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Finn: Steffy, what you overheard–

Steffy: What I heard was hope injecting herself in our marriage and in our family. Implying that you could have a relationship with sheila.

Hope: Actually what I said was–

Steffy: I can’t believe you are advocating for that woman!

Hope: I’m not doing that. I was simply trying to point out–

Steffy: What? How unfair it is that you’re forbidden to see your dad and his birth mom? Nothing about this is unfair. I mean, come on. They’re poison. Everything that sheila and deacon touch turns to poison. I mean, how can you not see that? You should be telling him to stay away from her. Not saying the exact opposite!

[Dramatic music]

Brooke: You sure you won’t join me?

Katie: No, no. I’m just keeping you company. I had a lovely lunch earlier.

Brooke: Yeah, so you said. Looking for somebody?

Katie: No, no. I’m sure he’s back at his office by now.

Brooke: He?

Katie: Never mind. So, what do you think about eric asking to talk to donna alone? I mean, what do you think he’s gonna say to her?

Brooke: I know what I’m hoping he’ll say. That he’s ready to dump quinn once and for all.

[Gentle music]


Shauna: I got here as fast as I could. So, what happened with donna?

Quinn: That’s what I’m wondering.

Shauna: You don’t know? I mean, earlier you said that you were gonna confront her. Did you see her?

Quinn: Yeah, yeah. And eric is with her now. Doing what he should’ve done from the start.

Doonna: You wanted to talk to me… about our future?

Eric: Yes, especially after everything that’s happened. I think it’s time, don’t you?

Brooke: Can you imagine how much saner eric’s life would be with donna? She can give him so much more than quinn ever could. That’s why quinn’s flipping out.

Katie: Yeah, I know, but it’s not like donna put the moves on eric. There was no affair. But quinn still blames her anyway.

Brooke: Oh, blaming is one thing, but threatening? That’s uncalled for.

Katie: I don’t blame donna for feeling like her life was in danger. I mean, I would’ve felt the same way.

Brooke: Quinn is erratic. There’s no telling what she might do.

Quinn: Oh my god, shauna. The very thought of my husband and donna logan. Ugh!

Shauna: I know you’re disgusted and why wouldn’t you be? It had to be so painful hearing what hasn’t happened between you and eric happened between donna and eric.

Eric: My whole world lights up when I look at your face. It does. All my troubles fade away. Everything’s gone except how happy you make me.

Donna: Well, when you’re happy, I’m happy. That’s all I’ve ever wanted, eric.

Eric: I know. I know, and that means so much to me. Donna, I had to be… I had to be honest with quinn. I had to tell her what had happened. I owed her that much. And you could imagine it didn’t go well with her. It’s impossible for her to accept.

Finn: I think you’re reading a little more into this than what there is.

Steffy: Are you saying I didn’t hear what I heard?

Finn: No, but you didn’t hear everything. If you had, you’d know hope and I are just trying to deal with a situation that isn’t easy for anyone.

Hope: Yeah, and like it or not steffy, your husband and I, we have something in common which is parents with very, very troubled pasts.

Finn: Parents that we’ve been told we can’t see again.

Steffy: You know why? You know why liam feels the same? Because if you have any interaction with sheila, you put our family in jeopardy. That woman is dangerous. I know she keeps telling you that she’s not, that she’s reborn. But this woman manipulates. You know that. She’s making you a target. And hope, deacon’s making you a target. Please tell me you understand. Want your clothes to smell freshly washed

Brooke: It’s impossible to know what quinn might do. So I’d rather focus on what eric will do.

Katie: Asking to talk to donna’s got to be a good sign, right?

Brooke: I hope so. But, you know, quinn won’t give up without a fight.

Katie: I can only imagine what quinn has said to eric about this.

Brooke: Hopefully eric realizes he’s had enough of quinn. Especially now that there’s an undeniable connection between him and donna.

Katie: Yeah, I’m sure quinn is well aware of that connection by this time too.

Quinn: Course I’m happy that eric had this breakthrough. But, I mean, how can I not be hurt under the circumstances? My husband was aroused by not me, but another woman. And not just any woman, a logan woman. Which makes it so much worse.

Shauna: Quinn, you’ve had to put up with your share from all of them.

Quinn: I know, we both have. Life would be so much better without those sanctimonious logan sisters.

[Scoffing] Katie shows up at all hours of the day and night, just to hold eric’s hand. And brooke sticking her nose in any chance she gets, and then donna just vamping her way up to my husband. That is why I told eric he needs to cut donna out of our lives completely.

Donna: Obviously there’s no love lost between quinn and me. But, I understand why she was so upset. I mean, it must’ve been so painful to hear that. But, I hope she didn’t take it out on you.

Eric: I don’t want to talk about quinn right now, I want to talk about you and me. Mostly you. And…and about… the decision I’ve made. And the effect it’s gonna have on both of our futures.

Donna: Tell me! Tell me, please. You’re killing me with the suspense. What have you decided?

Finn: You think all I am to sheila is someone to be manipulated? She doesn’t have any genuine feelings for me?

Steffy: I didn’t say that.

Finn: No, but it’s what you implied when you said I’m her target.


Steffy: I’m not trying to be harsh, or controlling. I know you and hope are in a terrible position. Under different circumstances, liam and I and the whole family would have your back. But we’re talking about sheila and deacon. Think about all the heartache they’ve caused, all the devastation, and I don’t want that to happen again. I don’t want you to be another casualty of sheila’s cruelty. And I don’t want that for you where deacon’s concerned.

