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Sorry. Your friends cleaned me out. Oh, they’re not our friends. They’re just people we know. Could you, uh, go buy some more? Sure. Please. I can’t believe we came all this way. I know. Cells were empty. The guards were gone. There’s no trace of peter or my mother. And that bridge where drew was shot — do you really think he could survive that fall? I don’t — t-that’s hard to say. I mean, drew was a seal, so he does have a better chance than most. All this mess because my brother is a psycho. Peter leaves a trail of destruction everywhere he goes. It has to stop before someone else dies.

[ Monitor beeping ] No. No, I won’t let you! Oh! Valentin. Get away! Oh, valentin! Stop, stop. You’re just dreaming. You’re just dreaming. I’m in the hospital. Yes, you are. Yes. I’m at a U.S. Facility in crete. Yes. Yes. What were you dreaming about? Peter august. He was trying to get my girls. He was trying to take charlotte and bailey.

[ Grunts ] Sasha: Oh, my god! Could bailey be any cuter?! That’s my blq-2. Are you really calling her that? Oh, the nickname was inevitable. Ah. Well, I can’t wait till my little angel arrives and bailey can have a playmate. You know what? I’ll have to give you all of our hand-me-downs. I know that sounds kind of snobby, but it would be a shame for all that baby cartullo to go to waste.

[ Laughs ] Ah! I just want to have this baby, like, now! Were you this anxious when your due date was getting closer? Me? Nah. Piece of cake. That’s our brook lynn. Grace under pressure. Hey, maxie. Nice of you to join us.

[ Clears throat ] I’m on time. I never said you weren’T. Anyway, I thought this was supposed to be a sitdown to discuss deception’s spring marketing campaign. It is. Okay, then why did you choose this place instead of the office? Wait. No. I didn’t pick this place. Sasha did. What? I — it wasn’t my idea. I-I was told maxie chose it. Who told you that? Surprise! Ha ha! Tuna tartare and shop talk. Is there anything better? Ah, thank you, D.A. Sheridan. I appreciate you expediting nina reeves’ arrest. The quartermaines are proud to donate to your campaign for state attorney general. Ah, thank you. Bye. Are you coming to check up on your mom?

[ Chuckles ] Among other things. Ohh! [ Chuckles ] Hey. Hi. What are you doing here? Actually, I came to talk to michael, so I’ll wait at the bar. No, no. I’m sure you have business to discuss. I mean, what else would you guys have to talk about?

I’ll wait at the bar. Oh. Yeah, your mom still hasn’t forgiven me for defending nina. I’m sure. I’m sure you feel the same way. Especially since I, um, lobbied for nina to be a part of wiley’s life. You mean blackmailed. I prefer to call it something else. I wouldn’T. Okay. Fine. Let’s go with — let’s go with blackmail. Wow. Thank you for finally admitting it. Now that you have… look, if you want to make things right with us, I have a few ideas. Listen. If you could just arrange for me to see acting commissioner scorpio, I’m sure that I could explain everything. Hey, hey! Do nothin’, say nothin’. Hey, hey. I love that I get to see your face every day. How was your visit with spencer? Um, I said what I needed to. I don’t think he enjoyed it. You worried about him? He’s gonna have a bumpy ride. But you know what? He’ll make it. Okay. What’s wrong? So, nina got arrested. Was that you? Uh, I’m scott baldwin. I, uh, represent ms. Reeves. I’d like a minute to confer with her, so… could you get a cup of coffee or something? I’ll be right outside. Okay. What are you doing? I didn’t hire you. Well — I did! Ava, you hired scott for me? You used your one phone call to reach out to me, and I reached out to scotty here. Well, I appreciate that because I don’t know how experienced the crimson attorneys are with criminal law. Uh, well, you know, not good. They’re kind of like snobs. They’re concerned about their manicures. Okay. Scott, while you’re here, we have to fight this extradition thing before I end up in a jail cell in pennsylvania. I think you better tell her, scott. Tell me what? The quicker they cart you off to the keystone state, the better.

Ugh. I guess you’re right. He was a seal. And he survived two years in that compound. After that, what’s a couple of gunshots and falling off a bridge?

