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Hope: Please tell me you support me in this.

Liam: In allowing deacon back into your life.


Hope: He’s my father. Liam, I am firm on this decision. I really am. Please tell me you understand.

Ridge: Well, are we doing this? We’re going down to the cabin? It’s why we came home, right?

Brooke: Uh, now that i think about it, let’s just, uh…let’s not barge in there, okay? Let’s just… wait and see if liam can get through to her.

Ridge: He will. But how does this happen? How–how does–does hope let deacon back into her life? And how do we not do everything in our power to stop it?

Finn: Change your mind?

Steffy: About?

Finn: Lunch. I want to treat my gorgeous wife.

Steffy: Oh, I would love that… but I should get back to this meeting with thomas. Plus we’re at a really good place right now.

Finn: Ah, I don’t know how you could possibly sit in a meeting knowing your poor husband’s gonna be sitting there all alone, eating in a corner.

Steffy: Uh, something tells me you’re gonna be just fine.

Finn: Okay. But I was thinking we could go to il giardino. I mean, I’m in the neighborhood. Okay. I’ll be lonely.

Steffy: My extrovert husband? You’re gonna be chatting someone up the moment you open that menu.

[Indistinct chatter]

Sheila: Well, what is it? You’re all cleaned up. Why did you want to see me?

Steffy: Save me a bite of that tiramisu?

Finn: Who says I’ll order dessert?

Steffy: You always do.

Finn: Dang, this woman’s been paying attention.

Steffy: You got that right. Nothing goes unnoticed. Including all the sacrifices you’ve been making. I know you wanted to get to know your birth mother. But I’m really appreciative that you’re taking my warnings about her seriously.

Finn: I-I do. It’s nice to hear, though. It isn’t always easy, but I understand why you want me to stay away from her. The thing is, I might not be able to have a relationship with my birth mother, but at least I got to meet her. All those years of wondering, now I know what she looks like, and…

Steffy: Yeah, and now you have, you know, answers to questions you’ve had your– your whole life.

Finn: Some answers. I’d like to find out who my biological father is as well.

Sheila: If you’re here to threaten me, or order me to leave town, it’s–

Jack: I’m here to thank you.

Sheila: Thank me?

Jack: Yeah. For keeping our secret.

Brooke: Ridge, you know I tried, right? Hope is a grown woman. I can’t just forbid her from seeing her father, or having a relationship with him.

Ridge: I know she’s a grown woman, I know she’s not a child anymore but there are children involved, innocent children. They shouldn’t have to deal with deacon just because you… just because your daughter has a bit of a daddy issue. You know I’m right. And liam, he sees things the way I do and I think he’ll figure this out.

Brooke: Okay, yeah, I hope he does. But what if he doesn’t? What then? I mean, what if they can’t come to an agreement? What’s going to happen to their marriage?

Liam: Hope, I mean… w-what you’re asking right now–

Hope: Liam, I understand if you have conflicting feelings. You want to be the loving, protective husband and father and I appreciate that about you, but…I know what I’m doing. And I want to give my father this chance. I want him to be in my life.

Liam: It’s not just your life. It’s our life. It’s our family’s life. I brought in ensure max protein,

Steffy: Finn, I understand you wanting to know more about your father, but I don’t think going to sheila is a good idea.

Finn: No, I’m not, I’m not. I don’t know, it just… makes me wonder. I mean, does he even know about me? Did he give me up too? Is he just as bad?

Steffy: As sheila? I don’t think that’s possible. She probably took advantage of him just like she did my… grandfather.

Thomas: Oh. What the hell did quinn do now?

Steffy: [Chuckles] We’re actually talking about sheila.

Thomas: Well, I can come back if y’all need a minute.

Finn: No, no. I know you two have a meeting, and I have a sad and lonely meal to get to.

Steffy: Yeah, yeah. Baby, if you want to know more about your birth father, we can hire someone and we can do some more digging, okay?

Finn: All right, let me think about that.