Hope: And I appreciate that, steffy, I do. And look, I’m weary of sheila too, and I know that my father is no saint. But, is it really fair for you and liam, and everyone else to tell us to cut our parents out of our lives forever without even giving them a real chance? I mean, no, I don’t think so.

Finn: Obviously, there’s different ways of seeing this. I just, I don’t want things to get contentious between you two.

Steffy: Neither do I. But I need to know you both really hear me on this.

Hope: We hear you. But, can you say the same for what we’re trying to tell you? Look, if you don’t mind. I actually– I’d like to speak to steffy alone.

Steffy: I’d like to speak to hope too. We’ll be fine.

Finn: Okay. I love you. And I love our family. And I get why you’re concerned about sheila. Never doubt that, okay?

[Dramatic music]

Steffy: Before you say anything, I just want to be clear about one thing. If you want a relationship with deacon, that’s on you. That’s your prerogative. But keep finn out of it. And our marriage.

Shauna: You told eric that donna had to go?

Quinn: She completely disrespected me and our marriage.

Shauna: Those logans are such hypocrites. Chastising you for having an affair with carter? But encouraging donna to have an affair with eric? I mean, where do they get off?

Quinn: I know! Donna had to know that eric was vulnerable. There is no way that I can turn a blind eye to this. I had to tell eric that he needed to respect me. I had to insist that he honor me. That he give donna the boot from the office and our personal lives. He should be doing that right now.

Eric: I’m not sure I can explain to you how it felt to me as a man to have such a wonderful breakthrough with you as I did. And I went home, expecting to be able to make love to my wife in a way that we hadn’t in months and months. And when I wasn’t able to I… well, we both know why it didn’t happen. I felt something for you. I’ve never known anyone with a more wonderful huge heart than yours. I never will again. Once upon a time there was a reindeer named tiptoe

Hope: I am not trying to interfere in your marriage.

Steffy: If you’re getting into finn’s head about sheila, that’s exactly what you’re doing.

Hope: No, we just– we have something in common. I mean, my dad and his mom–

Steffy: His birth mom.

Hope: Them…seeing them together, and then hearing that they’re in a relationship. It just–

Steffy: I can’t believe you’re actually buying that.

Hope: Well, I don’t think I do. Steffy, my guard is up when it comes to sheila, and I understand how this may look given my concerns about taylor in the past. But we only just got them back. Can’t we at least give them time to prove us right or wrong? Is it that bad that finn and I just wanna see if they’ve grown and if they’ve changed. It’s about second chances, steffy.

Steffy: We’ve already given sheila a second chance. And a third chance. And a fourth chance. I mean, I just…I thank god finn didn’t have to go through that nightmare that woman put my family through. Yours too.

Hope: And I’m thankful for that too. We’re just…we’re trying to help each other out.

Steffy: Okay, if you wanna help me out, if you want to help finn out, tell him to stay away from sheila, and you should stay away from deacon. They’re dangerous. And we need to be thinking about the children.

Hope: And given what I have been through in the past, I am well aware of that. But it’s not as cut and dry for us, steffy. They are our parents. And our feelings are different about it. And you know, finn, he’s become a friend to me and we are just trying to help each other navigate through a really complicated situation.

Steffy: It’s not that complicated. It is not that complicated at all. Sheila and deacon should still be behind bars. This relationship is a manipulation to get to you. And finn! And it’s actually working. I thought we talked about putting the family first. Putting the children first.

Hope: Yes, but steffy, sheila and deacon are a part of our families.

Steffy: No, I’m never gonna accept sheila as part of my family. I’m never gonna do that. Look, whatever you decide to do about deacon, that’s on you. But when it comes to sheila and finn, stay out of it. And stay out of my marriage.

Brooke: It could be happening at this very moment. Eric and donna reuniting.

Katie: One thing’s for sure, our sister is so much better for eric than quinn.

Brooke: [Sighs] Yep.

Quinn: Eric knows how important this is to me. And if he respects me and our marriage, donna will be gone from our lives today.

Eric: It’s impossible to deny that something wonderful happened between us. You’re able to reach me in a way that… that quinn was not able to. You’re so different, the two of you. She’s this force of nature, and you’re this calm, loving woman. You’ve loved me all this time?

Donna: I’ve always loved you, eric. Always will. What? What is it, eric? What’s wrong?

Eric: You know how seriously I take my commitments. How serious I am about my vows to quinn. She feels that you’ve disrespected her and our marriage, and she wants you gone from forrester creations and from our lives for good.

Donna: Uh, she threatened the same thing to me, but–

Eric: I know.

Donna: Wait, don’T… don’t tell me that you… you’re gonna…

Eric: I’m sorry, donna. After everything… everything we’re done together, everything you’ve meant to me, I’m so… I’m sorry. I didn’t want it to end this way. Uh… but I want to honor my wife’s wishes. I hate telling you this.

Donna: Stop. Stop. Stop. Just stop. I’m gonna clean out my desk. It’s okay. It’s okay. I don’t want to make this any harder for you than it already is. Just know that… I will cherish our memories. And I will always hold them close. And I wish that we could make more together. But don’t forget one thing… my love for you is constant. It will never waver. You are the one great love of my life, eric forrester. And nothing, or nobody, will ever change that.

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