Y&R Short Recap Monday, November 8 2021

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Recap written by Christine

Noah and Mariah went on a run, and she confided that she was scared to run alone after her kidnapping. He told her that he was back in Genoa City because he’d gotten his heart broken. She admitted she was having a hard time letting go of Dominic. Abby believed Chance was alive, so she decided to go to Spain and find him. A hopeful Nina wanted to go as well. Christine and Devon maintained that it was too dangerous and that Abby would be putting herself and her family at risk if she took this trip. Christine convinced Nina that Chance was dead, but Abby wouldn’t hear of it, and she was determined to go to Spain. Mariah heard Abby’s plans and wondered if she should move back in to care for Dominic while Abby was gone. Ashland and Victoria had plans to leave for Peru this afternoon. Victoria confided in Nikki that she was concerned Ashland was expending valuable energy on Newman Media’s feud with ChancComm instead of focusing on his health. Lily unsuccessfully tried to convince Victoria to have her family call off the war with Billy. Lily tried to negotiate with Adam about calling off the war, and he refused. He offered her a job at Newman Media, which did not interest her. Nikki asked Adam to put an end to the feud against Billy before innocent people got caught in the crossfire. Billy and Gaines didn’t trust each other, but they reached a tentative agreement to work together. Gaines gave Billy the letter proving that Ashland wasn’t named in Camilla Rhodes will. Lily informed Billy that she was now willing to do whatever it took to ChancComm. Billy went to Adam and said he had Gaines, and he had proof that Ashland was left out of Camilla’s will. Billy tried using it to blackmail Adam into calling off his plans to destroy ChancComm. Chloe told Sally that she had to stop bantering and flirting with Adam before Chelsea’s return, because Chelsea would not be okay with Adam and Sally dating. Sally said she was happily single.


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