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[ Laughing ] Well, look at that. I didn’t even have to order this year. They just knew to deliver the pizza. Hi. I rolled the dice, and I brought some with me. Oh, my… ah, the pizza’s here. Thank god. I’m famished. Oh, the pizza’s here. Drew? Good. At least someone in the family still recognizes me. I’M… home. Oh! Dante: Uh, danny and scout are asleep. I put rocco in the spare room, if that’s okay. Alright. Thank you. I didn’t say anything about jason, but I think they know something’s going on. Why? Because we didn’t go to the quartermaines’ for thanksgiving dinner? Yeah, yeah. I guess danny thought dinner was just gonna be ruined like usual and he was looking forward to having some pizza. Pizza.

[ Sighs ] Great. I ordered turkey burgers. Dr. Obrecht:

[ Panting, whimpering ] Mother. Wake up. Britta, laufen! Wake up.

[ Sighs ]

Madchen? You were having a nightmare.

[ Monitor beeping ] I was back in that tunnel. And you, britta? Any nightmares? I’m good. I’m more worried about you. Why didn’t you tell me how lightheaded you felt after the tunnel collapsed? Running around, taking care of me when you knew you were injured yourself? You, mein liebling, were more important. Stay a little. We haven’t really talked since leaving that cursed island. You need rest, mother, not visitors. I just popped my head in to see how you were doing. Go back to sleep. No more nightmares. I’ll try. And I hope none for you, either.

[ Crying ] Sonny: Watch your back,


‘Cause peter august

is bad news.

Yeah, I’m gonna

be careful.

You always say that.

I’ll do my best.

[ Sobbing ]

“Dr. Westbourne, the printer on the third floor west nurses’ station desk needs to be replaced.” “Please send to dr. Randolph.” “Dr. Westbourne, attached, please find…” “please forward to dr. Randolph.” “To staff… please forward all of your requests to dr. Terry randolph as, at the moment, I am a total mess and completely incapable of making any decisions.”

[ Typing ]

[ Sighs ] Dr. Westbourne, you were just on the 10th floor, and now you’re here. How’d you do that? What do you want, doctor? I guess what I want is to know what’s wrong and if there’s something I can do to help. I still can’t believe that it wasn’t a plane crash — that you were abducted by peter august. And fought for two years to come home. I mean, if you hadn’t managed to get a hold of that guard’s cellphone and call sam… you could still be in that hellhole. I-I don’t understand. Why wouldn’t sam tell us that you called her? Please don’t blame sam. She — she really was just trying to protect all of you until she knew for sure that I was alive. Believe me, there was many days where even I didn’t think that I was gonna make it back. Well, I wish jason could be here to share this thanksgiving pizza, but he, uh — he’s gotta be with his children. Hello? Is there something you’re not saying? What my rescue cost this family.

[ Sniffles ] Did I wake the kids? No, no. They’re fast asleep. Even rocco. I thought he’d be up playing video games.

[ Sighs ] Thank god for small favors. Now I’ve got to just clean this up. No. No, you don’T. No. No.

[ Sighs ] Just go and sit down, stare into space. Eat. I don’t know, cry. Do whatever you feel like you need to do to feel better. Throw another glass. I think I got the whole “throwing glasses” thing out of my system. I had such tunnel vision when I was talking to drew. All I wanted was for scout’s father to come home to her. Never in a million years did I think that it would come at the cost of jason losing his life. And now scout’s father is alive, and danny’s father is dead. Is this some sort of cosmic joke or something? Well, if it is,it’s a pretty awful one. I’ve gotta tell my son that his father is gone. Is danny gonna hate scout because her father lived and his father died? No. No, come on. Look. Danny, he’s not gonna waste his energy with hate. You know why? ‘Cause he’s got this amazing mother. So does scout. And you’re gonna love them so much, and you’re gonna teach them there’s no room in their lives for hate.

