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What do you think? A string quartet? Harpist?

Abe: Mm–

Paulina: Oh, that’s not an answer, abraham.

Abe: Well, that’s my answer. Whatever it takes to make you happy.

Paulina: Aww. You are so good to me. But we got beaucoup things to do on our list. There’s a mile long if we want

get this wedding in shape. Now, I hope your day is clear.

Abe: Ah, I’ve already done my part. The most important part.

Paulina: Now really? What is that?

Abe: I proposed to the most vibrant, engaging, charming woman I have ever, ever known. Nothing else really matters.

Paulina: No, maybe not to you, you silver-tongued devil. But I want my wedding to be as perfect as my groom. So now, are you gonna help me with these lists or am I gonna have to get tough?

Abe: Oh, well, let’s do this.

Paulina: Come on now.

Abe: Okay.

[Tense music]


Jake: [Sighs] Better watch your back, philip. There is no way in hell I’m gonna let you steal gabi’s company away from her.

Gabi: Jake?

Ciara: What’s wrong?

Ben: Absolutely nothing. I’m just very happy that I came around on this whole baby-making project.

Ciara: Mm-hmm.

Ben: Because it is awesome.

Ciara: I told you so.

Ben: Mm-hmm.

Ciara: I told you.

Ben: Mm-hmm.

[Eerie music]


Demon marlena: Good morning, ben. I was very encouraged by our session. I hope you felt the same way. I may be overstepping but I was wondering how the… procreation is going? Send. It may not be my place, but I want this process to move along quickly. Ben and ciara’s child is the utmost import to my plan.

John: Hey, doc, who are you talking to?

Male announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the “days of our lives.”

[Soft orchestration]


Lani: Is that a bottomless key lime pie?

Eli: Shoot, I wish. It’s the last slice.

Lani: You had two for dinner last night, one for breakfast. What are you gonna do for lunch?

Eli: Sell my soul to the devil for another slice.

Lani: Or you could just ask chanel to come over to bake you another one.

Eli: Nah, then I wouldn’t be able to sit around here half-naked.

Lani: Hmm.

Eli: No.

Lani: That would be tragic.

Eli: You taking my slice?

Lani: Mm-hmm.

Eli: Oh. Mmm. Delicious!

Lani: You got a little.

Eli: Oh, okay.

Lani: Here, here. I got it. Let me help you with that.

Gabi: Jake, what are you doing?

Jake: Hello, whoa, gorgeous.

Gabi: Ugh, well, these bags under my eyes, I hardly slept. Tossing and turning all night. Neither did you.

Jake: Did I keep you up?

Gabi: No, phillip did. We need to stop this bastard. I mean, there’s no way in hell that you’re gonna go to prison. There’s no way I’m gonna give up my company.

Jake: Yeah, it’s not gonna happen.

Gabi: Well, it will happen if we don’t come up with a plan. We need to be proactive. We need to hit him before he knows what happened. I don’t know what–what can we do to stop this son of bitch.

Jake: Honestly, the only thing on my mind right now is the woman I love standing right in front of me looking sexy as hell.

Gabi: Oh, yeah?

Jake: You know, I’d do anything to make you happy, right?

Gabi: Anything?

Jake: Anything.

Paulina: We don’t need to worry about a wedding cake. Not with sweet bits in charge.

Abe: Aha, and I can lock down the officiant.

Paulina: Oh, really? Who do you have in mind?

Abe: Marlena. She would love to join us in holy matrimony. So what do you think?

Paulina: There are two secrets. Abe is not lani’s father and tammy is not her mother.

Marlena: How can that be? Tamara raised her.

Paulina: Yes, she did. But I gave birth to her. I am lani’s mother.

Abe: You don’t like the idea of marlena marrying us?

Paulina: No, no. A shrink who does weddings? What does she have, a package deal? You know, marry the couple now, and a discount on therapy later?

Abe: You do have a way of putting things. But whatever your reservations are about a shrink marrying us. There is a lot more to marlena than meets the eye.

John: Doc?

Marlena: Oh, I didn’t hear you. Sorry I was just speaking to a colleague about his plans for the future.

John: Could have sworn I heard a man’s voice.

Marlena: I had him on speaker. Any more questions?

