Y&R Short Recap Thursday, November 18, 2021

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Recap written by Eva

Rey arrives to talk to Billy and Lily and tell them he is launching an investigation into the charge of blackmail that Adam has made against Billy. Rey plays the recording of Billy talking to Adam in Adam’s office. Billy and Lily tell Rey that Adam, Ashland, and Victor planned all of this in order to take over Chancellor Communications. Rey says he will be more then happy to investigate their accusations once they can provide proof of the set up. Ashland returns from his trip to Peru and serves Billy and Lily with papers saying he is suing them for libel. Billy goes to Victor and admits defeat and tells him he will resign from Chancellor Communications if he lets Lily run the company and not take over the company

Abby remembers Chance and looks at his box of medals and pictures from his time in Iraq. Abby finds a picture of a husband and wife who were medics and treated Chance like family when they served together in the same unit. Abby remembers that Chance told them they had retired. Abby finds the couple’s address in a box of Chance’s letters. Abby finds out the couple lives in Majorca, Spain. Abby calls and gets the number and Chance’s friend Kim tells her that Chance is alive but badly hurt and needs her very much. Abby sends Devon a note saying that it is going to take her longer then she thought to handle her grief and she is at peace knowing he is taking care of Dominic.

Devon calls Denise Toliver to ask her to look for Abby. Victor also asks his private detectives to look for Abby because he is worried about her.

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