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 Sorry. I overstepped. No. I want this, too. Well, this was perfect, aunt alexis. Thank you. It was a nice break from the traditional turkey. Spencer, all I did was order in from noodle buddha. Right.

[ Chuckles ] You are the one with the working credit card, though, so… that is a good point. What’s so interesting on your phone? Oh, I’m — I’m sorry. I’m just waiting on some news about an iron in the fire. That’s all. Well, since you both, uh, treated us for dinner, spence and I insist on cleaning up. Yeah. Come on, spence. Thank you, esme. You really don’t like spencer’s girlfriend, do you? It’s not about like. I just don’t trust her. I thank you for your time, chief scorpio, and I expect action to be taken on this matter…tonight. Scout inherited drew’s shares when he was declared dead, but now that he’s alive, that calls into question drew shares that sam signed over to valentin. Which means that valentin’s majority hold on elq is a question. And he’s not gonna take this lying down, which is why I need to act fast, while he’s still recovering from the pain of realizing that bailey’s no longer his daughter.

[ Chuckles ] Okay. Alright. Just say it. Tell me I’m a jerk for even thinking about this when we just learned that drew is still alive and… jason probably isn’T. Actually, I’m gonna shock you right now and I’m not gonna say any of that. In fact, I think that where valentin is involved, staying ahead of the situation is absolutely the right move. Brook lynn. What’s going on? You were watching bailey one second, and then you just bounced. Sorry. I’m just…overwhelmed. Trying to process everything we just learned, you know? Everything drew told us. The miracle that he’s alive. The fact that jason isn’T. Just…it puts all of our personal drama — the fact that my dad is disappointed in me again — in perspective. All the sacrifices that we’re making for bailey, they’ll be worth it in the end. They have to, because not everyone is so lucky. Not everyone is going home to their loved ones tonight.

[ Footsteps approach ] Sorry. I didn’t expect to find you here. I actually didn’t think anybody would be here. I just… thought I could… I don’t — I don’t know what I thought I could do here. I do. Cyrus. Cyrus!

[ Phone clatters ] You want a war, you bastard? I’ll give you a war. You were not kidding about annabelle. She’s so big. She’s gonna need a wing of her own. Actually — actually, I think I agree with you.

[ Chuckles it took me a long time, but finally, I have fallen in love with that dog. Mm. And she never left oscar’s side when he was sick. No. She laid on his bed for weeks after he was gone. So, uh… have you seen sam or scout? I’m sure you’re anxious to get back to your old life.

I tried to think about my life here to give me strength. Mostly scout. Thinking about her definitely got me through those two brutal years. But at the same time, I can’t expect to charge back into my life in port charles and have someone as young as scout just welcome me with open arms. A lot can change in two years. Exactly my point. I don’t even really know what a return to my life in port charles even means. I mean, when I left here, I was still just… trying to piece together my identity, trying to figure out what my place was in the world. Well, let me help you out. Your place is here with your family. Valentin? I thought I heard you talking out here. I was hoping your invitation to join the orphan thanksgiving still stands. Why aren’t you at the quartermaines’, having pizza? Change of plans. Charlotte’s at a friend’s this year, and I’m second-guessing my choice to be alone. Anything you want to talk about before we go inside? God, no. Okay, let’s go. Okay, everybody. Make room for one more. What the hell is he doing here?

Mr. Corinthos, sir.

[ Chuckles ] Um, got your message that you needed my assistance? I appreciate you coming over here, especially at the last minute over the holidays. Oh, well. Can’t say it was much of a celebration. Turkey dinner was long over, georgie’s with maxie, and ellie is… well, we’re — we’re not even on speaking terms, so… can’t say I have that much to be thankful for. But, uh — sorry. You said it was urgent. How — how can I help? I need you to trace a call for me. You know renault is in prison? Somehow, he got ahold of a — of a burner phone. Cyrus renault called you from prison? On thanksgiving? How distressing. I need you to figure out what’s going on. Yeah. Um, why did he — why did — why did he call you? He probably heard about jason, got the news, and wanted to call me to taunt me. “Heard about jason”? Is he — is he — is he back from greece? You don’t know? Don’t know what, exactly? I’m surprised you even know about this place. When jason and I were on the run, we had a lot of downtime. Did you know that the original bridge was torn down? It wasn’t safe. So jason made an anonymous donation, and they built this bridge in its place. Hmm. I didn’t know that part.

[ Inhales shakily ]

[ Voice breaking ] But knowing this — this place had such significance to jason, I… I thought maybe I’d feel closer to him if I came here. I imagine you had the same idea. Long before the wedding we just had, before I was involved with jax, even before sonny, jason was my person. My other half, as strange as that may sound. I know.

