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Ridge: Hey, I’m not attacking you, and I’m not accusing you of anything. I’m– I love you so much.

Brooke: I love you.

Ridge: The way you look at that man. And you let– let him do whatever he wants, it’s just–

Brooke: That man has a name.

Ridge: See that? What is that, what is that?

Brooke: Oh, come on.

Ridge: I know his name, deacon! Deacon sharp! And he’s trying to get back into your life and he’s using your daughter’s emotions to do it. So I’m asking you, just tell me that you don’t have feelings for him, that there’s no way in hell you could ever have feelings for this guy.

Sheila: Oh, let me guess: You’re here to make another run on the minibar.

Deacon: Lay off me, sheila.

Sheila: My, my, my, awfully grumpy. What’s wrong?

Deacon: Well, let’s see. I can’t find a job. Can’t find a place of my own, strapped for cash but hey, other than that, I’m crushing it.

Sheila: If you’re looking for me to feel sorry for you, deacon, I don’T. At least hope has let you into her life. I, on the other hand, I can’t go anywhere near finn thanks to steffy.

Finn: You like me stopping by like this? Spending some extra time with my gorgeous wife before heading to the hospital.

Steffy: Not only do I like it, I highly encourage it. So how are things going with your mom? Have your mom and dad talked since?

Finn: It’s about how you would expect after learning the truth. Dad’s still reaching out nonstop, hoping that she will find a way to get past what he did. We both will. Become a family again.

Steffy: Well, maybe it’s possible.

Finn: Honestly, I’m still struggling with the fact that he’s my biological father, a man… who’s lied to me my entire life, who I believed would never lie to me. And can I ever really trust someone like that again?

Carter: Thanks, man.

Paris: So, mr. Coo, you never mentioned your original lunch date. She anyone that I would know?

Carter: Curious much, are we?

Paris: Sorry, it’s just when I walked in on you and katie at the office… I should probably mind my own business.


Carter: It’s all good. No harm done. Though, I’d rather focus on you.

Paris: On my checking account. Yeah, helping me balance it.

Carter: Mm-hm.

Paris: Right.

[Patio din]

Carter: Katie.

Paris: What?

Carter: You asked me who my original lunch date was. It was katie.

Paris: Oh, okay.

Carter: Come on, you already figured it out.

Paris: Well, I mean, I couldn’t help but notice how you two were acting together earlier.

Carter: Maybe something could be brewing between you two.

Carter: Hm. “Could be,” being the operative phrase.

Paris: What do you mean?

Carter: Don’t get me wrong. Katie’s great and I’ve enjoyed the time we spent together lately. But… she’s bill spencer’s ex. Mother of his child and that’s why she had to cancel. She had to jump on a video call with bill and their son who’s away at boarding school and it it’s made me realize… I keep picking women who aren’t truly available. Why do I keep doing that?

Steffy: That’s a question only you can answer, finn. But when you do lose trust in someone, it’S… really hard to get it back.

Finn: Especially when it’s someone you’ve idolized your whole life.

Steffy: Maybe if you talk to jack…

Finn: No, I’m– I’m not ready yet. Besides, if he’s just going to say again that he never meant to hurt my mom and me, that he’s sorry about everything– I understand he’s sorry, but if he just–

Steffy: I, I get it. Doesn’t change what happened. All the lies and deception. Your father had an affair with sheila.


Sheila: You know, if miss high and mighty, steffy, would just stay out of this. You know, better yet, if she would actually encourage a relationship between finn and his biological mother. But no, no, no, no, no. God, no. We’ve gotta hold on to old grudges that people can–

Deacon: Stop. Stop. I don’t want to be dragged into your business. All right? I’m having enough trouble with ridge. He’s always going off to brooke about how I’ll never change. What the hell am I going to have to do to get through to this guy? I mean, does he really think I’ve got some kind of strange hold on hope and brooke?

Ridge: I need to know.

Brooke: Know what? That I don’t have feelings for deacon? I mean, I already told you that I don’T. Or do you just not believe me?