[ Groans ] You know, one thing you two do have in common is you’re very hard to kill. Now, look, we — we came to greece to find your mother and hopefully get peter in the process, okay? So we just need to focus —

[ Cellphone chimes ] Anyone we know? Or is someone offering you an extended warranty on your car? It’s dante. He wants me to call him. But I don’t have any bars. Well, feel free to step outside. I’m not moving. No? Uh, hello? Hiking that compound is at least equivalent to a 10k, maybe a marathon, with stairs! Well, you kept up okay. Well, now I’m exhausted. Besides, someone has to wait for the bartender. Okay. I won’t be long.

[ Groans ] Gosh.

Mutter, you better know how much I love you. My feet are killing me! No one is coming for your daughters, certainly not peter. I’ll kill him first. Where is he? Running for his life somewhere. He’s a spiteful son of a bitch. What if he does come after my girls? He won’T.

[ Monitor beeping rapidly ] You need to stop worrying about all the what-ifs, okay? You and I both know what he’s capable of. Okay. Hey. Will you do something for me? Just to humor me? Just close your eyes. Just close your eyes. Okay. Instead of picturing peter coming for your daughters, why don’t you picture what you would do to him if he tried? The hell you would rain down on him. The torment. The punishment. His cries for mercy. Your refusal.

[ Beeping slows ] Okay. Just imagine that for a bit. How do you feel now? Wonderful.

[ Chuckles ] Fresh as a daisy. Yeah. A little revenge fantasy never hurt anyone. You’re twisted, aren’t you? I have my moments. You sure do. So… we have to get you ready to go home so that you can undergo the surgery you need. Are you sure about that? This may be your big chance to get rid of me, and I think you might be blowing it. Yeah. Thought had crossed my mind. Really? Mm-hmm. But I realized that, even at my angriest, when your worst brings out the worst in me… …I do see that… life would be pretty boring without you. It’s bad enough to schedule a business meeting in a restaurant. Why would you make all of us think it was someone else’s idea!

[ Scoffs ] Well, look. You gals know all about the beauty biz. I, on the other hand, know how to shake things up and keep it interesting.

[ Beep ] It’s why you hired me. Gladys, you were hired to assist brook lynn, not — I’m assisting all of you by upgrading your work environment from stale and boring office to posh and swanky. As befits a posh and swanky business. Have to say — I like what she has to say on paper, but I hate the execution.

[ Scoffs ] Come on! Enjoy a little variety in your workday. You really want the same old, same old when you can have the croque monsieur? Which you have to try. It is so french! When I joined deception, it was to influence lovers of glam and — and beauty, not to help you experience things that you can’t afford on your salary so you charge them to the company expense account. Well. If that’s how you feel. If you don’t want a stimulating office culture… we’re not even in the office. If you didn’t want to get out into the world, maybe you should have stayed home with your baby? Y-you do have a daughter, remember? Because when we first met, it seemed like you weren’t even sure you had a kid. Well, you know, I’m keen to make amends, so what did you have in mind? Well, it helps that you got my father out of nixon falls as soon as possible. The corinthos family is grateful, and we won’t forget it. I’m not gonna pretend that sonny is my favorite person. I just hope that everyone can move on without revenge. Well, what some people might call revenge other people call it justice. Unless it’s your position that nina shouldn’t have to pay for what she did. Are you seriously recommending that I don’t even try to fight this extradition? Are you on board with this? Uh, well, the way scotty explained it to me is that you would be playing a sort of long game. How long? 15 to life?

[ Chuckles ] Well, the D.A. From llantano county is looking for a high-profile case so that he can position himself for his run as, uh, state attorney general. How is “women keeps man’s identity from him” high-profile? Is it because it’s sonny?

[ Sighs ] “Rich fashion editor holds mystery man hostage away from his — his past and tries to break up his family.” Comeuppance! And that’s gonna get the guy elected? What, is there no other crime in pennsylvania? Well, that’s my point. That’s why we’re trying to get her away from sonny’s influence. Yeah, but money can cross state lines. Why is it not better for me just to stay here? I can’t give up. No. N-nobody is saying that. Listen. I-I’m — I’m just, you know, filing motions and endless depositions here. You know, I’m just stalling for time until we mount the proper defense. Yeah, but, scott, while you’re stalling, I’m sitting in a 6×9 cell with a stainless-steel toilet! That’s why I’m saying we waive this extradition and — and we go to the keystone state, they charge you, I get you out on bail until the trial.

