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Recap written by Christine

Adam went to the main house, and Nikki was startled to see him. Adam was trying to get in touch with Victor, and he wasn’t picking up his phone. Nikki said Victor was with Abby. Adam assumed that Victor was getting grandpa time. He hadn’t met his new nephew yet, so he considered dropping by. Nikki said it wasn’t a good time. Adam knew Abby was no fan of his, but he and Connor sent over some baby gifts, and she’d sent them a thank you note. He added that he and Chance went way back. Nikki ordered Adam not to go to the Chancellor estate. Adam asked what was wrong, because maybe he could help. Nikki confided that Chance may have been killed.

Nikki brought Adam up to speed on the explosion. She was sorry to be blunt, since she knew Adam and Chance had a bond. Adam said that Chance saved his life, and he’d thought Chance was invincible. Adam wanted a drink, and Nikki allowed him to use the mini bar. Adam wished he’d been as good a friend to Chance as Chance was to him. Adam couldn’t imagine what Abby was going through, and she had a baby to raise who’d never know his father. When Dominic was old enough to understand, Adam was going to tell him that Chance took a bullet for him. Adam said that Chance’s sacrifice gave him the opportunity to turn his life around. Whenever Adam was tempted to backslide, he’d think about Chance and try to be better, whether Nikki believed it or not. Nikki didn’t doubt that Adam cared about Chance. Adam knew a lot of people would miss Chance. Nikki said that they weren’t going to share this news with anyone until they got official confirmation. Adam understood, but he wondered if Nikki trusted him to keep quiet. He’d assumed she still thought the worst of him. Nikki believed everything Adam said tonight, and when they were in Tuscany, he was very loyal to Victoria and the family. He thanked her. She just hoped this change was permanent and he wouldn’t hurt any of the family again.

Adam acknowledged he’d given Nikki more than enough reason to doubt him for the rest of his life. As he started to say things would be different, she finished the statement with him, because she’d heard that from him many times before. She could see that he’d been successful at changing so far, and she hoped for the best. However, she’d heard that he and Victor were planning something that could have dire consequences. He asked if Nick told her this, and she said yes. She didn’t want to believe it, but she’d been burned by Adam before. Adam abruptly put on his jacket. He didn’t know what he had to do to prove he was on a different path. He felt that everything he did was criticized and doubted, and he always had to defend every move he made. He said maybe in some way, he was the same outlaw, because he didn’t give a damn who believed him or what people thought because he knew in his heart what he’d accomplished, and he knew how far he’d go to become the man he was always meant to be. He rushed out.

Victoria went to Society, where she called Abby and left a message saying she loved her and offering her support. Victoria promised she wasn’t going to share the news with anyone. Nick was at the bar, and he asked Victoria to sit with him and talk. She grudgingly told him he could say his piece but she was leaving when her takeout order was finished. Nick admitted he was hurting. Things weren’t good between him and her, or Victor, or Phyllis. He didn’t know what he did to tick off the universe. The only sibling he was getting along with was Abby, who had her hands full with the baby. He said Victoria was always the one he turned to when his back was against the wall. He said she was like his secret weapon. “I could pick up the phone or just drop by and you were always there for me. I hope you feel the same way about me,” he said. He always felt like it was him and her against the world, or at least against the Newmans. He missed that right now.

Victoria said she used to rely on Nick’s support too. “You were always dependable trustworthy and compassionate until you weren’t,” she said. She felt that he’d taken things beyond giving brotherly advice and attacked the man she loved. He wished he’d handled things differently. She missed the closeness they shared, but he hurt her. He said he didn’t mean to. Nick explained that he’d decided to try and to protect Victoria after she told him she had questions about Ashland and how honest he was being about his past. She said the way he went about it, digging up something so personal and private, was what she’d expect from Victor, not from Nick. Nick didn’t know what he was going to find in New Jersey, and he’d hoped he wouldn’t find anything. He said she was right, he should’ve followed his first instinct and left things alone. If he had to do it all over again, he never would’ve gone to New Jersey. Then he could’ve been in the wedding and enjoyed it with her. They couldn’t go back. He hoped that she could consider his intentions and the love that was behind his actions.

Victoria asked if Nick tried to smooth things over with Victor. Nick said that was a different story. Victor didn’t feel like Nick betrayed him, which Victor shouldn’t, so Nick didn’t feel obligated to apologize to him. Victoria was sorry Victor and Nick were having problems. She thought all the problems stemmed from the same issue – whether to condemn or protect Ashland. Nick said Ashland was the catalyst. The core of Nick’s problem with Victor was always the same – Victor embraced them when they fell in line and cast them aside when they defied him. Victoria thought it was more complicated than that. She asked if he tried hearing Victor out. The last time Nick and Victor talked, Victor didn’t get it. The only thing Nick cared about was fixing things with Victoria. Victoria asked what about Phyllis. Given Phyllis’s strong feelings on the family, Victoria would’ve thought she’d be cheering Nick on in his battle against them. Nick said he wasn’t at war with Victoria, and he didn’t want to talk about Phyllis. Victoria noted that Nick said he missed her, but he didn’t trust her enough to confide in him about the woman he loved. He said it depended on whether she was asking because she wanted another chance to say “I told you so,” or if she was asking because she was closer to forgiving him.

