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[ Grunts ] My cousin jason. What’s up? You want in on this? No, I’ll wait till you’re finished. Okay. So, there’s this brand-new theory in economics where the assets and services are divvied up equally among private individuals so that no one consumer has to bear the undue burden of cost. It’s a theory perfected by kindergartners, and it’s called “sharing.” And I realized that that is a concept foreign to you quartermaines. But you’re not really one of them, are you? You’re avoiding my calls, anna, and my texts. I can only assume it’s because you haven’t found peter or my mother. You know, here’s a novel idea — how about you put aside your personal feelings and act like a professional? My mother was abducted, either by someone with ties to peter or peter himself. And that means it is your job — no, it is your duty — to find her.

[ Sighs ] Britt, I really need your help. Dr. Gatlin-holt has crossed the line. Something has to be done about him. You got this, girl.

[ Breathes sharply ] Olivia: This all looks in order. Yep. What am I missing? Nothing. It’s a lease renewal. Yeah, for the crimson offices.

[ Light clattering ] Careful, honey. Oh, he’s okay. Yeah, crimson’s yearly lease renewal is up. And you’re not even going to raise the rent? Why should I? Crimson pays their bills on time. I have no complaints. Um, except that the editor-in-chief kept sonny away from you and his family for — for — what — w-was it nine months? I mean, I know nina says that he was happy. That’s hardly the point. And besides, I don’t buy it. Sonny is a city boy born and bred. He — he might enjoy the countryside for an afternoon, maybe a long weekend, tops. But tending bar and sweeping the floor for nine months? No, I don’t buy it. I’m aware. Yeah. And this is your first chance to get back at her. You’re really not going to take a swing at nina? Are you here on carly’s behalf? Why would you think that? Well, it’s just

crimson’s lease is up. So maybe I thought you were delivering a message from your wife — vacate the premises or else. I mean…

[ Scoffs ] Carly’s business is none of mine. Despite living in the same city, traveling around in the same circles, even sharing a grandchild… I guess I really don’t know you. You’re about to. Is that a threat?

Hi, ava. Hi. Okay, so, I’m gonna have a martini, and I’m going to put it on your tab. You can have a whole pitcher of martinis if you came through for me. Mm. It’s done. I, uh, pulled your divorce papers…

[ Sighs ] …Before they got to the clerk so you and nikolas can live in wedded bliss. And more’s the pity. Wait, weren’t you just fighting for us to save our marriage? Well, that was before I found out that nikolas’ son was stalking you. So, ava, you know, you might want to hang on to those divorce papers. Now, I hate to disappoint you, but nikolas and I destroyed our copies the other night. Well, then, I say goodbye to our business relationship. What? No. Scott, I’ll always need you.

[ Sighs ] I’ll always have… legal problems for you.

[ Chuckles ] Well, you know what? I’m really trying to find liesl. And now, I’ve taken on nina reeves as a client, so I don’t know if I’ve got a lot of time for your little squabbles. Um… nina needs a lawyer? And a bulletproof pantsuit. If you have to ask… …it’s not a threat. I’ll remember that. So, crimson is just humming along, huh? Yeah. I have a great staff. They kept the office running during my…s-sabbatical. So I take it you’re not here to inquire about a subscription. You and I have a few things to discuss. Really? Yeah. I didn’t think you left anything unsaid when we ran into each other at the cemetery. Yeah, uh… yeah, I did, but then you surprised me. How so? You showed up at the quartermaines’. Carly saw you. You were visiting wiley. That didn’t make her happy. Oh, and you think that I’m afraid of carly? I thought you knew me better than that. You know, uh… you’re not going to be happy in port charles for very long. Ar e you telling meto get out of town? Rumor has it you don’t want anything to do with elq at all. You designated all of your voting shares to michael. You don’t participate in any of the family business meetings. You want me to hold the bag for you? No. Okay, clearly chitchat isn’t going to get me anywhere with you, and yet, here I am, willing to hold your bag.

[ Indistinct conversations in distance ] Think of it as an opportunity to suss me out face to face. Who’s gonna give that up? Yes? No? Okay. Anna, [Sighs] Just — just call me whether you have news or not, okay? Leaving me to twist like this is — it’s not only unprofessional — it’s cruel. And that is not your reputation, okay? So please just call me! Oh! Oh, oh! I’m so sorry! Geez! Hi, britt.

