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[ Gasps ] Well, what do you think?

[ Elizabeth laughs ] Daddy! Look what aunt elizabeth brought us! Hot-house-presents! Otherwise known as housewarming gifts. Ahh.

[ Laughs ] Aren’t they pretty? Yes, they are pretty. I didn’t even know we needed decorative pillows. Oh, no, they’re not decorative pillows. They’re throw pillows. So you can toss them on the floor when you guys are watching movies. Ahh. And eat popcorn!

[ Elizabeth laughs ] Thank you, aunt elizabeth. You’re welcome. Yeah, thank you, aunt elizabeth. What would I do without you? Cheer up, spence. At least your step-grandfather paid your bail. Why does everything have to come with a condition? Is what kevin’s asking really that bad? I mean, you’re no longer in jail. You’re free to have a decent cup of coffee, the pastry of your choice. How am I free when kevin is making me get a job? You know, I thought I’d seen the last of the quartermaines when I signed over my father’s claim to elq. For what it’s worth, I think you made the right choice. You are much better off practicing medicine rather than getting embroiled in corporate infighting. But I’m not practicing medicine because the ethics committee has yet to review brook lynn’s retraction. I don’t know what you’re doing here, ned, but I am not going back to pautuck once the suspension is lifted. Actually, I came here for a much more important reason.

[ Sighs ] Sorry I’m late. I had a meeting at deception. It’s no biggie. I’m surprised you wanted to get a drink. Well, we are celebrating austin’s dropping of his claim on elq. What made austin change his mind?

[ Exhales sharply ]

[ Beep ] Brook lynn: I dread the day

valentin finds out

bailey isn’t his daughter.

[ Smooches ] The deception meeting was not without its drama. I had to have a little chat with gladys about brook lynn. Gladys doesn’t think that brook lynn is as maternal as she should be. I can only imagine what’s in store for us when our baby is born. Anyway, since the meeting is over, do you feel like meeting for dinner? Great. I’ll see you later.

[ Indistinct conversations ] Willow. Hi. Hi. Are you meeting michael? No, I’m just… taking a break. From the quartermaines, the corinthoses, or both? Actually… from michael. So, ms. Reeves waived extradition, and she’s on her way to pennsylvania. She will be all yours soon. Yeah. I arranged for the money to get transferred to your campaign fund. Good luck on your run for, uh, state attorney general. Yeah, I-I think that prosecuting nina reeves is the right high-profile case you need to bump you up in the polls. Yeah. Um, uh, take care. Everything okay? Yeah. Couldn’t be better. Big move, having nina arrested. Well, someone had to.

Is that about wiley? Look. If nina’s contact with wiley is limited due to her legal status, that is a collateral benefit. But I brought the case to D.A. Sheridan’s attention because nina’s actions were criminal and she deserves to face legal consequences. I couldn’t agree more. I just hope that D.A. Sheridan can get justice for — for avery and donna. I mean, two little girls who thought their father was dead and are so confused that they think that their grandpa mike’s gonna come back to them the same way that you did. You know, justice for dante and kristina a-and — and josslyn. And for you, mom. F-for jason. For everybody who mourned you, dad. And for everyone’s lives who was upended because nina kept you away from us. Well, nina is obviously a very troubled woman, and she — and she’s sorry for her actions. Come on, dad. It’s an act. No, I’m just saying — no, it’s an act. Trust me. Look. Right after you returned, she pulled a stunt that reminded me so much of nelle, my blood ran cold. Look. I gave nina chance after chance, and she betrayed my trust. So, yes, I brought nina’s actions in nixon falls to the attention of somebody who’s in a position to do something about it. What’s going on with you and michael? I thought you guys were solid. So did I. But you don’t need to be burdened with my problems. Okay? You have a job and a baby to deal with. Besides, I shouldn’t talk about michael behind his back. I totally understand. I will just ask one more question, and then you can tell me to shut up. Does this thing between you and michael have anything to do with nina’s arrest? You heard? The port charles press sent out a notification. I can’t say it comes as a surprise. I know how much grief nina caused by not revealing sonny was alive. It’s — it’s less the arrest that troubles me than the fact that michael was behind it. That does not sound like michael. I know. Did you…agree with michael’s decision? I-I don’t know. Uh — I get why he did it. But michael completely blindsided me. Well, austin’s circumstances changed. He realized he was better off dropping his lawsuit against my family. And how exactly did these circumstances change? Well, remember how you told me to engage austin in conversation? Hear him out about the leo thing? Of course. Wait. You actually listened to me?

