Y&R Short Recap Friday, October 15, 2021

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Recap written by Eva

Jesse Gaines tells Nick how Ashland got his fortune and Nick goes outside to talk to Adam who persuades Nick not to ruin Victoria’s happiness. Nick goes back to his room to guard Jesse Gaines while Adam calls security.

The wedding guests are all moved by Ashland and Victoria’s wedding vows to each other and after Ashland and Victoria exchange rings they are pronounced husband and wife. Victoria later thanks Sally for the stunning wedding dress although she doesn’t approve of the way she switched the wedding dresses.

Adam tells Nick he didn’t call security instead he called Victor to handle Jesse Gaines. Victor isn’t happy man because Jesse doesn’t listen to warnings. Billy gets a video from Jesse reading the letter Camila Rhodes wrote explaining why she didn’t leave Ashland any money. Jesse also explains how Ashland forged the codicil in Camila’s will to get all her money. Jesse tells Billy that if he doesn’t run the story he will distribute the story globally.

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