[ Sighs ] What did your connections in greece say? Uh, well, it seems like they confirmed anna’s story that there wa– the tunnel under the house collapsed. Everybody got out but jason, and they still haven’t found the body. That means jason could still be alive, sonny. The — the team, they have equipment, and they couldn’t — they couldn’t hear jason’s heartbeat in the tunnel, so they’re — they’re — they’re gonna stop the rescue operation. And jason…is dead. No. They told me the same thing about you, and it turned out to not be true. They did. I want to believe jason’s still out there, too, carly. I mean, we thought he was dead before and he came back to us, right? Yes, he has. Are you trying to give yourself hope or — or — or me? What — what are you doing here? Sonny. When you were lost after that bridge collapsed, I could hear you calling to me. I could feel that you were still alive. Right. You were the lady in white that I wanted to — i needed to see. Because we were connected. We had a connection. I could feel you. It was everyone else that kept telling me you were gone. Everyone kept saying it. Are you saying the same thing about jason — that you think there’s hope? That’s what I want to believe.

[ Sighs ]

[ Door opens, closes ] Britta, if that’s you again, there’s nothing wrong with me that sleeping in my own bed won’t fix. Ah, what about the guy who loves you?

[ Gasps ] Scott! Welcome back, my schnitzel.

[ Gasps ] Turn around, walk out the door, and pretend I wasn’t here. And if you tell anyone what you saw, I’ll have you fired. Your secret’s safe with me. But the next time you want to have yourself a good cry, maybe you’ll want to shut the door. Thanks for the unwanted advice. I’m gonna take a guess now about what some of these larger emotions might be about. No. It’s thanksgiving, and no one’s invited you to dinner, and so you’re sitting here feeling sorry for yourself. Join the club. Oh, yeah? Well, wh– what’s going on with you? Couldn’t make it on the elq board, unable to — to honor your late, lamented father. Boo hoo hoo. Sticks and stones. It’s been a very challenging couple of days, to be honest. The quartermaines stuck a knife in my back, and then they twisted it. They invited me to thanksgiving dinner. The horror. And in the middle of this, I think I might have screwed up the only real friendship that I have in this terrible town. Are you referring to maxie? What happened? Do you want me to talk to her? No. Thank you, though. Thank you. No. I’ll — I’ll figure it out. I’ll make amends. What’s going on? Why are you sitting here crying instead of splitting the wishbone with someone? The first person I cared to split a wishbone with in a long time… is gone. And he died saving my life. In my last months at the compound, I finally had some contact with the other prisoners — probably more accurate to call them hostages. Anyway, there was a very nice young woman. There was a nurse who was abducted in the middle of her life, and — and liesl obrecht. Scott baldwin was shouting from the rooftops that dr. Obrecht was missing. Britt westbourne convinced jason to help her find her mother. And that search led them to cassadine island. Monica: Oh. Well, that’s probably why I haven’t heard from jason in a while. He didn’t want to raise my hopes up about you being alive. Monica. Jason and britt did everything that they possibly could to get me home, but… …in the process, jason… uh, jason, um… he’s gone, isn’t he? Isn’t he? Jason’s gone? We would be crazy to give up hope that jason’s alive. I mean, I’ve known jason since practically the moment he became jason, even before I knew you. So I can’t give up hope. I mean, jason is the most important person… to us.

[ Door opens ]

[ Sighs ] I know, I know. I was supposed to be home hours ago. I’m sorry. Everything ran late. Um… okay. Who died? Oh, my god. Who died? We need to talk to you. I’m — I’m so incredibly sorry, monica. There was nothing left of the last place that I saw jason. It was just a pile of rocks and beams and… they had — they had crews on site, um, within an hour and they had — they had their scanning equipment there and… they couldn’t, uh — they couldn’t pick up a heartbeat. Look, jason died bringing me back home to you, but I want you to know, I promise you, that if I knew what my freedom cost you — cost all of you, I-I would never have taken that deal. Don’t you ever say anything like that again. You and jason are both my sons in every way that matters. One doesn’t count more than the other. Oh. [ Crying ]

He must have s was, mber –I remember how happy jason was, dancing at his reception. He and carly were having a wonderful time, and he was even — he was socializing. I was really impressed by that. I-I think he would have stayed for the whole thing if I hadn’t — if I hadn’t gone in and told them to just slip away and go start their lives together.

