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Recap written by Christine

Rey went to Crimson Lights, and Sharon was reading the article. She said that Billy and Lily came out swinging. She could tell this article was also about the Newmans, and she’d hoped that both sides would’ve kept the peace. Rey talked to Billy earlier, and he’d got the sense that Billy wasn’t inclined to release this article any time soon. Rey said Billy was planning to use the information as a private bargaining chip – blackmail. Rey wondered why Billy changed his mind. Sharon said the fact that Billy would throw a grenade like this showed he was drawn to chaos. While Rey didn’t disagree, he noted that the article simply recounting factual information on Ashland. He thought that Ashland set himself up for exposure when he committed fraud to steal Camilla Rhodes’ estate. Sharon was shocked Ashland built an empire on a criminal act. She knew he’d always been known as ruthless, but this was different. She asked what would happen to Ashland. Rey said the statute of limitations ran out, but Ashland could be sued in civil court by the estates rightful beneficiaries. Sharon wondered how this was affecting Victoria’s marriage – did she already know about all this? Rey said that either Victoria was finding out now, or she’d been complicit in keeping it secret. Sharon hated to think about Johnny and Katie being caught in the crossfire between Billy and Ashland. Rey hoped Victoria and Billy could protect the kids because it was going to get ugly especially if Ashland had Victor and Adam’s support. Sharon imagined the Newmans were already planning to retaliate.

Rey said there was nothing they could do about this war, and it didn’t directly affect them, so they shouldn’t let it ruin their evening. Sharon thought that was a good idea. He invited her on a dinner date.

Sally knocked on Adam’s office door. When he invited her in, she asked for his take on the Ashland article, and he dodged the question, stating that he had somewhere to be. He left.

Victor was at home. He read the article on Ashland. Adam showed up. “Well done, my boy,” Victor said to Adam. Adam turned to a third person in the room and said “you played your role perfectly.” This person was revealed to be Gaines. Gaines pointed out that he wasn’t given much of a choice. Gaines wanted to say something else, but Adam told him not to, and Victor said he didn’t have time for this. He told Adam to deal with Gaines, then he left. Adam asked why Gaines was so blue. He thought Gaines wanted the Ashland story to come out. Gaines said he did, but not like this. Adam said the other option would’ve been for the Newmans to release the dirt they had on Gaines. Gaines reiterated that it wasn’t much of a choice. Adam said Gaines saved his own skin, and there was no shame in that. Adam told Gaines to get over it because they weren’t finished yet.

Sally toasted to everything Adam hadn’t told her and to the glorious future of Newman Media. Adam added a toast to the employees of Newman Media. She was glad they could hang out like this – coworkers who enjoyed the occasional cocktail. She’d been concerned he’d be skittish about being seen with her after that tabloid implied that they were an item. He said he didn’t let gossip dictate how he lived his life, and he thought she was the same way. She was, but she just didn’t want there to be any fallout. She knew Chelsea called after the story dropped. He said he didn’t answer the call, but he did talk with Chelsea later and clear things up. He and Chelsea weren’t together, but he wanted to keep the lines of communication open for Connor. He was hoping Chelsea wold come to work at Newman Fashion. He thought it was best that he and Sally kept things above board so that Chelsea wouldn’t get the wrong impression. Sally said she couldn’t agree more.

Sally asked Adam if he really grew up on a farm. Adam said he even knew how to milk cows and drive a tractor. He asked if she had special skills. She said she could guess his weight, walk a tightrope and juggle knives. Her parents were carnies, and she learned a thing or two before she went to live with her Grams. He said she got more interesting by the day. He asked what was in funnel cakes that made them so addictive. She found it hard to believe a guy who introduced her to high-end single malt scotch eating deep find sugar. He said that he grew up in farm country, and the fair was the height of entertainment for kids. He asked if her parents’ carnival ever went through Kansas. She wondered if he thought they’d crossed paths as children. He told her about getting cheated out of his prize from a carnival game once, and he teased that he needed to make sure her parents weren’t involved. She admitted that kind of sounded like something her mom and dad would do, but there was no proof. She hoped he wouldn’t put her on his list of enemies. “Not a chance,” he said.

Sharon and Rey walked in and saw Adam and Sally. He asked if she wanted to go somewhere else, and he said of course not.

