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Quinn: Don’t try me, donna. I promise you’ll regret it.

Donna: I’m not trying to do anything, quinn. Okay?

[Whimpering] I don’t want to fight with you. I don’t want to fight with you!

Qui: Then you keep your hands off my husband.

Donna: I don’t know what you think–

Quinn: Oh, no, no, no! Don’t you dare try to play innocent with me. I heard eric and brooke talking. I know what you were up to! You’re going after my husband–

Donna: No–

Quinn: So you should consider yourself warned. Back off! Or I will make sure eric never sees or hears from you ever again.

Brooke: Eric, do you really need to tell quinn what happened between you and donna?

Eric: Absolutely. She’s my wife, brooke. Look, I had this breakthrough, this breakthrough I thought would ner ul granted, it was with somebody else and so I think she deserves to know the truth.

Brooke: Yeah, well, if it were anybody else but quinn, I would understand that. But, you know, quinn has a history of losing her temper in a major way.

Eric: I’ll be able to handle quinn.

Brooke: Well, I know you will. But what if she goes after my sister?

Katie: You’re holding my hand.

Carter: You noticed.

Katie: It’s kind of hard not to.

Carter: It’s a nice hand. Very soft.

Katie: Hasn’t been held in a long time.

Carter: Is this okay?

Katie: Yeah. Yeah, I don’t mind a bit.

[Katie chuckling]

Katie: Oh!

Carter: Uh. Thank you.

Katie: Looks good.

Carter: Yeah, yeah it does. So um, back to the news about eric. He had A… physical reaction to donna.

Katie: Yeah, pretty crazy, right? I mean, it’s something that hasn’t happened with quinn. I think that speaks volumes about how he really feels about his wife.

Carter: And you think i should pursue a relationship with quinn if she and eric don’t make it?

Katie: No. No, I didn’t say that.

Carter: Well, it’s– it’s the way it sounded.

Katie: No. I was just wondering how you would feel if quinn were suddenly available. I’m not advocating for you to be with her at all. I think that you deserve someone better, someone who respects you and appreciates you and… who always put you first.

Brooke: I’m just saying, quinn’s not the most stable person I’ve ever met. So, it’s entirely possible she could blame donna and go off on her.

Eric: Look, I’ll make it clear that donna did absolutely nothing wrong. You don’t have to be concerned.

Donna: Quinn I– I just– I just– I– I wanna get back to my desk, please.

Quinn: I don’t think you fully understand me.

Donna: Just… let me go–

Quinn: Eric is my husband and I will not tolerate you disrespecting me or my marriage. And I won’t sit back quietly while you make moves on my husband. What I will do… is make you pay. Hi susan! Honey?

Katie: I know that your feelings for quinn run deep. She could have cost you everything and you were willing to pay the price. Build a life with her, away from los angeles.

Carter: If quinn said yes, I would’ve walked away from everything I’ve built here and never looked back. But… she didn’T. She went back to eric and, and– what am i supposed to do with that?

Katie: So, what are you saying? You wouldn’t want to be with quinn even if you had the chance?

Brooke: Those of us who are reasonable and who know donna, know that she would never do anything wrong. She doesn’t have a deceptive bone in her body.

Eric: Truer words. No one’s ever been more open or genuine than donna has.

Brooke: Well, she’s a good person. She has good morals and good values. And she would never interfere in your marriage.

Eric: I know that.

Brooke: You know that but does quinn know that? And you did say that you’re gonna tell her donna did nothing wrong. But you know quinn: When she feels wronged or slighted, she just gets that stuck in her head? Donna is a lover, not a fighter. And quinn… well, she’s been known to go off on people. She can be dangerous. I’m just worried about my sister.

Eric: I know. It’s going to be okay.

Brooke: Okay.

Eric: Go on.

Donna: You– you’re misinterpreting everything, okay? I… I didn’t come on to eric. I didn’T. I swear– we shared a hug and that’s it!

Quinn: Must have been some hug.

Donna: Okay. Ah! I could see how, uh, you would be hurt that he responded to another woman, but I swe–

Quinn: But– but nothing. No, I don’t want to hear your excuses, I don’t want to hear your justifications. You– you think you can have anyone or anything you want. You are so… self-righteous! And high and mighty. You, and brooke, and katie– you look down your hypocritical noses at me like you have never done anything wrong, you’ve never done anything that you’ve ever regretted. I know I’ve made mistakes. I’ve owned up to them. I’ve apologized for them. I’ve asked eric to forgive me but it doesn’t justify you going after my husband.

Donna: No. I–

Quinn: It must bug you! Doesn’t it? I mean, it must really, really get to you that eric chose me. That eric, wanted me to be his wife. Handsome eric forrester wanted to be saddled for life with a piece of trash like me.

Donna: I have never called you that.

Quinn: You didn’t have to. It’s written all over your face. It is. Yeah. Wait, you’re, you’re the “sweet” logan, right? I mean, you’re the good one that balances out the arrogance and the entitlement of the other two. Donna, you don’t have to come right out and tell me how awful you think I am because that’s what brooke and katie do. You just need to sit outside at your little desk and you just need to wait and wait until you see your opportunity to pounce.

Donna: That’s so not fair–

Quinn: I am not letting you steal my husband. I am going to do everything I have to do to protect my marriage. And if that means that I have to eliminate you from our lives forever… so be it. You try to stay ahead of the mess

Carter: It’s funny. I can’t believe we’ve known each other for this long and this is the first time we’re sitting down and having a conversation.

Katie: Right?