[ Clears throat lightly ]

[ Sighs ] Something wrong? No, everything is good. I mean, it’s not, but I know you’re really busy. I don’t want to bother you. No, no, please bother me. I-I could use the distraction. What’s your problem? It’s not my problem. It’s leo’S. These are expired. Oh, okay. I will get rid of those. Thank you so much, leo. Thank you. There we go. Carly, what nina did was some serious old testament-level violation. I mean, you — you are well within your rights to exact your pound of flesh. I’m just trying so hard to not go to war with nina. But she already fired the first shots. Yes, and if I fire back, I make nina out to be the victim. I mean, just imagine carly, the vindictive witch going after the poor woman who just made a mistake. Are you kidding me? Mistake my as…ton-martin. Hey, sonny asked me to lay off. Oh. What, and you’re just prepared to do that? To — to — to renew their lease and not kick nina out of the building? I can’t begin to tell you what I want to do to nina. And, see, that’s what I’m talking about. I know you. What are you planning?

Nina knew sonny was alive all along? Have you been living on the moon? I mean, everybody in this world knows that. I-I just saw sonny the other day. I went to say goodbye to avery when I-I thought I was leaving town, and he didn’t say anything about nina. No, maybe he didn’t want to, you know, distract with everything that’s going on with your stalker and all that…stuff. He didn’t, you know, lay anything more on you, but, you know… aren’t you and nina like buddy buddies? Yeah, we’re friends, but sonny’s not the type to spare my feelings. Nina took a big risk finding sonny in a small-town joint and then keeping quiet and messing with carly. Well, carly can drive otherwise reasonable people to do things they wouldn’t ordinarily do. Yeah, well, I’m kind of sorry that nina got found out. I mean, jason and carly would still be newlyweds. Sonny would be dead and buried, and good guy mike could just live on in his place. I’m sorry. D-did you say “mike”? Yeah. Mike. Schmike. Who cares? It — it — it’s — it’s just a name. Port charles could be a sonny-free place. Let’s move on to a happier topic, okay? Like your new man, and why don’t you tell me the real reason you don’t want him to move here or at least come for a visit? I’m not saying that we don’t have a mob problem here, but the whole thing of, you know, the “godfather with a heart of gold,” we — we can do with– okay, scott, you know what? I gotta — I gotta go. Have as many martinis as you want. Okay? Bye. Oh, ava, hang on. Make sure you tell nina I’m top notch!

[ Sighs ] Sonny: You know what, nina? You can do whatever you want. You want to stay, you want to go — it’s up to you. I don’t need your permission. Okay, fine. But I-I just want to let you know that it may not be comfortable for you here. When has my life ever been comfortable? My mind won’t let me be too comfortable. Now I have carly, michael, and josslyn just waiting in line to tell me exactly how they feel about me. Well, they have every right. I mean, josslyn watched her mother struggle taking care of my business. Michael saw you lying to his face every time you went to visit wiley. And carly, she grieved for me for nine months. I’m not dead. Okay, I get it — I am a pariah. I deserve to be. But I admit that I am not crazy about hearing a litany of my sins every time I leave my house, and I’m even less crazy about starting over. I tried that already. Look where it got me. So you’re gonna s– you’re gonna stay in port — yeah. I’m going to stay where maxie is and james and my grandchild. Then you got to understand the ground rules. What are you planning for nina? This desk is a mess. Honey, that’s not nice.

[ Chuckling ] Oh, you know what? It has been a crazy morning, leo.

[ Sighs ] Yeah, but still, the kid’s got no filter. Where does he get that from? Uh, yeah. But, honey, not everybody keeps every colored pencil and every eraser in its own separate spot. I’m sorry, leo. Usually I’m much more organized. If it wasn’t for me taking up all your time, you would be ready to focus. Come on, honey. We don’t want to be late for dr. Diamond. Leo’s pediatrician. Oh. Is everything okay? Yeah, yeah, yeah, just — just regular kid stuff. Can I have that? No! You know what? It’s pretty, isn’t it?

[ Sighs ] So pretty. And you know what? You can have it. You know why? You cleaned up my desk. So it’s all yours. What do you say, honey? Thank you, aunt carly. You’re welcome. You’re welcome. Yes. Thank you, aunt carly.