Billy and Lily were at ChancComm. They were determined to figure out who got into ChancComm’s system and published the Ashland article without their consent. Lily called Marty in and asked how the story got released without authorization. Marty showed Billy the email she got from him authorizing its release. Billy said he never sent that – he and Lily hadn’t even read the story. He thought Marty should’ve questioned the email instructions, since it was telling her to release the article without going through the proper channels. Marty said she got an email from her boss that seemed urgent, and she did what she was told. Lily asked Marty to forward the email to her, then she sent the Marty out of the office. Billy wondered who hacked his email. Not many people even knew ChancComm was working on this story. Lily said they had to find out who knew and who wanted it out there.

Billy and Lily went to the motel room, and to their frustration, Gaines was gone. Lily wasn’t surprised Gaines went rogue, and she was frustrated that Billy had thought he could keep Gaines in line. Lily thought Gaines leaked the story, but Billy wasn’t convinced. Billy thought that if Gaines wanted to go public, he’d just sell the story to another outlet instead of hacking Billy’s email. Lily admitted that could be true, but if it wasn’t Gaines, then who? Billy said he’d give Lily two guesses.

Billy felt the attack was personal. Lily asked if his password was secure, and he said it was because he wasn’t an idiot who’d use his kids’ names. Lily noted that never said he was. He said someone with motive and the means to pay someone else to do their dirty work did this. He blamed Victor and Adam. She thought he was jumping to conclusions. He pointed out that Victor declared war on him, and Adam had been blasé about Billy having Gaines. Lily said it didn’t add up – even if Victor and Adam didn’t care about harming Ashland, they definitely cared about Newman Media and Newman/Locke.

Lily and Billy were inundated with calls and texts about the article, which was trending. Billy had three missed calls from Victoria. Victoria then sent a text. “You bastard. Why did you do this?” it said. He got a text from Ashland too. “You better line up your team of lawyers,” it stated. Lily asked if Billy was going to let Victoria know he didn’t approve the article. He said he wasn’t talking to anyone until he knew who did this. She said they should retract the article and say they were hacked. He didn’t want to because that would make them look like amateurs who were out of control. She countered that they weren’t in control.

Billy didn’t understand why Ashland was saying to get the lawyers ready, when they all knew the story was true. Gaines entered the office. “Because the story is not true. I made the whole thing up in order to hurt you,” Gaines stated.

Adam ran into Sally at Society. She noted that he appeared to be in a great mood, and she thought was odd, given the way he’d tried to avoid talking about the article Billy released. He said he wasn’t trying to avoid it, he just had somewhere he needed to be. She figured Ashland wasn’t too happy about the article, and it didn’t look good for Newman Media or Newman/Locke, given that Ashland built his empire on illegal activity. He said sometimes things weren’t exactly as they appeared.

Sally didn’t understand why Adam wasn’t as worried about this article as she was. She asked what would happen to Newman Media now that all this was out in the open. Adam thought Sally’s panic was an insult on their friendship. He thought they had trust between them. He asked if he looked like a guy whose world was crumbling. She said his confidence was allaying her fears, but not her curiosity. She wanted to know what was going on in his mind, but she knew he wouldn’t tell her, so she gave up for now. She suggested they have a drink in honor of whatever it was that put that smile on his face. He accepted.

Ashley went to the Chancellor house. Abby and the baby weren’t there, so Ashley called and left a message asking Abby where she was.

A tearful Abby was at Devon and Amanda’s. “I can’t do this alone. You were right. I – I keep trying to fight this feeling that I am a train wreck over Chance,” Abby stated. Abby loved the baby more than anything, but she couldn’t give him the attention he needed. She asked Devon to take Dominic until she got her head together. Devon admired Abby for having the courage to ask for help. Abby said that it wasn’t right for Dominic to be with her now. She said she’d been a mess, and her mood keep swinging. Devon said there was no shame in that. He asked if she was 100% sure she wanted to leave Dominic with him and not someone in her family. She said that Devon spent more time with Dominic than anyone in her family. This felt right to her. He said of course he’d look after the baby. He admitted he’d been thinking that it was best for Dominic to get away from the heavy energy at the mansion, and he also thought Abby deserved time to herself. Abby didn’t know how long this would be, because she was in despair, and she was thinking she might leave Genoa City to heal, so she could come back and be the best mother.

