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Quinn: [Sighing] Steffy wanted me to look at this layout, but I will come back later.

Ridge: We need to talk.

Quinn: Uh, now isn’t a good time.

Ridge: I don’t care.

Quinn: I thought eric made it perfectly clear. The details of our marriage are none of your concern.

Eric: Here we are.-No sugar, no lemon, your usual.

Katie: Oh, I guess that means I have been over here quite a lot lately, huh?

Eric: Yes, you have.

[Laughing] You’re always welcome, katie.

Katie: Glad you feel that way.

Eric: I do.

Katie: I know that you have been going through a difficult time, and I am sure that there are things that you’d rather not talk about, but I do have some questions. It, it really touches me that you felt like you could be open and honest with me about your personal problems, and about… what’s happening in your marriage to quinn. I really cherish that part of our friendship. So, I have to be honest with you. I still have trouble with what you told me about quinn and carter.

Thomas: How did this happen?

Paris: The seller backed out?

Thomas: Well, I thought that was my realtor calling, and I thought that he was gonna tell me that all the paperwork is ready to be signed, but apparently, the guy just decided to flip the house to his buddy instead.

Paris: He accepted your offer, though?

Thomas: But not my counter, so says my realtor. And apparently, since the paperwork wasn’t signed, it doesn’t matter. I wanted this place so bad, paris, it was mine.

Paris: But now, it’s not. I’m sorry. I’ll, I’ll just take my things and go.

Paris: I am so sorry. You were really excited about that place.

Thomas: I thought I had it.

Paris: Can the seller just change his mind like that?

Thomas: Apparently. Nothing was finalized, so.

Paris: Well, you’ll just have to believe that there’s an even better place out there for you. You’ll find it. Uh, I’m gonna call my friend and tell her that I need her room.

Thomas: No, no, no, wait. We agreed that you could live here. Okay? You already signed the sublet forms.

Paris: When we thought that you were moving out. But you’re not, so–

Thomas: No, no, no, don’T. Hey, don’t do that. Don’t leave.

Eric: Katie, I knew this would be hard for you to understand.

Katie: I really want to understand.

Eric: I’m not really sure that anybody outside the situation really can. Look, I realize that what I put into motion between quinn and carter is unusual, I realize that.

Katie: You say you love your wife, that you’re happy together, but… she’s sleeping with another man.

Eric: But she’s, but she’s not cheating on me.

Katie: Because you know about it?

Eric: It’s more than that. Katie, I didn’t just step aside for this. I actually encouraged them to be together.

Katie: Why? Why, eric?

Ridge: I don’t need to hear any more sordid details about your marriage.

Quinn: Really? Isn’t that why you sent justin after us to spy–

Ridge: I did what I did to protect my dad. I’m not gonna apologize for that.

Quinn: Eric doesn’t need protection.

Ridge: Really? Because he’s still with you, and that can’t be good for him, right? Knowing that you’re in bed with another man.

Quinn: Well, that was his idea. It’s what he wanted.

Ridge: Well, you and carter didn’t have to go along with it.

Quinn: We didn’t want to.

Ridge: But you did. If you cared about my dad, if you respected him at all, you would have refused it. You would have kept refusing it, and seen this offer for what it was. A test. A test to see that if things go really bad, that you would be there for him.

Quinn: No.

Ridge: No, you weren’T. You failed. And why, why did… what possessed you, really? I guess we both know the answer to that, don’t we? Lactaid is 100% real milk, just without the lactose.

Quinn: I love your father. You’re never gonna believe that, but it’s true.

Ridge: But you have feelings for carter.

Quinn: Of course, I do, I’m not gonna deny that either.

Ridge: No shame? Nothing?

Quinn: I’m sorry, would you rather I say I didn’t have feelings for him? Would that make what happened any less offensive to you? Listen, ridge, think what you want. Eric knows that I’m committed to him, and only him. We’re secure in our marriage.

Ridge: Well, that’s your marriage, right? This new, unconventional way of looking at things, where you do everything you want. You have sex with carter, and just call it a sacrifice while your husband’s sitting at home with two martinis, waiting for you to show up.