[ Groans ] And if I fight extradition? Well, then you’ll end up here in the pcpd, and because you’re high-risk, you will not get bail, and the lawyers and the judges will just, you know, take however long they want. And this way, y-you get it over with and you’re free. Until the trial. Look, there’s no guarantees. You want to fight it here? We fight it here. Okay? But it’s your call. Carly: Nina got arrested? You didn’t know? No. I-I mean, I’m certainly not upset about it, but… I-if you didn’t call the cops, then who called the cops? I don’t know. I-I don’t know what kind of laws she broke when she kept your identity from you and didn’t tell your entire family that you were alive, but I guess someone in law enforcement must have thought they had a case. Why bother? I mean — I mean, I know nina caused a lot of pain, but it’s not like she’s gonna be a repeat offender. You never know when it comes to nina. Well, I mean, you know, after all the people that we helped in nixon falls, I don’t think the cops are gonna… wait a second. …Come at — what? “We”?

There were a bunch of lowlifes putting the squeeze on lenny and phyllis. Yeah, I know. You told me all about that. I-I didn’t know nina was involved with that. Well, she was in nixon falls most of the time I was. Yeah. God. It’s just crazy, you know, that you had this whole other life there. You weren’t just tending bars. Well, I wasn’t the only one leading a different life. You and jason took over my business. You were dealing with renault. You didn’t know what was going on with me. I didn’t know what was going on with you. Because of nina. Yeah. Yeah. So did she help your friends in nixon falls? Great. Whatever.

[ Chuckles ] But she’s still responsible for what she did to you. Mm-hmm. And to me and to our family. And if that’s not a crime, I don’t know what is. Scott: Hey, look, I-I don’t want to rush you, but we got, you know, less than an hour before we… I know. I know we do. It’s just — it’s a lot to process. Okay. Well, I’ll tell you what. Uh, I’m gonna go make some phone calls. Ava, I want you to talk nina into, you know, the sense god gave a goose to do the right thing. You know, ava, I really, really appreciate you, I mean, making a u-turn from spencer’s hearing to come back here to help me. Thank you. Believe me. This is a lot more pleasant than that was. Hmm. Plus, I, um — I wanted to clarify something, nina. Uh-oh. What? Well, I know that you thought that I had an agenda when I encouraged you not to give up on sonny. Mm-hmm. Didn’t you? Yeah. I did. But… I do really care about you, and — and I want what’s best for you. Nina, please listen to scotty. I know he comes across as a clown sometimes. He does that on purpose so people don’t see what a shark he is, and he is a shark! And a shark is what you need right now! I can’t argue with that. You know, I knew that sonny would be angry with you, but I never thought he would stoop to this. I know, I know. I can’t believe it. You were counting on him to be more like mike from nixon falls, huh? Yeah. I was. You know, sonny and I, we just talked, you know? We — we put our heads together to talk about how we could help phyllis, and it was a good talk. I mean, it wasn’t great. It wasn’t, like, mind-blowing or anything, but, still, I thought there was a way that sonny and i could coexist. So why did he turn on you? What makes you think that nina is not paying for her misdeeds now? What, because she feels bad about it? Everyone knows what she did — keeping sonny’s existence a secret. I mean, people are asking for her blood, and I’m sure more will pile on. And then, of course, there’s wiley. What about him? Well, he’s just a kid now, but eventually he’s going to know, you know, what his grandmother did to his grandfather. Right, and he has a right to know. And no one understands that better than nina herself.

[ Scoffs ] If nina is so committed to wiley, then why didn’t she bring his grandfather home to him? Why didn’t she come forward when she had the chance? Or any time in between when she found out that my father was alive and the day he came home to us? Who are you to criticize me or anyone as a parent? Brook lynn, you don’t want to make a scene.

[ Scoffs ] I stand behind what I said. Gladys, you need to back off. No, no, no. I want to hear this. Well, then, get ready for an earful. Because you, brook lynn, just like the rest of your generation, want it all. What does me “wanting it all” have to do with my baby? My point exactly. What you want is all for you. Little bailey can fend for herself. Now, you take me and my son, brando — gladys. A word? Now. If the truth hurts… you need to remember that brook lynn is your boss.