John: No. Sorry, I guess I’m just a little– boy, you sure got up early this morning.

Marlena: Didn’t I though?

John: Mm-hmm.

Marlena: You know what they say. No rest for the wicked.

[Knock at door] Oh, my.

John: I got it, I got it, honey. Julie, how are you?

Julie: Not good? And I’m afraid I won’t be any better until I get your permission to see my husband. Your mission:

Ciara: [Sighing] Oh.

Ben: You think we did it? Did we make a baby?

Ciara: Well, compared to last time, I don’t know. It’s hard to tell. I mean, there was no random gusts of winds. The candles didn’t blow out. The clouds didn’t part. The heavens didn’t open up and the ground wasn’t shaking but–

Ben: Well, speak for yourself.

Ciara: Oh, trust me, I had my own spiritual experience.

Ben: I love you.

Ciara: I love you.

Ben: And I already love this baby.

Ciara: There may not even be a baby.

Ben: Ciara, it only takes once, that was like–

Ciara: Yeah, but–but who knows if this once is the time?

Ben: Then we’re gonna have to keep trying.

Ciara: Sounds like a plan.

Ben: In the shower?

Eli: Well, so much for making it to the bedroom.

Lani: Mm, you know, I thought that our extracurricular activities would–you kinda get lost in the diaper changes and feeding schedules but we’re making it work.

Eli: No, it’s not work at all, you know, I got a feeling we’re gonna be honeymooners for life. Not just some old–

Lani: No, uh-uh, no. Don’t you say some old married couple.

Eli: Hey, look, you the one that said it. All right, the only old couple around here is gonna be paulina and your dad.

Lani: Mm, mm-mm. I have–I have a feeling that aunt paulina will–she’ll find a way to keep it sexy and spicy.

Eli: Yeah, I’m sure she will.

Lani: It was really nice celebrating them though. Those two are crazy in love.

Eli: Yeah, or just plain crazy. What was paulina talking about, that you should call her mama?

Abe: I was the officiant at john and marlena’s wedding, as I’ve told you. And marlena made me promise to let her return the favor if I–if I ever decided to tie the knot again. So you don’t want me to break my word, do you?

Paulina: This really means a lot to you, doesn’t it?

Abe: It does.

Paulina: Well, okay. That’s just something else we can just check right off the list.

Abe: Thank you so much. You know what? Why don’t we head over to their place and we can get on the road to happily ever after.

Marlena: Julie, I’m sorry you are upset.

Julie: I don’t care how sorry you are, marlena. I wanna see doug now. I wanna see him today.

Marlena: Well, I’m afraid I can’t let you or anybody else see doug right now.

Julie: Why the hell not?

Marlena: He tried to kill you, I was there. He slammed you over the head with a tray, I mean, it’s– it’s a miracle you weren’t seriously hurt.

Julie: Well, I guess it was a miracle because the tray didn’t kill me. I still wanna see my husband.

Marlena: He’s dangerous, julie. And it’s possible that seeing you might just set him off.

Julie: It’s also possible that you are wrong, marlena. With all due respect, I know my husband better than you do. He’s in isolation. He–he is frightened. I don’t see how seeing me or any of the people who love him wouldn’t make him feel a thousand percent better.

Marlena: I’m very sorry. But the answer is no I’m afraid.

John: Doc, can one visit really hurt? Doug is sedated. If he’s supervised?

Marlena: I’m a psychiatrist. I’ve been doing this for many years. I think I know what’s best for my patient unless you think you do?

John: Just trying to help you a little bit that’s all.

Marlena: Julie, if there’s nothing else.

Julie: What gave you the right to play god with people’s lives?

Marlena: Julie, playing god is the last thing I wanna do, but what if I let you see doug and somehow he–he got his hands on–on a pencil or something sharp and–and he–and he stabs you in the heart?

John: Doc, easy.

Julie: That’s ridiculous. You’re treating him like he’s just a patient and he’s your friend. Where is your heart, marlena?

Marlena: Well, somebody’s gotta be objective.

Julie: Are you sure that you are? But what if it was john? What if it was john who was stuck in some snake pit of an institution and you weren’t allowed to see him?

Marlena: Well, if john had tried to kill me, I would hope that somebody with a rational mind will do something to help him.