Quinn: What eric and I have isn’t superficial. We’re not just companions. Our connection is every bit as deep and meaningful as your connection is to brooke.

Ridge: Be careful.

Quinn: Be careful? No, I think you need to be careful, because you’re angry that eric didn’t share this with you. You want to blame me, ridge? I’m not the one making eric feel bad about himself. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m gonna go home to my husband.

Paris: I can’t thank you enough for offering your apartment to me.

Thomas: It’s your apartment, paris. Look, you signed the agreement.

Paris: Well, unsign it. And it’ll be fine at my friend’s place. She has enough room.

Thomas: Look, you just said you’re sick of bouncing around, right? I mean here, you could settle in, you could decorate, you could finally unpack these bags, for goodness’ sakes.

Paris: That would have been great. But, I don’t want you to feel bad that it didn’t work out.

Thomas: But I do.

Paris: Why? I mean, this whole day has been a roller coaster for you. Getting that house was important. It would have been a big step forward.

Thomas: Yeah, it’s like stepping into the next phase of my life.

Paris: So this is just a temporary setback.

Thomas: Okay, for me, yeah. But not for you. Alright, look, I can figure something out. It’s not a big deal. I can stay with my dad, or with my sister.

Paris: Why move twice? You’re going to find a place. I will only agree to stay here if you do too. It was yours first, it has two bedrooms, and douglas, he’s already familiar with it. I insist.

Carter: Ridge.

Ridge: You seem disappointed. Were you expecting your girlfriend? I’m sorry, that’s rude. Were you expecting my father’s wife?

Carter: Okay, you wanna talk. That’s fine. But I won’t let you unload on quinn.

Ridge: Hm, right off the bat, protecting her, huh? What happened to you? We used to be best friends, and now, I can barely talk to you.

Carter: I’m sorry you feel that way.

Ridge: I do. Anything else you feel sorry about?

Carter: You’re shocked. We knew you would be when you found out about this. That’s why your dad told us not to say anything.

Ridge: My dad asked you not to say anything because he knows it’s wrong. I know it’s wrong. Everyone knows it’s wrong. What about you? You think this is messed up? Because, if you don’t, nothing else for us to talk about.

Eric: Look around this room. What do you see?

Katie: I see the piano where you sing christmas carols. I can see the fireplace, where so many happy couples have gotten married. This house is full of memories.

Eric: I cherish every one of them. I do. But when i was alone here, they were painful. You must know what that feels like. Being alone in your house, with will off at boarding school.

Katie: I do.

Eric: Yeah. And so when quinn came back, she brought life back to my house, and to me.

Katie: You’re sharing the same space, I understand that. But, are you really sharing yourselves? I mean I know you can’t, physically, but are you sharing your love for each other, your plans for the future? Doing what you’ve done, allowing quinn to be with carter, another man, I just have to ask. Deep down, do you really, truly love and trust quinn?

Quinn: Katie. You’re becoming a regular fixture around here, aren’t you?

Eric: Katie can stop by anytime she likes.

Quinn: And what are you here for today? To share you opinion about what’s going on? I can only imagine what you think of me.

Katie: All I care about is eric’s happiness, quinn. I’m just wondering if you can say the same.

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Thomas: That’s really sweet of you, but I can’t stay. Look, I want you to feel at home here.

Paris: Your sister and finn helped me out, when I needed a place to stay, and now, I am paying it forward. And besides, I’m not gonna kick you out of your own apartment.

Thomas: Well, I mean, I am a pretty great roommate, and douglas says I am quite the chef.

Paris: Oh, well, see? That just works out great for me.

Thomas: Granted, his favorite foods are grilled cheese, and chicken tenders.

Paris: That sounds delicious.

Thomas: Okay, so, well, uh, are you staying?

Paris: Are you?

Thomas: Uh… I want you to feel at home here, okay? And me staying here will, it will be very temporary, right? I’ll find a new place soon. Heh, it’ll be nice. Nice to have some company.

Ridge: I didn’t come over here to berate you, carter. I’m just trying to find your part in all of this. I talked to my dad, I talked to quinn, none of it makes sense to me.

Carter: What do you want to know?

Ridge: How could you do this to my dad?