[ Chuckles ] How can I forget? Okay, so I didn’t go to secretarial school and I may not know how to take shorthand. Who takes shorthand? Does that even exist anymore? But I am tech-savvy, so my phone makes up for that. Your phone takes shorthand?

[ Chuckles ] No, dear. No, it has a voice-memo thingy. So I record everything, and then later I write it down on the computer so I don’t lose anything. That’s actually not a bad idea. Hm! Yeah. And, of course, I add emojis like rainbows and stars, so I remember who said what to who.

[ Chuckles ] Maxie’s a unicorn. Brook lynn is a bat. And you’re… you get the idea. Right. Just try a little harder not to get on brook lynn’s bad side. She has a good side? I mean it, gladys! And you can start by not questioning her love for her baby.

[ Sighs ] If you say so. But if you ask me, little bailey is gonna need a therapist.

[ Exhales sharply ] I owe you an apology. What for? I just left you at that tavern to sleep off the ouzo. It wasn’t just ouzo. No, I realize that now, but I took it all at face value, which was my first mistake. Then you ended up in a prison with drew and obrecht. Well, on the bright side, I got to spend some quality time with my uncle, who, as it turns out, may be my father. Oh, right. Dear victor. I would have liked to have seen peter turn on him.

[ Clears throat ] Well, victor’s in custody. But he’s unscathed. What’s the word on drew? Any — any word? Not yet, no. You know, if he hadn’t turned back on that bridge to cover me, I’d be dead now. I hate this. I hate this bed. I hate this hospital. I hate being unable to protect my daughters, being unable to go after peter. You need to forget about all this being unable to do stuff. You should just be thankful. Thankful? Yes! Thankful that you’re alive. I-I’m gonna tell you, when we were waiting for the medevac and I was checking on you, checking your pulse and your breathing and holding the pressure on your wound — I’m gonna be honest — I wasn’t sure that you were gonna make it. And when I kept thinking that you weren’t gonna make it, I-I realized I wouldn’t have the chance to say… to say what? They really are out of everything. Is this a wsb operation or a frat party?

[ Footsteps approach ] Oh, it’s about time. What took you…so long? Don’t scream. You’re coming with me. Before either of us goes anywhere, you’re gonna want me to take a look at that wound. I’m fine. Let’s go. Okay. Look. Um… you don’t understand. I’m a doctor. You’re bleeding out. So you can aim that gun someplace else — shut up! There’s a ferry leaving soon, and you’re my ticket out of here.

Uh, j-just curious. Did you take that bullet working for peter august? And if so, was it worth it? What do you care? Because I’M…doctor… you…wounded! You can take me hostage later! Right now let me help you. You’re wasting your breath. We’re heading for the ferry. Now…move!

[ Grunting ]

[ Groaning ] Okay. Now I’m gonna help you. Uh, check behind the bar. I think I saw a first-aid kit. Hand me the gauze.

[ Groaning ] Where’s lisa ob–

[ Groans ] Lisa obrecht? Where’s peter august? I think he might have nicked an artery. If he bleeds out, we may never find my mother or peter, so the interrogation can wait. Right now I need you to help me keep him alive.

[ Groaning ] Just that I wouldn’t have the chance… I wouldn’t know what to say to charlotte. You know? Um, or bailey. One day when she’s old enough. Thank you for thinking of my girls. Yeah.

[ Monitor beeping ] So, you just have to rest now and, um… get ready for the plane to take you home. Give me my phone. What? I’m gonna call charlotte and bailey. Oh, no, no, no. I want to hear their voices. Don’t do that, because it — that’s gonna be emotionally taxing, a phone call like that. A-and, you know, your vitals aren’t all that strong. The doctor, she would have my head. And, you know, you need to keep your strength up. Anna, I love my girls. But you’re all the strength I’ll ever need. Gladys, listen to me! Gladys is such a pain. I know. Woman just drives me crazy. So what was she talking about anyway? Well, when I first met her, she asked me if I had any kids, and it was when bailey was first born, so… so what did you say? Nothing. I think that’s the problem. My brain just sort of froze for a sec, and now here we are all these months later. Look, if you’re worried about her bringing it up again… what are the odds? I mean, does that woman let anything go? Okay. There’s one thing you need to do when the subject of bailey comes up. Just be a mom. It’s not like I don’t have practice.

