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Nicole is at home and thinks back to having sex with Rafe until EJ shows up at her door. Nicole asks what he’s doing there at this time of night. EJ brought food and hopes that Nicole won’t object to having company.

In the interrogation room, Kristen introduces herself to Gwen. Gwen responds that she knows who she is and questions why she was put in here with her. Kristen calls it a twist of fate and asks if she has a minute to chat about her future. Gwen remarks that she heard Kristen doesn’t have a future since she just got a one way ticket back to prison. Kristen then declares that she’s not going back to prison because Gwen’s going to bust her out. Gwen responds that she doesn’t even know her, so if she thinks she’s going to lift a finger for her, she must be mad. Kristen then informs Gwen that she knows everything about Xander that she could write his memoir. Gwen asks what Xander has to do with any of this. Kristen responds that he’s in the thick of it. Kristen declares that Xander is the reason that Gwen is going to get her a get out of jail free card, unless she doesn’t mind losing him forever.

Devil Susan tells John that breaking his wedding vows would be a sure way to destroy his love with Marlena. John responds that he would never betray Marlena for another woman, especially not Susan Banks. The Devil remarks that it might not be hard for him to resist Susan but then the Devil transforms in to Kristen and asks John what about his old flame Kristen. John tells himself that he’s seeing things but “Kristen” assures that it’s her and asks who else could lead him in to temptation. John calls this another one of Lucifer’s tricks. John says he conjured up his son’s dead mother the last time he did this to Marlena. Kristen says she’s not dead and is right in front of him. Marlena then regains consciousness and sees Kristen in front of John.

Nicole tells EJ that he shouldn’t have gone through all the trouble since she already had dinner and he should’ve called first. EJ didn’t want to ruin his surprise. Nicole says it’s been a long day and she was just on her way to bed. EJ jokes about his timing. Nicole assures that she’ll be going to bed alone so he can take his food. EJ then reveals he brought her favorite ice cream and asks if she has room for dessert.

Xander enters the Kiriakis Mansion and greets Maggie in the living room. Maggie mentions hearing that he was in a lot of trouble while she was gone. Xander says she came back at the right time as they hug. Xander says he is sorry to hear about her daughter Summer’s passing. Maggie laments that she wasn’t a good mother to her. Xander encourages that she was with her in the end. Maggie says at least she isn’t suffering anymore. Xander asks if Maggie has heard from Sarah. Maggie says not as much as she’d like, just a text now and then. Xander asks if Sarah sounds happy with Rex. Maggie confirms that she does. Xander says that’s good and he’s happy for her which Maggie questions. Xander then informs Maggie that he’s in love again.

Gwen argues that Kristen is up to her neck in trouble, so she questions what she could possibly do to make her lose Xander. Kristen assures that she won’t hurt Xander, but she has some news that might make him happy. Gwen questions what news she could have that could possibly make Xander happy. Kristen says it’s the truth about Sarah Horton.

Nicole and EJ eat ice cream together as Nicole goes over the facts that EJ was fatally shot sort of, left for dead, reincarnated, gone through an explosion, and somehow still managed to remember her favorite ice cream. EJ jokes that it’s in a file of vital information that he keeps in a safe place. Nicole recalls telling him that when they were married the first time. EJ claims he feels liberated by removing his wedding ring but Nicole doesn’t buy it because she’s seen the love-hate tango of Sami and EJ. EJ assures that dance is over while Nicole feels it’s just until Sami comes back to Salem the next time. EJ calls it funny that they are both moving on from disastrous marriages to the Brady twins. EJ then suggests they both move on from them together as he kisses Nicole.

Maggie questions Xander being in love with Gwen. Maggie wishes she could be happy for him, but not after what she did to Abigail and Laura. Xander assures that Laura’s death was an accident but Maggie argues that what Gwen did to Abigail and Chad or Jack and Jennifer was no accident. Xander says there’s a lot she doesn’t know about how Gwen thought Jack abandoned her to be with Jennifer, but he had no idea she existed. Xander promises that Gwen no longer has it in for Jack and his family as she has put that all behind her. Maggie is not as convinced as Xander seems to be.

Gwen says it seems Kristen might be a bit behind on the local gossip as Xander knows what happened to Sarah. Gwen talks about Sarah jumping in to bed with Rex and left town, breaking Xander’s heart. Kristen brings up her reputation as the Mistress of Disguise. Gwen acknowledges that Kristen’s transformations is the stuff of legend. Kristen then reveals that it wasn’t Sarah, who broke Xander’s heart on their wedding day.

Marlena tells John that Kristen is not real and urges him not to believe her. Marlena encourages John to fight. John assures that their love is stronger than anything the Prince of Darkness could ever dream of. John says he’s never loved anyone like Marlena. Devil Kristen says they have too much catching up to do. She then tells John that he will have to say goodbye to Marlena for now.

