Y&R Short Recap Monday, October 25 2021

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Recap written by Christine

Michael asked Amanda to testify in Sutton’s trial, which was to begin next week. Devon was concerned about the effect testifying would have on Amanda. Devon had to leave for an emergency with Abby. Amanda decided to testify. Christine tried to get information on whether or not Chance was killed in an explosion. Abby chose to remain optimistic. Ashley, Mariah, Tessa and Devon were there for moral support. Billy went to Rey with the theory that Adam had something to do with Gaines’ disappearance. Sharon saw Rey and Billy talking. This wasn’t Rey’s jurisdiction, but he promised to bring the case to the proper authorities, provided Billy could come up with something more substantial that circumstantial evidence. When Sharon asked Rey what was going on, he didn’t tell her that Adam might be involved. Victoria’s dress got a lot of good press, so Adam took Sally to lunch to celebrate. Sally wanted to bring Chloe along, but she didn’t make it. Adam had a run in with Billy and learned that Billy thought he had something to do with Gaines going missing. Billy accused Adam of accusing to change to impress Sharon. Adam told Sally about his dynamic with Billy. Sally wondered if Adam was afraid of what Billy would do to him. He wasn’t, and he didn’t want her to worry either. Sharon overheard Billy tell a private investigator that he thought Adam was behind Gaines’ disappearance. Sharon confronted Billy about his hatred for Adam. Nick and Phyllis’ talked over her concerns, then took their reunion to the bedroom. He vented about his place in the Newman family. Things went sour when she gave him advice, and he felt like she was minimizing his concerns. She accused him of always thinking the worst of her.


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