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Recap written by Christine

Noah and Mariah were on a morning run in the park. She thanked him for coming with her and said she missed running. Noah asked why she hadn’t been working out. Mariah explained that she’d been wary about going out on her own because Stitch grabbed her at the park and kept her locked up for weeks. Noah promised to run with Mariah, and she asked for how long. He asked if their mom put her up to asking this. Mariah said they were thrilled Noah was back, but they did wonder what prompted his return. The look on Noah’s face told Mariah that he didn’t want to lie, but he also didn’t want to bare his soul. Noah said it was a love thing, and he’d get over it. He asked what Mariah was going through. Mariah said she was going through a love thing, but with Dominic. Things were improving, but it wasn’t easy. He suggested they pretend that running would help their problems. She said she’d race him, and she took off.

Devon went to the Chancellor house, and Nina let him in, just as Christine finished a call with the State Department. Abby came downstairs everyone was stunned by her sunny mood. She said she was going to book the Newman jet, and if that wasn’t available, she’d fly commercial. She was going to Spain to find out where her husband was. Christine thought that was the worst thing Abby could do. Christine said that the Spanish authorities and the agents from the State Department were sorting through the rubble. It wasn’t happening quickly enough for Abby. Christine said that the agents who were working on this were experienced about that area of Spain, as well as the criminal operation behind the bombing. She was sure that they’d get to the bottom of what happened to Chance and his colleagues. Abby asked what if Chance was out there hurt or hiding. She couldn’t leave him to fend for himself. Christine brought up the agents again. Abby countered that the agents didn’t share the connection with Chance that she did, the kind where you just know things about the person. “Like if they’re dead or alive,” Nina said. “Exactly! It’s that connection that will not allow me to believe Chance is gone, the way that you all do,” she snapped. Devon asked Abby what changed since yesterday. Abby woke up and realized she was just going along with someone else’s version of what went down, and it was like she was giving up on Chance. Abby pointed out that they thought Chance was dead years ago, and she and Nina even went to his funeral, but he was just faking his death for a case. Nina noted that the media confirmed there was an explosion. Abby said she had to follow her instincts. Every fiber of her being told her Chance was alive.

Abby didn’t think the State Department was looking hard for Chance, since they thought he died in the explosion. She also thought that the people in Spain would be more likely to talk to a concerned wife than an agent in the US. Christine said Abby would be putting herself and her family in danger. Abby insisted that she was going to Spain. She asked where Victor was, because she needed to arrange use of his plane. Nina said Abby’s parents went to get food. Abby went upstairs to pack. Devon asked how they’d stop Abby from going. Nina wasn’t sure they should. Nina felt that she and Abby needed to go to the site of the explosion so that they could come to terms with it. Devon thought that if Nina went to Spain, she’d do it for closure, but he didn’t think the same was true for Abby. Devon and Christine didn’t think it would be constructive for Abby to take this impulsive and risky trip. Devon was concerned because Dominic hadn’t even factored into Abby’s decision. Christine said they had no idea how Abby would react when she was standing over the rubble of the crime scene. Devon was Abby’s friend, and he loved her, and he wasn’t signing off on this. Christine said that if Abby went on the trip, she’d put her family in grave danger, including her infant son.

Christine was adamant that she’d do everything in her power to keep Abby from getting anywhere near this bomb site. Nina cried that she and Abby needed to visit the site to move on. Nina asked what if Abby was right, and Chance was hurt, and no one was looking for him. Christine was sorry, but Abby wasn’t right. It pained Christine to say this to Nina, but Chance was gone, and he wasn’t coming back. The friends hugged and cried. Christine got a call that she had to take. She asked Nina to please trust her on this. Christine stepped out.