Rafe and Ava sit together at home. Rafe hopes that she can forgive him. Ava asks for what. Rafe thinks back to Nicole warning him not to tell Ava about them having sex. Rafe then tells Ava that he was just being so hard on her with what happened to Carmine like she was going back to the old Ava Vitali. Ava tells him that there is nothing to forgive as her past makes it pretty hard for people to believe her and she did go after Gabi. Rafe talks about Gabi building her company from nothing and how it means everything to her. Ava responds that Rafe means everything to her. Ava promises not to give Gabi any more trouble. Rafe understands that Gabi is a lot, but tells Ava to come to him the next time Gabi drives her nuts. Ava apologizes for not doing that before. Rafe says he has no business lecturing anybody. Ava has no idea why he’s being so hard on himself. Ava suggests they wipe the slate clean and start fresh. Rafe agrees as Ava then kisses him.

EJ and Nicole kiss until he suggests taking this to the bedroom. Nicole reminds him that Holly and Henry are right down the hall. EJ jokes about how quiet he can be. They continue kissing until Nicole pulls away. EJ questions what just happened. Nicole tells him that she can’t do this. EJ asks why not since they are both single, consenting adults and why they shouldn’t enjoy each other. Nicole responds that she would feel like more of a slut than she already does.

Gwen goes over Kristen putting on a Sarah Horton mask and jumping in to bed with her ex, in hopes that Xander would find them in bed together which he did, and then she broke it off with Xander. Gwen asks if she left town with Rex. Kristen reveals that she provided Sarah with a one way ticket to a secluded island that her family owned. Sarah asks who Rex is with then. Kristen says nobody since for him, it was just a fling with his ex, and she arranged for Rex to get an offer from Doctors Without Borders in a remote location where there is almost no access to cell phones or e-mails so he couldn’t turn it down. Kristen adds that to make things easier for Maggie, she texts her periodically from Sarah so that she doesn’t worry about her daughter. Gwen realizes that Sarah never threw Xander over for Rex. Kristen warns Gwen that if she doesn’t get her out of here, she will tell Xander where to find the real love of his life.

Devil Kristen chains Marlena to the wall in the entry way of the crypt. Marlena questions what she plans to do with John. She tells her not to worry as she has big plans for him. Marlena argues that she’s not even really Kristen. She explains that once John betrays his wedding vows to Marlena in the worst possible way, their great love will no longer be strong enough to help her resist the Devil. Marlena argues that the Devil always underestimates John. the Devil brings up Kristen getting Eric to betray his vows to God and insists that John will submit to his desires and love every second of it. She exclaims it will be a fantastic show and walks away, leaving Marlena chained to the wall.

Xander wants Maggie to get to know Gwen and see for herself that she’s not what she was. Maggie feels that’s asking a lot. Xander reminds Maggie that she was the first person that believed he could change and because of that, he did change. Maggie reminds him that the first person to believe in him was Sarah. Maggie says she’ll never get over Sarah running off with Rex since she was over Rex and in love with Xander. Xander thinks he understands that Sarah never really forgave him for what happened with her baby. Xander says when she left town, he was in such a bad place and then he met Gwen, who was in a bad place too, but they helped each other and made each other happy again. Xander declares that he now sees he and Sarah are both where they are meant to be.

Gwen calls Kristen a liar as she doesn’t believe a word of what she’s saying. Gwen accuses her of playing a game. Kristen says maybe she is, but maybe she’s telling the truth. Kristen warns that if Xander finds out that Sarah never stopped loving him, he’ll end it with Gwen so fast it will make her head swim.

Devil Kristen returns to John, who asks what she did with Marlena. Devil Kristen comes on to John while John insists to himself that this is not Kristen and the real Kristen is obsessed with Brady. She talks about being John’s Kristen and goes over their history, asking John if he remembers all those times.

EJ asks Nicole if being with him makes her a slut or if it’s still guilt about Eric. Nicole states they are not having sex because she doesn’t want to. EJ says it couldn’t be because his divorce isn’t final as the Nicole he knows would relish the chance to stick it to Sami. EJ asks if the last time she had sex was her pathetic drunken fling with Xander months ago. Nicole then reveals to EJ that she had sex on Halloween. EJ questions having competition. EJ acknowledges that they aren’t exclusive. Nicole says she’s just upset at herself for making love to a man, who is with someone else that she knows. EJ tells her not to be so hard on herself since these things happen. Nicole remarks that he wasn’t so live and let live when Sami cheated on him with Lucas. Nicole then apologizes and says that was unfair. EJ reminds her that he and Sami were married, while Xander and his partner are not. Nicole asks what Xander has to do with this. EJ questions it not being Xander on Halloween. Nicole says no and that she was with a good man, who has principles and thinks about other people instead of just himself. Nicole remarks that he’s nothing like Xander or EJ for that matter. Nicole adds that this man hates EJ’s guts. EJ then realizes that Nicole slept with Rafe.

