Y&R Short Recap Tuesday, November 16, 2021

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Recap written by Eva

Jesse Gaines tells Billy and Lily that he made up the whole story about Ashland’s past but Billy and Lily figure out that Adam and Victor paid Jesse to retract his story. The only problem is that they have no proof of Adam and Victor’s plan.

Rey is having dinner with Sharon and is suspicious when he sees Adam talking to Jesse Gaines. Adam tells Jesse that he must do one more thing before he can be free. Billy and Lily try to figure out how to save their company but just when they have a plan Jesse Gaines has a press conference telling everyone that he made up the whole story about Ashland’s past. Jesse accuses Billy and Lily of not doing proper research before publishing the story.

Adam runs into Rey and tells him Billy tried to blackmail him and he wonders if that is a crime for which Billy should be arrested.

Victor tells Nikki that Abby gave Dominic to Devon while she learns how to handle her grief. Victor tells Nikki that he and Ashley decided to respect Abby’s wishes even though he and Ashley are Dominic’s legal guardians in case anything should happen to Abby and Chance.

Nikki warns Victor to watch out for Billy because right now he feels cornered so he will probably attack so this media company war isn’t over yet.

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