[ Voice breaking ] Then he told me that he loved me.

[ Sighs ] Oh. Carly. And sonny. This is just gonna kill them. I mean, jason was like a brother to sonny, and… carly and jason, I mean… and they said — carly and jason said it was a business arrangement, but you — you saw the two of them together and you knew — you knew it was more than that. Josslyn: But it’s jason. He must have survived, just like you did. He was buried under rock when the tunnel collapsed. There were witnesses.

[ Sniffles ]

[ Crying ] Have you told michael? I’m waiting to tell him in person, just like we did with you. There’s a media blackout for the next 24 hours to give anybody close to jason privacy and not to give peter august the publicity that he’s craving. Okay. Michael, willow, and wylie are gonna be back tomorrow. We’re gonna tell them then. I can’t believe this is happening. I — I really can’T. Not to jason. Come here. Come here.

[ Sobs ] Thank you. For what? For saying that there’s enough room in my kids’ life for love. Well, it’s true. You’re an incredible mother, sam. Please don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Really? Yeah. Despite my family being dysfunctional? And I’m talking about the family that I grew up with, not the family that I have now, which in their own right, they are equally as dysfunctional. Despite all your family dysfunctions, you turned out to be an incredible person. Says the guy who is not so objective. Well, I know you put your kids before your love for jason when you showed him the door. It’s because jason went and cut ties with sonny. And I understood that. And I also understood that there would always be a threat that he would be arrested again or put in the middle of one of sonny’s very violent rivals. And I had to do what was best for my kids and keep them out of harm’s way. Mm-hmm. I’m objective to know that that was a — a good move. We both know that jason is the kind of person that would put his life first to save someone else. But I needed someone in my family who would think twice before doing that. Good for you. You know, in the end, I — I knew that this is how it was gonna go for jason. And if I’m being completely honest with you, if we were still together, there is no way I would be able to recover from it.

[ Sighs ] I remember the first day he ever became my son. Scott baldwin, of all people, was his guardian at the time, and we — we went to the gatehouse to check on him, and he was the most beautiful baby. The minute I took him in my arms, he just — he stole my heart. I’d see him occasionally dropping off danny to play with leo or to come talk to you or michael or… michael. [ Sighs ]

[ Brook lynn sighs ] Do we tell him? Let him know what happened? No, let’s let, uh, michael and willow have a good time in new york with wiley. Besides, I think, uh… I think carly would want to be the one to tell him. And I’m not going to have any new memories of jason. Just remember the conversations that we had. The good part is that every time we were together… I told him I loved him. All my memories of jason are so full of anger and…resentment and… now that we started to finally connect as brothers, he’s gone.

[ Sighs ] What are you looking for? I’m looking for, like, a kewpie doll or, like, a — like a little betta fish or some — some — some kind of prize that I can give to you for the saddest thanksgiving story. Sorry. That’s inappropriate? I make these jokes. They’re not always funny. I’m sorry. It’s like a — it’s a default coping mechanism is what it is. Same here. [ Laughs ] Hasn’t always won me a ton of friends, but I’d prefer your mordant humor over tearful hugs any day. Who was it? Jason morgan. Oh, I’m — I’m sorry. You’re…sort of family, aren’t you? Cousins, half-cousins, something like that. I’m not sure. I — I never really got to know the guy. I mean, we had a conversation at the gym one time and, yeah, I was maxie’s plus one at his wedding. Okay, now it’s my turn to apologize. I’m sorry. I was a little confused, you know. I-I got the sense that there was something going on between you and jason, and then he up and married carly. Yeah, I thought jason and i had something special. We did, actually. But he married carly, and I’m still struggling to understand why. Well, if that’s the only thing in this world that you’re struggling to understand, you’re way ahead of me. Well, the thing is, I… I never thought jason would die before me. How’d you figure that?