[ Footsteps approach ] Okay! Gladys, is there anything you want to say to brook lynn? Like what? You know what? It’s — it’s fine. You know what, gladys? Thank you for your take. You gave me a lot to think about. Really? Oh, to be honest, I don’t think she’d really have to think about anyth– let’s just get on with the meeting.

[ Cellphone ringing ] Anna. Where are you? In greece. I’m with valentin. You know what? I’m actually here with maxie. Let me put you on speakerphone. Hold on. Okay. Valentin: Brook lynn, it’s me. Put bailey on the phone. Tell her it’s daddy. Now, I’ve had years of experience with sonny corinthos. And if he’s decided to forego your détente and declare war… which it looks like he has. …You need to remember your secret weapon. You know the truth about what happened between the two of you in nixon falls. Ava, nothing happened with sonny and me in nixon falls. How — how can you say that?! Because mike and I had feelings for each other, but that’s all. That’s all that happened. You know, there was just a few dances and a few kisses. Nina! You and mike fell in love. And sonny remembers that. And you need to have it ready in case you need it. I hear you. I do. But what if we’re wrong? What if sonny wasn’t the one who called the cops, huh? What if carly already knows the truth and she had me arrested? Well, then she’s playing right into your hands. Because then you’ll turn on the waterworks and you’ll appeal to that part of sonny that is still connected to mike, the man who fell in love with you, and you’re home free. Look, I’m not gonna deny what nina’s done. But it’s over. Sonny’s home. Right, and I’m supposed to be, what, willing just to let it go?

[ Scoffs ] Look, nina stole nine months of my father’s life, left my mother, my siblings, all of us to grieve for a man who wasn’t really dead. I don’t know how I could ever forgive that or how you could ask me to. I’m not asking. Carly: Jax? Well, good. Let’s keep it that way. Hey. Have you heard from nina? No. Why? She was arrested.

[ Cellphone rings ] I’m sure that’s her now. Well, it’s not nina. I’m kind of busy. What’s this about? Nina’s under arrest. Her extradition hearing’s about to begin. What? Where?


Where do you think? Now, listen. I know that you have a working and a personal relationship with nina. Is that correct? I do. Well, then I suggest that you get here ’cause nina needs all the friends that she can get right now. Goodbye. It was, uh, scott baldwin. Apparently he’s representing nina. She’s, uh, facing extradition to pennsylvania. Well, I want to see this. Me too. Why? Because nina has it coming. Let’s go.

He needs to go to a hospital. Yeah, I’ve called it in. An ambulance is on the way, but once he’s gone, we don’t have a lead to your mother. Okay, so what do you suggest we do? Maybe you can get him to talk. How? By appealing to his better angels?

[ Scoffs ] Well, you’re the one who patched him up. Okay, okay. Um… I’m looking for my mother, liesl obrecht. I think she was in the compound. She might be peter’s prisoner. Do you know where he took her? Keep me alive, and I’ll take you to her. O-okay wait. T-take us where?

[ Grunts ] Cassadine… cassadine… island. I’m sorry, valentin. Bailey’s in daycare. Valentin:

It’s just one floor down

from the office, isn’t it?

Walk me down, will you? I would, but we’re not in the office. Who was I supposed to know? But I will definitely tell her that daddy’s thinking of her. You sound kind of strange. Are you okay?

[ Monitor beeping ] I’ll be home soon. Just tell charlotte I say,

“j-je t’aime.” Hey, brook lynn, it’s me again. Um, so, listen, sam and dante are on their way back to port charles, and — and they’ll explain everything. Explain what? What’s wrong?

Valentin was injured,

and he’s gonna be airlifted

back to G.H. What? Can you talk to charlotte and just prepare her for that? Of course. Just tell him, um, that the girls love him and that they’ll be waiting for him at home.