[ Chuckles ] Shocking. I know. Right? Well, austin ended up blabbing his diagnosis about leo. Being on the autism spectrum. Yeah, which was none of my business, right? So austin violated hipaa laws, and now his medical license is suspended. And that somehow led to him dropping his claim to elq… how exactly? Ned: May I sit? Is this gonna take that long? Well, that depends. I’m here to talk to you about leo. Right. Leo. That sweet boy… that everybody pretends to care about but is really just a pawn in your family’s game. Leo is not a pawn to me. He is to your daughter. Yes, I know brook lynn coerced you into admitting that leo might be on the autism spectrum. I almost lost my medical license because of her. I know. And I’m sorry. Brook lynn can be, uh, single-minded when it comes to fighting for something that she wants. Right. Learned that the hard way. And my wife can be single-minded when it comes to her son, as you noticed. So I want to ask you, as a doctor, can you give me any suggestions to get her to see how you and I see leo? How I can get her to move beyond her denial? So we can help leo. What’s the matter? Things don’t taste as good when you have to worry about how to pay for them. Getting a job can’t really be that bad, spence. You can do anything you put your mind to. Remember when we sneaked out of school to attend fashion week in paris? Yeah, that was your idea, not mine. But you met all those designers, you know, chatted them up. They gave us a backstage tour. The cassadine name impresses. And with your name and those contacts, you could pitch crimson on covering menswear. It’s a woman’s magazine, esme. Hey. Idea number two. You can speak fluent french and a couple of other languages. You could be a matre d’ at the metro court. The international clientele would be very impressed. Carly won’T. She wouldn’t even let britt put us up overnight in her hotel room, remember? Okay. Idea number three. Give private riding lessons to the offspring of the rich and famous, like charlotte cassadine. Valentin loathes me already. No doubt he’ll be thrilled to entrust his daughter to someone awaiting trial for stalking. Okay, fine. I give up. What sort of job do you think you could get? What’s in the box in the kitchen? Oh, why don’t you guys go unpack it and find out? Yes!

[ Laughs ] Finn: Do I dare ask? Oh, it’s just kitchen utensils. You know, for cooking. At home. Wait a minute. People cook in their home? Yeah, you’d be surprised. And aiden is upgrading his cooking stuff all the time, so I just brought you the duplicates.

[ Chuckles ] Thanks. Yeah. Look what I found in the box!

[ Gasps ] What is that? It’s a cherry pitter, for taking the pits out of cherries. In case you want to make a fresh cherry pie. I do, I do!

[ Laughs ] Trust me, dr. Finn. Fresh cherries are way better than canned. Right. When can we make one? When can we make one? Well, as soon as aiden gives us his recipe and…helps us make it. Let’s go see what else is in the box. Before we do that, I have a surprise for you. Another surprise?

brothers and I went througha bunch of photos of our family. We thought you might like some, to remind you how crazy your cousins are about you. They’re not on your phone? Cool, right?

[ Laughs ] Well, uh, thank you for the cherry picker. Pitter. Pitter. It’s a pitter. It’s a pitter. And I brought you some pots and pans. Wow! That’s amazing. Well, we’re gonna need those, you know, ’cause I just — I-I went to this place called the, um… supermarket. Oh! And I bought actual groceries. Nice. Yeah. Hey, why don’t you stay for dinner, you and aiden? All right? Chase is coming over. You know? You could invite jake and cameron. Oh, well, thank you, but jake’s at art class and cameron is working tonight. Ahh. Well, then, how about you, me, chase, aiden, and violet? It’ll be a little camping-trip reunion without the plunge into the icy stream. Or scott falling from the sky.

[ Laughs ] I think we’re safe here. Then I accept. Okay. Is this you? Yeah, that’s mom. When she was little. Who’s this man next to her? I’m not sure, but I think that’s her dad. Online shopping is so convenient. Should I get the brown boots? Or the black?

[ Gasps ] Ooh. Red. Those are gorgeous. I’ll take the black and the red, and I’ll bill the charges to brook lynn quartermaine at deception.

