a bust. She said she was having a good time – this was like a date. He suggested they get some dessert. He thought luck was on their side tonight. She saw Adam and told him that the eagle had landed. They put on a show for Adam. Billy acted drunk and difficult. Lily played the exasperated girlfriend, trying to get Billy to stop making a scene and go home with her. Billy made it seem like he was angry with Lily for constantly complaining at him and blaming him for losing ChancComm. She yelled back that she didn’t blame him. He said she was the queen of Chancellor, and she had a purpose. Billy pretended to notice Adam for the first time. He told Lily that he had a purpose too, until Adam stole it from him. He thought that Lily should show him some compassion instead of lecturing him all the time. Billy vowed to make Adam pay, then he turned to storm off and fell on his face. Lily jumped up and ran to him. He shrugged her off saying he didn’t need her help or pity. Lily wanted to go home, but Billy said he was going somewhere that he felt welcome and not judged. She was concerned he’d drive, and he said he wasn’t going to. He left. Adam brought Lily her purse and said he was sorry. She snatched it and said she didn’t want to hear it. He called her a saint. She snapped that this was all Adam and Victor’s fault.

Lily got home, and Billy was already there, icing his knee. He really got hurt in his fake fall. They both had fun performing tonight, but she got a glimpse into an alternate universe that she didn’t want to be part of. He assured her that she didn’t have to worry about that. She saw a cut on his head, and she tended to it. He said maybe he should get a stunt man next time. She began to cover him in kisses, which he enjoyed but he pulled away because he had another performance to make.

Sally ran into Adam at Society, and he told her that Billy went off on Lily, and then he fell on his face. Sally asked if Billy was okay. Adam thought he seemed fine, physically, but he’d probably done major damage to his relationship with Lily. He didn’t understand why Lily was still with Billy. Sally said some women were attracted to bad boys. Adam said that if someone were following Billy around and recording him, tonight would be a good night. Sally said she won Victor over. Sally added that Victor asked about her relationship with Adam. Adam said that was none of Victor’s business, but Sally noted that it never stopped Victor before. Sally said she told Victor that she and Adam were keeping things professional, so there was no going back on that now. She revealed that Victor knew she’d been spying on Billy, and he asked her to stop. Adam said when he told Victor about the helpful anonymous source, Victor didn’t mention Sally’s name. Victor just told Adam to tread carefully and keep him in the loop. “Thought it was a two way street. Guess not. Maybe he doesn’t trust my judgment,” Adam said. Sally thought it was more that Victor didn’t trust her. Adam wondered if Sally would be willing to keep filming Billy. He reasoned that what Victor didn’t know wouldn’t hurt him. Sally was interested. Adam said Billy followed this same pattern when he was with Victoria. Adam had a pretty good idea of where Billy went after leaving Society.

Billy went to a dive bar and caught up with his old gambling buddies. They offered to deal him into the card game, but he said not just yet. Billy asked one of them, Frankie, for a favor. Later, Sally showed up in disguise, and Billy pretended he’d been gambling and lost. He left.

Adam went to the ranch and told Victor his Christmas plans. Victor didn’t mind if Chelsea came by the main house with Adam and Connor. Victor shifted gears and began to discuss business. Sally texted Adam the video of Billy, and Adam replied that she was the best. Adam went back to chatting with Victor, without mentioning Sally or the video.

Billy came home, and Lily was subdued. She wasn’t happy that he left. He wanted to try to make it up to her, and he kissed her. She reciprocated and leaned him back onto the couch.

Sharon and Noah were at Crimson Lights, and she tried chatting with her son, but he wasn’t paying attention because he was working on Tessa’s album cover. Nick walked in. While teasing Noah, Sharon said she hoped Nick would talk to her, since Noah wouldn’t. Nick said he had a good talk with Victor, and Victor said Nick was the greatest father he’d ever known. Nick and Noah bantered, as Nick pointedly asked if Noah agreed with Victor. Noah acted like he was being forced to say this, then he stated that Nick and Sharon were the greatest parents ever. Sharon knew Nick and Noah were joking, but she was glad to have everyone together. Noah said he took Sharon’s advice, and he gave more thought to Adam’s offer and took the job. He thought Adam may have really changed. Sharon thought that was wonderful. Noah was actually kind of excited. Nick was supportive too. Noah wanted to get back to work, so Sharon said she’d make some mochas then she and Nick could go talk on the patio so they didn’t disturb the artist formerly known as Noah.

On the patio, Sharon told Nick that Chelsea was back. He asked how Chelsea was. Sharon thought she seemed healthy and grounded. Nick knew that Adam and Chelsea would do what was best for Connor. Nick mentioned that he took Phyllis a Christmas gift. He didn’t have an agenda, and he wasn’t looking for reasons to see her. They exchanged gifts, and it felt like closure. Sharon asked if Nick felt any wistful feelings or regret. He did feel that, because as he was leaving, he saw Phyllis talking with Jack yet again, and it felt like something was going on there. Sharon asked if it would bother Nick if Phyllis and Jack got back together. He knew it shouldn’t bother him, because they broke up, but he admitted it’d bug him. He said he and Phyllis had always been competitive, and it’d seem like she was ready to jump back into the game before he was. He wanted Phyllis to be happy. “So you don’t want her to win the break-up,” Sharon said. Nick said when Sharon put it like that it sounded terrible. He knew everyone moved at their own pace. She suggested that Phyllis and Jack just had a comforting friendship and that Nick was getting worked up over nothing. He thought it might be best if he didn’t think about it. He didn’t want to ruin the mood when they had these delicious mochas. Sharon had something that might lift Nick’s spirits.

Sharon invited Nick and Christian to Christmas dinner, and he accepted. Noah called his parents inside to see what he’d done with Tessa’s album cover. They were all admiring it when Rey walked in. Sharon waved him over to take a look, and he thought it was nice.

Sharon was over with Noah, while Rey and Nick talked by the counter. Rey asked if Sharon invited Nick to Christmas dinner. Nick said he and Christian would be there, and Rey was glad to hear it. Nick joined Sharon and Noah. Nick and Sharon started chatting about a drawing Noah made when he was a little boy. Rey was off by himself. He frowned while watching Sharon, Nick and Noah.

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