Ridge: I believe that deacon has an agenda and he’s gonna do everything in his power to pull it off. He’s already gotten to hope, he’s already… father of the year so she’s in his corner and now he’s kind of working you. Trying to get your forgiveness, your acceptance and, you can see that he’s A… new and better man. You know what scares me? It’s working. I can see it’s working. And I know what’s coming next. Pain and heartache. And I don’t want that for any of us. Sweet pillows of softness!

Paris: I mean, I get why you said proceed with caution. Yes, katie has been married but not to anyone. Bill spencer. And their family with their son is… complicated.

Carter: But… I still have to ask myself, “why do I keep putting myself in these situations?” I guess I’m just not good at relationships. I bet you’re glad you agreed to have lunch with me.


Paris: Actually, I am.

Finn: Mom told me that sheila was the one who pushed jack to finally open up. That sheila felt I should know he was my biological father.

Steffy: Okay, but if sheila felt so strongly about it. Why didn’t she tell you herself? Like, why didn’t she do it right when she got into town, or when you asked her point blank at the restaurant that day?

Finn: I’m sure she thought it should come from jack. But to know that… she was putting pressure on him. And she was advocating for what she felt was best for me.

Deacon: Sheila, I’m sorry. All right? I just– I don’t need this right now. You know, on a positive note: Hope has welcomed me into her home. Brooke’s not giving me the cold shoulder anymore. So, uh… that’s progress. I mean, I know I still need to find a nine to five and a place on my own, but… I guess all things considered–

Sheila: Oh my, my, my. How quickly things change. Just a few minutes ago, you’re so down on yourself.

Deacon: Yeah, well, you know, maybe I realized that I don’t need to be, right? When it comes to the important things, you know, especially my daughter, hope and I finally have a shot at building the kind of relationship that I could never give her when she was growing up.

Sheila: And you don’t think that I want that for me and finn? Because that is all I think about. How do I make that happen with that rottweiler wife of his… letting me see my son.

Deacon: As I live and breathe, sheila carter… admitting defeat.

Sheila: No! I’m not. It’s just frustrating. Steffy is trying to run me out of town.

Deacon: Yeah, just like her old man is trying to do to me.

Ridge: Deacon is the reason why you and bridget had a really tough time for a very long time.

Brooke: Ridge. I know what I did hurt bridget terribly. And I have to live with that. For the rest of my life. But what I don’t understand is why you keep bringing this up. Are you– are you really trying to hurt me? Hurt you? No. No. I would never wanna hurt you but I can’t stand on the sideline while this guy’s doing what he’s doing. He causes pain to everything he touches. And I don’t want him to hurt you, or hope, ever again.

When you have nausea,

Carter: It’s like every woman I’ve been involved with, it never ends well, including your sister. You know, zoe was so hurt by what I’d done, she– she left town and never came back.

Paris: Carter, you can’t put all that on yourself, zoe messed up too.

Carter: Yeah, but… what I’m saying is that I’m at a point where I have to look in the mirror, take a very long look and realize the common denominator in all these failed relationships is me.

Paris: Meaning you don’t have what it takes to make a relationship work? Because I’m not buying that. Carter, you have the greatest respect and admiration for women. And you are one of the most considerate people I know. And you’re not too hard to look at, either. Seriously, carter. Someday soon, you’re gonna fall madly in love and she’s gonna fall madly in love back. And you’re just gonna keep falling in love back and forth. And then you’ll realize you weren’t the lousy one in the relationship. You just hadn’t found the right woman to build a life with until then.

Sheila: Enough of this. It’s time we take action.

Deacon: No, no, no, no, no, no. I told hope and brooke that I was cutting ties with you. I intend on keeping true to my word. We’re not joining forces.

Sheila: Just relax. All I meant is we need to come up with something that’s going to throw steffy and ridge off-kilter. And I’ve already got an idea brewing.

Steffy: You’re giving sheila more credit than she deserves. She had many chances to tell you about jack, but she didn’T.