Julie: Oh, bull! You’d be mad as hell. You know you would.

Marlena: Julie, trust that I have doug’s best interests and yours at heart. Really I do, and– and if there’s any change in him at all, I’ll be sure to let you know.

Julie: I feel sick that I ever let you talk me into signing those commitment papers.

John: Julie.

Julie: This isn’t over!

Abe: Uh, well, what was that all about? Julie seemed pretty upset.

John: Julie, well she wants to visit doug at bayview.

Marlena: Yeah, an–and I had to tell her that doug is a danger to himself and others.

Paulina: He seems so harmless to me. Well, I guess I got off easy when he goosed my caboose.

Lani: Asking me to call her mama? Yeah, definitely awkward.

Eli: Yes, it was weird. But you know what, you set her straight and I don’t think it’s gonna happen again.

Lani: Yeah, we know that. Though it does come from a place of love, auntie p can overstep.

John: So what brings you two by?

Abe: Well, we have news to share.

Paulina: Abe and i are getting hitched.

John: [Laughs] Sensational, isn’t it, doc?

Marlena: Oh, yes. That’s–that’s wonderful.

Abe: Yeah, hey and–and we would be honored, marlena, if you would preside over the ceremony.

Marlena: Oh, but of course before I agree, there’s something I need you to know abe.

Gabi: So I’m thinking an omelet and a side of bacon. Oh, and hash browns. You made me work up an appetite.

Jake: Wow.

Gabi: I’ll share if you’re nice.

Jake: I think I might just have some coffee.

Ciara: Hey.

Jake: Oh.

Ciara: Hi, how are you guys? So good to see you. I’m actually really glad I ran into you. I wanted to talk to you about something.

Gabi: Sure.

Jake: That’s perfect timing ’cause I gotta chat with ben about something. So why don’t you two go in, grab a table and we’ll be in a few.

Ciara: Sure.

Gabi: I can’t promise I won’t start without you.

Ciara: Bye.

Jake: Salem inn over there, right?

Ben: What’s going on?

Jake: Got a little bit of a situation.

Ben: What the hell are you doing with that?

Jake: Someone is trying to hurt gabi and I–I gotta stop it. Oof. You are busy

Abe: What do I need to know? What dark secrets are you keeping from me?

Marlena: Well… it’s about paulina. You see, I got thinking about tamara and how I couldn’t possibly officiate over a wedding involving you and your sister’s ex-boyfriend and baby daddy without knowing how she feels about it.

Paulina: Oh, that–that–that’s all you’re worried about. Well, I’ve spoken to my sister and I’m happy to say we have tammy’s blessing and she’ll be tickled to know you’re the one tying our knot.

Marlena: Mm, well, I’d like to hear that from her. And then I’d be thrilled to marry you.

Abe: Oh, good. Thank you, thank you.

John: This calls for a celebration. Mimosas all the way around maybe, what do you say?

Abe: You know, I wish we could but in my bride-to-be and I have a million things to do to get ready for this wedding, so– oh, starting with buying me a new suit.

Paulina: Oh–oh–uh, john, do you mind–could you go with abe? I think I’d like to stay here and chat with marlena about what we had in mind for the ceremony. So what do you say, john? Are you available?

John: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, sure. Of course, even though I don’t know how much I’ll be able to help. I mean, my–my–my style was a little low-key for abraham.

Paulina: It’s perfect. You can help him keep it simple. I mean, we don’t want the groom to outshine his bride.

Abe: Oh, that’s not possible.

John: Okay, I’ll–I’ll be right back.

Marlena: Oh.

Abe: I’ll see you in a bit.

Paulina: Mm-hmm.

John: Congratulations, abe.

Abe: Yes, yeah.

Marlena: You don’t want to talk about the ceremony, do you?

Paulina: No, I don’T. Sister, whoo, you had me sweating bullets just now.

Marlena: Did I?

Paulina: You know damn well you did, you–you needed to talk to abraham and that–that look that came over your face. I got the distinct impression you were going to out my secret.

Marlena: You mean your secret about lying to abe and lying to lani. The thought did cross my mind.

Lani: We’re behind schedule.

Eli: Yes. I know but it was so worth it, wasn’t it?

Lani: Mm-hmm.

[Knock at door]

Julie: Eli, oh, thank god you are home.

