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Recap written by Christine

Almost everyone mingled on the patio after the wedding. Jack told Victoria she’d never looked more lovely. She thanked him and asked if he’d seen her kids. He saw them with the nanny earlier. She mentioned that the kids were a happy trio. He thanked her for including Kyle and Summer. He thought that Harrison seeing all the adults gathered together in a show of love and support was a good thing. She said they were one big happy family. Nikki came over to tell Victoria it was time to put on her reception gown. Jack complimented the wedding dress, and he was caught off guard when Victoria said Sally designed it. After Victoria and Nikki left, Jack joined Phyllis to ask if Nick would be a the reception. Phyllis wasn’t sure since he wasn’t answering her texts. Jack told Phyllis about the wedding dress. Phyllis said that Victoria treated Nick like dirt, but then she wore Sally’s design and hugged her. It made Phyllis sick.

Victoria and Nikki ran into Victor and Adam. They’d noticed Victor’s absence. He said he and Adam were making sure the reception would be as spectacular as the wedding was beautiful. Nikki and Victoria went inside. Ashland came to check in with Victor. Victor said that Nick stopped Gaines from interrupting the wedding. Gaines was locked in the storage room now, and Victor said Ashland could talk to him if he wanted to.

Ashland went to the storage room and told Gaines that his plan didn’t work out like he thought. Gaines said the day was young, and there might be a reversal of fortunes. Ashland said that Gaines made a colossal miscalculation coming here, and how it turned out would depend on Gaines. Ashland asked what Gaines wanted. Gaines said it wasn’t about the money anymore. “I wanted you to experience the same humiliation and degradation that I felt seeing my father embracing you while ignoring his own flesh and blood. Do you have any idea what that’s like?,” Gaines asked. Ashland admitted he did know what that was like. He would’ve given anything to experience his father’s love. He explained that he ran away from home because his father beat him on a regular basis. Ashland didn’t see how it was his fault that Gaines got hurt. Ashland said he had a connection with Camilla, and he met Gaines Sr. by happenstance. He never sought out Senior’s admiration. Ashland said that Camilla turned her back on him in the end – he and Gaines had both been let down, and all they could do was move forward. Gaines asked if Ashland was telling himself that he made his own way. Ashland said he found out what he wanted and he went for it, but it seemed like Gaines wanted to take the easy way out, and even then, Gaines didn’t seem to be able to figure out what he wanted. Ashland asked if Gaines wanted to blackmail him or punish him, or take Victor’s money and run or play Victor against Billy. Gaines asked why he couldn’t have it all. Ashland yelled that life didn’t work that way. Ashland said he and Victor both gave Gaines money, and he could’ve been a wealthy man, but he botched this. Gaines asked what Ashland was going to do – turn him over to the authorities? Make him disappear? Ashland said he and the Newmans didn’t decide yet, but the last thing he wanted was to deal with this on his wedding day. He locked Gaines in the storage closet and left.

Sally and Adam talked alone, and she asked if it was okay. He said he was dealing with family issues. He wanted to talk about what she pulled off. He thought she should be happy and proud of herself. She guessed she was. He said he never should’ve doubted her. She didn’t realize he did. He said there was one thing to have talent, but it was another to have the drive to back it up. It was a combination you didn’t see every day. He thought she may have changed a few of her adversaries minds about her.

Victoria and Nikki were upstairs in the bedroom. Victoria felt like she was walking on a cloud. Nikki wanted to talk about the dress. Victoria said that Sally’s impressive sales pitch was what made her try on the dress. When she tried it on, it felt meant to be. Nikki hoped Victoria didn’t approve of Sally’s deception in switching the dresses, especially after what she did to Summer. Victoria didn’t, but that didn’t mean she was going to get angry about how this worked out. The dress was flawless and exactly what she wanted her wedding gown to be. The best things came out of the most improbable situations, she said.