[ Laughs ] What are you planning for crimson? Oh, I’m definitely renewing their lease. I’m keeping nina close so I can keep an eye on her. You’re really, really good at this. Wow, seriously. Did you take lessons? Or is it just kind of baked into your dna to beat on things? Wow. I’m asking because it’s not baked into mine, and yet we do share a lot of dna. So, there’s this phenomenon in medicine called “boxer’s knuckles.” You got to look out for that. Have you experienced any swelling around your knuckles?

[ Breathes sharply ] Are you done punching? Can’t concentrate. Right. I mean, I imagine you have quite a bit on your mind. Your new wife’s recently deceased husband alive again… showing up on your wedding night. That must’ve been a crowded honeymoon.

[ Chuckles ] You ever stop talking? Just trying to be supportive. We are cousins, and I thought, at this moment in time, we could both use a f-friendly ear. Yeah, well, you have a lot of friendly ears — your mother, charity, your brother, jonah, your med school mentor. I’m flattered. That’s quite a deep dive to protect the family that you go to great pains to steer clear of. I steer clear of elq, not my family. I had you pegged as a guy who would choose his own family rather than just put up with the one that he was born into. And yet, at this moment in time, I’d imagine you can’t count on the family you chose either, can you? Oh, yes. Um, leo, yes, olivia falconeri’s son. Yeah, he’s my stepbrother. Oh. Are you two close? Uh, well, olivia was going through some stuff with julian — that’s leo’s dad — when he was a baby, and I, um, I took care of him. So since I’ve been back in port charles, we’ve been getting to know each other again. Such a rad little dude.

[ Chuckles ] So what’s the problem? Would what I tell you be covered under doctor-patient confidentiality? I-I know, technically, I’m not your patient. Well, uh, technically, you are. I treated you last spring when valentin brought you in for a sonogram. Okay, good. So, someone in this hospital suggested that leo has a behavioral issue. Now, my father is all about getting it checked out. But olivia — not so much. So there’s a lot of tension in the house right now, just when their marriage was getting back on track. And what sort of behavioral issue is leo having? Autism…or at least on the spectrum. Has he been examined? Was olivia given a reference for a pediatric neurologist? I don’t really know. I-I’m not sure. All I know is austin thinks that leo might be autistic. Dr. Gatlin-holt — he said this? To olivia? Ned? To me. Is that a problem?

[ Scoffs ] I suspect you knew that.

Things must be reallyup in the air with your new wife now that her dead husband is alive again. You got to have patients waiting for you, right? Actually, no. I don’t have to be at G.H. Until later this evening. You want to get a beer? Whatever you want from me, you’re not getting it. You don’t want to be friends? You know, we don’t have to be adversaries. No, we don’T. If you drop your lawsuit against the quartermaines. I would love nothing more than to resolve my conflict with the quartermaines amicably, but… I get nothing from them. Zero. They’ve iced me out. They don’t talk to me. They don’t even relate to me on a person-to-person level. I’m trying to meet a medical obligation with leo, and olivia keeps looking at me like I’m working some kind of an angle. Well, are you? At the risk of repeating myself, all I want to do is get my father the recognition that he was denied, and that may not mean anything to you, jason, but it might if you were the guy who sat at his father’s deathbed while he was grasping for his last breaths. The last word he said on this earth was, “why did edward shut me out?” Look, jason… even if I do win this lawsuit against the quartermaines and get the juicy satisfaction of a few elq voting shares, it’s not like the qs are going to welcome me into the family with open arms, and, by extension, jimmy lee. Then why bother? I-I’m not sure what you mean. Oh, really? Don’t play a player, brook lynn, okay? That — the fake “bump into,” establishing doctor-patient confidentiality, then bringing up a situation where one of my doctors breaks it. A doctor that just so happens to be locked in litigation with your family. You knew about that? Yeah. Austin is the son of edward quartermaine’s illegitimate son, jimmy lee holt. Edward wrote poor old jimmy lee out of the will, and now austin’s in court trying to write himself back in. Impressive. Not really. You know, the quartermaine squabble is the go-to gossip in the staff room.