Eli: Everything okay? Is it doug?

Julie: How would I know? Marlena won’t let me see him.

Lani: I thought the restriction on visitors was just temporary.

Julie: Yes, it was but now it’s become permanent. If this keeps up– if this keeps up, marlena won’t let me see him until hell freezes over.

Eli: Well, marlena is his doctor.

Julie: I am his wife.

Lani: He–he attacked you.

Julie: He is no danger to me or to anyone. I know this, you know this, the whole world knows this except for the great and powerful marlena evans. Well, no, she will not see what’s right in front of her that doug needs me. If this keeps up, I swear I’m gonna turn out to be the danger to others, especially one very tall blonde psychiatrist.

Lani: Okay, julie, I know how bad you wanna see doug, but if marlena won’t allow it, I don’t–I don’t think there’s anything that any one of us can do.

Eli: Oh, actually there is.

Ben: So, gabi signs over the company to philip, or you go down for murder?

Jake: Yeah.

Ben: And phillip’s already wrangled an eyewitness.

Jake: Who’s lying through his teeth. I admit I was stupid enough to get involved, but I did not kill anybody.

Ben: Just relax, breath.

Jake: Thought I was done with this life. But now here it is in my face being used to hurt gabi.

Ben: I can relate, brother. Trying to escape the man I was. There’s nothing easy about it.

Jake: Yeah, never thought I’d hold one of these things in my hand again.

Ben: There’s gotta be another way.

Jake: Sometimes words don’t do the trick.

Ben: Well, listen, I know you’re trying to protect gabi and I know you might be feeling really desperate right now, but I promise you brother, look at me, you’re doing the wrong thing, even for all the right reasons. Nothing good can come of it.

Ciara: Mmm, so good. I’m definitely gonna miss this.

Gabi: Miss coffee, why?

Ciara: Oh, well, ben and i are actually trying to get pregnant.

Gabi: That is great. Is that what you wanted to talk to me about?

Ciara: No, actually I wanted to talk to you about work.

Gabi: Work?

Ciara: Yeah, well with a baby coming, I thought it might be a good idea to have a little nest fund, so to speak. So I talked to my grandfather and I am going back to titan.

Gabi: Lucky you.

Ciara: Yeah, well, I will be if I can work for gabi chic. It is one of titan’s most profitable and fastest growing divisions and you gabriela dimera are a rockstar and there’s no one I would rather be working for.

Gabi: That’s very flattering, but it’s not gonna happen.

Ciara: Why not?

Gabi: Your uncle phillip fired me.

Ciara: What? Wait, he can do that?

Gabi: Oh, it gets better. He’s trying to steal my company.

Jake: You know gabi built her company from nothing and phillip kiriakis, that silver spoon son of a bitch, who’s been handed everything in his life, gonna try and take it away. No, no, no. I’m not gonna let it happen.

Ben: So you’re planning to kill philip kiriakis. In life there are people who,

Ciara: No, my uncle philip must be crazy. Firing you? Stealing your company? How can there be a gabi chic without you gabi? You are the brand. It is you.

Gabi: Thank you. You are damn right, but phillip is too stupid and greedy to get that. He actually thinks I can be replaced.

Ciara: Well, is it a done deal? Can anything be done about this? Because honestly it just doesn’t seem like the brightest business decision to me.

Gabi: Well, maybe you could share your opinion with–with your grandfather. I mean, at this point, I think victor’s the only person that phillip’s gonna listen to. And if he doesn’t start listening to reason, very soon, he’s gonna live to regret it.

Jake: Never killed anybody before. I don’t intend to start now.

Ben: Okay, so what the gun is just a–a prop?

Jake: It’s the only language that some people understand, especially when they are as dumb as carmine merlino.

Ben: Carmine merlino. What, you lost me.

Jake: Carmine is the clown that phillip tagged to testify that I beat a man to death.

Ben: And let me guess carmine’s the real killer.

Jake: Exactly. So I got him on the horn, convince him to come down to salem and have a sit down. Just the two of us. I’m hoping to convince him to get it through his thick skull, that it’s in our best interest for him to keep his mouth shut.

Ben: And what if he doesn’t keep his mouth shut?

Jake: Hoping the threat of a little heat might show him some reason.

