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Recap written by Christine

Abby paced around her living room and pointed out that Chance might not have been in the building when the bomb went off. Ashley said she believed that too, but she thought Christine was trying to prepare them. The doorbell rang, and Abby thought it might be the feds with news on Chance. Ashley answered the door, and it was Mariah and Tessa. Ashley’s grim expression made Mariah think something happened to Dominic, and she rushed into the living room. Christine explained that Chance was likely killed in an explosion. Tessa told Abby how sorry she was, and Ashley said they were trying to be positive. Mariah said it was definitely positive that Chance wasn’t in the building. At Abby’s request, Christine went to call a contact to see if she could get more information. Abby was looking for a distraction, so she asked why Mariah and Tessa came. Mariah gave Abby the bear. Abby wiped away tears and gave the bear to the baby.

Michael met with Amanda and Devon at Society. Michael said that the jury selection for Sutton’s case was complete, and he’d been able to remove some potential jurors who seemed biased toward Sutton. Amanda was glad Michael leveled the playing field, and she wished she could’ve been there to see him in action. The trial started next week. Amanda was pleased things were moving quickly because Naya had a heart condition, and a long drawn out trial wouldn’t be good for her. Michael wanted Amanda to testify against her grandfather. “You want me to testify against my grandfather?,” Amanda asked. Michael just wanted Amanda to take the stand and tell the jury what happened – that she accepted a role defending her grandfather, and after she did her research, she concluded that she couldn’t defend him after all. Devon thought Amanda’s conversations with Sutton were protected by attorney-client privilege. Michael only wanted Amanda to testify about the things she learned after she was fired. Amanda knew the defense wouldn’t like it, and Michael giddily said that defense’s heads would explode, which would only make the jury more interested in Amanda’s testimony. “What testimony is more compelling that Sutton Ames’ own granddaughter and, wait for it, former attorney,” Michael said.

Devon said that Michael was asking a lot. Michael knew, but this was a way to quickly and effectively present the case. Amanda said that Naya and Imani deserved peace. Devon was concerned about the effect this would have on Amanda. He thought she should consider what it meant to testify in open court and how that would effect her relationship with her mom and sister. He was also concerned that she’d be in danger if the trial went south and Sutton walked. Michael told Amanda that her testimony could span several days, and he wasn’t asking her to do this lightly. Devon got an emergency text from Abby, and he was torn because he didn’t want to leave Amanda while she was mulling over a big decision. Amanda said she’d be fine, but she asked him to let her know as soon as he knew what was going on. He said he loved her and left. Michael said that they’d go over Devon’s concerns and Amanda’s concerns one at a time, because he was convinced this was their best shot at conviction.

Amanda said the defense would say she was trying to settle a score with Sutton because he forced Naya to give up her and her twin at birth. Michael said he’d counter that by saying the mounting evidence convinced Amanda that Sutton was lying, so she went in search for the truth, and she found it. Amanda pointed out that Sutton never explicitly confessed on the recording. She was sure that the defense would say that the recording was inadmissible. Michael pointed out that the jury would know that the recording existed and that everything Amanda was saying was true, otherwise, why would the defense try so keep it out of the courtroom? He said that prosecutors rarely had a full confession. He stated that they had to take the jury on the same journey that Amanda took – show them that he was capable of having her father killed then hiring her for his defense. He said that was how they’d get justice for her father. “Okay. I’ll do it,” she said.

Michael figured that at least some of the jurors would be fans of or at least familiar with Hilary’s talk show. He believed those jurors would be moved when he told them how Amanda was denied the opportunity to meet or grow up with Hilary. Amanda thought that might be manipulative. He said it was a fact of the case, and this was a way to make an old murder seem as relevant as it was when it was committed. He said she’d let those people know exactly what Sutton took from her. She looked shaken, and he asked if she needed a break. She felt overwhelmed because she finally felt like they had a shot at winning the case. For the first time, she felt like she’d get justice for her father, and it would be enormously satisfying, but she’d trade it all for one day with her father.

Back at the Chancellor house, Christine said search and rescue were working through the rubble. Abby checked her phone for texts from Chance, but she didn’t get anything. She said she knew that he was okay, though. Abby begged Christine to make more calls. Christine went to reach out to someone else, even though she didn’t think they’d know anything. Abby left the room too. Mariah looked in on Dominic, who was sleeping through the whole thing. Devon arrived.

Devon got filled in, and he said it had been hard not to prepare himself for something like this, given how long the mission wore on and how dangerous it was. Ashley had been afraid something like this would happen. Mariah and Tessa advised that they were staying optimistic. Abby walked back in and hugged Devon. He assured her that none of them would give up. She said she could use his hope and strength.

Billy met with Rey at Crimson Lights. He explained that Gaines had disappeared just before he could reveal some damaging information about Ashland. None of Billy’s investigative reporters had been able to find Gaines, and Billy thought Adam had something to do with it. Rey asked what the nature of the information Gaines wanted to reveal was. Billy wouldn’t say, but he stated that Ashland paid a lot of money to keep this secret quiet, because it would jeopardize everything he built, and the Newmans had rallied around him. Billy had no proof of what Adam did, it was all instinct. Rey needed more than that to open an official investigation. Billy knew that, but he came to Rey because he thought Rey knew what kind of person Adam was. Billy said that this was Rey’s opportunity to get justice for Gaines and rid them of Adam once and for all. Sharon walked up and asked what Rey and Billy were talking about so intently.