[ Sighs ] Okay. Still, austin definitely crossed a line. Yes, you’re right. He did. Dr. Gatlin-holt had no business discussing or making a diagnosis regarding someone he doesn’t have the expertise to examine. So, when and where did he say leo was autistic? It was at G.H., Actually, this morning. Were there any witnesses? Chase and maxie were nearby, but they weren’t a part of the conversation. Okay, would you be willing to give your account to a disciplinary board?

[ Chuckles ] Why am I even asking? Of course you’d be willing. This is the point of the conversation. So what are you going to do about austin? Okay, let me do my job. And in turn, you take care of leo, because if austin thinks he might be on the spectrum, I’m inclined to believe him.

[ Sighs ] Oh, hi. Hey. Am I interrupting? No. What can I do for you, ava? I assume sonny told you. Spencer is your stalker? Yeah. Wow. I’m sorry about that. And just so you know, spencer and his girlfriend were asked to leave my hotel this morning. Wow, you surprise me. Why is that? I just thought that you would forgive spencer’s transgressions. Because you were the target. Okay, well, look, spencer has every right to have a chip on his shoulder. He has no right to go after avery. That’s totally unacceptable. I agree. I agree completely. And now that I am no longer in fear for my life — or avery’s — and I’m not going anywhere, I was hoping that we could revisit avery’s custody arrangement. So there’s rules if I stay in town? Why do you seem so surprised? I mean, look, you must’ve known that your lies were going to bring consequences…right? -Right. -Right. So, how foolish of me to forget. I am so sorry. Okay, lay ’em on me. Okay, first of all, uh, you stay away from carly. That’s easy. And the rest of my family. Including my grandson? Well, uh, michael’s his father. That’s his decision — what he wants to do with his son. And you and carly, of course, are going to back michael, whatever he decides. And I do believe we should not cross paths. Well, why don’t you give me a list of places that you think you’ll be, and I’ll just avoid them? Anything else? And I have the right to change the rules as I see fit. You weren’t wrong. What do you mean? About me finding out who you really are. Been quite the education. You know what? These — these rules make it easier for you. Oh. Yeah. Do you want me to thank you? No. No. I-I don’t need gratitude. I just want peace. Oh. Good luck finding it.

[ Chuckles ] Well, when I do, I’ll let you know so you can find it. But we’re not supposed to cross paths. Well, I can make an exception. So… okay, I think, uh, I covered it, so I’m going to let you get back to work. Wait. Mike left this in nixon falls. But it was never his. Sonny… it’s been yours all along.

Ava, I’m not going to have that conversation with you without sonny. Okay. I-I just thought, because you and I… we got along pretty well — right? — In sonny’s absence. I thought we could work together to lay the groundwork for a civilized conversation about the current arrangement. That’s all. I understand. Not without sonny. So, in spite of everything, you and sonny are as… committed as ever, huh? In spite of what exactly? Well, not what. Who. I’m not going to talk to you about this. Um, as for avery’s custody agreement, I am sure sonny will be happy to talk to you. So, if you don’t mind, you can go. Carly. Honestly, I didn’t come here only to talk to you about avery. I wanted to tell you how sorry I am about everything that’s happened — right? — What nina did to you and to sonny, to your family. It’s just — it’s deeply disturbing, isn’t it? I mean, the mark of a — a very troubled mind. To conceal a man from his family, to make them believe that he was dead while he’s off creating another life as a new person. But you’re friends with nina. Did you know what she was doing? Did you know that she knew sonny was alive? Were you keeping her secret? No! No, god, no! This is avery’s father we’re talking about. Nina would never tell me — she knows I wouldn’t keep that kind of secret. You better hope so, because if sonny found out, he would be very unhappy, and if you cross sonny, he’s the one who’s going to respond. Not mike from nixon falls. That’s my dad’s watch. Take it. Take it. I threw it away in nixon falls. I-I never — never thought I’d see it again. Why’d you throw it away in the first place? Because I felt it was holding me back from… taking that next step with…you, my life. Well, now your watch has come back to you. Where’d you get it? Well, phyllis actually found it. She was walking past one of lenny’s old fishing haunts. Lenny? Yeah. Maybe he had a hand in finding it. That watch was meant to be found. Is that what phyllis said? No, she actually said the opposite. She…didn’t know whether or not she should give it back to you. Why? Because she thought that maybe it would bring up some painful memories, but I figured you’d want it, so I told her to leave it here. Why didn’t you hold on to it? Sonny…

[ Sniffles ] …I don’t have claim to any part of you. Not even as mike. I never did. I didn’t come here to lay down the ground rules. I, uh — somebody said that I should forgive you.