Carter: Okay. Well, the first thing you need to understand, ridge, is that eric wasn’t tricked. He wasn’t manipulated. Quinn and I were stunned when he suggested it.

Ridge: You could have said no.

Carter: We did. He wouldn’t let it go. He was determined to make her happy. In fact, her satisfaction was the only thing that mattered to him. I’m telling you what happened.

Ridge: Tell me you were fine with it.

Carter: We didn’t want to hurt eric, okay? This was his idea. He suggested this.

Ridge: Tell me you were fine with it.

Carter: It’s not about who’s fine with it. We didn’t want to hurt eric. Quinn loves him. I love him too. This is the last thing we wanted.

Quinn: You don’t need to worry about my husband’s happiness, katie.

Katie: But I do.

Quinn: Well, it’s not really necessary. You don’t need to come over here and hold his hand, ’cause I’m his wife. Nobody cares more about eric’s well-being than I do.

Katie: Okay, well, given what I know about you and carter, you’ll have to forgive my skepticism.

Quinn: It’s really none of your business.

Eric: Quinn, I’ve been open with katie, I’ve been very open with her.

Quinn: Well then, she should realize that this is between us.

Katie: I do.

Quinn: Then, you won’t take it the wrong way, if I ask you to leave. I’d like to be alone with my husband.

Katie: It was good talking with you.

Eric: You too, katie, you too.

Quinn: Oh, I am sure she was telling you what a horrible person I am.

Eric: I don’t let anybody talk about you that way.

Quinn: Really? Well, ridge, he didn’t get the memo, because he gave me an earful at the office.

Eric: Hm.

Quinn: Eric, I love you. I hope you know that, and I am still so confused about what happened, but I need to know that it hasn’t damaged our marriage. Yawns “okay okay, I’m up, I’m up!”

Ridge: That’s not you. That’s not the man I trusted and respected all these years. Wha did quinn do to you? How did she get to you?

Carter: Don’t blame this–

Ridge: If I don’t blame her, I gotta blame you. Which is it?

Carter: There’s no one to blame, ridge. Here’s the truth, all right? It’s no excuse. When zoe and I ended things, it was rough. I thought I had a future with her, and when it ended, I felt lost, and so did quinn, because your father was pushing her out for months. We bonded. There was this… this chemistry, and eventually–

Ridge: Okay. That was over. You promised to stay away from her. It doesn’t matter what my dad told you to do. You’re a grown man, right? Make your own decisions. You know he wasn’t thinking straight. You knew that, maybe, you didn’t want to know.

Carter: That’s not fair.

Ridge: No, you know what’s not fair, carter? You found out my dad had ed. You didn’t come to me, because the two of us, we could have done something about it. Instead of this, trying to salvage the relationship we had. And now, my dad’s barely talking to me.

Carter: You’re right. I should have told you.

Ridge: Can I ask you something? How do you feel about her? How do you feel about my father’s wife?

Quinn: I’m used to being treated like the bad guy.

[Quinn sighing]

Eric: Quinn, I’ve made it very clear to everyone that this whole situation between you and carter was my idea.

Quinn: But they still see it as my fault, that i wasn’t supportive enough, I made you feel inadequate, you, you couldn’t possibly share your feelings with me–

Eric: Quinn, I defended you to everyone.

Quinn: Yeah.

>>Eric: No one’s gonna score any points treating me like some old fool that doesn’t know his own mind.

Quinn: It’s so frustrating!

Eric: Yes, I know. Quinn. I know you have feelings for carter, I know. I know the connection between you is very powerful, I know that.

Quinn: But so do we. I’m your wife.

Eric: Can that be enough? Could that be enough, for you to leave your feelings for carter behind?

Quinn: Eric, my feelings for you are all that have ever mattered to me. That’s what nobody seems to understand. Do you know how much I love you, how much being your wife means to me? No one seems to get that. They don’t understand why you did what you did. I don’t even understand it half of the time. But when you ask me if being your wife is enough? Being your wife… is the greatest gift I have ever received. I cherish every single moment that I have spent with you. Every martini, every time we have sat at the piano, every time we’ve made love. I don’t take any of it for granted. I love you.

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