Y&R Short Recap Friday, November 5, 2021

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Recap written by Eva

Phyllis and Amanda talk and Amanda tells Phyllis what happened with Sutton. Phyllis advises her to be careful because Sutton might try to kill her just like she killed her father.

Phyllis tells Amanda about her breakup with Nick and Amanda decides they should plan a girls weekend to help Phyllis forget her troubles.

Nikki accidentally tells Adam that Chance is presumed dead in a building explosion and Adam thinks the best way to honor his friend is try harder to become a better man.

Nick and Victoria have a long talk and Victoria decides to try and rebuild their relationship. Nick tells Victoria about his breakup with Phyllis and Victoria tells him that despite her differences with Phyllis she believes Phyllis is the only woman who can make him happy.

Billy and Lily argue because Lily doesn’t want Billy to use the information Jesse Gaines knows about Ashland to blackmail Adam and Victor into not trying to over Chancellor Communications. Lily wants Billy to ask Victoria to help prevent the feud between Chancellor Communications and Newman Media. Billy refuses to ask Victoria to help save Chancellor Communications.

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