[ Sniffles ] You’re kidding. Yeah. I mean, not… not forget. Forgive. Sonny? Do you forgive me? Not now. But I’m — I’m — I can’t rule it out.

[ Sniffles ] Hi, liv. Hey, leo. What brings you guys here? I hope everything’s okay. Just a — just a visit with his pediatrician. Good. Yeah. Mrs. Quartermaine. Leo. Dr. Diamond will see you now. Okay. Uh. Honey, why don’t you go with, uh, nurse caty for a second? I’m going to have a conversation with brook lynn. Okay, sweetheart? It’s okay. It’s okay, sweetie. It’s okay. Let’s go. Is everything okay? Well, I don’t know. Why don’t you tell me? You seem to be the expert on my son. You and — you and austin. Sorry. I didn’t mean for you to hear any of that, olivia. No, no. I don’t need an apology. I just would like an honest answer. Is that what austin’s been — been hinting about all this time? He thinks my son has autism? He does. I mean, you had a nice life in pautuck. You had a — what? — Medical practice. 500 people sponsored you in raising thousands for a local hospital. 505. What? Well, I did have the most sign-ups. And you sacrificed all that to try and force your way into a family that doesn’t want you. Yeah, I know. It must seem counterintuitive. And I did have a great life there.

[ Sighs ] So why give that up? The answer for me is simple. I don’t think I really could have enjoyed that life unless I tried to have this life. Nothing like that’s ever happened to you? You’ve never been in a situation where you had to weigh two things that you cared about and choose one over the other? Have you really been that lucky? Okay. Come on, come on, come on, come on.

[ Sighs ] It’s — it’s quitting time. We got — no, I can’T. I have a last-minute emergency. No, we — we got to do the brainstorming about how to get liesl home. Delayed. No, it can’t be delayed. She is in danger. She’s not just gonna get away from peter august. She’s alone. And anna devane is not going to make her a priority. Okay, scott, what — what are we supposed to do? Huh? Hire a mercenary? Well… that could be a little pricey. However, you know, what — what if we — we did come up with the money, you know?

[ Snaps fingers ] Like that? Who? Who? Who would we get? I mean, do you have any contacts, you know, with the black ops? What about your old daddy faison? Any of his cronies around?

[ Chuckles ] That’s funny. You know, I actually never thought of downloading his address book. Well, it wouldn’t work, anyway. We need someone closer to home, someone that is willing to plunge into danger, someone who is… stone cold. No. Yes. No. Yes. I’m not calling jason. Nothing kills lift and push and push! Thoctor aboutaustedo…it’s tim e to treat td. For smooth, luminous ski asking jason to find my mother is a terrible idea. I love liesl, and anna devane hates her. Now, listen, we got to pull out the big gun, and the big gun owes you. You don’t know the first thing about jason and me. Well, what — why — why don’t you enlighten me?

[ Scoffs ] We were two people who were on the run from some killers, okay? Yeah. Well, that happens every day. Look, we — we had some laughs. We dodged some bullets. That’s it. He doesn’t owe me anything, and I don’t know how to ask. Well, wait. Uh, whoa. Here you go. Let me script it for you. “Hey, jason…” f-forget it, scott!

[ Stammering ] Seriously. O-o-okay, I-I know you don’t want to go crawling to jason.

[ Scoffs ] You want to be dignified in the afternoon. You don’t want to look pathetic. But how are you going to feel if your mother never comes home? Are you going to say, “wow, at least I have my dignity”?!

[ Scoffs ]

[ Sighs ] Don’t overthink this, liv. Austin is clearly trying to divide and conquer. He wants our family to be confused and distracted so that we can’t present a united front against him. You think my son has autism? Look, I got the good doctor breaking confidentiality so I could bring it to britt. She’s getting the — the disciplinary board involved. He might even lose his medical license. There’s no way he’s gonna have time to fight for a piece of elq. He’ll be too busy fighting to stay a doctor. Yeah, yeah, I-I — I-I see what you’re doing. You do? I’ve just got one question for you — what is my son to you? A brother? Or just a means to an end?