Steffy: Over your sad, lonely meal?

Finn: Exactly.

Steffy: Bye. Love you.

Finn: Bye bye.

Ridge: Liam is very protective of his family. He’d never let anything happen to hope or his kids. Hope knows that.

Brooke: Yeah, well, I guess the question is… after all these years, is deacon really that harmful? We may think he is, but if hope doesn’t, she’s gonna fight for a place for him in her family.

Ridge: Hmm. That seems pretty selfish, if you ask me. Where does that leave you? You need to understand something. I’m-I’m so happy that hope is here. I love that girl. But that doesn’t mean that we need to take a trip down memory lane with deacon. Some people, some things… need to stay in the past. Where they belong.

Liam: Okay, okay, look. I get you wanting a connection with your own father. I– I get that more than most people, right? Because I’ve lived it. I mean, meeting my dad, having a relationship with my dad, that–that– it changed my whole life.

Hope: And yet you want to stop me from changing mine.

Liam: Okay, but that– that’s the thing, right? That’s the big question. Because in my case, it changed my life for the better. It gave me opportunities I never could’ve dreamed of. It gave me you. But what does being deacon sharpe’s daughter give you? Other than heartache?

Hope: Don’t I deserve a chance to find out? To find out who the man behind the letters really is?

Liam: They’re just letters. Anyone can say anything they want in a letter, hope. I mean, he-he could’ve been in prison the whole time stringing–okay. Okay. Our life is so good right now. It’s so good. I mean, you, me, and beth, and douglas, it’s great. And you–you want to bring deacon in on that, knowing his past, knowing how much he has hurt all the people that you love. And I’m just–I’m just asking you, are you sure that is the best thing for you right now? Are you sure that is the best thing for our family right now?

Steffy: You’ll follow up with the paris office?

Thomas: Yeah, uh, it’s– well, it’s too late to call, but I’ll send them an email.

Steffy: Wow, this went by pretty quick.

Thomas: Oh, then you still have time.

Steffy: Time for what?

Thomas: To catch up with finn? Don’t let that poor guy eat alone.

Sheila: Well, this is a– a pleasant change. A little appreciation instead of what I’m used to, you attacking me.

Jack: I realize I didn’t react particularly well when finn met you. But I think you can understand. If anyone found out I was his biological father…

Sheila: Yeah, li probably wouldn’t take that too well, would she? ‘Cause not only did you have an affair, but you conned her into adopting your biological son.

Jack: Let’s not call it a con. I took a difficult situation…

Waiter: Of course.

[Cell phone rings]

Finn: Oh, I gotta…

Jack: What is it?

Sheila: He’s here. Finn’s here.

Jack: He can’t see us together.

Sheila: No? Well, then maybe you should go someplace, because I’m gonna go say hello.

Finn: Okay. Well, we can up the dosage. Yeah. That should be fine.

Sheila: Hello, son.

Brushing only reaches

25% of your mouth.

Hope: What if I do think it’s best? Shouldn’t you trust my instincts about my own father?

Liam: Right, but–but your instincts are to always see the good in people. And that’s something I so admire, but in this case, it’s deacon, and I’m not– I can’t just pretend I’m not concerned about what this could do to our–our life and our family and our kids. What–what message it sends, to beth and douglas when, you know, eventually, one day, they’re gonna see you and you’re gonna be in pain over something that deacon did because you decided to let him in.

Hope: [Scoffs]

Liam: ‘Cause that’s probably what’s gonna happen.

Hope: So what are you saying? You refuse to accept my decision?

Steffy: I don’t know, with everything on my list? I should really just go to the commissary and eat at my desk.

Thomas: Steffy, come on. Look, I know that you’re– you’re swamped. You got a lot of work. But how often do you and finn actually get, like, time together? Between your schedule and his, and the two kids needing all of your attention? I’m not saying I’m a relationship expert. I’m obviously not. But I do know that if your husband is having a meal by himself, and you have the opportunity to go meet up with him… you probably should.