Concerned, Devon hoped Abby wasn’t planning to go to Valencia. Abby said she wasn’t going to Spain, and she might not go anywhere. Devon reminded Abby that there were a ton of people in town to support her. Abby knew, but she thought she might be able to heal if she left, and it’d give her peace to know Dominic was with Devon. It occurred to Abby that she hadn’t even made sure Amanda would be okay with this, and Moses lived here too. Amanda said she’d love to have Dominic here. Amanda wanted what was best for everyone, including that sweet baby. Devon knew Moses would agree. Abby said she’d have the nanny swing by, and Dominic’s other things were in the car. Abby said goodbye to the baby and promised she’d be back for him soon. She said she loved him more than anything. Abby thanked Devon and Amanda and hugged them. She took one more look at the baby, and Devon said they’d take good care of him. She left.

Devon was alone with the baby. After Dominic was settled into his basket, Devon flashed back to a moment with Neil. Neil said that you could set business aside, but a child was every second of every day. It was boring, busy, emotional and humbling, and you couldn’t even imagine the size of that love. “And if you’re lucky, you’re gonna have someone that you trust that you can share that load with. Just the three of you in in a little tiny family fishbowl that you created, you never could have anticipated it. So no, I don’t think you have it all taken care of with some contract,” Neil said. Neil had asked Devon what if that child really needed him, because they were hurt or had failed at something or were disappointed. Neil noted that there were also sweet things like the first word, high school graduation, college acceptance. Neil said that would make Devon’s priorities really clear really fast.

Amanda came in and called Devon a natural with the baby. He said he’d just had a lot of practice recently. He appreciated her support, but he knew she didn’t sign up for this when she first got here. He asked if she was sure she was okay with this. Amanda and Devon held hands over Dominic’s bassinet, and she promised she was happy to have the baby here. It meant a lot to him that she wasn’t just going along with this but embracing it. She was glad Abby found a way to heal herself and protect her baby. He was grateful Abby trusted him. Amanda said Devon was the only father Dominic had ever known.

Amanda walked downstairs and heard Devon singing to Dominic. Devon wrote a song on the fly about Dominic growing up to be in a band. Devon said they had another music lover in the house.

Abby went home, and Ashley asked where the baby was. Abby said he’d be staying with Devon for the foreseeable future. Ashley asked if this was Devon’s idea, and Abby said it was hers. It was painfully clear to her that she couldn’t properly care for her son right now. Ashley was proud of Abby for realizing she needed help with Dominic, but Ashley suggested this was a drastic step. Ashley said that she, Nina and Victor were willing to step up and provide more support. Abby appreciated that, but she was frustrated that Ashley wouldn’t just accept that she’d made the right call. “Why do I have to sit here and defend my actions to you?,” Abby snapped just as Victor walked in.

Victor didn’t want Abby to feel defensive. He said he and Ashley agreed that Devon would be a good father, but they wondered why Abby didn’t come to them before making this important decision. Abby said that Dominic wouldn’t be here without Devon and Mariah, so they all shared an indescribable bond. She noted that Devon had been there since Dominic came into the world. Abby thought Dominic recognized and felt comforted by Devon’s presence. Ashley suggested that Devon could have a more active role without leaving the Chancellor home. Abby didn’t think this house of grief was a good environment for Dominic. She wanted him to be in a peaceful happy environment where he could thrive. Victor thought that being separated from Dominic would take a toll on Abby.

Abby would miss Dominic, but being a parent was about putting your child first. Ashley just didn’t want Abby and her needs to get lost in the process. Abby said that her final decision was to let Dominic stay with Devon for the time being. Victor asked how they could help Abby. Abby wanted to have that conversation, but for now, she was going to go rest. She went upstairs. Victor was shocked. Ashley wasn’t as blindsided since Devon had come to her earlier and suggested that he take Dominic for awhile. She didn’t think that Devon had an agenda or that he had anything to do with Abby’s decision though. Victor and Ashley were worried that Abby wasn’t thinking things through. Ashley said they’d keep an eye on things, and if Abby seemed upset, they’d bring Dominic home. Ashley went to bed, and Victor left. Abby quietly came downstairs with an overnight bag, and she slipped out of the house.

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