[ Cellphone rings ]

[ Ringing stops ] What’s up, boss? I know you’re not on the schedule tonight, but I need you to come in. What’s the medical emergency? I just need you to come in now. Uh, okay. Maybe next time we can help each other out. Maybe next time we can get that beer. You know, I wasn’t joking about boxer’s knuckles. As hard as you hit that thing, you need to be careful. Good luck. Thank you, jason. Good luck to you, too. Looks like it… took a beating when I threw it away. Yeah. Nothing a little cleaning and repair can’t fix.

[ Clears throat ] I just… don’t want to put it on. I don’t want to take it off. I — you know, ’cause my dad loved this watch, and he recognized it, you know, when he barely recognized anything, and I don’t know why I would throw it away. Now you have it back. It’s true, you know? In life, as in music, timing is everything. What do you mean? Well, phyllis walked past lenny’s old fishing haunt to rescue your watch, and you returned home on jason and carly’s wedding night just in time to stop. Carly. You’re right about one thing — timing is everything.

[ Door opens, closes ]

[ Exhales sharply ] I was hoping that you and i could collaborate for avery’s benefit. I did not mean to start anything, honestly. I will tell sonny that you’d like to speak to him. Thank you. I-I-I’d like to see avery tomorrow. So maybe then the three of us could sit and — and talk about custody. Sure, should be easy. We’ve done this before. Well, yeah, you, me, and sonny, not you, me, and…mike. There’s no “mike.” Are you sure? It’s not like sonny has forgotten the life he led for all of those nine long months, right? All those experiences — they’re still with him. Just like all your experiences are still with you.

[ Indistinct conversations in distance ]

[ Box rattles ] Peppermint. Okay, I-I guess I was a little harsh. You called me “pathetic.”

H-hypothetically pathetic. If I don’t swallow my pride and ask for help from a guy who dumped me to marry his best friend. Well, that marriage didn’t make it to the break of day. Well, how does that make it better? Well, okay. Um, so, did your mother ever tell you about a little thing called


Schadenfreude? My german is schlecht. Mm-hmm. Well, yes. Mine’s intact.

[ Chuckles ] So, I-I have an idea. Mac scorpio — he’s been a gun for hire. Maybe he knows someone. No. Hell, maybe he’ll do the job himself. He hates peter august. No, no. Mac needs to stay with maxie.

[ Sighs ] I will think about talking to jason. Okay? But don’t get your hopes up. He’s got his own priorities. I doubt my problems are among them. Hey, jason, sonny’s not answering his cell. Is he with you? I-I haven’t seen him. Is everything okay?

[ Sighs ] I’m not sure. I just had a run-in with ava about avery. I don’t know. Maybe it’s nothing. Ah, it’s never nothing with ava. Yeah, that’s true.

[ Breathes deeply ] Anyway, don’t worry about it. I’ll talk to you later. Bye. Of course I’m doing this for leo, I love him. I’m sure you do. I’m also sure you wouldn’t think twice about exploiting him for your own gain. I’m only telling the truth. Okay? Austin violated hipaa rules when he told me leo might have autism. Now, he could say I misunderstood, and I will agree with him if he drops the lawsuit. Why would I care about any of this? You think my son is autistic! Austin doesn’t have the authority to make that kind of diagnosis. He barely even knows leo.

[ Breathes sharply ] Look, you might want to take him to see a pediatrician who specializes in this sort of thing, just to be absolutely sure. Oh, my god. I cannot believe we are having this conversation. I am so damn sick of you quartermaines always putting your company in front of your family! Olivia… dr. Gatlin-holt, thank you for coming in on such short notice. What’s the problem? You are. My office. It looks a little imbalanced. I tell you what — if you just switch the models’ pictures, I-it might look a little bit more balanced, yeah.

[ Knock on door ] Nina!

[ Whispering ] I’m in the middle of something.

[ Whispering ] Oh, you could say that again. You’ve been living a double life, haven’t you? Here you go. Thanks.

[ Door closes ] My chair. Yeah, I, uh, I put it in storage. And I, you know, I was using different one. You don’t like my chair? Just, you know, it didn’T… didn’t seem right. But now everything is, uh, back to the way that you left it. Mm, yeah. What’s, uh — what’s up? Something on your mind? Yeah, you and carly.

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