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Finn: You– you guys know who my biological father is?

Li: We do.

Steffy: How? Did you get it out of sheila? Because then she lied to finn. She told him she didn’t know.

Li: Oh, she definitely knew. All these years.

Finn: Wow, okay. Okay. So I’m finally going to get a name, maybe– maybe pictures? Did she– did she give you that?

Li: We can do better than a picture. Right, jack?

Finn: Well, who is it? Please dad, tell me who it is.

Carter: Hey. Zende, how’s it going?

Zende: Oh, um, hey, thought I heard paris was in here.

Carter: Yeah, she was. I’m pretty sure she’s gone for the day.

Thomas: Oh, good, you’re home.

Paris: Yeah, uh… what is all this about?

Zende: Gone? Oh, shoot, I guess it’s later than I thought. I got caught up in a fitting.

Carter: Didn’t you two have plans? I had the impression there was some surprise for her tonight.

Zende: No firm plans but I was hoping. Maybe she got a better offer.

Thomas: Yeah, I figured… well, since we were talking about dinner earlier, I might as well make it special. Plus, we probably won’t have very many nights left as roommates.

Paris: True. Though I did mention I might be hanging out with zende, tonight.

Thomas: That’s right, you did. Um. Yeah, I don’t want to step on that. So you know what? I can clear all this up.

Paris: No, no, please. You went through all this trouble and I think zende might be working late anyway. So.

Thomas: Oh well, great. I hope you’re hungry.

Paris: I’m starving, actually.

Thomas: Me too. I went through all day today, was working so hard I– I forgot to have lunch.

Paris: Hmm. Tell me about it. I feel like I’ve been running a marathon. Everything is just go, go, go. But, I’m glad to be home. I get to relax a little bit.

Thomas: Okay, well then that is exactly what we’re going to do. It’s crazy, though. I mean, since we’ve been roommates, we really haven’t spent any time together as roommates. And, it kind of bombs that, you know, that’s going to end as soon as I find a place.

Paris: Well, you know, you don’t have to rush.

Thomas: I appreciate that. Yeah, it wouldn’t be so awesome if lived here with you and i never actually got to know you in a meaningful way. I guess that’s what I’m hoping to do tonight. I’d love to get to know you better.

Jack: Look, this isn’t easy.

Finn: I… I can imagine. But dad, just please understand that whoever this guy is, it doesn’t change anything between us. You’re my father, always. It’s the same as when I found out about sheila. You know, she didn’t take mom’s place. She never could. Finding out and knowing where I come from is just about that, knowing, getting the facts. Having a genetic history. And you get it. Right, mom? I mean, we’re– we’re both doctors. We live for that kind of data.

Li: I do get it. I completely understand why you had questions about your biological parents and now that you’ve met the mother. I’m guessing it’s only intensified your desire to meet the father, too.

Finn: Definitely.

Li: Well. We can make that happen.

Finn: Yeah?

Steffy: So you’re saying he’s close by? Is he in the L.A. Area?

Jack: Very close. You’re looking at him.

These are the faces

Carter: Look, man, I’m not trying to cause any problems but I think I might know where paris is right now. Having dinner with thomas.

Zende: Why would you think that?

Carter: I heard them earlier, said something about ordering in. Does that bother you? That they live together? I assume you must have some issues.

Zende: It is not my dream living situation for her. But, man. I’m fine with it. I trust her. I trust him. I mean, he’s my cousin. If they want to do a little roomie dinner night. It’s fine. I’m not jealous.

Carter: I’m not saying you should be. It’s water under the bridge, right? We’re good.

Zende: Okay…

Carter: But I would’ve never imagined what happened between you and zoe. So as your friend, I’m telling you to keep your eyes open.

Thomas: Okay, um… confession time.

Paris: Oh, no. Why am I suddenly nervous?

Thomas: There’s nothing to be nervous about. It’s just um, this is a little scandalous?

Paris: Okay, thomas. You’re being way too mysterious right now.

Thomas: Oh, it’s nothing. Okay, um… if you were expecting me to cook for you. Well, I had a whole plan. I was going to do it. And– and I had a whole list. I was going to go grocery store. I ended up just getting a take out.

Paris: That’s your big confession? You had already mentioned that you were going to go to my favorite noodle spot and get noodles. I would be disappointed if it was anything less.

Thomas: That’s exactly what I was thinking. Okay, good. Good, good. Good. However, you can let me know if I messed anything up, but I think I got all of your favorites.

Paris: You know my favorites?

Thomas: Well, yeah, I mean, I’ve paid attention. You know, it’s not like I’m keeping a whole record of you or anything like that. I just– I’ve picked up on likes and dislikes.

Paris: Okay. Yeah. I mean, even though we haven’t lived together for that long, I’ve picked up on a few of your likes and dislikes, too. Um… but thomas, please do not take this the wrong way. But I feel the need to remind you that I have a boyfriend and nothing about zende and I’s relationship has changed since I moved in here. You get that, right?

Finn: Okay dad, I don’t– what is “you’re looking at him”? I don’t– what does that even mean?

Jack: It’s confusing. I know. I’m trying to tell you what I– what I should have told you from day one. I’m not only your father because I adopted you, but genetically.

Steffy: Oh my god. You? And sheila?

Jack: I did not know how crazy she was, I swear. I should have told you. I should have told both of you. I couldn’T.

Li: Couldn’t?

Steffy: Was sheila trying to blackmail you?

Jack: No, no, it’s nothing like that. I mean, I could have. I just… it’s just the thought of losing li. I couldn’T.

