GH Short Recap November 1, 2021

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Recap written by Patricia

Carly and Sonny are talking to Sam and Dante. They said they were traveling together and know Drew is alive but gave up the search for him to get back to her kids. Sonny and Carly now know they are a couple and are happy about it. Carly orders champagne to celebrate. Spencer is wired for recording and confronts Nickolas about trying to have Hayden killed. At first he denies it, but as they continue to argue Nikolas says, “She isn’t dead. It doesn’t matter. Let it go.” Spencer says, “OMG it’s true” and tells him it’s attempted murder. Nik says there’s no proof. He surmises that Spencer is wired and wants to know who put him up to it. Meanwhile, Spinelli and Shawn are listening to them. Shawn comes up behind Nik and tells him that it was him. Spencer tells Nik that he wanted to prove that Shawn was wrong. He tells Shawn, “He’s all yours”.

While Gladys is visiting Valentin, Brook Lynn walks in and escorts her out. She ends up giving Gladys the company credit card back to keep her quiet. Brook Lynn tells Maxie that Gladys recorded them and knows Bailey is not Valentin’s baby. They are both planning to stop Maxie in her tracks. Liesl is being held in a cell by Peter. She was injected. He wants her to convince Maxie to take him back. She throws something in a cup at him, and he starts to scream. She runs out of the cell. Jason and Britt are in Greece searching for Liesl. They are in a cabin,. Jason gives her a gun and then leaves to continue the search by himself. Britt hears someone coming. Holding the gun, she opens the doo to see Liesl on the floor looking up at her. Jason points a gun straight at Peter.

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