Rey explained that Billy came to him about a missing person. Rey told Billy that this was out of his jurisdiction. Rey stated that all Billy had now was circumstantial evidence and conjecture. Rey was was willing approach the proper authorities if Billy came back to him with something more substantial. Billy left. Sharon asked Rey why Billy came to him. He pointed out that he was with the police. He said that Billy was probably working on something for a story. Sharon saw how intense Rey and Billy’s discussion was, and she sensed there was more to this. He said that this would probably turn out to be nothing, and there was no reason for her to get involved.

Sally was in Adam’s office. She reminded Adam that he’d said the best thing he could ask for was a productive and profitable day. She showed him fifteen glowing reviews on Victoria’s dress from the European fashion press. He thought that was fantastic invited her to lunch to celebrate, and she said that was great. After a moment, she said they’d invite Chloe and make it a working meal. She left.

Adam and Sally went to Society, and they ran into Billy. Sally stepped away to call Chloe. Adam heard from Victor that Billy deleted the video in Tuscany. He was shocked and impressed with Billy’s noble gesture. Billy wondered why Gaines didn’t follow through with his threat to publicly reveal Gaines’ secret. Adam concluded that Billy didn’t make a noble gesture after all and that he’d decided to let Gaines be the bad guy. Billy thought it was mysterious that Gaines just vanished. Adam asked why Billy looked for the nefarious side of everything. Billy stated that everything Adam was involved in was nefarious.

Billy thought Adam was pretending to care about his family – saving teens from crashes and donating organs to win Sharon over. Billy said he wasn’t fooled by Adam, and neither was anyone else who knew the lengths he’d go to get approval from Victor. Adam surmised that Billy thought he had something to do with Gaines going off grid. “I didn’t say that,” Billy said. “But it is interesting that you would go there,” Billy added. Adam suggested that Gaines grew a conscience. “I mean that happens. Look at you… Okay but that was actually a really bad example,” Adam said. Billy didn’t think so. Adam suggested Gaines got another offer, but he didn’t think they’d ever know. Billy said he’d take that bet. Sally returned and Billy left.

Chloe couldn’t make it. Sally asked what was the deal with Billy. Adam said that it had become a game with them – they called each other out and pushed each other’s buttons. “We both claim we’re trying to better ourselves, but neither one of us believes the other is capable of doing it,” he admitted. Sally thought Adam had changed tremendously, at least from everything she heard and read. She asked if he wasn’t allowing for the possibility that Billy was too. Adam said the difference was he didn’t like who he used to be, but he thought Billy still missed his reckless lifestyle. He said Billy was a gambler who lost more than he won – he was an addict who found another way to chase the rush. He said Billy would never forgive him for Delia’s death, and there was nothing Adam could do about it. He said Billy would never stop grieving for his daughter, and he’d never stop hating Adam. Adam understood that he earned Billy’s hatred, but he’d never like, trust or respect Billy. She asked if he was afraid of what Billy might do to him one day. He wasn’t worried about Billy, but he said things were going to get worse between them. She asked why. He said the details didn’t matter. He didn’t want her to worry.

Billy went to the park. He called Marty and told her that Gaines disappeared and this time, it wasn’t his doing. Gaines was too big of a threat to the Newman family. He theorized that Adam was behind it, but the police didn’t have enough to go on. He asked Marty to drop everything and start an investigation to find Gaines. She agreed. The call ended. Sharon was there, and she’d heard enough to know he was investigating Adam. She said he went to Rey, hoping to dredge up the bad blood Rey and Adam had between them in the past. He said that wasn’t his intention. She felt like he kept finding excuses to target or hurt Adam, and she asked when he was going to let go of his hatred.

Nick went to The Grand Phoenix. Phyllis noted that the first person he saw when he arrived in Genoa City was not her, but Sharon. He explained that Noah wanted to surprise his mother and share his big news – he was staying in Genoa City for the foreseeable future. Nick had wanted to be there with Noah when he talked to Sharon. Nick was concerned because Noah didn’t want to talk about his reason for leaving the UK. He hoped his son would open up to him. Phyllis hoped Nick would open up to her about their relationship. He didn’t think anything was wrong with their relationship. She knew things were difficult, and she wanted to help, but she felt like he was pushing her away. She said that when she said anything about his family or agreed with anything he said about his family, he took it as a criticism. He admitted he was having a hard time and he probably wasn’t handling it correctly, but he wasn’t pushing her away. She assured him that she was there for him, a partner, a teammate, and she didn’t like being distant from him. They kissed, then she lead him up to the elevator where they kissed again.

In the suite, Phyllis and Nick undressed each other and fell into bed. Later, he said he was thinking about being a Newman and what that really meant. It was something he thought he’d dealt with a long time ago. He said it wasn’t like he was Adam, a black sheep, or Victoria, chained to the office, trying to prove she was the heir. He said he was just doing his own thing. Every time the family had a problem, they turned to him, but he felt like he was on the outside. She said that when anyone had a problem, he was there to protect them and support them. She said he was the only one who was always there, but his family looked at it like it was a weakness, or they didn’t take it seriously. He started getting uncomfortable as she talked, and she wondered what she said. He told her it was hard to hear how much she couldn’t stand his family.

Phyllis said that Nick could just ignore everything his family did to him over and over and over again. She stated that he was successful, he’d built a whole career on his own without his family’s help, his kids were successful, he was dating a wildly successful knock out, but he didn’t seem to look at that. “Who cares about what your screwed up family does?,” she asked. He hopped out of bed. He said that her go-to solution for any problem was to just pretend it didn’t exist, but he couldn’t do that. She denied saying that. He said for better or worse, this was his family. He felt like she was trivializing issues that were important to him. She was offended that he’d say that to her. “You always think the absolute worst about me, don’t you? No matter how hard I work to bend over backwards to help you with your family.” She went to another part of the suite.

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