Devon would never presume to know what Nina felt, but he knew a loss like this could be overwhelming, and he knew it was difficult to think rationally when your feelings were raw, but he couldn’t stress enough how bad this idea would be. A cheery Abby came downstairs and asked if Nina or Devon would like to go to Spain with her. Devon and Abby argued about whether or not Abby could go on the trip. Nina knew why Abby wanted to go, and she felt the same way, but it wasn’t safe to go. Abby didn’t care about the danger. Devon pointed out that Abby had no training or experience in law enforcement. Abby argued that the authorities weren’t looking for Chance. Devon noted that there was no proof of that. He was concerned she’d show up in Spain and get in the way of the investigation. Mariah came in and heard Abby snap that she was flying to Valencia to find out what happened to Chance. Mariah asked what about Dominic. She wondered if she should move back in and stay with the baby.

Victoria was at Nikki’s place. She and Ashland were leaving for Peru this afternoon. Nikki said Victor was still with Abby. Victoria talked to Abby on the phone this morning, and she was going to visit her sister before she and Ashland left town. Victoria said there was so much riding on Ashland getting into the trial, but they were going to remain positive. Nikki said she and Victor were praying. Nikki asked if something was on Victoria’s mind. Victoria said Adam and Victor were going after Billy and ChancComm. Nikki thought Victoria on board with that. Victoria was, in theory, but she didn’t know it would cause so much stress for Ashland. According to Victoria, Ashland had gotten angry with Billy all over again for bringing Gaines tot he wedding. She felt that this was the last place Ashland needed to be expending his energy. Nikki acknowledged that Victoria was in a terrible position – her father, vs. the father of her children. Nikki felt that Billy brought this on himself.

Billy was at home. He told Lily he was going to the hotel to check on their guest before he went to the office. She clarified that it was his guest, not theirs. She wanted nothing to do with Gaines. He wanted to talk, because it was important to him that they were on the same page. She said she wanted no part of his plan to blackmail Newman Media, then she left.

Lily ran into Victoria at Crimson Lights and asked why she was letting this escalate into a war. Victoria asked what Lily meant. Lily asked if Victoria was just going to let Victor go after Billy. Victoria stated that she had her hands full with more important things, like her husband’s health and the merger. Lily asked if she should just take Victoria’s word for it. Victoria asked when Billy started having Lily fight his battles, and Lily pointed out Adam and Victor were coming at Billy through ChancComm, so this was her battle too. Victoria said she wasn’t involved in this. Lily said Victor wanted to hurt Billy, and Billy had his own idea about how to handle things, but Lily would prefer a more above-board approach. Victoria asked what Billy had planned. Lily hoped Victoria would use her influence to stop things before they got ugly. Victoria surmised that Billy was being Billy and that had caused tension between him and Lily. Lily thought, since Victoria and Ashland were business partners, that Victoria would know the difference between a conflict between lovers and an opposing view between business partners. Victoria asked why Lily didn’t just go to the source. Lily decided that was a good point, and she said she was wasting her time with Victoria.

Billy went to the motel and brought Gaines some supplies, so he could hide out from Victor and his employees. Billy was looking into Gaines’ story about his escape from Tuscany. He asked if Gaines was still saying that was true. Gaines said he could’ve disappeared, but he came here because he wanted to take down Ashland and the people who were hiding his secret. Billy wanted the original letter from Camilla Rhodes first. Gaines refused to hand it over until he knew how Billy was going to use it. He asked if Billy was going to do another one of his explosive exposes. Billy said it was in the process of being written. That answer wasn’t good enough for Gaines, who said he wouldn’t be placated by vague assurances. Gaines refused to move forward until he knew he could trust Billy. Billy felt the same way about Gaines. Gaines came here, where people would just as soon kill him, because he wanted Ashland to get his, and he thought Billy had the same goal. Gaines said either he and Billy worked together on this, or not at all. Billy said they’d take this one step at a time, and either of them could bail at any point.