I’ll tell him. So, um, about this meeting, it — how about we pick this up tomorrow? I don’t think any of us will be able to concentrate knowing valentin’s in the hospital. What do you say, brook lynn? You know what? Can you guys just give us a minute? Of course. Gladys? What? I’m her assistant. I should stay. Oh, fine. Are you okay? Yeah. I don’t know why I’m so

[Clears throat] It’s not like valentin and me are A… I just can’t help but think about how much he loves his children. Ugh. I dread the day valentin finds out bailey isn’t his daughter. Thank you. Whatever you decide, I’m in your corner. I know. Thank you. Mm-hmm. Have you made a decision?

U know the man? Well, we, uh, came in here for a drink, and then the guy just showed up, and my friend here is a doctor. He was bleeding heavily. Like I told the paramedics, he might have nicked an artery, but they’ve got him stabilized, so he should be okay. Okay. Thanks for your help. Mm-hmm. And one more thing. You didn’t do anything wrong here, but something tells me you’re trouble, so I suggest you get on the next flight back to the U.S. And stay there. So, this is where we call anna, right? I knew that phone call would exhaust you. You can never resist, an “I told you so,” can you? Never. Listen, anna, if the worst should happen — it won’T. If the worst should happen, I need you to make sure brook lynn tells bailey that daddy was thinking of her till the end. You can tell her yourself when you’re home and holding her in your arms. So that’s it, then, is it? You’re gonna let me live after all? Seems rude not to. You’ve survived far worse than to die from something as prosaic as an infection from a bullet wound. And aren’t you far too clever than to appeal to something as prosaic as my vanity? I do what I can. You’re gonna be all right. You have to be, for charlotte and bailey. I think you’re leaving someone else off that list, darling. The fact is, valentin’s a wonderful father. He was all in the moment he saw my baby bump.

[ Clears throat ] Gladys has rescheduled the meeting for tomorrow. I found a bowling alley with the cutest little snack bar.

[ Laughs ] Just kidding! We’ll do it at the office, and I’ll prove to you just how invaluable I am. Okay. Okay. Just like that bloodthirsty bunch to show up for the kill. How could you do this to nina? Did she do something wrong? Yeah, obviously she did. But to go this far? Sonny didn’t have nina arrested, although he had every right. Oh, you just want the credit? Is that it, carly? It’s not her doing or my father’S. Nina, if you need somebody to blame, you should blame yourself. Michael. It was you?

E facts, the law was broken, and justice should be served. This isn’t justice, michael. This is revenge. Well, that’s for the court to decide. Ugh! Pay no attention to those hyenas. Let’s get you settled. Oh, nina. Remember — you still have that ace up your sleeve. It’s there when you need it. So am I. Thank you. All rise. The honorable judge lowe presiding. Be seated. A motion has been filed by the commonwealth of pennsylvania requesting the extradition of nina reeves. Your honor, my client waives her right in this hearing and welcomes her extradition to the commonwealth of pennsylvania. Guys, thank you so much for being so patient with gladys. I want hazard pay. You deserve it. And I’m really hoping that gladys will take advantage of all the chances you’re giving her, learn from her mistakes, and end up being a real asset to deception.

[ Sighs ]

[ Sighs ] Brook lynn:

When I joined deception,

it was to influence lovers

of glam and — and beauty,

not to help you

experience things

that you can’t afford

on your salary,

so you charge them to the company expense account.

Just can’t help

but think about

how much he loves

his children.


I dread the day

valentin finds out

bailey isn’t his daughter. So the ambulance is going to take you to the airport, and from there, you’re gonna get a plane to take you to port charles and then a helicopter to take you to G.H. It’s as easy as one, two, three. Let’s just hope the surgery goes just simply. Yeah. Ready, mr. Cassadine? Yeah, I’m ready. Good luck looking for peter. See you on the other side, okay? Hmm. Nice try. You’re not going anywhere without me. Look, I trust anna, but not when it comes to peter. And the wsb — don’t trust them. They don’t care what happens to your mother. You’re right. To them, people like my mother are either assets and liabilities. I guess the same can be said about drew. The wsb’s priority is terminating peter. Our priority is finding your mom. Well, then let’s go. Next stop — cassadine island. Prince nikolas. I thought you’d want to know… nina reeves, you’re remanded into custody of the commonwealth of pennsylvania, effective immediately.

[ Bangs gavel ] Court is adjourned. Bailiff: All rise. I will have you out on bail like that. Ms. Reeves, please stand up.

[ Grunts ] Oh. Let’s go.

[ Door closes ]

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