Days Short Recap Tuesday, November 2, 2021

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Allie was shocked when she saw Charlie. She didn’t believe he was real. She thought it was a trick. He told her to take off his mask. He said it didn’t come off. He said he wasn’t after her. He wanted his son. He said she did whatever she had to do to keep his son away from him, but now he was going to take Henry from her. She cried out for help. He told her that he wanted to know where his son was. She told him Ava loved Tripp better than him. When she refused to tell him where Henry was, he threatened to kill her. Nicole was shocked when Deimos was at Basic Black. He said they had unfinished business. She thought Rolf was behind this. Deimos said it was someone more evil. He said he still held a grudge against her for killing him. They got into an argument. She stabbed him.with scissors. He fell to the floor. When she didn’t find a pulse, she called Rafe. Nick scared Gabi. She told herself he wasn’t there. He said it wasn’t a dream. He reminded her of the times she tried to kill him. She said it was premeditated murder. She said she confessed to the murder. She told him that she paid her debt to society. He said he cared about the debt she owed him. Nick said he wasn’t going to kill Gabi. He said killing her would be too easy. He said he would kill Jake instead so she could live with his blood on her hands. She asked him not to kill Jake, but he said it was too late. He said he had an empty grave and was going to put it to good use.

Tripp ran into Ava. She told him she saw his brother and he killed someone. He said it didn’t make sense. She said Charlie was going to kill her, but she got away. Tripp said it was like what happened when Charlie drugged her. She said it wasn’t. She said it was real. She wanted to warn Allie. He said Henry was safe. He said she was imagining things. Rafe called Eli and told him there was a body in his kitchen. Eli came over with the police. Rafe said the body was Carmine. Rafe thought Ava was responsible for what happened. He said Carmine worked for her when she was running the mob. Rafe wasn’t sure what to believe. He got a call saying Jake escaped from lockup. Rafe and Eli wondered if Gabi was behind it. Rafe left the house. Ava and Tripp showed up and saw Carmine getting taken out of the house. Eli told Ava that he had to take her down to the station. She said Charlie did it. She wanted to talk to Rafe. She told Tripp to check on Allie. When Tripp went to Allie’s place, he saw Charlie holding her. When Rafe went to the police station, he got information on how Jake escaped. Nicole called Rafe and told him she had an emergency at her office. Eli asked Ava some questions in the interrogation room. She told him Charlie came back from the dead. Eli thought she needed to see a doctor. Rafe went to Nicole’s office. She told him she stabbed Deimos with a pair of scissors. When she showed Rafe the body, the body was gone.

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