Adam was in his office with Sally and Chloe. The ladies wanted to do a design competition for Newman Fashion. The grand prize would be a trip to New York fashion week. Lily barged in and asked for five minutes with Adam. Chloe and Sally left. Lily asked what it’d take for Adam to leave them alone. He asked what she was talking about, and she said she wasn’t here to play games. She was here to negotiate a cease-fire. He said, unfortunately, there was nothing to negotiate – Newman Media would be moving forward with their plan. She maintained that there was room for both companies. She said that this was all about Victor’s hatred for Billy. Lily asked why Adam was going along with this. She felt that if anyone owed Billy peace, it was Adam, after what happened to Delia. Unlike Billy, Lily really wanted to believe Adam was sincere about turning his life around. When she was in prison, she saw people change for the better. She asked if she was wrong about him or if he was beyond redemption.

Adam thought he’d been successful at turning his life around, but at the end of the day he was a businessman. As far as owing Billy a debt, Adam couldn’t change the mistakes he made, and Billy would never forgive him. Adam said Billy used ChancComm to attack him in the most brutal personal ways possible, not that Billy gave Lily a choice in that matter. Adam said that when he and Victor crushed ChancComm and scooped up the remains, Lily was welcome to join them at Newman Media. Adam and Victor admired Lily and thought she was behind ChancComm’s success. He said Billy used ChancComm as a battering ram and went after people he disliked. Lily smirked and pointed out that was exactly what Adam and Victor were doing. She said that they’d never take ChancComm from her and Billy. Adam thought Lily should take the job since Billy was sure to self destruct. Lily left, and Nikki walked in and overheard Adam telling Lily that it was a bona fide job offer.

Nikki had a troubling conversation with Victoria earlier. Adam asked if Billy got to Victoria and made her have second thoughts about going against ChancComm. Nikki said that Victoria wasn’t interested in protecting Billy. Nikki said that instead of Ashland focusing on his health, he was riled up over this plan and wasting time and energy on it. Adam said Ashland chose to get involved. Nikki didn’t think Adam and Victor took everything into account, in their zeal for revenge. Nikki left their talk yesterday believing Adam had good intentions. Adam asked what Nikki wanted him to do. She couldn’t be more specific, since she didn’t know the details of this plan. She didn’t want to know, either. She was skeptical of Victor’s assurance that this wouldn’t impact Katie and Johnny. Adam insisted it was just business. Nikki said not to insult her intelligence, because she knew this was personal for Adam and Victor. Nikki wanted Adam to forego the temporary satisfaction of leveling Billy and think about the long-term damage it could do to other people caught in the crossfire.

Lily and Billy ran into each other at work. She said that Victoria stonewalled her, and Adam was as smug as ever. Billy said that Adam was just pretending to change to win hearts and minds. Lily felt like she’d done all she could, and now she had no other choice but to do whatever it took. “Oh hell yeah,” Billy cheered. Billy produced the original letter from Camilla saying Ashland wouldn’t get anything in her will.

At Society, Chloe and Sally talked about goodie bags to give to the contestants for the design competition. Sally missed brainstorming like this. Working with Chloe was far beyond what she’d ever dreamed. Sally said there was one problem – ChancComm. Chloe wished Newman Fashion could spin off from Newman Media. Sally wasn’t sure that was a good idea since Adam funded everything and gave them access and exposure. Chloe said the banter/flirtation thing Sally had going with Adam wouldn’t fly once Chelsea joined the team.

Chloe said that Chelsea might not want Adam anymore, thank God, but she wouldn’t want to see anyone else have him. Chloe asked that Sally stick to their original plan and move on, so that this collaboration could work. Sally said she received the message. Chloe thought Sally should focus on making a name for herself, building credibility and bringing home a big pay check, not lingering romantic feelings for Adam. Sally said that she was happily unattached. Chloe was glad, because she shared Sally’s concerns about the business war, and she thought they had to focus on protecting their assets.

Billy went to Newman Media and said he had Gaines and he had the proof that could bury Ashland Locke and Newman Media. Billy said that Adam and Victor had to cancel their plans to ruin ChancComm, or Billy would bring them down.

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