[ Chuckles ] If you must know, I gave austin a choice. He could either drop his claim on elq or kiss his medical career goodbye. So your righteous indignation about austin revealing confidential medical information wasn’t so righteous at all. Nice one. Of course it was. Thank you. Two things can be true at once. I can care about leo and also use austin’s arrogant violation of hipaa rules to my advantage. I’m just saying I remember you bringing up medical privacy law, and I told you to go talk to austin anyway. Is that where you got the idea to maneuver austin into violating confidentiality? You want my help with leo? I’m sorry for laying this on you, especially after brook lynn boxed you into a corner. Oh, she sure did — forcing me to choose between my medical career and my father’s birthright. Hmm. Well, I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t feel boxed in myself. I can’t turn to monica because she’ll go directly to olivia, and I have to do whatever needs to be done to get leo the help he needs. I cannot confirm for you whether or not leo has autism. That’s up to a specialist to decide. Well, olivia refuses to take him to see one. She’s not the first mother to react that way.

[ Sighs ] Well, how do I get through to her? You know, ned. I don’t know what you’re doing here. You don’t need me. You don’t need my advice. You don’t need the opinion of another medical expert. You need a marriage counselor. I walked in on michael meeting with the district attorney for llantano county, pennsylvania. He wants to run for state attorney general, and michael donated money to his campaign. And in return, the D.A. Agreed to prosecute nina. But michael had promised me he wouldn’t make any decisions about nina as it related to wiley unless he and i talked it over first. And when I pointed that out to him, he claimed that having nina arrested was a legal matter that didn’t involve wiley. Seems like michael is splitting hairs. Doesn’t it? If nina gets convicted for lying about sonny, she’ll go to prison, which is the perfect way to keep her from wiley. So, I-I know you already know this, but nina was able to get in one last visit with wiley by just showing up at the house, acting like nothing had happened. There’s no question that nina took advantage of you and the family. Yeah, yeah. Now, unfortunately, nina has legal rights as wiley’s biological grandparent, and the last thing I want is an ugly family court battle with wiley in the center. You’re right. Keeping wiley protected is the most important thing here. Yeah, but keeping wiley protected doesn’t have to mean letting nina off the hook. I mean, her lies kept dad away from his family, from his life for nine months. I mean, that has to be illegal. And D.A. Sheridan thinks that he can make the case for identity fraud. Ohh. I agree with you, michael. I had it out with nina big-time. Yeah, and that’s all you did, though, mom. You had one angry confrontation when you had every right to take it a step further. I mean, you should have gone to the authorities about getting nina prosecuted. Honestly, I’m — I’m surprised that I got here before you did.

Okay. Forget the last… eight ideas. Truth is, getting a job is really about who you know. And who still likes you. There has to be someone in port charles who’s willing to cut you a break. Um, britt westbourne. She’s co-chief of staff at general hospital. Maybe she can hire me as her assistant. There you go. Give her a call. Okay. All right. No offense, but that’s probably something best done in private. Go for it. Hey, cam. Esme. Hey. I just wanted to say thanks for not turning your back on spence — you know, when you offered to speak to your grandfather about defending him. Look. I-I’m sorry that scott laughed at you. Spence has quite the reputation in port charles. Kind of deserved, don’t you think? All I’m asking for is some doctor’s advice on how to talk to olivia. I thought you cared about leo. I do care about leo. But olivia wasn’t listening to me. And brook lynn was threatening my medical license. And you don’t get to come here with your hat in your hand when you didn’t lift a finger to try and help me. I did not in any way encourage brook lynn or conspire with her, okay, to get you to sign away your claim. But I won’t deny that, business-wise, it works out in my favor. Am I supposed to applaud you for just being honest? Austin, I don’t blame you for being angry with me. But the truth is, we’re on the same side. We both want what’s best for leo. So can’t we just make peace for leo’s sake? Brook lynn: Austin is a doctor, okay? He knows perfectly well he’s not supposed to share patient information unless he gets permission from said patient. Now, if austin is too arrogant to keep his theory to himself, then he assumed the risk and has to live with the consequences. The point is, you manipulated austin into saying something that he shouldn’t right after you brought up hipaa restrictions to me. Why do you even care? It’s not like you’re a fan of his. Because austin’s a doctor. And he was worried about a patient, and you took advantage. Okay. That was harsh. Well, would it make you feel any better if I told you I did it for my dad? Ned can take care of himself. He doesn’t need your help. Look, and I know you’re — you’re feeling guilty because valentin got your shares of elq, but I think your dad’s forgiven you. When are you gonna forgive yourself, brook lynn? It’s not like I haven’t heard that one before. But you know what? It’s all good now. I’m retracting my claim that — that austin, you know, violated hipaa, and he can go back to practicing medicine again. You gave him a choice — his — his medical license or his claim to elq — and he chose his medical license. Doesn’t that tell you that his heart’s in the right place where leo is concerned?