Ava and Rafe continue kissing until Rafe stops her. Ava blames herself for coming on too strong, too soon, and guesses that starting over means taking things slow. Ava decides she will sleep in her room tonight as she’s sure he’s exhausted and that he could use a good night sleep. Ava decides they will catch their breath and decide where they want to go from here, which Rafe agrees with. Ava says she’ll see him in the morning and heads to her room.

Maggie guesses she should be a little more considerate about Gwen since people do change. Xander adds that Gwen has paid a heavy price for what she did as Jack has all but turned his back on her. Maggie thinks Gwen deserved that after all the misery she caused Abigail. Xander says Gwen feels that way but he wants to think there is some hope. Xander adds that a good word from Maggie about Gwen would go a long way with Jack and the Hortons. Maggie tells Xander that she has loved Abigail since the day she was born, so her talking up Gwen to her family would feel like a betrayal to Abigail. Maggie brings up what Sarah did to Xander and says he knows now how much a betrayal like that can hurt.

Marlena tells herself that John will never betray her as long as he knows that she is still her and she still loves him. Marlena calls for John to fight as their love is so much stronger than anything that monster can throw at them.

Devil Kristen reminds John of when Kristen first came to Salem and he saved her, causing John to flash back to that time. She remarks that John was her hero then and could be her hero again.

Kristen tells Gwen to be smart and spring her out of here, then she can have her happily ever after with Xander. Gwen asks what she is supposed to do when there are so many cops out there on every corner. Kristen tells her to be extra careful then like she was when she drugged Abigail. Kristen warns her not to wait too long, because it will be easier to get her out of the police station than prison.

Maggie asks if Xander really thinks Gwen is worth all this trouble. Xander assures that he does. Maggie asks if he’s sure Gwen will never do anything else to hurt her family, which Xander also assures. Maggie agrees to talk to Jack then, but says she’s not making any promises. Xander tells Maggie that he loves her and hugs her.

Nicole tells EJ that it’s time to go. EJ doesn’t understand as he thought she resolved to stay away from Rafe. Nicole explains that she had but she was at the Basic Black office that night and it was really creepy by herself on Halloween, so she thought she saw Deimos Kiriakis. EJ reminds her that Deimos is dead. Nicole says EJ was too but here he is. Nicole adds that she called Rafe, so he came to calm her down and he was really sweet, so they had sex on the conference table. EJ complains that he owns that table and he can’t believe this. Nicole assures EJ that nothing has changed between her and Rafe as it was one time and will never happen again.

Devil Kristen reminds John what it was like for them in the beginning and how they fell in love. John acknowledges that Kristen saved him too. She tells John that they were meant to be together. John responds that he knows what the Devil is trying to do and it’s not going to work as the only woman he wants to be with is Marlena and that’s never going to change. She points out that he remembered what they had, so she can be patient as the Devil comments on being around for an eternity.

EJ asks if Nicole is sure that it’s all over with Rafe. Nicole assures him because Rafe is with Ava and Ava is her friend. Nicole adds that Ava can’t know what happened, so EJ has to keep his mouth shut. EJ responds that he doesn’t even want to think about the details of her one night with Rafe, let alone talk about it. Nicole thanks him. EJ then adds that he does have one condition. EJ tells Nicole that the next time she’s terrorized by the dead, he wants her to call him first.

Gwen goes home to Xander’s room at the Salem Inn and reads an article on her tablet about Kristen escaping prison. Xander then comes home and tells her that he has good news. Gwen shuts her tablet and asks what his good news is. Xander tells her that he just came from talking to the one person who could fix things between her and Jack; Maggie. Gwen wishes he hadn’t done that. Xander insists that it’s a good thing as Maggie has real sway in the Horton family, so if anyone can convince Jack to make peace with Gwen, it’s her. Gwen doesn’t understand why Sarah Horton’s mother would lift a finger for her. Xander says Maggie has a soft spot for anyone trying to change their ways and he told her that he believes in her. Xander declares that soon, Maggie, Jack and the rest of them will see in Gwen what he sees. Gwen thinks back to Kristen’s threat to reveal the truth about Sarah. Xander then hugs Gwen.

Susan Banks wakes up next to John and questions what happened to her. The Devil has repossessed Marlena and tells Susan that she was his temporary host. Susan complains about Satan being inside her body. The Devil tells Susan to shut up before he decides she’s too much trouble to live. Susan prays for forgiveness and says she tried to stop the Devil but the Devil was too strong. The Devil threatens to visit EJ if Susan doesn’t stop praying. The Devil tells John and Susan to relax as he has to corrupt a few more souls and destroy a few more lives, but he’ll be back soon. The Devil declares that then, John and Kristen can pick up where they left off.

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