Carter: It’s nice. I enjoy talking with you, katie.

Katie: Yeah, same here.

Carter: Hoping for more of it.

Katie: Oh, I think that’s a pretty safe bet.

Carter: You said earlier that I deserve someone who appreciates me.

Katie: Yeah, I meant it.

Carter: And I can say the same for you, as well. You’re special, katie. And I was never convinced that bill is worthy. Probably shouldn’t have said that. I just think so highly of you. I mean, you’re this amazing businesswoman. You’re smart and accomplished. But there’s this other side to you: You’re warm and you’re funny. Vulnerable. And I mean that in the best possible way. I mean, you’re open and honest. It’s a compliment.

Katie: Thank you.

Carter: And I’m aware of some of the struggles you’ve been through but you never let it change you. Wonderful mother to will, good friend and sister– katie, I don’t know– I don’t know where this strength comes from. I know you may feel you’ve been in brooke and donna’s shadow but… I see you.

[Door creaks]

Brooke: Oh! When I didn’t see you at your desk, I thought that you were out to lunch.

Donna: Yeah. Yeah, I don’t think that um, I could really eat right now.

Brooke: Well, I’m sure that you’re distracted given everything that’s happening with eric. It’s pretty significant that he responded to you and not–

Donna: K. I don’t want to come between them, brooke. How many times have I said that?

Brooke: Are you all right?

Donna: I’m trying to be.

Brooke: Did something happen?

Yes. Quinn happened. She was here. And she knows. She knows what happened with eric and me.

Eric: Quinn, there you are.

Quinn: Yep. Here I am.

Eric: Everything alright?

Quinn: I’m fine.

Eric: I think not. What is it?

Quinn: I think you know, eric. When were you going to tell me?

Eric: Tell you what?

Quinn: About you and donna.

Eric: Ah… how did you, um–

Quinn: Oh, I overheard you and brooke talking.

Eric: It’s not what I can see you’re probably thinking…

Quinn: All this time… you weren’t able to make it happen with me… but you could with donna? Donna logan?

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Katie: Well, I’m flattered that I’ve caught your attention. Feeling’s mutual.

Carter: You don’t have to say that. Katie: Oh, come on. How could I not notice the most eligible bachelor that forrester has ever seen? I mean, it is baffling to me that you’re still unattached.

Carter: Well, I am looking to change that. I want a woman I can build a future with.

Katie: And you thought that woman was quinn? Sorry. I’m gonna rein in my disdain. I know that you, um, have feelings for her.

Carter: Yeah, but I’m looking forward. From this vantage point, I… I see good things ahead.

Katie: It’s funny. So do I.

Donna: I mean, something is seriously wrong with that woman. I mean, who acts like that?

Brooke: What happened?

Donna: I was– I was here by myself, straightening up and then suddenly the door slams and there’s quinn behind me, glaring at me with her crazy eyes. And then I tried to leave and she stepped in front of me…

Brooke: What? She wouldn’t let you leave?

Donna: No. No. And then she got in my face and said she knew what I was up to with her husband and– well, then she ranted and raved about us.

Brooke: Us?

Donna: Yeah, you, me, and katie. And then she pinned me up against that desk with a freaking chair!

Brooke: Wait– I– okay, I don’t understand because eric said he hadn’t told quinn yet, so how did she find out?

Donna: She overheard you talking to eric last night.

Brooke: Oh.

Eric: I’m sorry you had to find out that way. I was going to tell you.

Quinn: When?

Eric: Now. I shouldn’t have put it off.

Quinn: So, you uh… you really felt something with donna. Oh. Well… that is, um… that’s significant. And I’m so happy. I’m happy for you. The more I think about it, the more I come to realize that um, this problem you were having– it wasn’t about you, it was about me. And I– I– I I know some day that– that it will be between us again, right? That– that it’ll be us. But until then, I need to know– I need to know what happened with donna so um, so I can understand.

Eric: It was innocent, quinn.

Quinn: I really find that hard to believe.

Eric: I see that. But, it was. Look, she and I have been talking lately and she’s been concerned about me.

Quinn: Because she’s in love with you.

Eric: Yes, I know that now. And I held her. And it wasn’t sexual. It was about friendship and history. But yes, something did happen.

Quinn: Twice.

Eric: Yeah… the first time…

Quinn: Was that night, the night you came in to the house and you practically swept me off my feet. And you said, “I don’t even wanna have dinner. I just wanna take you upstairs and make love to you. That was about donna–

Eric: No, that– that was about you and me. I wanted to have sex with you.

Quinn: I don’t get it. I know I made mistakes, eric. And, and I know that I hurt you but…

Eric: Donna did nothing wrong.

Quinn: Donna and her sisters have been attacking me and our marriage since day one! And I have had to bite my tongue and I have had to take their condescending attitude because you hold those logan sisters in such high esteem! I wanted it to happen with me! And it will. I know it will. It’ll happen, it’ll happen between us. I’m sure of that. But until then, I want donna to be gone. I mean it. Eric, I will not accept such blatant disrespect. I don’t want to see donna here, anymore.

Eric: What?

Quinn: I don’T. Want to see donna’s face ever again. I don’t want you to be around her ever again, except to go to the office and tell her, clean out her desk and never set foot in forrester creation or our home ever again!

Eric: Quinn, you’re overreact–

Quinn: No! I am not overreacting! Not after what donna has done. I need you to respect me, eric! I am your wife! I need you to honor me! If you care about our marriage, if you think it has even the chance to survive, you need to tell donna to get out of forrester creations and out of our lives. Forever.

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