[ Scoffs ] I think it shows he was backed into a corner, and he picked the sure thing, his medical career, instead of waiting around to see if the court, you know, sided with him and his claim. You’re not gonna give this guy any credit. Oh, please. Austin gatlin-holt is far from a poor, powerless little country doctor. He basically declared war on me. Is that your daddy? It is. I’m sorry, mom. That picture must have gotten mixed up with the other ones. Isn’t he my mommy’s daddy, too? She told me that his name was grandpa jeff. Your mommy was right. I know grandpa gregory. How come I don’t know grandpa jeff? Me and my brothers don’t spend any time with grandpa jeff, either, violet. Why not? He lives really far away. Daddy, can we go see him? Well, he’s a, um, really busy man. Too busy to meet me? Why can’t I meet my grandpa? You’re right. I should have done something. And believe me, I have stayed up at night thinking of ways to get back at nina. You didn’t come up with anything? I came up with a million things! And then I reconsidered. Why? Because I asked her to. It sure sounds like michael went full-on quartermaine. And corinthos. Obviously what nina did to his family hit him really hard. And I understand that. What I don’t understand is why michael shut me out. We had what I thought was a really good talk about the situation. We agreed that nina was totally in the wrong, but for wiley’s sake, the best thing we could do is not trouble, trouble. Nina hasn’t tried to see wiley since the truth came out. Why provoke her? Michael agreed. He even thanked me for my insight. And then he turned right around and got that D.A. Sheridan to have nina arrested without even asking to hear my thoughts on the matter. Dad, why? I thought it was enough that nina understands that she stays away from me and my family. And wiley? She knows that you’re gonna make the decision whether she has a relationship with wiley. And I-I — you know, I’m with you, whatever decision you make. Wait. Dad, do you have a problem with me reaching out to D.A. Sheridan? Actually, yeah, I do.

Willow, michael loves you. I know how much he was hurting when you married chase. I’m not doubting michael’s love. But for the first time, I feel like he hid something from me, went behind my back, led me to believe one thing while he was doing something else. Maybe he can’t fight his upbringing. He is, after all, a quartermaine and a corinthos. And he’s seen how his two families deal with people who get in their way. So in michael’s mind, he was only doing what he was taught to do — deal with the problems by any means necessary. It’s not what michael did. It’s that he left me out. Michael never shared what was on his mind with me. He treated nina as a problem only he could handle. And I don’t blame you for being hurt, but I’m gonna guess that michael didn’t intend to exclude you. In fact, he probably thought that by going after nina legally instead of in family court, he was honoring your wishes. Yeah, that’s what he said. That’S…not at all how I see it. Then say that to michael. Tell him how you feel. It’s the best way to work this out. Michael, I agree with you about nina. I do. But your dad convinced me that his homecoming shouldn’t be about anger and resentment. I mean, sonny’s back. And he missed us, and we missed him, and we all get to be together, and that’s what’s important. I was — I was downplaying any payback with nina because I didn’t want to make it a bigger deal than it is, right? I just want to forget about her. Yeah, and, dad, you can do that right now. D.A. Sheridan’s moving forward with the case against nina. If she’s convicted, none of us have to worry about bumping into her in port charles, especially wiley. Isn’t leo’s welfare the most important consideration? Brook lynn didn’t think so. Brook lynn has no soul. She’s like the rest of you quartermaines, with the possible exception of monica, although monica married into the family, so thank goodness for monica. She doesn’t have to share your dna. Ned: Brook lynn has a soul. She also cares deeply about this family. Last year, she made a huge error in judgment, and now she’s determined to do everything she can to make it up to me and the family. That does not make what she did to me any less ugly. Ned… i love being a doctor. I love it. Might be the best thing about me. I want to help people. And she took that, and she twisted it around. She tried to use it against me. She weaponized it. And I will not forgive her for that. And I will not, not forget. Chase: Did austin really declare war? Or are you exaggerating just a little bit? You tell me. After austin signed the document giving up his rights to elq, he told me this was far from over, that it was just the beginning. The guy wants payback. Okay, well, if austin does try anything, let me know. I’m still a detective, even though I’m chained to a desk for the foreseeable future. You’ll still help me? Even though I might have crossed the line? I understand going to extremes, and I’m always willing to help out a friend. Thanks, chase. My pleasure.

