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Brooke: It’s not that you don’t have passion or desire, it’s just that you don’t have that with quinn. You couldn’t with quinn but you could with donna. Twice. Eric. That means quinn isn’t the woman you’re supposed to be with. The woman that can make you truly, truly happy is my sister. Donna.

Shauna: Quinn? I got your text. It sounded urgent.

Quinn: It is.

Shauna: What’s wrong?

Quinn: What’s wrong? Oh, I don’t know. I dunno. How about my marriage being under attack again by the logans?

Shauna: Oh, no. What is brooke up to now?

Quinn: Nope. Not brooke this time, donna.

Brooke: I was just trying to help.

Donna: I know, I know. I just wish you wouldn’t had gone to eric about what happened between us.

Brooke: Why not?

Brooke: Somebody’s gotta be your advocate.

Donna: I love you for wanting to be that for me but please, just let eric make his own decision. I don’t want you or anyone else making this more difficult for him!

Carter: Hey, I got your message. About meeting up…

Katie: Um, yeah, yeah. Thanks for coming. Sit.

Carter: Of course. So, what’s going on? Why did you want to see me? So, let me guess… legal advice.

Katie: Maybe. But not for me. For eric and quinn.

Carter: Well, it might be best to talk to a different lawyer given my um, let’s just call it complicated history with them.

Katie: Yeah, well that’s– that’s kind of why I’m reaching out to you. Something is going on that you should know about. Something having to do with eric and quinn… and donna.

Donna: I don’t know how I keep embarrassing myself. No– okay. No more talking at work. From now on it’s just… “forrester creations, how may I direct your call?” And that is it.

Eric: Yeah, that sounds pretty boring. I much prefer walking in here and overhearing these thoughtful words of yours. It’s uh, much appreciated.

Brooke: Uh so, um, eric. Did you get a chance to think more about what I said yesterday?

Eric: Uh, brooke… listen, I realize you’re just trying to protect me–

Donna: Brooke, you’ve got to stop putting him on the spot like this.

Brooke: I’m not. C’mon. What happened with you and what didn’t happened with quinn… I mean, that speaks volumes–

Eric: Ugh, brooke. Please, please.

Brooke: Eric, eric, I am thrilled for you. I’m relieved that this problem isn’t permanent. And my relief goes beyond that, okay? I’m just happy that maybe you’ll be able to trust again, maybe find commitment again. To know love.

Shauna: Donna?

Quinn: You’re never gonna believe what I overheard. Brooke was over here, yesterday talking to eric. They had no idea I was listening in… what I want to do to that woman– what she was encouraging eric to do…

Shauna: Encouraging what?

Quinn: And I can’t even believe that eric would hurt me this way, not after everything we’ve been through.

Shauna: Okay, you are not making any sense. And, you need to take a deep breath and calm down. Tell me what happened. Because it sounds like you’re trying to tell me that eric cheated on you. And you and I both know that cheating isn’t exactly an option for him right now.

Quinn: Except it is. Every time he tries with me, he can’T. But he can with donna when you hear the word healthy

Katie: Eric and donna were just talking and… I’m not sure if you know but donna still has feelings for him and they were talking about that. And it just turned into this sweet, tender moment and they embraced and… I guess there’s just something about donna, you know, her kindness, that um, made eric react.

Carter: So, he can’t with quinn? But just embracing donna…

Katie: Yup.

Carter: Wow. Why tell me?

Katie: Well, I know you have feelings for quinn. You loved her, you wanted to run away with her and I saw how devastated you were when she decided to go back to eric. But what if eric doesn’t really want to be with quinn? What if he’s decided that donna’s really the right woman for him? That could open up possibilities for you. How would you feel about that?

Shauna: Oh, my god. Quinn, I can’t believe this.

Quinn: When I first started hearing them talking, I thought brooke was here for one of her regular rants, you know? You know how she loves to go on and on about how horrible I am and that the only reason that eric is… that eric is with me ’cause he doesn’t want to be alone… but then she she started talking about our problems in the bedroom. And, she said it– it was proof that that he shouldn’t be with me… because twice. Now, twice– during… a sensitive moment with donna, she made it happen. I mean, there’s a part of me that wants to be so happy for eric because I know, I know what this must meant to him, but I…

Shauna: But it breaks your heart that it was with donna and not you. So, they haven’t actually…

Quinn: What? No– I mean, I don’t know. They made it sound innocent. But you know the logans. You know what donna is going to turn this into, what brooke is going to turn this into. She actually told eric that his body was sending him a sign that he shouldn’t be with me. And that if he ever wants to be truly happy, he needs to spend the rest of his life with donna.

Donna: Eric, I– I don’t ever want you to feel pressured, okay? Or cornered in any way. Honestly, I’m glad you know how I feel. I’ll always love you. You have to know I’m never gonna do anything to jeopardize your marriage.

Eric: I know that, donna. I absolutely know that. I also know that something significant happened between the two of us and something that I haven’T… I haven’t shared with my wife. Yet.

Brooke: Yet? Eric, are you thinking about maybe not telling her?

Eric: She’s my wife, brooke. I want to be absolutely honest with her. I don’t want to keep any secrets from her and I don’t want her finding out from anyone else.

Brooke: Okay, but it’s not like any of us would say anything–

Eric: Look, before i go home, I wanna spend some time with donna.