Oh! [ Chuckles ] I can’t believe I was chucked out of a plane. Being abducted to greece. Yes, and all the other calamities that would have killed the average joe. You survived. So did you. Well, you know. Love conquers all. That’s what they say. Yeah, I didn’t used to believe that, but I think it’s true. You keep talking like that, I will demand to be released from my bed and spend time in yours. Why make that journey? I don’t know what I mean. My brain is a big, muddled mess. Jason was a hitman for the mob. Uh, alleged hitman. But you had to figure, you know, given his career choices and his line of work, that he would be the first one to go. Okay, this is inappropriate again. I’m sorry. It’s okay. Don’t apologize. I appreciate honesty over platitudes. The thing is [Sighs] Uh, jason’s body hasn’t been recovered yet, but I know he’s gone. You’re a doctor. You’ve worked in trauma. And you know. We both know that every life ends. Doesn’t matter how much you hope. I’m not a particularly hopeful person anyway. But there’s no wishing away several tons of rock. I’m gonna go home, and I’m gonna order a turkey burger and some sweet potato fries. And…you like football? You’re welcome to join me. I’m gonna stream all the games. Uh… thank you. But there’s something that I have to go do. Peter had us, um, chained up in a — in a wine cellar. We were literally chained to a wall, and ironically, those were the best conversations jason and I ever had. I mean, mostly, we were just talking about how to bring down peter, but we also — we just — we just talked. Told him about playing football in high school. He told me about the time he rode a motorcycle into the house.

[ Chuckles ] Oh, yeah. I remember that. Grandfather was furious. We were just finally starting to get to know each other, you know, starting to trust each other. When — when peter activated my conditioning, it was jason that brought me out of it. We were — we were starting to really team up, you know, be the brothers that we were meant to be. Hey. Drew, that is something to be grateful for. I just… I just wasted so much time resenting him. Until cassadine island, until I really was able to, like, respect him. Wholeheartedly. And now I got no future with jason at all. I mean, he’s gone. Just as we were starting to connect as brothers and — and as friends. I’m sorry for crying all over your blouse. Are you kidding? I’m your mom. You can cry on me any time. You want something to eat? We haven’t eaten. If you want, I’ll make you something. No, I think I’m just gonna go upstairs. I love you both. I love you, too.

[ Sighs ]

[ Sighs ] I forgot how important jason was to her. I mean, he was important to all of us, but… alright. Listen, um, you know…

[ Crying ] You gonna be alright? Yeah. [ Laughs ] Yeah. I’m gonna go upstairs and, uh… read donna a bedtime story. You give her a kiss for me. Yeah. Don’t underestimate yourself, sam. You’re strong and resilient, and you would have survived no problem. You — you don’t have to say that just to make me feel better. Have I ever said something just to make you feel better? That’s true. Uh, seems like you got a lot of… thoughts that maybe you want to work through. You have no idea. I have so many thoughts racing through my head, I-I can’t just, like, grab a hold of just one thought right now. Okay, I’m gonna, uh… I’m gonna leave you to it then, okay? Hey, wait. Where are you going? Well, I… just kind of figured you wanted to wrestle through those thoughts in private. Can I leave rocco here for the night? I’ll pick him up in the morning. I’ll — I’ll stop at the quartermaines’. I’ll tell them you said hello. No. Stay. Please. I want you to stay. Sonny: Donna fell asleep before I…