[ Cellphone chimes ]

[ Sighs ] Wyndham’s? I didn’t buy anything. Whoa!

[ Scoffs ] Maybe he can talk to me about my mommy. Well, your grandpa jeff is a doctor, just like your daddy, and he travels all over the world helping people. I guess those people need him more than we do. That’s why we never get to see him. Let’s go back to the kitchen and finish unpacking the box. Is there stuff to make brownies? Sure. I’ll show you. I’m sorry violet couldn’t let it go. Oh, that’s okay. I just wish I had better answers for her. Why don’t you?

Exactly how did you “reach out” to the D.A.? Uh, he’s ambitious. He’s running for pennsylvania state attorney general. Nina is an editor-in-chief of a major publication. She’s a real-estate heiress. And prosecuting her in a new type of crime like identity fraud will generate headlines to boost his profile. So you just pointed him towards free publicity? Well, the quartermaines also… made a substantial contribution to his election campaign. No luck with britt? Nope. She’s not answering her phone. And the hospital said that she’s out of the country, so… hey, cam! Do you know where spence could get a job? Well, that’s funny you should ask. I actually just got promoted to assistant manager, so that means we need a server to take my place. Too bad I was arrested and I’m awaiting trial. Well, you know what? Kelly’s believes in giving offenders second chances, even ones with no hospitality experience. Thank you, cam, but I will give it a hard pass. That’s fine. Someone way better just applied anyway. Spence. Really? Do you think you have a choice? My dad and I haven’t been close for a very long time. Same with my dad and me. We got through it. Maybe you and your dad will, as well.

[ Knock on door ] Aiden: [ Gasps ] Someone’s here! I’ll get it. Unh-unh. We’ll both get it. Come on up.

[ Grunts ] Uncle chase! Ah!

[ Chuckles ] Hey! Are those for me?! They’re violets for my favorite violet.

[ Laughs ] There you go. Thank you. Yeah. Aunt elizabeth! Look what he brought me. Chase: How’s it going, aiden? Are you still making that — was it a seven-layer bar? Yeah, I brought some. They’re in the kitchen. Score! [ Laughs ] Elizabeth, how you doing? I hope you guys are joining us for dinner. Do you mind? Uh, if you cook it. Oh, that is hilarious. It’s mac and cheese. How hard could it be? Um, let aiden take care of it. We’ll let aiden take care of it. Yeah. Oh, and I brought you a good-luck charm. A good-luck charm, huh? Mm-hmm. All right. Let’s see what this is here. Ohh! Hey! Look at this! Daddy, pick me up. Pick you up? Okay. Come on up.

[ Grunts ] How’s that?

[ Smooches ] Aww.I kissed the cook!

[ Laughter ] Thank you, sweetheart. Who’s ready to eat? I am. I’m starving. Chase: Yeah, I second that. All right. Let’s go. Everybody into the kitchen. Come on. A little enthusiasm. It’s all downhill from here! Come on! Did michael ever do anything like this to you when you guys were together? No. But michael and i didn’t share a child. We never had to go through what the two of you did to protect wiley from nelle. And you gave up your relationship with michael so he and i could be together. Chase and I did it for wiley. We have no regrets. Everything worked out for the best.