Brooke: Well if there’s one thing we can agree upon: The more time you two spend together, the better.

Donna: She doesn’t stop.

Eric: It’s an adorable quality at times.

Donna: And other times, not so much…

Eric: Yeah. Look, I know it comes from a good place.

Donna: Yeah, I mean she’s so happy for you. So am I. But I don’t want what happened between us to complicate your life…

Eric: To complicate my life? Quite the opposite. You’ve given me hope, donna. I’m very grateful for that. I’m so grateful to you. I’ve lost count of how many asthma attacks I’ve had.

Shauna: I can see how much you’re hurting…

Quinn: Eric and i are working so hard to put the past behind us and move forward but is brooke gonna let that happen? No. No way. Her sister, donna, has the magic touch, so what does she do? She runs right over here, trying to fill eric’s head with all sorts of… ridiculous ideas!

Shauna: Where are you going? You’re not in a good place to be confronting brooke if that’s what you’re doing.

Quinn: Brooke is going to get what’s coming to her. But I need to get rid of her ammunition first. Donna thinks that she can hit on my husband? She may have gotten a response out of him twice, but it is not going to happen a third time. Trust me.

Donna: I am grateful to you, too. For all the lovely memories. For you being so sweet to me after I just admitted how I felt, anD…

Eric: That admission gave me a lot to think about, donna. You’re the woman who helped me bounce back. You– no, no, you reached to me in a way that i desperately needed. You make me feel like my old self again. You know, donna, whatever happens moving forward, that’s something I’ll never forget.

Carter: Are you trying to play matchmaker for me and quinn? ‘Cause I could’ve sworn you stormed over to my place and chewed me out about our involvement.

Katie: Yeah, yeah, I did do thaT. And I’m not a fan, don’t get me wrong but um, I care about you. And there are things going on that affect you and I know about them and i felt like you deserved to know.

Carter: Say that again.

Katie: You deserve to know.

Carter: You care about me?

Eric: You’re the woman who helped me bounce back. You make me feel like my old self again. I’m very grateful to you.


Donna: Oh! You just um, scared the living daylights out of me.

Quinn: Scared you.

Donna: No, I mean, not really.

Donna: Um, so I’m– I’m gonna just get back to my desk. Excuse me. Uh… I’m not sure what’s going on here…

Quinn: Really? You’re not sure? You have absolutely no idea? Why don’t you think, donna? Think. What is it you might have done recently… that might have upset me? Something that may have been… inappropriate with eric. I know, donna. I know what you’ve been up to with my husband.

Carter: So, you care about me?

Katie: Well… yes, of course, I do. I um. I’ve known you for a very long time. We work together. And, you know what? We have a vey important bond: We’re both card carrying members of the lonely hearts club.

Carter: That is true. My dues paid in full.

Katie: Lifetime membership I’ll have you know.

Carter: Don’t even say that. Don’t say that. It is funny, though. ‘Cause I never feel lonely when I’m with you.

Brooke: Eric?

Eric: Brooke, come in. I thought you might, uh…

Brooke: Might…

Eric: I thought you might be quinn.

Brooke: Oh. Uh, no. Are you really gonna tell quinn what happened between you and donna?

Eric: Yeah, she needs to know.

Brooke: Oh… eric.

Eric: What, you don’t agree? You don’t believe in honesty?

Brooke: No, of course I believe in honesty it’s just quinn. She’s gonna go ballistic. We don’t know how she’s going to react.

Donna: Okay. I’m guessing that eric told you the good news.

Quinn: Good? Wow. Good news. Really?

Donna: Quinn. Let me just–

Quinn: You know, I am so sick of you logan women always interfering in my marriage. First brooke, then katie… now you. I mean, at least the first two, they just wanna talk eric to death but you, you just– you took it to a whole other level.

Donna: Okay, obviously eric didn’t explain this very well to you.

Quinn: Hold on a second donna. I’m gonna ask you a question. You know, woman to woman. Do you have any idea how difficult this has been? Do you? To watch eric suffering, not being able to be the husband he so desperately wants to be? And I’m sure you assume, right, that I was– I was some sort of nagging wife making tons of demands on him. Oh, I’m sure you did but see, here’s the thing. Here is the thing… I was loving. I was caring. And supportive and beyond understanding.

Donna: I don’t want you misinterpreting what happened here. It’s just that eric and I have a lot of… history.

Quinn: Oh no, I don’t care. Oh, I don’t care about your history. That’s over, that’s done with. I– I’m mrs. Eric forrester. What is it with you logan women? I mean like, you’re like, “oh, oh, I see a married man! Oh good! That’s my challenge!”

Donna: I would never do that. Everything that happened was… it was… innocent.

Quinn: Innocent? Innocent? Oh, hah… oh. How stupid do you think I am? Actually, that was a rhetorical question so you can shut up. Listen to me for a second, here, donna. Okay? Hey! Lightning may have struck once for you with eric when you poured honey all over yourself and him but see, the thing is it’s not gonna strike again. Eric’s not gonna fall for it because I’m his wife. So, here’s the thing. I’ll make it clear for you. You’re gonna stay away from my husband. Did you get that? Maybe you didn’T. Let me tell you again. You’re not gonna go anywhere near him–

Donna: Okay…

Quinn: Do you get that? Okay. Let’s try for a third time and I’ll make it really clear for you. You are never going to see my husband ever, ever, again.

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