[ Sighs ]

the deaths of those we lovehave taught us anything, it’s to appreciate the family that we have. We’re gonna be grieving for a long time. But I think today, on a day of giving thanks, I’d like to focus on the gratitude I feel for a son coming home to us. To drew. All: To drew. To jason. Are you sure you want me to stay? Well, if you want to go, you — you can go. No, I don’t — I don’t want to go. I just — I just wanted to give you space. There’s enough space here to include you. That’s the nicest thing anyone’s said to me in a really long time. Come on, dante. You and I have been through hell and back together, and there is no other shoulder I would like to cry on… than yours. Well, my shoulder will always be here for you. I should go check on bailey. This is usually around the time she wakes up wanting a bottle. Maybe chase would like to see the daughter he only just learned was his. Right. Of course. You can feed her if she’s up. I’d love to. The family’s got a little bigger since I left, huh? Well, that’s, uh, really a refreshing change of pace. I still can’t believe that you are alive and home safe. But how did robert and anna know that peter was hiding out on cassadine island? I don’t really know the details, just that valentin was very helpful. Valentin knows you’re back? Listen, um, I know you — you need to clear your head, but can you do me a favor? Just call me and let me know you’re okay.

[ Cellphone ringing ] Hello? Cyrus: Hello, sonny. Cyrus?

[ Sighs ] Um… sorry about that. I, uh, overstepped. No, you didn’T. Yeah. You didn’t overstep. I want this, too. On the plane back to port charles, anna said something about valentin helping her and robert find their way onto cassadine island, so I’m assuming that she told him I’m alive and I’m back home. Why do you ask? Just curious. So, what was the disaster that ruined thanksgiving this year?

[ Laughter ] Well, annabelle ii got to the turkey before we did.

[ Laughs ] Of course she did. She knew there was a tradition to uphold.

[ Laughter ] Well, she’s gonna be over the moon to see you. You wanna go look for her? Come on. Absolutely. Let’s go. Excuse us. Stop. What are you planning? I know that look. Ned? It’s about elq. But I don’t want you to get the wrong impression because I am not backsliding and I’m not prioritizing business over the family. Your face lit up like a firecracker the minute he mentioned valentin’s name. The war isn’t over yet, is it? Liesl. I don’t mean to disturb you. Sorry. Both: Get out! Sorry. I’m so sorry. Sorry. Alrighty. Got to get it how you live it. Good for them.

[ Water flowing ] I only care to know you

in the biblical sense,

and my life is pretty complicated right now, so a boy on the side is about all I can have.

Oh, boy on the side?

[ Chuckles ]

Oh, I don’t know the answer

if it ain’t you

and I don’t really care


To know the truth



Oh, my god!


I promise I’ll always come get you.

I love you so much.

This fantasy for the rest of your life, I want you to count to 10 before you do anything.

Never say goodbye carly: You mattered, from the first moment.

Don’t ever change, don’t ever change

okay. That’s it, right there.

You just pull it up.

My best friend.

You know that?

You’re mine, too. Carly: Wow, I was

a different carly back then.

The one constant has been you

being my friend.

I’ll always be right here

I love you. I love you.

So much.

I don’t wanna dance

[ Gasps ] I can’t believe you’re alive. I missed you so much. I love you so much.

You too. I missed you, too.

Oh, my god!

Oh, my god, there’s so much

I want to tell you.

There’s so much

I just want to say to you. Just take a deep breath

and count to 10, okay? Carly: Are you real? I’m here. I need you to remember how important you are to me.


[ Grunts, panting ]

I got you.

Jason and i are getting married.

I couldn’t do this if

you weren’t my best friend.

…Ever change, don’t ever change

will you dance with me?

If I had my way I could fall in love with you all over again.

We can get married.

For real.

Spend the rest

of our lives together. Can you make that promise?

Yes, I can. There’s nobody I’d rather build

a life and a future with. I cherish our past. I can’t wait to step into our future together.

Ooh, I’ll always be right here

ooh, I’ll always be right here is that you, cyrus? How’d you get a phone? Oh, don’t you worry about that, sonny. We both know I have my ways. I just thought it would be prudent for me to reach out to you. Oh, yeah? Why’s that? Well, I-I still have my contacts — a few — those who are interested in these sorts of things, and well, I-I heard the news about your best friend, and — and my condolences to you and to your lovely wife. No doubt she’s just as upset as you are. Listen to me, you son of a bitch!

[ Call drops ] Cyrus!

[ Cellphone clatters ]

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