Y&R Short Recap Friday, October 22, 2021

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Recap written by Eva

Mariah apologizes to Tessa for her impulsive decision to have a baby without hearing why she wasn’t ready to have a child yet. Mariah tells Tessa she had a lot of time to think while Tessa was gone to the wedding and she decided to be as much a part of Domino’s life as Abby will allow her to be.

Noah arrives home with Nick for an extended visit but Nick and Sharon sense there is something Noah isn’t telling them.

Billy and Lily suspect that Adam made Jesse Gaines disappear and Victor is coming after Chancellor Communications to distract them from finding out the truth about what happened to Jesse Gaines.

Christine tells Abby and Ashley that the building where Chance was working at an undisclosed location was bombed and the State Department says there are no survivors. Abby tells Christine that Chance is alive because she would feel it if he was dead.

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