Finn: So this is– this is true? You’re my biological father. You– you adopted your own son? Ready to shine from the inside out?

Zende: Carter, you’re not actually concerned about thomas, are you?

Carter: Look man, I haven’t seen any signs of trouble. It’s just a friendly warning. That’s all.

Zende: Okay. Thank you. I mean, I think paris has been a good influence on him. Both at home and at work. If anything, I should be encouraging them to spend more time together.

Thomas: Of course, I know that you have a boyfriend. I tell zende all the time how lucky he is.

Paris: All right. I was just saying because i thought I was catching a vibe for a second. That’s all.

Thomas: I am clearly impressed by you. I– I– you have to notice that every time that I see you or talk to you.

Paris: Thank you. That right there, that smile is so infectious. Come on. How am I not supposed to enjoy that? And you know what? You’re– you’re– you’re a wonderful person. You are caring, and loving, and kind, and incredibly talented. Okay, so that– that’s what I’m saying. I– I feel you, but I think we need to circle back to I have a boyfriend because I’m hearing–

Thomas: Admiration. That’s what you’re hearing. Look, I’m sorry if it’s coming out the wrong way. I respect you and zende’s relationship. And I’m very happy for the two of you, getting as close as you are and moving forward… if that’s what you want.

Paris: If?

Thomas: You could have another option if the feeling is mutual. That’s what tonight’s about. I want to tell you how I really feel before it’s too late.

Finn: You’re serious about this. You’re my biological father?

Jack: It’s a shock, I know. I should have told you sooner.

Finn: You’ve been– you’ve been lying to me my entire life? Knowing that I had questions? Knowing how desperate I was to have any information about where I came from, any information about my parents. And you’re sorry?

Jack: I am. Yes. I’m very sorry. I was ashamed, finn. Having an affair was one thing. But then sheila told me she was pregnant and I thought I’d lose everything and I couldn’t stand the thought of losing you. Then, I started to get to know sheila better. And, I realized that she was not in a position to raise a healthy child and there was the answer right in front of me. Li and I could adopt you and i could pretend that you came from some woman and had no connection to us.

Finn: So you didn’t know? You weren’t in on this? You had no idea?

Li: That I was… that I just adopted my husband’s love child? No. I just learned about this today.

Finn: So you cheated on my mother. You had some sick affair behind her back. And instead of manning up and telling the truth, you decided to compound the lie.

Jack: A horrible mistake, I know. What had seemed like a reasonable solution at the time: It was a way for me to keep my marriage intact and still have my son. And it wasn’t difficult to convince sheila that it was the right thing for you. And it– it felt like the best thing for me.

Finn: The best thing? My entire childhood. Your entire marriage is based on a lie.

Jack: No, finn, that’s not the case–

Finn: Mom deserved better from you. I deserved better. You should have told us the truth years ago! How could you do this, dad? How?

Don’t stop me, don’t stop me

Carter: More time with thomas? Don’t go overboard, man.

Zende: Okay, maybe I don’t actually mean that. I guess, I’m just– I’m proud of paris. The influence that she has on people.

Carter: And you should be. We were talking earlier. I told her what a great addition she’s been to the company. And I told her that she needs to talk, that I’m, that I’m here for her.

Zende: Thank you. I appreciate you being so supportive of her. Both of us.

Carter: She’s a very special young woman, which makes you a very lucky young man. And, if I can’t be fortunate in love, at least my buddy can.

Thomas: I’m deeply indebted to you, paris and the changes you’ve made in my life.

Paris: I’m flattered, thomas, but I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Thomas: Really? You don’t see how when you walk into a room, you change the entire mood? You light everything up, you light my world up. I know that for sure. And– and douglas? How you interact with him? You’re amazing with him. You’re so great. And he– he is crazy about you. And so am I. I really am. Now look, paris, I’m falling for you. And I’m not afraid to say it. I’m not afraid to be vulnerable, to open up and be honest with you. Tell you how I really, really feel in my heart. But, could you see that? A future with us. Is that something that you are actually open to? Because I can see how great we’d be together. But I don’t want to be friends. I want to be more. Much, much more.

Finn: What did mom ever do to deserve this from you?

Jack: Nothing.

Li: This isn’t about me, finn. I love you for defending me but–

Finn: No, but it is. And it makes me sick to think how little he felt of you. Betraying your marriage when i know damn well what you were going through at that time. You were putting in so many hours at the hospital, hoping to get pregnant, but unable. You told me how badly you wanted to have a baby, how hard you had tried and that I was that… I was that little miracle that came into your life. Well, some miracle, huh? It turns out it was a big manipulation.

Jack: I’m sure it feels that way to you. But if you just let me explain–

Finn: Explain lying to me my entire life.

Jack: I was trying to–

Finn: To my mom!

Jack: I was trying to protect you.

Finn: Protect me? You’re trying to protect yourself!

Jack: Yeah! At first, I admit that. But then I’d hear story after story on the news. The name sheila carter kept popping up and it was never good. So I thought I was making the right choice by keeping you away from her.

Finn: Oh bull! You’re just making excuses. You could have told me the truth and still kept sheila away. And you could have damn well told mom!

Jack: Knowing that I’d risk losing her? That’s what I was wrestling with, finn. Knowing that the truth would destroy her, destroy this beautiful life and this family I had, that I pray I still have. This doesn’t have to change anything, finn. I’m still your father and I always will be. Just a bit– just a bit differently than you thought. I’m your dad. You’re my son. Just please say you forgive me.

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