[Beeping] That’s carmine. Wish me luck.

Ben: Whoa, whoa, whoa, I’m coming with you.

Jake: No, no you’re not.

Ben: Jake, this guy’s dangerous. You need somebody to watch you back.

Jake: You and sierra are finally living your life, happily. I’m not letting you anywhere near this.

Ben: Jake, I’m not letting you go by yourself–

Jake: No, I’ll be fine. Just tell gabi I remembered an appointment I had to keep, all right?

Ben: An appointment–

Jake: I’ll be fine.

Eli: Okay, ma, if marlena is worried about your safety, then I will go down to bayview with you and I will stay with you the entire time.

Julie: Oh, love, that so kind, but it won’t help. Marlena’s order it bans all visitors, not just me.

Eli: Well, lucky for us. My badge will get us by doctor’s orders.

Julie: Really?

Eli: Yeah.

Julie: Oh, sweetheart, that would be wonderful.

Eli: All right, come on. We’ll go down to bayview and we’re not gonna take no for an answer.

Julie: Oh, my love.

Paulina: When I came to your office that day, you said that what we talked about was private, protected by patient doctor confidentiality.

Marlena: It is. That’s why I didn’t say anything to abe.

Paulina: But you just said you admitted that you almost did. You said it crossed your mind you almost blurted out what I told you.

Marlena, this just won’t do. Now. I need to know that I can trust you. If I can’t, you and I we have a big problem.

Marlena: You don’t have a problem with trust with me because I’m not the person you’re marrying.

Paulina: What are you saying?

Marlena: What I’m saying is before you walked down the aisle and say I do, you’re going to have to come clean. You’re going to have to tell abe the truth and lani the truth.

Abe: Well, I am so sorry that I forgot that the men’s store wasn’t open today.

John: No, it’s okay. It’s okay. Actually, I’m kind of glad it gives you and me a chance to talk a little bit.

Abe: Yeah, you know, you do seem preoccupied. What’s on your mind?

John: Let me ask you something. Does doc seem like she’s herself to you?

Abe: Well, what do you mean?

John: Yeah, just–she’s been doing some things lately that have been A… bit out of character. You saw the way julie left her place.

Abe: Oh, she was definitely upset.

John: Doc still wouldn’t let her see doug. But instead of comforting julie, empathizing with what she’s going through there, she took really hard stand and just made everything worse.

Abe: Well, we both know that julie doesn’t wanna listen to something she doesn’t want to hear.

John: Yeah, I know–I know that, but it’s–it’s more than that. It’s– I don’t know, doc’s got a edge. Even with me, and the fact is… she’s been off for quite a while.

Abe: Off? How?

John: You know, for example you know that–the promo johnny was to make?

Abe: Yeah, the–the one who’s going to include marlena’s possession.

John: Yeah, yeah, well, the kid has rewritten the whole script and now it only is about marlena’s possession.

Abe: Only about. I don’t get it. We–we had all agreed that that chapter of marlena’s life, all of our lives is best left in the past. That–that was the position marlena took.

John: Well, I thought so. Then suddenly, yesterday she announces in front of johnny that she’s all on board for his project. Last night, I walked in on her and she’s totally engrossed in the script. I think she’s really enjoying it, and the whole time she’s– she’s wearing a pair of dark sunglasses.

Abe: Dark sunglasses?

John: You remember those days, don’t you, abraham? Marlena was always going around and trying to hide her eyes from everybody.

Abe: [Exhales] You don’t think– you don’t think marlena is possessed again, do you? Advil dual action fights pain 2 ways.

John: No, I don’t think that she’s possessed. I just think that–that she’s in trouble and she needs my help, but I don’t even know how to help her I don’t even know where to start.

Abe: When did you first notice her acting differently?

John: It was right after the first session with doug.

Abe: That must be pretty upsetting watching him collapse right in front of her.

John: Here’s the odd thing, doc says that… she’s fuzzy on all the details of what happened. She was so concerned in fact that she went back to her office to replay the tape and that’s when she learned that she’d forgotten that doug had threatened to kill julie.

Abe: That’s a really big thing to forget.

John: Yeah, yeah, well she said, “well–well–well, this all happened so quickly and you know, and I was so distracted with doug collapsing and everything.” No, she is a professional. She never loses her cool here, so something’s not quite right.