[ Sniffles ] When jason and i were in the lighthouse, he talked a lot about you. Well [Chuckles] A lot for jason. So I-I-I know how much you two mean to each other. I get why you’re here. Do you want me to go? Look, I know what this is doing to maxie and to valentin, to everyone. How devastated charlotte’s gonna be when she finds out that bailey isn’t her baby sister. Not to mention what this is doing to bailey. I mean, she’s bonding with the wrong woman as her mother. And what about you? What about me? I mean, aren’t you hurting? Me? My part in this is basically telling some lies, which is a skill I acquired at a young age and have nearly perfected. Well, and taking care of bailey, which surprisingly, I’m pretty good at. See? That’s my point. Valentin, maxie, charlotte, of course, they’re — they’re sad right now, but one day, when this secret comes out and bailey goes back to maxie, you are gonna be the one who’s suffering. Have you thought about that? Okay, fine. It’s gonna hurt everyone. But after the information that we just learned, that peter is responsible for jason’s death, that he imprisoned drew for over two years, it proves that we are doing the right thing keeping bailey safe from peter. Maxie made the right decision. Well, now that peter’s in custody with the wsb, maybe we won’t have to keep up this pretense much longer. From your lips.

[ Clears throat ] Chief, what are you doing here? Chase. Uh, sorry to bother the family on a holiday, but I need to ask you some questions about valentin. May I remind you that this is my house and I like him. I know that you don’t li him, and I know that you two haven’t gotten along for awhile. Spencer: Haven’t gotten along for awhile? The man tried to kill me when I was a child. I guess I missed a lot while I was away. That would be the way your father framed an event from your childhood. Alright, alright, alright, alright. It is thanksgiving. It is a day to be grateful. So if the two of you could put aside your dueling resentments for a few hours, I’d be grateful. Fine. I will always be grateful that in 2021, we finally learned the truth that valentin is helena’s bastard child and he has zero claim to anything cassadine. That’s not being grateful, spencer. He shouldn’t even be able to use the last name “cassadine.”

[ Doorbell rings ]

[ Sighs ] What fresh hell is this? Happy thanksgiving. We brought pies. Alexis? Is this a bad time? You have no idea.

Home along tonight. W-which is why we brought pies — pumpkin and pecan. That’s very generous. But as you can see… I’m far from alone. Happy thanksgiving, everyone. You know, on second thought, maybe a quiet thanksgiving at wyndemere would be better. Good idea. Come on, spence. It’s a holiday. This is your chance to show you’re the bigger man. Well, you promised me your thanksgiving gathering wouldn’t be boring. You sure did deliver on that. Wait. You think this is a good idea? Getting ahead of valentin? You know that’s equivalent to declaring war with him, right? What your daughter did to valentin…that hurt. He’s gonna be mad. He’s gonna want revenge. And when the dust settles, of course he’s — he’s gonna try to undermine drew’s shares of the quartermaine stock. I mean this as a compliment — how very quartermaine of you. Well, I guess you can take the girl out of brooklyn, but you know how the saying goes. I know that I can be reactionary. But over the past year, I — slowly but surely, I — I’ve come to realize that your head is back on your shoulders again. You know, I feel like I can trust your intentions, not just with leo, but — but with the family. Does that include you and me? Before we butted heads about leo, I really felt like we were on our way toward a reconciliation. Where does that leave us now? You have always been so incredibly kind to me — more than I deserve, especially considering the mess and the trauma my arrival caused. Oh, come on. This family thrives on strife and drama.

[ Chuckles ] It just shows you’re one of the tribe. Hmm. I mean, you wouldn’t be a quartermaine if you weren’t stirring things up. I see you redecorated. Oh, yeah. Yeah, I — I thought that it was time for a change. Do you like it? I do. I do. I like it a lot. I’ve got to say, I kind of miss the family photos on the mantel. Yeah, me too. Me too. It was, uh — it was hard putting those away, but they were just always a reminder of everyone that we have lost.

[ Voice breaking ] And now jason’s gone. Mm. Oh. Come here. But sometimes it takes a new perspective to see things — really see things. Willow came to me the other day, and she said — she asked if she could put some pictures wylie had drawn on the fridge. Mm. And all of a sudden, all of a sudden, I got this sense of family again. And pretty soon, there are gonna be drawings that bailey did. They’re gonna be right next to wiley’S. And I know that we could never forget the ones that we have lost, but we’ve really got to find a way to move on with our lives. Yeah. Somehow we do. Well, um… that was, um… a long time coming. Yeah. Yeah. That’s one way to put it. You know, we were supposed to be taking our first steps out as a couple tonight. We couldn’t, obviously, for dire reasons, but… …this sure felt like the right thing to do. Yeah. This big step, it had to be about the two of us first.