Victoria told Nikki this was the best day of her entire life. She said she and Ashland were thinking of working from the Palazzo part time. She thanked Nikki for what she and Victor did for her, not just for the Palazzo but for making this wedding as magical as she and Ashland both hoped it’d be. Victoria was able to put some of her anxiety aside because she knew Victor would handle things. Nikki said that Victor would never allow anyone to ruin a moment of her wedding day.

Billy and Lily were in the living room talking about Gaines’ video that outlined Ashland’s crimes. If they didn’t publish it within the hour, Gaines was threatening to do it himself. She reminded him that they already agreed not to run the Gaines story, and he countered that if they didn’t, someone else would, and if they published it, they could control the narrative. She didn’t like Gaines pushing them into a corner. He said either way, the world was about to learn about Ashland’s crimes. Jack walked in and overheard Lily ask what about Victoria. He asked what was going on. Billy covered and told Jack how he found Ashland having trouble breathing earlier. Jack said that was all the more reason to make this day as happy and memorable for Victoria and Ashland as possible. Jack left for the reception. Lily asked if they really wanted to be the ones to bring Locke down and ruin things for Victoria. Billy said that they could control the narrative and protect Victoria. Lily pointed out that Billy said he only wanted Victoria to know the truth. She wondered if he was trying to have this both ways.

Phyllis joined Nick in their bedroom, and he told her about his encounter with Gaines. He wasn’t surprised Ashland had another skeleton in the closet. He was upset because Victor had kicked him out of the loop and brought Adam in. He griped that Adam and Victor knew Gaines was here, and they’d had security looking for him, but no one told Nick. Nick said that was how his father was – one minute you were in the inner circle, and the next you were out. He said the Newmans were so focused on protecting the marriage and more importantly the merger. His parents and siblings had closed ranks about this guy who stole a dead kid’s identity, who probably let his best friend die in a burning car, then went to his job interview. Nick told Phyllis how Ashland built his fortune on his mentor’s stolen estate. He said that when Victor found out Gaines was in Tuscany, he did what he could to silence him and protect Locke. Nick didn’t understand why Ashland had such a tight grip on his family.

Phyllis didn’t think that Nick should be shocked Victor only confided in him when it was convenient for Victor. Nick used to think his relationship with Victor was in a good place. “[I thought] that he appreciated everything I was doing to protect Victoria by getting the truth about Ashland.” Phyllis told Nick that he was nothing like Victor, and that was why he worked so hard to build something separate from the family, but Victoria had all the qualities it took to run Newman. Phyllis said Victoria married a secretive merciless phony, and the family rallied around them anyway. Nick snapped that Ashland was a criminal, and Phyllis said Victor probably saw it as a badge of honor. Nick asked Phyllis not to use his frustrations as an opening to attack his family.

Phyllis was adamant that she wasn’t bashing his family. She said Nick was trying to do right by Victoria, just like Billy. He argued that it wasn’t like Billy, but she contended that ultimately Billy and Nick wanted the same thing. Phyllis said Victoria was a smart savvy businesswoman who should be able to make her own decisions. She said Victoria was no damsel in distress. Nick said he knew that. “Okay why do you have to rescue her? Why? Why do you have to ride in on your horse and rescue Victoria? You and all the Newmans and Billy,” Phyllis yelled.

Nick admitted Phyllis was right. He’d wanted to stop the wedding, but he didn’t because he loved his sister and he knew he didn’t have the right to tell her how to live her life, and neither did his father. He remembered that when he and Phyllis got back together, he hated the way his family treated her. He’d told them that it was his life. Phyllis was concerned that Nick was comparing her life to Ashland’s or that he thought being with her was a mistake. “No! What are you talking about?,” Nick asked. He said he wasn’t making that comparison at all.

Phyllis guessed she misunderstood, and she was sorry. She was glad he saw her point about Victoria. Nick said everyone had a past, and people had to choose whether or not to accept them for it. He said Victoria could live her life as she wanted to. He wasn’t happy that his dad was playing favorites and turned to Adam.