[ Laughs ] How is the baby? Perfect. Of course. And brando? We found our footing once he agreed not to work for carly and jason. So it’s smooth sailing. Oh, I wouldn’t go that far. We still have to deal with brando’s mother. Oof. [ Chuckles ]

[ Sighs ] You wanted to see me, boss? Your job description does not include buying two pairs of cartullo boots from wyndham’s and charging it to the company! I need to look good. Look good with your own money! Look, you will pay back every single dollar, and you’ll start by finishing up the notes on the face of conception business meeting. Thank you. I don’t think so. Excuse me? Well, it’s too late to start tonight, and tomorrow I’m taking a mental-health day. Are you trying to get fired? Go ahead and fire me. But then I’d have to reveal your little secret. What little secret? Actually, it’s not that little. Kinda major. I recorded it on my phone. You want to hear it?

What if someone figures out the connection between your donation and nina’s arrest? Yeah, your donation could be seen as a bribe. Look. Campaign contributions are completely legal. I had — my attorney’s filing the appropriate paperwork. The fact is, nina broke the law. She did it in llantano county. So it’s up to sheridan if he wants to prosecute. Look. Did I set it in motion? Yes. Yes, I did. But sheridan is an experienced prosecutor who wouldn’t move forward with this case unless there was merit. Nina is the one who’s wrong here, okay? Not me. If I wasn’t pregnant, gladys corbin would have me diving headfirst into a bottle. If you weren’t pregnant, gladys corbin wouldn’t even be in your life. True. And I wouldn’t trade this pregnancy for anything. Despite gladys being a class-a troublemaker. You know, carly and I have had our disagreements, especially about nina, but fortunately for me, carly is no gladys. Oh, not even close. Willow… I’m not trying to rationalize what michael did, but I don’t think he meant to shut you out. Every couple argues. No matter how good they are together. That’s what makes them so good! They feel safe enough to disagree. Michael loves you with all his heart. What he did does not change that. And I hope it doesn’t change your love for him. No, of course not. Then you will work this out… and you will both be stronger for having overcome this. Finn: Elizabeth! You coming? Chase: Finn doesn’t know how to turn the stove on! You can’t figure it out, either, hotshot! It’s one of those european models that only makes sense to the swedes, okay? Aiden: He’s right, mom! It’s weird! We need you, elizabeth! Before chase blows us all up! He’s got a match! I-I’ll be right there! Cam, I’ve done some thinking, and I’d really like to take the job here. I told you, bud. We’re already giving the job to someone with actual qualifications. You want me to grovel, don’t you? Big-time. Look, I’ve been a jerk. A snob. Someone who thought that he was better than the townies. The reality is that I’m a disinherited nobody who is desperate for a job and will be eternally grateful if you offer me one. Good enough? It’ll do. You’ll have to sign some forms, but I don’t see why you can’t start as soon as possible. Thank you. Hm. I’ll need someone to train me. Well, that will be me. The thing you need to know about this job is that kelly’s, it’s a friendly place. The job starts with a big smile, and then you say, “welcome to kelly’S. My name is spencer. And I’ll be your server today.” Give it a shot.

[ Chuckles ] Welcome to kelly’S. I’m spencer. And I’ll be your server today. Excellent. You know, you’re trying to convince me that everything that brook lynn did, she did for you because you are her father, and yet you refuse to accept, you cannot understand, that everything that I’m doing, everything that I was doing, I was doing for my father. Your hypocrisy is mind-blowing.

[ Sighs ] What can I say? Except you’re right. The quartermaines fight ferociously to protect our own. And there’s no room for integrity when it comes to keeping the family safe. Yeah, you see, ned, that’s where you and i are just not on the same page. My father —

[ Chuckles ] My father left this world with his integrity intact. And I plan to do the same. There you go. What’s this? That is the number of a specialist that can help you with leo. Share it with olivia, don’t share it with olivia. I don’t care. Just leave me out of it. Okay. Um… I appreciate the name. But, uh, I can’t make an appointment without olivia’s consent, and you know that. Then you have a beautiful challenge ahead of you. But, hey, it’s no big thing. It’s only leo’s entire future that’s at stake. Ned, I really do hope that you understand how important it is that you convince olivia to do the right thing for her son. What do you want me to hear on your phone? Oh, um, something about your telling maxie that valentin isn’t really your baby’s daddy. Liar. Never said such a thing. Oh.

[ Beep ] Brook lynn: I dread the day

valentin finds out

bailey isn’t his daughter.

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