Finn: She could have insisted that he never tell me but she felt I deserved to finally know the truth.

Steffy: The truth and sheila carter aren’t exactly synonymous. She has a long history of… deception and deceit. She only does things that benefit her.

Finn: I know, ‘kay? I’m not defending her. But I am pointing out that maybe this one time she’S… anyhow, look, it doesn’t matter how it happened, okay? Just right now I’m trying to–

Steffy: I– I get it. You’re trying to… you’re trying to manage a really difficult time in your life. You’re working through these feelings about jack and you don’t know where your relationship goes from here but sheila is gonna try to fill that void. She’s gonna… to turn up. She’s gonna try to be there for you and tell you that she’s the only one who understands what you’re going through. You can’t let that happen, okay? You can’t let her take advantage of the situation.

Brooke: You have no idea what it was like. The heartbreak that I lived all those years ago… the enormous shame. I mean, you and I weren’t even together then, ridge. You were with taylor, so… for the love of god, let’s stop dredging all this up, okay? That’s not what I’m doing. I’m trying to remind you who deacon is, what he’s capable of. And I’m telling you that I will protect this family. Whatever it takes.

[Phone pings]

Brooke: You need to take care of that?

Ridge: No, it can wait.

Brooke: No, I– I think you should, you should probably go deal with that.

Ridge: Okay. Hey. I love you so much. Never forget that.

Deacon: When it comes down to it, there’s really only three questions worth asking, brooke: What’s worth living for, what’s worth dying for and what’s worth fighting for. And it’s just the same to all of the: Love.

Brooke: And not just anybody.

Deacon: No, no, someone who appreciates you. Someone who desires you as much as you desire him.

Deacon: I waited until ridge left.

Brooke: Deacon, what are you doing here? Clerk: Hello, how can I?

[Knock on door]

Finn: You can leave those there, marcia. I’ll… review them after I wrap up these notes.

Sheila: It’s– it’s not marcia. It’s your mom.

Finn: Sheila? What– what are you doing here? You can’t be here.

Sheila: I know, I just– I wanted to check on you. I mean, especially after you finding out about jack being your biological father and how we… we were once involved. I was worried about you, sweetheart. I just– I wanted to make sure you’re okay. You really shouldn’t be here, deacon. I don’t want another scene like the last one between you and ridge.

Deacon: Hey, me either. All right? That’s why I waited until he was gone. I just came here because I wanted to talk to you alone.

Brooke: I’m not sure that’s such a good idea.

Deacon: Just hear me out, okay? I just want to thank you for not standing in my way the way ridge is trying to do. For allowing me to have a father-daughter relationship with hope. A future even. I– it’s beyond huge.

Brooke: Well, hope is a grown woman and she’s able to make her own decisions.

Deacon: I know, I know. You’re very important to her. If you had come down hard, if you had… demanded that she stay away from me, things between me and hope, they’d be very different right now.

Brooke: If I came down hard on her, she would have taken the kids and liam and moved off the property and I didn’t want that. So I’m trying to be very supportive of hope.

Deacon: Well, in being supportive of hope, you’re supporting me. I mean, it’s crazy. It’s like– it’s like everything that I dreamt of when I was locked up in prison… it’s– it’s starting to come true. Coming here, being able to see our daughter, hearing all the amazing things she says about me. And I’d be lying if I said that part of that dream wasn’t seeing you, too. I know that my being here, it complicates things for you and I hate that. I do. And I also know seeing me, well, it brings up some difficult memories. Brooke, come on. There were some amazing memories, too, for both of us. You know that. Otherwise, we never would’ve been able to make this incredible, remarkable woman. Don’t you remember? The attraction was– it was nuts. It was like this– this chemical thing that you and I tried to fight as long as we could until we couldn’t anymore. I– I hate that we hurt bridget and I know you do too. But, my god, the passion, the connection that we had. I haven’t forgotten one moment of that. Tell me it’s the same for you. Tell me you haven’t forgotten it either.

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