Abe: You think something happened? I mean, something she hadn’t told you?

John: I don’t know but I’m–I’m pretty sure that there’s something on that doug’s session tape that could tell me a hell of a lot.

Abe: You’re not thinking of playing that tape, are you? The ethics.

John: I gotta do something, abraham, or I’m never gonna figure out what’s going on with my wife.

Paulina: I thought a shrink was supposed to listen to people, not tell them what to do.

Marlena: Look, I’m speaking to you as someone who has known and cared about abe longer than you have sista.

Paulina: You mocking me, marlena?

Marlena: No, I’m just stating a fact.

Paulina: Well, let me give you a fact. Now, I may not have known abe for as long as you have, but I–I love the hell out of that man.

Marlena: Yes, I know you do. And–and what is love really? I mean, it’s–it’s honesty and being willing to tell the truth.

Paulina: I swore to take the secret to my grave. And if I don’t it would put abe into his. I might finally have my daughter but abe would lose the apple of his eye. Now, how can I–how can I break the heart of the best man that I’ve ever known?

Marlena: Look, you are about to take a sacred oath to be–to be–to be true to abe. And how can you do that knowing that you’re–you’re lying to him about being lani’s mother.

Paulina: Well, it’s not like a bolt of lightning is just gonna come in through the chapel window and strike me dead.

Marlena: Are you sure? I know that you’re a woman of faith, so I know it’s imperative that you tell abe and lani the truth. And if you don’t, god have mercy on your soul.

Eli: Hi, I’m eli grant from the salem pd. We are here to see doug williams.

Kessler: I’m sorry, detective, but mr. Williams isn’t allow visitors.

Eli: Well, this is a police matter so I have to insist.

Ben: Hey.

Ciara: Hi.

Gabi: Where’s jake?

Jake: Carmine.

Carmine: Jakey lambert.

Jake: It’s dimera now.

Carmine: The name has changed but I’m betting your game is still the same.

Jake: Not exactly.

Carmine: Come on. You can take the wise guy out of philly, but you can’t take philly out of the wise guy.

Jake: Huh.

Carmine: Am I right?

Jake: I hear you’re thinking of testifying that I’m the one who killed jed zanetti. We both know that’s a lie.

Carmine: My word against yours, jakey.

Jake: Either way, we were both there and it’s in our mutual best interest for you to keep your mouth shut.

Carmine: Let me worry about what’s in my best interest, okay?

Jake: How much is phillip paying you?

Carmine: Who said anybody’s pay me anything?

Jake: Why else would you lie? Why else would you be chirping about this now?

Carmine: I got nothing to say to you.

Jake: I’ll pay you. Huh? I’ll match whatever phil’s paying you and throw a little something extra on top.

Carmine: Sorry, not interested.

Jake: Oh.

[Cocks gun] You lie about me, you lose your life. That work for you, carmine? It’s my 4:05 the-show-must-go-on

Lani: Aunt paulina, what brings you here?

Demon marlena: [Chuckles] All that arrogance. You’re such a fool, paulina. You know, you should have listened to your instinct for self-survival. Now I’m just gonna give you a little nudge and then you’ll tell lani that you really her mother and abe’s not her father. And then–[Laughs] And then– and then all hell’s gonna break loose.

[Phone rings]

Marlena: Dr. Evans.

Kessler: This is nurse kessler from bayview. Julie williams is here with a detective grant insisting she be allowed to see her husband.

Marlena: You don’t say.

John: There we go. Now, forgive me god, but I gotta get to the bottom of this.

Marlena: You need to stop talking like this, doug. This is just your–your mind playing tricks on you. And that’s why I’m here. I’m here to help.

Ben: Jake said he had something to take care of and that he would catch up with you later.

Gabi: Did he say what that was?

Ben: He just said it was something that couldn’t wait.

Carmine: [Laughs] You’re killin’ me. You with a gun. Come on, jake, you’re a pussycat. There’s no way that you would shoot me. And we both know it.

Jake: [Grunting]

Carmine: See what I mean? You couldn’t do what needed to be done. Just like you couldn’t with jed zanetti. Luckily, I got no problem doing what needs to be done.

Abe: What the hell is going on here?

Jake: No!


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