Victoria might relish in an “I told you so” about Phyllis, but Nick was her brother, and no matter what, he came first. It wasn’t going to be easy, but she was going to try and forgive him. She said they would need family to rely on sooner than they might think. He asked if it was because of Ashland. She said they just needed to be able to depend on each other as a family. He wanted to regain her trust. She said he could start by telling her what was going on with Phyllis. He said that he thought the relationship was over, probably for good. He figured Victoria thought it was for the best. “That’s who you think I am?,” she asked. She’d never be friends with Phyllis. Phyllis hurt her a lot. Nick said Victoria hurt Phyllis too. Victoria agreed. She said she never should’ve gone after Phyllis’s hotel. Nick said that was the beginning of the problems with Phyllis. He’d felt like Victoria was asking him to choose between Phyllis and the family. Victoria clarified that she never wanted Nick to get involved in that. Nick said that in Tuscany, he told Phyllis not to get involved, and it hurt her. He said that if Victoria was hoping for a break up, she got what she wanted. Victoria said that wasn’t her mindset anymore. She felt that life was a gift, and to squander that gift by being angry and cruel seemed senseless. He assumed Ashland’s health crisis put things in perspective. She said that was a big part of it. She wouldn’t denigrate what Nick and Phyllis shared and could share in the future. Victoria thought that Phyllis might be the one person who could make and keep Nick happy. “you aren’t the only one,” Nick said.

Adam arrived at Society and approached his siblings. He assumed Nick and Victoria had reconciled, and he congratulated them. He said his invitation to the sibling reunion got lost in the mail. Nick told Adam not to play that black sheep victim act, not when Adam and Victor were thick as thieves. Adam wasn’t playing games, he was just happy to see Victoria and Nick getting along. Victor’s PI arrived, and Adam excused himself and sat with the man.

Nick told Victoria that this was the second time he’d seen Adam with Victor’s PI. He thought there was a plot going on. Victoria said it was nothing for Nick to worry about. Nick assumed Victoria was aware of what was going on. She didn’t know all the details, and she was glad she didn’t. She told him that he didn’t want to get involved either. Nick joked that they’d been apart so long that Victoria didn’t know him anymore. He introduced himself and said he liked getting involved. She said Victor and Adam were planning something against ChancComm. He wondered about her being okay with them going after Billy’s company. She said that if Billy wanted to play in the big leagues, he had to be able to handle the retaliation. Nick said things could get dicey. Victoria made sure that her kids wouldn’t get impacted. She said Billy drew first blood when he flew a blackmailer halfway across the world to stop her wedding. Nick couldn’t argue with that or defend Billy, but it was weird to hear Victoria talk like that. She said she wasn’t Billy’s keeper. It just sounded to Nick like Victoria was on Adam’s side, and he found that odd. Victoria said she wouldn’t go that far. She was grateful Adam helped with the wedding, but she’d always be a little suspicious of him. She said that Nick was bro-ing it up with Adam, drinking beer and watching sports. Nick said he tried to befriend Adam, but then he saw how Adam was sucking up to Victor. Nick did admit that Adam made a semi-sincere offer to play peacemaker between Nick and Victoria. Victoria thought it must be hard for Nick to see Adam and Victor grow closer as Nick drifted away. Nick was just grateful Victoria was giving him a second chance. Victoria said they seemed to be one step closer to being okay. Nick was hoping they were further along, but Victoria said one step was all she could do right now. She left. Adam’s meeting finished and he joined Nick. Nick asked why Adam was spending so much time with the PI. Adam said it was just Newman Media business.

Nick asked what kind of Newman Media business required a PI. Adam said he wasn’t going rogue. Adam knew, per Victor, that Nick was feeling like an outcast in the family. Adam knew what that felt like. Nick asked if he ever found it disturbing that Victor loved playing musical chairs with his kids, one minute you were in, then Victor changed the tune, and you were out. Adam said sometimes people put themselves on the outside. Nick had to wonder how far people would go for a seat at the table. Adam said Nick had nothing to worry about. Nick said that if he found out Adam was planning something malicious, it’d mean Adam was a monster. Adam said they shouldn’t be taking shots at each other, with everything the family was going through. Nick asked what that meant. Adam didn’t elaborate. He said something vague about how things were always hard for the Newmans, then he left. Nick’s eyes narrowed.