[ Cellphone rings ] Mnh-mnh. Mm-hmm. No, no. Oh, man. Listen — don’T. Don’T. Don’T. I’m sorry. I meant to silence it before. It’s probably, like, my mother wondering why we flaked. I’m sure I got plenty of those texts. You know, we should just make both our families wait till tomorrow. Unless… unless, of course, you think I should take off tonight. I’m really sorry, alexis. Honestly. I thought that I was encouraging nikolas to do a good thing. I’m not convinced nikolas could do a good thing anymore, even with an instruction manual. Hey, I-I don’t want to fight. Really, I just came here to — to check on you and see how you were doing. I’m sure that you remember the significance of this day, other than the holiday. It’s been a year since we last saw julian, before he… I’m sorry. I must have blocked that anniversary. As you know, uh, things did not end well with julian and me. Having said that, I know he’s your brother. I know you miss him, and I’m sorry you’re in pain. Thank you. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I would like to try to make at least one person smile instead of cry before this dreadful holiday is over.

[ Doorbell rings ] Are you kidding me? Who could that be? Satan? Hello, natasha.

You’re… late for dinner? Yes, I suppose I am. Oh, come on, natasha. Is that any way to greet a member of your family? Uncle victor. You’re alive. Sp encer?[ Laughs ] Wow. Look at you, all grown up. Well, quite a — quite a chip off the old block, eh? I’m so sorry. I should have warned you all. You knew he was alive and you didn’t say anything? How long did you know? We just need to access the appropriate technology. A-a-a-a thermal scan that can measure body temperature. It can prove if there were signs of life. We need to notify the greek authorities! Hey, listen to me. Listen to me. They did that already. There’s no sign of life. And even though they haven’t found the body, I’m just — I’m — I’m telling you, it — what? It does — it does not look good. We have to prepare ourselves for the worst-case scenario. Okay, you just — y-you just finally found your way home, and — and — and s– and so did drew. Only for us to lose jason? Jason knew the risks that it took, going to greece. In this business, you know, we’re provided with a great life, but it also turns us into people who take action. It’s always a risk. So listen to me, okay? If, uh… we can’t always take for granted that we’re gonna beat the odds and come home. Jason knew that. It’s true. He was… never concerned about risk. He embraced it. I just… I truly never thought it would — would catch up with him. It’s alright. It’s alright.

[ Crying ] The footbridge is a public place. It’s not up to me to say who can use it or not. Do you want me to join you? I know how important you were to jason and how important he was to you. Last time we talked, you… said you wished jason and i had never met, meaning he would still be alive if our paths had never crossed. I shouldn’t have said that. I’m sorry. Don’t be.

[ Sighs ] ‘Cause I feel the same way. So whatever you feel about me, just know, right now, I hate myself, too. Let me guess — valentin is filing charges against me, saying I committed fraud or something? Fraud? No. Why would you say that? Oh, no reason. Probably just shouldn’t have had that second glass of wine with dinner. Come on, what — what are you doing here, mac? It’s thanksgiving. You should be at home with felicia, maxie, the kids. Well, I’d like to be, but when the pcpd has a formal complaint lodged against the department, I have to pay attention. Now, I don’t know the whole story, but valentin is saying that one of my detectives assaulted him over a personal matter.

[ Scoffs ] That’s ridiculous. Chase was just standing up for me. Brook lynn, there’ll be a time and place for you to give your version of things, but this is an extremely serious matter, which is why I’m not with my family on this holiday, and I need to speak to you, detective chase, about what happened, in private. Let me get this straight — you knew that he was alive and you didn’t think to tell me about it? In fairness, neither you nor spencer were speaking to me, and I expected victor to remain in prison. My father warned me away from uncle victor, but as we know, his word is good for nothing. I always thought you were a good man. Well, thank you, spencer. That means a lot to me. I’m sure you’re wondering why I’m here. Well, I first went out to wyndemere, but it was empty, so I came here looking for the family I have left. Alexis, where are your daughters? I was hoping this would be a proper family reunion. They had other plans, fortunately. Ah, well, all is not lost, eh, valentin? I have to say, I had no idea that you and natasha had become so close as to share a holiday together. Funny, I didn’t know that you and valentin were close. We’re not. He’s just my father.

Well, it leaves us with a lot to unpack. But, um… it feels different this time. And why is that? ‘Cause this time, I have hope. You know, over the course of the last year, there were a lot of times where I just didn’t have any. And I think that’s a good sign. Is that enough for now? That’s worth everything, for me.