Tessa called Mariah, who she realized was probably asleep due to the time difference. Tessa said the wedding was perfect, and the only thing missing was Mariah. She just wished Mariah was here. After leaving the message, Tessa looked upset. Noah left the reception and came outside to check on her. She pretended she was great. He could tell she was surrounded by tons of people, ubt she felt alone. She asked if it was that obvious. He said he knew her pretty well, and she didn’t have to put up a front with him. She started crying, and she said that Mariah was shutting her out, and Tessa didn’t know what to do.

Noah couldn’t imagine how Mariah’s ordeal affected her. Tessa said for weeks it was Mariah and Bowie against the world. Noah questioned Bowie, and Tessa explained that it was what Mariah called the baby. She explained that Mariah was struggling with having to give the baby up after what they went through together. Noah was sure it had been difficult for Tessa too. Tessa said it was nothing compared to what Mariah went through, but Noah reminded Tessa that she was allowed to have feelings. He said that he was sure that she and Mariah could figure it out with time. She mentioned that Mariah wanted them to have a baby. He asked if Tessa wanted to do that. Tessa wasn’t ready. It seemed wrong to her to have a child for this reason. Noah knew Tessa loved his sister, even though it took him awhile to come to terms with it. He just wanted Tessa and Mariah to be happy. Tessa missed having Noah as a friend. He said he was and always would be her friend.

Ashland asked for a word with Billy in private, but Billy said he and Lily had no secrets. Ashland said Gaines was no longer in a position to expose his past and he’d revealed Billy was the one who brought him here to expose the story about Camilla. Billy said that was true. Ashland said that meant Billy was the only one threat to Ashland’s future, however long that might be. Ashland noted that Billy said he wanted Victoria to have that information before the wedding, and if that was true, he should be satisfied. Ashland asked Billy not to release that information, for the sake of his son and his wife.

Billy said he wasn’t going to release Gaines’ video because it would only alienate Victoria. Ashland didn’t know about the video, so Billy let him see it. Billy deleted the video, and Ashland said thanks. Billy said he didn’t do it for Ashalnd, he did it for the mother of his children. Ashland knew what Billy was sacrificing, career-wise, and he said it was quite a gift to Victoria. Billy said some things were more important than his job. Ashland left. Lily smiled at Billy and said he surprised her. She was proud of him.

Ashland went upstairs and told Victoria that he was married to the most beautiful woman on the planet. He’d checked on the kids and they were fine. She said she’d just checked in on the children as well. He said Katie and Johnny were so accepting of Harrison. Ashland was glad Harrison could see him, her, Summer and Kyle working together as a team. Victoria said “as a family.” He said he handled Gaines, and he talked to Billy. He was pleasantly surprised when Billy said he didn’t want to cause a permanent rift with Victoria. He told her about Billy deleting the video.

Victoria wanted to let all the drama go and revel in being husband and wife. They kissed.

Sally saw Jack walking through and called him. He steeled himself and went over. He said he heard about what Sally pulled. He said instead of showing Victoria the design in Genoa City, Sally put her in the untenable position of choosing her wedding dress on her wedding day. Sally admitted it wasn’t the usual way. He said lucky for her, Victoria liked the dress. Sally clarified that luck had nothing to do with it – she worked her tail off to create the perfect dress, and everyone thought Victoria looked spectacular. She asked if it’d kill him to say good job. He wasn’t sure why he cared what she thought. She agreed that it shouldn’t matter, and he was leaving as Adam arrived. Sally said she and Adam should go have some fun. She asked to dance all night long to celebrate, and he said she earned it.

Sally took Adam’s arm and they were about to go to the reception when Victor came out and pulled Adam aside. Victor said that Ashland and Gaines talked, and while Gaines seemed receptive, Victor was convinced he’d remain a problem. His gift to his son in law was going to be to prevent that from happening. Adam reiterated that he was willing to help make this day what Victoria wanted it to be. Victor appreciated that. Adam said that family protected each other. Nick walked up and he had something to say.

Ashland and Victoria walked to the doorway of the place where the reception was being held. Several camera shutters went off and people applauded.

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