Phyllis met Amanda at Crimson Lights. Amanda said she’d have a huge glass of wine right now if she didn’t need to testify against her grandfather tomorrow. Amanda talked about Sutton trying to get her on recording admitting that she was testifying against him out of vindictiveness, so he could give the recording to his lawyers and taint her testimony. She said Devon came home early and they took care of it together. Phyllis wanted Amanda to be careful, because Sutton was desperate and crazy man. Amanda said she was fine. Phyllis reiterated her point, adding that Sutton took out Amanda’s father, and he could do the same to Amanda.

Amanda appreciated the concern, but Sutton wasn’t foolish enough to tamper with her brakes the day before the trial. Amanda said that Sutton could still win the case. Phyllis disagreed since Amanda was the star witness, and Michael was the best of the best. Amanda hoped Devon would be able to make it to the trial. Phyllis asked why he wouldn’t. Phyllis rolled her eyes when Amanda said that Devon was spending a lot of time with Abby. Amanda said that it seemed like Chance was really gone. “He’s dead?!” Phyllis exclaimed as Amanda signaled her to quiet down and expressed regret about telling Phyllis. Amanda told Phyllis there was an explosion, and no one had seen Chance since. Phyllis was surprised Nick didn’t tell her. Amanda explained that the family was keeping it quiet until Abby wanted to go public, so she asked Phyllis not to disclose it to anyone. Phyllis promised she wouldn’t say anything.

Phyllis said this thing with Chance put her problems in perspective. Amanda didn’t realize Phyllis was having problems. Phyllis said it seemed like things were over between her and Nick. Phyllis said it was Nick’s family. Amanda was surprised because Nick and Phyllis loved each other. Phyllis said it seemed to be conditional love. She thought the relationship was killed by the death of a thousand cuts. Amanda was sorry, because Nick and Phyllis had something special. “We did, but I guess it ran its course,” Phyllis said. Amanda asked what Phyllis was going to do. Phyllis planned to just go on with her life without Nick. Amanda insisted that they plan a girls’ trip to Vegas and pamper themselves. Michael called wanting to meet Amanda tonight. Amanda was concerned about leaving Phyllis. Phyllis insisted that she was fine, she was going to go to bed. She laughed off her plight, saying she’d broken up with Nick a hundred times before. Phyllis smile faded, and she said she only had herself to blame.

Phyllis went to the hotel. She wrote a text asking Nick if he was okay, but she deleted it. Meanwhile, back at Society, Nick picked up the phone to call Phyllis, but he didn’t send the call through.

Billy came home and told Lily that Gaines was safely at the motel. Lily had a bad feeling about this. She didn’t think Gaines could be trusted, and even if he could be, he was trouble. She didn’t believe his whole story about the harrowing escape from Tuscany. Billy conceded that it was problematic. Lily said that they were trying to protect ChancComm, but Gaines was out for blood.

Billy promised to have the team look at every aspect of the story before they pulled the trigger on Gaines. Lily didn’t see this ending well. He said it’d end with ChancComm staying intact. They debated because he wanted to be proactive, and she wanted to take a few steps back. The more she thought about this situation with Gaines, the more she distrusted it. She wouldn’t go back on the decision not to publish the story. He said they didn’t have to publish the story, just threaten Victor and Adam with it to keep them from going after ChancComm. She wasn’t okay with blackmail. He didn’t love the idea either, but going up against Newman Media called for desperate measures. She said it was underhanded and dirty, but he countered that Victor and Adam would play dirty too. She noted that his plan hinged on trusting a man who disappeared on him in Italy. She asked why Gaines would accept a blackmail deal that only benefited ChancComm. Gaines already said he wanted to take down Victor, Adam and Ashland.

Billy wasn’t trying to sic Gaines on the Newmans like a rabid dog. This was purely a defensive measure. Lily said that could provoke the Newmans even more. She asked if he really wanted to get into this long drawn out battle with Adam and Victor. She said it wasn’t business, it was purely personal. She felt like Billy was trying to prove something that he didn’t need to prove. She noted that he didn’t get a payoff in Tuscany. Billy said he could’ve blown Ashland out of the water with that video, but he didn’t. He deleted it and destroyed the best weapon they had. Lily said Billy did that for Victoria. She thought it was time for Victoria to repay Billy. Lily felt that they should ask Victoria for help ending this senseless feud. Billy said that it wasn’t like everyone was going to listen to Victoria. He’d sent Victoria a message, but she didn’t want to meet. Ultimately, he wasn’t going to run to his ex to ask her to protect his company.

Lily was frustrated that Billy would rather go to war with the Newmans than ask Victoria for help. Billy wasn’t sure Victoria would even be willing to help, since she wasn’t thrilled with him at the moment. Lily just wanted Billy to talk to Victoria. Billy said he and Lily had the means to handle this on their own. Lily felt like she was wasting her breath, and she started to go upstairs. He didn’t want the conversation to end like this. She stopped, and he said things weren’t that simple. She scoffed and rushed up the steps.

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