[ Exhales deeply ] The one thing I do know is that I want you in leo’s life. I mean, julian’s been gone for a year, and, you know, even when he was alive, you have been the most fatherly figure in leo’s life. Always. And despite what’s gone on between us, um… I really regret that we didn’t make it official last year. Me, too. So, I was… oh, I’m — oh, I’m sorry. I’m sorry to interrupt. No, no, no, no. Not at all. Uh, drew, if you’re hungry, you better jump on some of this leftover pizza. It goes quick around here. Actually, olivia’s absolutely right. You should go and hit the pizza now before everybody starts on round two. And in the meantime, I’m gonna go have the staff get a room ready for you. Monica, no, no, no. That’s not necessary. Oh, come on. You need us just as much as we need you, drew. Ned: She’s right. We have a lot to catch up on. What, are you just gonna cut and run on me? No, no. I don’t want to go anywhere. I just don’t want to be presumptuous. You know, I know rocco was gonna spend the night, but what happens in the morning when those kids wake up at breakfast? There are gonna be some awkward questions.

[ Chuckles ] I’ve got a pretty good idea. I say that we set the alarm extra early. Mm-hmm. Then you could sneak out before they wake up.

[ Chuckles ] Uh-oh. What happened there? Where’d you go? Oh, just… I was gonna say that I wanted you to stay because I didn’t want to be alone tonight, but that’s not true. I-I don’t want you to stay because I’M…lonely. I want you to stay ’cause I want to be with you. Well, that’s good, because I want to be with you. So it’s settled then. I’m gonna stay, yeah? Yeah. Okay, we knew that mikkos wasn’t your father.

[ Sighs ] We also know that helena had an affair with an unknown man. That would be me. Oh. Ew! You and helena? Look, natasha, I know you had issues with helena. Of course you did. She killed your mother. But I saw a different side to her. So if anyone needs it spelled out, that makes me 100% cassadine bastard. Told you you’d be eating your words. And you knew about this? Nikolas: No. I knew that victor was alive. I had no idea he was valentin’s father. Have you both had dna tests? Not yet, but I’m perfectly willing to. As am I. And if it turns out to be true, the silver lining, you and I are blood family. No, no. I don’t believe even for a second that my uncle victor would have a son like valentin. Spencer, I’m no fan of valentin’s, but I think you’re putting victor on too high of a pedestal. I didn’t ask for your opinion! I think we should go, my love. Yeah, that’s a good idea. Valentin: I think I’m gonna go, too. No, no! No one’s leaving here until every dish is done. I’ll stay if my son wants me to. Fine by me if you stay. Esme and I will go. Does everything have to be a grand gesture? You mean like throwing me out of the house and saying that I was nothing to you? Talk about grand gestures. How about dressing up like a stalker and then stabbing me? There’s no gesture there?

[ Whistles ] I recognize that blood feuds are something of a cassadine family tradition, but speaking as the patriarch of this family, I’m telling you now that that is all going to change, starting today.

Oh, my god. I’ve gotten you in trouble with your boss, haven’t I? How bad is it? Mac suspended me from the force for six months. Well, when you put it like that, how can I possibly say no? Thank you. You’re so welcome. Well [Sighs] I’m gonna go check on leo. Okay. Well, I think it’s my turn to welcome you back. Welcome back home, drew. I mean, it’s nothing short of a miracle, and one that this family really needs right now. Thank you, ned.

[ Both grunt ] And at the risk of sounding mercenary, I need to warn you that your return has created some complications at elq. How do you mean? Sorting it out is going to put a target on you from valentin cassadine. Now that I have your attention… the cassadines have been plagued for far too long by infighting and family members stabbing each other in the back. Or sometimes, they stab you in the chest. My point exactly. Thank you, spencer. Don’t you — can’t you imagine how much stronger this family would be together? Here’s the thing, victor. You’ve been dead for a long time. You’ve missed a lot. There’s a lot of bad blood going on between us, especially in the last three months. And you know what?

You are not gonna be the one to patch this family together. Frankly, I don’t think anyone can. Well, I hope for all your sakes that that is not the case. There will always be threats to this family lurking in the shadows. I just hope and pray that you will come to realize that this family is a lot stronger with a united front before those threats step into the light.

[ Exhales deeply ] I… I think I should be getting home now. Um, and — and I’ll get right to tracing that call. Georgie’s getting dropped off in the morning, so… you can stay here if you want. Josslyn and carly wouldn’t mind. Thank you for that kind offer. I-I think I just need to… sit with this news so that I can get into a better headspace for georgie in the morning. Hey, we’re just a phone call, you know, away, just if you need anything.

[ Sighs ] Thanks. Y– at — at the risk of speaking out of turn, um… you know, I-I know things were complicated between y-you, jason, and carly after the negated wedding, so I’m just… I’m glad that things got sorted before… before we lost him. I know what jason would want me to say. I should tell you that I don’t blame you. See, that was one of the many roles that jason played in my life. He always had the ability to talk me down. And with him gone, I, uh [Laughs] Those generous thoughts, they don’t come natural. They’re drowned out by loss and the… knowing that jason’s gone and he’s not coming back. I understand that feeling. I don’T… want you to go.

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