Finn: Hey. Uh… how are you?

Sheila: I’m great. As a matter of fact, this day just got a whole lot better.

Waiter: Excuse me? Your table’s ready.

Finn: All right, cool.

Waiter: I will be right back to get your order.

Finn: Okay, thanks. Look, sheila… I don’t want to be rude, but what are you doing here?

Sheila: Uh, same as you. I was just getting ready to have lunch. You probably think that I’m– I’m stalking you, but this is just a coincidence, I swear, and… a lovely one at that. Don’t worry. I, uh… I just wanted to say hello. I’ll be out of sight before steffy arrives. I assume you are meeting her.

Finn: Uh, no, actually. I’m, uh…[Clears throat] I’m solo.

Sheila: Oh! [Chuckles] Well, uh, you don’t have to be. May I join you? There’s no reason for us both to be eating alone, finn. I mean, even if it’s a quick conversation, if that’s all you’re willing to give me. Please? Finn, just let me sit, okay? Even if it’s just for a while. I’m your mother. I miss you so much. They’re finally where they want to be. Yeah. It’s gonna be okay. ‘Cause I don’t care how badly hope wants deacon in her life or how badly liam wants him out of it, in the end, the two of them, they will figure it out. They’ll be united. And they’re not gonna let deacon get in the way of their relationship.

Hope: Maybe we shouldn’t talk about this.

Liam: Well…

[Chuckles] I mean, we kinda have to, don’t we? ‘Cause…

Hope: No, I mean right now. Because I-I need to get to work, and I don’t want us obsessing about this throughout the day, and I’d rather just focus on us. And think about what… everything we have to be grateful for, all our blessings, this life, our family, and… if we do that, it will work out.

Steffy: I don’t normally say this, but I think you might be right.

Thomas: Rare, I know, but it happens.

Steffy: I should probably reschedule the publicity meeting for tomorrow.

Thomas: Or… you just let me handle it. Come on, you and your husband deserve some downtime. Go ahead. Surprise him.

Sheila: I’d love a chance to catch up. I mean, maybe see a recent picture of hayes. I’m not above begging, if that’s what it’ll take.

Finn: Just for a minute.

Sheila: Thank you. Oh, you have no idea how much this means to me. How are you, finn? I mean, how’s work?

Finn: Good. Busy.

Waiter: Everything okay, sir?

Jack: Great.

Sheila: I am so impressed with the man that you’ve become. I guess that means that I– I actually made the right choice. As painful as it was giving you up, I’m not so sure that you would have had all of those opportunities under my care. I just have to keep reminding myself of that. Have to let go of the regret.

Finn: So you regret it? Giving me up for adoption?

Sheila: Oh, my god, yes. Yes. Dammit, I just–I really wish that I could’ve raised you.

Finn: And why didn’t you? Was it because of my biological father? I mean, I know I haven’t asked you about him, but, I don’t know, you might not be ready to tell me about him, but I am curious. Did you love him? Did he love you? Look, I’ve spent my whole life wondering about him the same way that I’ve been wondering about you, even though you aren’t exact– look, I’d– I don’t want you to take this the wrong way. You aren’t exactly the woman that I imagined, right? But it’s been really good… for me… to know your voice and to have a name and if I could have the name of my father and maybe even meet him… unless, I mean, I– I already have? Were you lying the other day, when hope and I saw you and deacon kissing? Look, I know you’ve said that you had just started seeing each other, but the way that you looked at him… is there more to that relationship than… you’re letting on? Please. Look at me. Tell me. You can tell me. Is deacon sharpe my father?

Sheila: What? No. No, no.

Finn: You’re not…

Sheila: I swear.

Finn: Well, then, who? You don’t know what it’s like living a life with so much uncertainty and having all these questions. And I finally, finally know about you and I’m thankful for that. But I’m ready for more. The full story. So, please… just tell me who my father is. I want the truth.

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